REQ 1/47

From Waalt

Court of Requests: Draft Book of ORDERS & MEMORANDA (East 38 Eliz I - Hil 39 Eliz I)

Contributed by Dave King

The extracts from this volume contain drafts of orders and memoranda of the Court of Requests, covering the terms East 38 Eliz I - Hil 39 Eliz I (ie Apr 1596 - Feb 1597). For further information see The National Archives Research Guide

IMPORTANT NOTE: This volume has been listed in order to fill part of the gap in the series of Books of ORDERS, FINAL ORDERS, DECREES, MEMORANDA between REQ 1/18 & REQ 1/19, and therefore has not been listed for Hilary Term of 38 Eliz (1596) as this term is already covered in the listing of REQ 1/18. Coverage of the gap between REQ 1/18 & REQ 1/19 is completed by REQ 1/48. Unfortunately, the information which the draft book provides is limited, the lack of decrees in particular means that information on the subject matter and location of a case are not often available. However, it does allow a case to be followed through the process. It should also be noted that, in places, the book is damaged and faded, thus there are some incomplete entries.

Conventions used

It is important to recognise that this is NOT a transcript, but rather a list to assist in identifying appropriate entries.


The formatting and spelling of surnames follow the original, but first names have been modernised.


The modern form of dates is given. It should be noted that entries in the original are not always individually dated, however the sequential nature of the entries allows a degree of confidence in applying dates to individual rows in the table.


These have been added wherever it is felt that further information is available which would assist in identifying suits. These notes summarise, rather than transcribe. Most additional personal and place names encountered have been added to this column, except those of counsel, which are omitted. It should be noted that repetitive wording such as in the case of orders for dismissal 'unless complt (or deft) show good reason to the contrary' & similar, have been truncated to 'unless complt/deft show...'.

Guidance on locating images

Links have been added to allow direct reference to images of the original entries. Please note that odd and even numbered pages are held in different sequences, thus where a case runs across more than one page, links are provided in the table to all the pages in the correct order. Always use the links provided in the table, please DO NOT use the forward or backward arrows on the images themselves as they will take you to the next/previous image in the odd/even sequence


Listings of the cases covered by this volume are available as follows:

REQ 1/47. List, Easter Term 38 Eliz I (1596)

REQ 1/47. List, Trinity Term 38 Eliz I (1596)

REQ 1/47. List, Michaelmas Term 38/39 Eliz I (1596)

REQ 1/47. List, Hilary Term 39 Eliz I (1597)