REQ 1/19. List, Michaelmas Term 39/40 Eliz I (1597) - Part2

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This page contains a list of the contents of pages 87 - 170 of orders, memoranda & decrees from Volume REQ 1/19 (orders, decrees and memoranda of the Court of Requests), covering dates 11 October - 18 December 1597.

For further details of the whole volume, conventions used and guidance on locating images, see REQ 1/19.


Page Date of Entry Plaintiff(s)/Complainant(s) Defendant(s) Notes/Comments
87 [1][2] 11-Oct Edmund Nicholson, Gent & Christian his wife Francis Egleton, Gent & Anne his wife & others Tenements etc in Northampton & Kingsthorpe, Northants, late the property of Michael Brookes decd. Rents & profits since his decease claimed on behalf of his only daughter Anne Brookes. Decreed that complt shall continue to receive rents & profits on behalf of Anne Brookes during her minority, but that she shall live with her Grandmother (the deft Anne Egleton) who will receive an allowance for her education.
88 [3] 12-Oct Thomas Duncombe Richard Arnold & Katherine his wife & others Demand for £40 due for delivery of Malt to Thomas Thorne decd., previous husband to the deft Katherine. Dismissed as more appropriate to be tried at Common Law.
88 [4] 12-Oct John Price Rice ap Edward, Edward Griffith & others Defts are preventing complts possession of lands etc as decreed 1st June last past, therefore attachment directed to the Sheriff of Co. Radnor to apprehend Edward ap Griffith & Evan ap Hughe his undertenant for their contempts.
89 [5] 14-Oct Mary Baker, Widow Robert Earle & Johan his wife & Samuel August Complts claim to moiety of 3 messuages etc in Dartford which belonged to complts husband. Gavelkind inheritance.
89 [6] 15-Oct Gerrard Pitham, Susan his wife, Edward Chapman & Grace his wife George Hancock, James Chiball & Nicholas Blinn 4 tenements in Barmesey Street in the parish of St Oliffes, Southwark, Surrey, late the property of William Chayer decd, grandfather of the complts Susan & Grace. Conveyed in 2 Mary to certain persons for the lives of himself, his wife Grace, and his son Thomas Chayer. Ordered to be tried at Common Law.
90 [7] 15-Oct John Trevor, Esqr & Thomas Smith Dame Katherine Copley, Widow Lease of messuage, farm etc called Walleis or Lyne Farm made by the deft to John Jenner, and possession of corn grown on it, which remains in sequestration.
90 [8] 15-Oct Richard Thurlowe Robert Oliver 2 obligations, debt of £14.
91 [9] 15-Oct John Snelhawke Henry Snelhawke, Edmond Harington, Thomas Smith, Nicholas Gyver & George Dyeke Free & copyhold premises in the parishes of Stanbourne & Ridgwell in Essex which complt claims by descent from his niece Agnes Snelhawke, daughter of his brother William Snelhawke, who was eldest son of John Snelhawke, son & heir of John Snelhawke & Johan his wife. Deft has shown proof of title & is discharged.
91 [10] 16-Oct Morgan ap Prawling Mathew Prichard, Esqr Stay of defts suit in Court of Exchequer. Concerning bond for £200. Deft is High Sheriff of Monmouth, complt his deputy. Ordered to be dismissed.
91 [11][12] 17-Oct Richard Chibnall, Gent Edmond Toppe Refs order of 6 June last
92 [13] 18-Oct Walter Cary & Agnes his wife, John Wellis & Jemima his wife, John Peterson & Jane his wife & John Holte Robert Witnall als Eelles Legacies etc in last w & t of Rowland Witnell als Eelles to his grandchildren, the children of the complts. Deft is executor. Also counter suit by Rowland Witnell for recovery of books of account etc. Dismissed from this court to be heard at the Prerogative Court.
93 [14] 18-Oct Thomas Dye & Humfrey Dye Christopher Dye Messuages, lands etc in Shinningefeild, Sunningehurst & Okemham, Berks. Part of the estate of the complts father, Thomas Dye, decd. Dismissed.
93 [15] 18-Oct James Chave John Kinsman & John Hockardie Defts have attended court, from Devon, having been served with tickets commanding them to do so by the complt. However no bill has been found, therefore they are released, and complt to pay their costs.
93 [16] 19-Oct Edward Chesson & Margaret his wife Jasper Taverner, Gent, Helen his wife & William Hedgeman Claim that deft Helen, executrix of John Hedgeman, decd, her late husband, is detaining legacies from the complt Margaret, daughter of the testator. Dismissed as had been previously pursued in Court of Chancery.
94 [17] 20-Oct John Chatwin & William Sansome Dudley Hawkes & others Messuage etc called the Sign of the Pomegranet in Bucklersburie, parish of St Mary Woolchurche Lane in the City of London. Deft to stay proceedings at Common Law.
94 [18] 20-Oct Edward Grave John Neale £8 due to the complt as half years rent for a farm at Stratton, Beds. Deft ordered to pay.
95 [19][20] 21-Oct William Hanam, Gent & Margaret his wife, administrator of John Wallis, her late husband decd. Thomas Wallis Lease of lands, meadow & pasture called Inlandes in Staverton, Wilts.
96 [21][22] 21-Oct Roger Mannors, Esqr Thomas Marsham & John Wood Lease of messuages, lands etc in Clipston, Notts from Bryan Stapilton & Richard Stapilton his son to the deft Marsham in 29 Eliz., subsequently mortgaged to John Wood, Marsham's brother in law, but then sold by Stapilton to the complt.
97 [23] 21-Oct John Ascoughe of Mynster, Kent, Esqr Edmund Abday, Sara his wife & Henry Beast Complt acting on behalf of Ambrose Wilson & Jeffrey Longe, Churchwardens of Mynster; Henry Harris & John Hickes, collectors for the poor for Mynster and the poor people of the parish. Legacies to the complt & to the poor of Mynster in the will of John Venstre (dated 28 May 33 Eliz), late of Wivenhoe, Essex decd, late husband of the deft Sara.
97 [24][25] 21-Oct Nicholas Lamaday Henry Foxall & Thomas Andrewes House, rent & plts goods.
98 [26] 22-Oct Simon Gallis Nicholas Stutfeild Ordered that £4 10s which had been delivered into court by the complt should be delivered to the deft. (Note names also spelt Symon Galys & Nicholas Stutevylle)
98 [27][28] 23-Oct Alice Hunt, Widow Thomas Pitt, John Badnedge, John Mond & others Possession of lands etc (location not stated), complt being one of the co-heirs of John Hayes, decd, her late father. Ref to order of 25 Jan last past.
99 [29][30] 23-Oct Henry Martin John Martin Copyholds in Longebrady, Dorset. The parties are sons of Joane Martin, widow.
100 [31][32][33][34] 25-Oct Henry Beale Richard Lock & Thomas Worsham Possession of a messuage & 2 closes called Inhams in the Manor of Moulcourt, Bensteed, Hants. Thomas Beale in 3 & 4 Phillip & Mary took for his life, his wife Agnes's, with remainder to his son Robert Beale, now decd (father of the complt). Claimed that Robert Beale had forfeited the premises by subletting & also cutting down trees, which was not proven. Deft Worsham has already lost an action at Common Law, and since a previous decree, his lessee Marcell Rivers has lost a further action against the occupiers William Habyn & Elizabeth his wife.
103 [35] 25-Oct Edward Mill, Esqr Jane Clovill, Widow, late wife of Ewstace Clovell, Esqr decd & others Parcell of ground with a meadow called Peetersley in Westhaningfeild, Essex. Leased for 21 years from 1587 to William Dove, whose estate has now come to the complt. Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law.
104 [36] 25-Oct Robert Cordrey George Curteys, executor of John Curteys, decd Defts proceedings at Common Law. Concerns complts debts.
104 [37] 25-Oct Anne Lloid, wife of Humfrey Lloid, Gent The said Humfrey Lloid Ref order of 20 November last
105 [38][39] 26-Oct Raphe Chambers, Richard Chambers, Gent, Thomas Cowper, William Browncell & Thomas Downes Leonard Chamberleine, Gent, executor of his brother Robert Chamberleine, Gent, decd Refs decree of Trinity term last. Lands called Wrightes & Antilles in Attilborow, Norfolk.
106 [40][41] 26-Oct Edward Dicer & William Deane Bartholomew Greene, Esqr, Richard Dicer, John Russe & Thomas Russe Mathew Greene, Esqr, late father of deft Bartholomew Greene, seised of the Manor of Milton Clevedon, Somersett. Tenement called Hengrove, granted to John Dicer, father of the complt Edward & deft Richard Dicer. On decease of his father Richard Dicer has taken possession, also claimed by complt Edward Dicer.
108 [42] 26-Oct Richard Thwaites & Mary his wife George Grymes Gift of £10 made to the complt Mary by Anne Bacon, Widow, and which was left with the deft.
108 [43] 27-Oct Raphe Waller, Esqr John Thory Debt & defts proceedings at Common Law.
108 [44][45] 27-Oct John Fletcher George Rose, Mary his wife & Thomas Washington
109 [46] 27-Oct John Harris John Savage, Christopher Stokes & others Defts dwell 40 miles from London.
109 [47][48] 28-Oct Stephen Skelton, Richard Skelton & George Skelton Daniel Brooker & others Title to messuages etc in Yealding & Hunton, Kent. Complts are sons & coheirs of Katherine Skelton decd. Gavelkind inheritance. Dismissed.
110 [49] 28-Oct Jane Trahaine, Widow & others Digorie Canne Debt. Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law. Dismissed as it appears that the cause is commenced without the consent of the complt.
110 [50] 30-Oct Thomas Strowde Phillip Carter
110 [51][52] 05-Nov Anne Gostling, Widow & administratrix of John Gostling, decd Thomas Osborne & James Osborne his son 2 leases of the parsonage of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk & debts of John Gostling to Thomas Osborne.
111 [53][54] 05-Nov Jane Armiger, Widow Margaret Pettit, Widow Lease of rectory & parsonage of West Wickam, Cambs & agreement to pay tithes. Thomas Pettit late husband of the deft.
113 [55] 05-Nov Henry Bourcheir, Esqr Richard Harvie, John Hall, Thomas Hall, Walter Hall, John Barron, Thomazine Oke, Widow, & Thomas Oke Moiety of lands etc in Aylesbeary als Ailesbeare, Devon. Deft Harvie is plt in suit at Common Pleas. Thomas Harvie decd, father of the deft Richard Harvie.
113 [56][57] 05-Nov Lawrence Mitchell an infant within age & George Whitwham his guardian John Hartley, Roger Hartley, James Hartley & Barnard Parker Lands etc in Colne, Lancs and goods etc of Christopher Mitchell decd, late father of the complt. Dismissing for hearing in the Duchy in which the lands lie.
114 [58] 07-Nov George Dutton, Esqr Sergeant at Arms Nicholas Elton Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law on an action of debt.
114 [59][60] 08-Nov Mary Froome, Widow Robert Bechyn, William Bechyn & others Widow's estate in copyhold lands in Highcleere, Hants. Thomas Froome, late husband of the complt & Edward Froome his son, also decd. Previously dismissed from Chancery to be heard in the Manor Court. Complt evicted after trial at Common Law. Refs also suit in Star Chamber. Dismissed.
116 [61][62] 08-Nov Anne Lloid, wife of Humfrey Lloid, Gent The said Humfrey Lloid Claim for maintenance from her husband who is absent. Rents etc from lands in Brecon.
117 [63] 08-Nov James Wakeringe Simon Ballarde, Clerk, Anne his wife, William Wright & John Wright Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law upon obligation to John Rogers decd late husband of the deft Anne. William Wright was brother in law to John Rogers. Injunction awarded against deft Ballard & his wife.
118 [64] 08-Nov Nicholas Lee John Tracie, Gent Arrears of third part or dower of the manor of Frenche Hall, a messuage called Malines & lands etc in Molton Kenford, Gasley & Dallam in Suffolk due to the complts late wife Helen, who was previously wife of George Tracie, late father of the complt.
118 [65] 08-Nov Thomas Showell Richard Truslowe, Gent Goods etc claimed by devise from John Truslowe, Gent decd. Deft is John Truslowe's executor. Also stay of defts proceedings at Common Law.
118 [66][67] 09-Nov Elizabeth Passell, Widow, Thomas Albon & Susan his wife, Peter Eynoe & Gartrude his wife & Philodelpha Cooke Thomas Paternoster & Jane his wife & George Fishe, Gent Lands etc in Felmersham, Radwell, More End, Norhill, Over Calcott, Nether Calcott Hatchbeston & Thornecoote, Beds., which the female complts claim by descent from their father William Fletcher als Cooke of Norhill decd
119 [68][69] 10-Nov George Hagarthe John Taylor Lease of tenement in Old Street, St Giles without Creplegate, London.
120 [70] 10-Nov William Copeland of Preston Jackelyn, Yorks William Ellis, Thomas Corker of Pomfrett, Richard Heaton, Thomas Bradley of Heperton, Yorks & others Dismissed to be tried by the Council of the North
120 [71][72] 10-Nov John Hamond Thomas Harris & John Harris messuage, 60 acres of land, 8 acres of meadow, 30 acres of pasture & 2 acres of wood etc in Little Sutton, Diddlebury, Shrops. John Hamond the elder granted to the complt & Bridgett Hamond, widow, his mother for their lives on the marriage of the deft Thomas Harris & the said Bridgett Hamond. Dismissed to be heard at Common Law.
121 [73] 11-Nov Alexander Hartley Nicholas Hartley
122 [74] 12-Nov Marke Ive & William Ive, Gent William Gilling £40 paid to deft as per decree.
122 [75] 12-Nov John Greene Thomas Turner Ordered that £8 10s brought into court by the complt shall be paid to the deft.
122 [76][77] 14-Nov Samuel Thomas, Gent Edward Davies Wastes & spoiles committed by the deft upon tenement of the complt in Horsey Downe, Surrey, and arrears of rent.
123 [78] 14-Nov Thomas Day & Jane his wife Robert Flick & others
123 [79] 14-Nov Elizabeth Bristowe Henry Bristowe Confirms decree of 12 May 25 Eliz., which the deft has recently contravened.
124 [80] 16-Nov Edward, Lord Morley & others Edward Fage, Gent Stay of all suits at Common Law between the parties.
124 [81] 16-Nov Thomas Atkins Simon Bowde & Josua Culley Accounts & debts.
125 [82] 17-Nov Edward Fulham & Grace his wife & Margery Crockett Robert Johnes Legacies in the will of John Johnes decd. Dismissed as the matter is deemed not determinable in this court.
125 [83][84] 17-Nov Richard Sayer, Gent William Reade, Esqr Deft is administrator of the goods of Lady Gresham, Widow decd. Bond for the performance of covenants in a lease of Osterley Park, Middx.
126 [85] 18-Nov Hugh Parlor, Esqr Peter Borye & William Harris Dispute over length of lease of 6 acres of marsh in Plumsteed, Kent. Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law.
126 [86][87][88] 20-Nov Richard Collard of Walthamstowe Tony, Essex, Labourer Dame Isabel, Dowager Countess of Rutland £30 claimed due following service as collector of rents. Deft's tenants proceedings at Common Law against the complt.
128 [89][90] 22-Nov Fulke Emerson & Jane his wife, daughter & administratrix of Anne Gossam decd, late wife & executrix of Robert Gossam decd, and also administratrix of Thomas Gossam her brother, decd Thomas Rowe & John Hickes Claim of lease to messuage etc in Oxford which was granted to the late Robert Gossam by the Mayor, Bailiffs & Commonaltie of Oxford. Also goods, money, plate etc claimed by the complts as administrators.
129 [91] 22-Nov Robert Mennell, Gent John Layton, Gent Dismissed as bill has also been submitted to Court of Chancery.
129 [92][93] 22-Nov Henry Cawston, lately decd , & Prudence his wife Nicholas Gilbourne, Esqr, William Petley, Raphe Petley & Mathew Petley Lands etc in manors of Halsteed, Heaver & other places in Kent, which Prudence claims by descent from her father Thomas Petley, son of Stephen Petley of Halsteed, Gent. Ordered to be referred to be tried at King's Bench.
130 [94][95] 23-Nov John Glassington John Hooke & Richard Sayer Cottage & 8 acres of land & wood, part of the manor of Freren & Chesingdon, Surrey, of which the deft Sayer is Steward.
131 [96] 24-Nov John Kent Thomas Houldbucke, Gent, Bryan Guibbon and [blank] his wife Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law upon obligation of £20 for payment of £10. Forgery. Ref to Bill of Complaint in Star Chamber.
132 [97] 24-Nov William Bennett, Clerk William, Bishop of Norwich, Richard Stokes, Clerk & others Possession of the Rectory & Parsonage of Carleton Roade, Norfolk. Dismissed to be tried at Common Law.
132 [98] 25-Nov Alice Langton, Widow Thomas Fletcher Refs order of 11 June last past. Rights to copyhold lands.
132 [99][100] 25-Nov Phillip Carter & Alice his wife Thomas Strowde, Nicholas Blake & William Godwyn Refs decree of 28 October 37 Eliz.
133 [101] 26-Nov William Fonnteine John Taylor & Silvester his wife Possession of 2 messuages etc called the Sign of the George in Old Street, in the liberty of Wentlockes Barne, in the parish of St Giles without Criplegate, London.
134 [102] 26-Nov Anthony Draper & Jasper Lucas, Gent William Fynckell Bargain of 14 quarters of barley sold by the complt to the deft. Complt has paid full price to the deft, court also ordered complt to pay £12 for costs, which the deft has refused to accept, hence dismissed.
134 [103] 27-Nov John Coleman & Mary his wife Raphe Smith & John Gawen
134 [104][105] 28-Nov Edward Lande of Upleman, Devon Thomas Reade Water supply to a Grist Mill in the parish of Upleman, which has been cut off by the deft.
135 [106][107] 28-Nov John Bowyer, Gent Thomas Jenkins, Gent Debt & obligation. Complt has left a "jewell of gold" in the court as pawn for £6 13s 4d. Refs order of 8 May 34 Eliz. Refs also to cause of perjury in Star Chamber where current deft is complt, which has been dismissed from there.
136 [108] 28-Nov Edward Stanley & Hugh Stanley of Knockyn, Shrops, Gent Richard Hickman, Gent Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law on 2 obligations. Dispute over rights to lop & crop certain trees on land leased by the Countess of Derby.
137 [109] 01-Dec George Dutton, Esqr Sergeant at Arms Nicholas Elton
137 [110] 06-Dec John Jacob als Reignolds William Crosse, John Trigge & others
137 [111][112] 18-Nov Leonard Sadler Thomas Bennett, Alderman of the City of London, Christopher Wast, John Povie, John Howe, William Nickson & Reginald Evans £20 taken from the complt by a relative Dorothy Bell wife of William Bell who was caring for him while he was sick. This £20 now in the hands of deft Bennett.
138 [113][114][115] 24-Nov Johan Spragin wife of Martin Spragin Martin Spragin, Richard Levens, Jervis Stone, Henry Topclif & William Hunt Possession of obligation for the payment of maintenance by the deft Martin Spragin, her former husband. Also procurement of judgements against the deft Spragin, which have been levyed against the goods of the complt.
140 [116] 25-Nov Jeffrey Helwys, Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters and heirs of Francis Tibnam decd, William Peke & Katherine his wife one other of the daughters of Francis Tibnam Thomas Masters & Simon Ives Tenement called Bushops & other land held of the Manor of Dichingham, Norfolk. A copyhold messuage called Hewkes, land, and a copyhold toft & a fifth part of a toft & meadow, also held of the Manor of Dichingham. Claimed to have been feoffed by Thomas Tibnam to his second son Francis Tibnam, father of the complts Elizabeth & Katherine. Ordered 12 June 38 Eliz to be tried at Common Law. Ordered again to be tried at Common Law & deft to submit a bill to King's Bench.
141 [117][118] 15-Nov Mathew Gray, Gent & Jane his wife Rowland Eyre, Esqr, Thomas Eyre his son & Jeffrey Roberts Freehold & copyhold land in Yealing, Middx, property of the deft Jane. Deft Rowland Eyre is her brother, whose son stands to gain possession as a consequence of a loan of £200 to the complt Jane. Mention also of William Frost her son.
142 [119][120][121] 24-Nov Thomas Hunt, Citizen & Merchant Taylor of London Simon Palmer, Gent Messuage etc in Estchepe, London in the ward of Candleweeke Streete, called the Redd Lyon in tenure of William Winterley, Butcher. Lease from Lawrence Palmer, Gent decd, with reversion to the deft. The deft having partly completed the sale to the complt, has now sold to John Bowyer, Esqr.
145 [122] 25-Nov Alice Heynes, Widow Francis Saunders, Gent Customary lands called Farnehills, Manor of Freren & Chesingdon, Surrey, surrendered to the complt by Nicholas Saunders, Gent for £80. Threats by the deft to evict her at Common Law. Deft ordered to stay proceedings, injunction £200.
145 [123][124] 28-Nov Thomas Peniston, Esqr & Mary his wife James Cromer, Gent Silver & gilt plate (given by the French King) devised to the complt Mary & her sister Francis, now decd, late wife of the deft by their father John Somer, Esqr.
146 [125] 28-Nov Thomas Atcheson John Deane & John Whiting
147 [126] 29-Nov Thomas Skerne, Gent John Eastofte, Esqr & others Debt. Parsonage of Golthroppe, Lincs. Also involves Lord Sheffield & George Sampalle, Knight.
147 [127][128] 29-Nov John Pulcher James Stone, Andrewe White, John White, Thomas Howse, Richard Curteis, William Andrewes, Francis Welsburne & John Barklet Diverse messuages etc in Sutton Courtney & Stevington, Berks which the complt claims by descent from John Pulcher late of Sutton Courtney, decd, his grandfather. James Stone is in Ireland. Ordered that felling of trees should cease until the issue is resolved.
148 [129] 04-Dec Richard Topcliffe, Esqr William Robinson
148 [130][131] 08-Dec Elizabeth Shipper, Widow Thomas Good, Gent
149 [132][133] 10-Dec Augustine Belson, Gent as administrator to John Lichpoole decd, and on behalf of a poor aged widow, mother to the said Lichpoole & 5 small children Thomas Bate, Butcher Lease of tenement in Newbury, Berks. Widow has been in possession for about 50 years, but was violently evicted, in her bed, by the deft on 23 November last.
150 [134][135] 18-Dec John Steede of London, Mariner, now prisoner in Her Majesty's Bench John Turner Debt. Deft ordered to stay proceedings at Common Law.
151 [136] 15-Oct Thomas Seagrave, Clerk John Killingworth, Thomas Colson & Edward Finche Customary messuage etc in Hynton, Cambs, held from the Manor of Uphall, Cambs, part from Sr Francis Hynde, the other The Hospital of St Thomas, Surrey. Dismissed as complt failed to attend.
151 [137][138] 19-Nov Lawrence Munnes William Cholmeley, Esqr & Alice Bartlett, executrix of William Bartlett her late husband decd Debt.
152 [139][140][141][142][143] 12-Dec Edward Catesbie one of the children of Simon Catesbie, Gent decd Roger Mannors, one of the Esqrs for Her Majesty's body Parsonage of Wiggeston, Leics. Remainder of the term of 40 years in the lease conveyed to Sir Richard Mannors, Knight, uncle of the deft, now decd. Simon Catesbie had 4 children, Randall, Thomas, Edward & Margaret. Rent or annuity has not been paid since the death of Simon Catesbie, about 16 years. Deft claims lease had been conveyed to his uncle Thurland in exchange for debt. Deft also claims that the rent or annuity had been paid to Frement Abraham, Merchant Taylor of London. Ordered that complts & deft should prefer a new bill against William Gardiner & Margaret his wife, executor and late the wife of Frement Abraham (now decd), which was dated 6 May 38 Eliz. Decreed that Margaret Gardiner (now widow) should pay the arrears.
156 [144][145][146] 25-Nov Francis Morice Robert le Gray, Esqr Land & Meadow held of the Manor of Buryehall in Ellingham Magna, Norfolk. Claimed by the complt as had previously been held by his uncle John Snell decd. Ref to Court Roll of 11 Hen VII. , 8 Eliz., 29 Eliz. & 32 Eliz.
158 [147] 26-Nov Thomas Elson John Kirle & others Dismissed as complt has not proceeded.
158 [148][149] 29-Nov Phillip Carter & Alice his wife daughter of Richard Strowde of Hannam, Glocs decd Thomas Strowde, Nicholas Blake & William Godwyn legacies of £400 due to the complt Alice from her father's will. Alice is now decd. Ref to bill preferred by Strowde & Blake against Godwyn.
160 [150][151] 09-Nov Richard Oxenbridge John Carpenter & Francis Milles Witholding of payment for delivery of wheat which was delayed due to being on ship carrying Her Majesty's corn which was delayed at Greenwich.
161 [152] 24-Nov Reignold Goldinge & Joane his wife Henry Ringe & Richard Ringe 30 acres of copyhold land called Medley in the Manor of Bushops Waltham, Hants. Defts holding the copy of court roll dated 19 Hen VIII.
162 [153] 26-Nov John Sudall one of the Ordinary Yeomen of Her Majesty's Chamber John Parker the elder, John Parker the younger, Robert Davies, John ap Rees, Griffith ap Llewellyn & others Messuage etc in Broncoyde, and other lands called Yrwyen & Guernafeild, all in Manor of Moulde, Flintshire. Ordered that complt shall bring an action of trespass to be tried at next Chester assizes, whereunto the deft shall plead an issuable plea at the Common Law.
162 [154][155][156][157] 28-Nov John Chapman, Gent Christopher Preston, Gent Refs order made in April 1585 by Her Majesty's High Commisioners in causes ecclesiastical. Recognisance entered into by the plt to pay maintenance to his wife Ann, now decd, a relative of the deft. Due to non payment, deft has taken a moiety of the Manor of Mattox in Herts, but himself not paid anything to Ann in her life.
165 [158][159] 23-Nov William Hewett & Margaret his wife Thomas Fermor, Esqr, Leonard Mapes, Gent & Spencer Peeterson Claim of complt Margaret to tenement in tenure of Leonard Mapes. William Hewett since decd. Dismissed as complt has not shown any proof of title. Mention of statute of 23 Hen VIII for punishing of people who sue without cause nor the wherewithall to satisfy damages.
167 blank
168 blank
169 blank
170 blank