REQ 1/19. List, Hillary Term 40 Eliz I (1597) - Part2

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This page contains a list of the contents of pages 222 - 268 of orders, memoranda & decrees from Volume REQ 1/19 (orders, decrees and memoranda of the Court of Requests), covering dates 26 January 1597/8 - 14 April 1598.

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Page Date of Entry Plaintiff(s)/Complainant(s) Defendant(s) Notes/Comments
222 [1] 26-Jan Thomas Stirrop of London, Stationer & Arthur Perkins of London, Haberdasher Peter Prestwood of London, Merchant Tailor Defts proceedings at Common Law on several actions of debt
222 [2][3] 26-Jan Anthony Dowe John Jeffrey als Spooner Sale of freehold lands & tenements called Hixis & Garrards and also 3 acres of copyhold land in the Manor of Abbotts Hall in Pettanghe (no county)
223 [4] 27-Jan George Langdale John Kirbie Alleged agreement concerning license to sell "shagbutts, trumpetts, pavilions or peeces of trumpetts of silver". Dismissed as being more appropriate for the courts of Common Law
223 [5][6] 28-Jan John Burton Cadwallader Roberts, Dorothy his wife and Henry Marre Attempt to recover £33 which the complt stood bail for Thomas Marwell decd, late husband of the deft Dorothy.
224 [7][8] 29-Jan Anne Lloyd, wife of Humfrey Lloyd, Gent Humfrey Lloyd, Gent Wife's claim for maintenance from her husband, and defts ignoring of previous orders & decrees. Sheriffs of Brecknock, Glamorgan & Carmarthen ordered to distrain property of the deft in order to satisfy previous orders.
226 [9] 30-Jan Edward Potto John Campion & others Estate of late Edward Campion, inc tenements called Burtons & Gowldings (no county). Refs previous bill of George Coleburne concerning proof of title.
226 [10][11] 30-Jan James Baynton, Esqr Robert Catesbie, Gent & Robert Godfrey, Gent Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law concerning bond of £80
227 [12] 30-Jan John Credland Richard Hagleighe, Elias Bennett and Robert Parke Stay of deft Hagleighe's proceedings at Common Law on action of debt. Dismissed as a matter more fit to receive trial at Common Law
227 [13][14] 30-Jan Stephen Ridge of Sellenge, Kent Peter Knight & Thomas Knight Claim to share of wheat "sowen to halfs" by the complts late father Thomas Ridge decd.
228 [15] 30-Jan William Bennett, Clerk & others Edward Symonds, Gent
228 [16][17] 31-Jan John Paseley & Elizabeth his wife Margery Neale, Widow Title to 12 messuages etc in Hornecastle, Lincs, claimed by the complt Elizabeth as daughter & heir of Martin Barbor, son & heir of Richard Barbor & Beatrice his wife
229 [18] 31-Jan Richard James & Beatrice his wife Josias Calmadie, Gent Debt due to a former husband of the complt Beatrice. Dismissed to be tried at Common Law
230 [19] 31-Jan Henry Chapman, Gent & Ambrose Rose executors of John Rose decd Elias Martin & Margery his wife daughter of the said testator Actions in the Ecclesiastical Courts at Canterbury concerning the deft Margery's marriage portion.
231 [20] 31-Jan William Corah & Mary his wife Jonas Windle
231 [21] 31-Jan Lawrence Munnes William Cholmeley, Esqr & Alice Bartlett, widow Debt
231 [22] 01-Feb John Allen John Cornewall Leasehold & copyhold property. Dismissed as complt has not entered into bond to stand by decision of arbitrators
231 [23][24] 06-Feb Edward Land Thomas Reade Stopping or diverting of a watercourse leading to a grist mill in Upleman, Devon.
232 [25] 06-Feb Eustace Bedingfeild, Esqr Robert Boning, Clerk Detention of evidence concerning the manor of Hale, Norfolk.
232 [26] 06-Feb Richard Hurrell & Nathaniel Howell Roger Godbold
232 [27] 07-Feb Sir William Brereton, Knight Edward Harrison & John Wiseman
233 [28] 07-Feb Thomas Peniston, Esqr & Mary his wife James Cromer, gent Silver & Gilt plate. Decree of November last to stand.
233 [29][30] 07-Feb John Holt & Elizabeth his wife Edward Marler & others Dismissed as same matters have been raised in several courts
234 [31] 07-Feb Leonard Sadler Thomas Bennett, Alderman of London & others £20 for the use of 2 poor children of Dorothy Bell, nearest kin to the complt.
234 [32] 07-Feb Thomas Aldworth Robert Robinson Oade or woade to the value of £240
235 [33] 07-Feb John Trevor, Esqr & Thomas Smith Dame Katherine Copley, Widow
235 [34] 08-Feb John Flower of Carleton, Northants, Esqr John Allen, Gent & Henry Allen
236 [35] 08-Feb Raphe Waller Thomas Gunthorpe
236 [36] 09-Feb Francis Nevell, Clerk James Stephenson, Luke Gonaston, Thomas Parkinson & John Towers Concerns lands & tenements in Stoke, and the advowson of the parsonage of Headon in Notts. Refs suit of deft Stephenson in Court of Arches, at which he was awarded £6, and subsequently procured the complt's excommunication, and had him arrested & jailed in Nottingham on a writ of excommunicato capirmo
237 [37] 09-Feb Alice Godbold, widow George Seaman Actions at Common Law against the complt & William Browning as executors of John Marshall, the complt's late husband.
238 [38] 10-Feb John Harris & William Harris John Greene Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law on action of debt
238 [39][40] 10-Feb Thomas Knight William Baker Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law on action of debt
239 [41] 10-Feb John Warner Richard Clark Profits from copyhold lands etc at Dedham, Essex during the minority of the complt.
239 [42] 10-Feb Henry Goodrick, Gent Lewes Snagge, Gent
239 [43][44] 11-Feb Thomas Drax Nicholas Doughtie, Gent Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law. Attachment awarded for the Sheriff of County of York to apprehend the deft for his refusal to appear to answer to this court.
240 [45] 11-Feb Augustine de Bewley, Merchant Stranger Richard Symonds, Esqr, William Fyning & Robert Cutt
240 [46][47] 11-Feb Gerrard Pitham, Susan his wife, Edward Chapman & Grace his wife George Hancock, James Chiball & Nicholas Blinco A messuage containing 4 tenements in Barmesey Street, parish of St Oliffe, Southwark, Surrey and other property in the same county, estate of William Chayer, grandfather of the complts Susan & Grace
241 [48] 11-Feb Mathew Blades Henry Simpson, Clerk Dismissed as complt has not proceeded.
241 [49][50] 12-Feb John Stephens the elder & John Stephens the younger one of the Gents of Her Highness' Chapel Thomas Cowchman & Jarvis Cowchman his son Stay of deft Jarvis Cowchman's proceedings at Common Law against John Stephens the elder concerning the tile to 1 1/2 acres in a meade called Scopmeade in Gowtherste, Kent.
242 [51] 13-Feb William Cole, Doctor of Divinity, President of Corpus Christi College, Oxford & the scholars of the same John Palmer, Richard Willimore, Thomas Simes, William Langford, John Crowche, John Bezannt, John Holloway, John Webbe & Richard Yeedes Concerns the felling of timber on tenement & lands in Brachefyld, Michelmershe, Hants which is explicitly forbidden by the terms of the lease
243 [52] 13-Feb Alice Langton, widow Thomas Fletcher Defts failure to act upon order of 25 November last
243 [53] 13-Feb Agnes Ingerie, widow Gregory Andrewes Detention of goods & household stuff
244 [54] 13-Feb Michael Potter William Wittlesey Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law
244 [55] 13-Feb Thomas Atcheson John Deane & John Whiting
245 [56] 13-Feb John Kent Bryan Guybbons & others Concerns whether or not a bond (debt to Mark Shaftoe of Newcastle upon Tyne) had been satisfied and cancelled. 2 versions of the bond (one cancelled, the other not) to be delivered to Henry Chapman, Alderman of Newcastle upon Tyne & William Jackson, Gent, to investigate which is the true bond.
246 [57] 13-Feb William Palen & Mary his wife Edward Mitton, Gent, Richard Hasell & others Jointure for Mary Palen by the complt William Palen
246 [58] 13-Feb William Debdale & others Richard Swinton, Gent Dismissed as complt has not delivered sum of money equivalent to debt in question as per order of 28 November last
247 [59] 13-Feb Alice Marshall Richard Foster Debt for house rent due from the estate of John Port of the parish of St Giles without Cripplegate, London decd
247 [60] 13-Feb Thomas Shewell Richard Truslowe
247 [61] 13-Feb Thomas Dod Thomas Parker, Gent, executor of Edward Parker, Gent decd
248 [62] 14-Feb Anne Smith, widow, late the wife & sole executrix of John Smith late of Bray, Berks, Glover decd Thomas Newbery, Richard Hall & Isabel Westcott, widow Stay of defts actions of debt at Common Law
248 [63][64] 14-Feb Richard Hatche one of the supervisors of the last w & t of Robert Kent decd, Thomas Kent & Richard Kent Andrew Worsley & Margaret his wife Defts action of debt at Common Law for a sum which Richard Hatche had agreed was to be used as a legacy for the complts Thomas & Richard Kent from the said Robert Kent decd, their father, a former husband of the deft Margaret
249 [65] 15-Feb Lawrence Boswell, Clerk John Pigeon
249 [66][67] 16-Feb Elizabeth Norton, widow Hugh Base & Jeffrey Plase, executors of Alexander Horden, Esqr decd & John Norton, Gent one of the overseers of the said will
250 [68] 16-Feb Thomas Good, Gent Elizabeth Shipper, widow Concerns the attempt to reverse a previous decree for payment from the complt to the deft of £63
251 [69][70] 30-Jan Anne Gostling, widow & administratrix of John Gostling her late husband decd Thomas Osborne the father & James Osborne the son Refs order of 5 November 39 Eliz. 2 leases of the parsonage of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, assigned as security for John Gostling's debts.
252 [71][72][73][74] 06-Feb Francis Harvy, Esqr, one of Her Majesty's Gentleman Pensioners William Harris, Esqr Jointure provided for complts wife Camilla, formerly the wife of Thomas Darcie of Tolshunt Darcy, Essex decd & provision for the daughters of the decd.
255 [75][76] 09-Feb George Jenkes & Margaret his wife Frances Jenkes & Edward Edge £80 due to the complts as a legacy in the will of Richard Lutley, Margaret's father, and £60 bequeathed in the will of John Lutley Margaret's brother. Dismissed as parties live in the Marches of Wales.
256 [77] 13-Feb Francis Atmere & Rose his wife in the name of the inhabitants of Great Breckles, Norfolk Francis Woodhowse, Esqr Surrounding of the common of Breckles with water by means of a sluice, and a house built over the same.
256 [78][79] 14-Feb Margaret Gurney, widow late wife & executrix of John Gurney decd Anthony Freeman, Margery his wife & John Gurney Stay of defts proceedinsg at Common Law on action of debt against the complt as excecutrix of her late husband, and tenement in Cycester, Gloucs.
257 [80] 21-Feb William Sansom Dudley Hawkes Mem: £3 15s delivered to the complt as per order
257 [81][82] 22-Feb [blank] Sadler [blank] Bennett, Alderman of London Mem: £10 delivered into the hands of William & Dorothy Bell for the benefit of their children as per order.
258 [83] 05-Mar Robert Mennell, Gent John Layton, Gent Supersedeas directed to the Sheriff of the County of York for the stay of the execution of the attachment awarded against the complt as Richard Mennell, Gent has made affidavit that the complt has been and remains extremely sick.
259 [84][85] 09-Mar Anne Garforth, widow, guardian to William Garforth her son William Shipman & Thomas Higgons Leases (including house called the Eagle & Childe in Holborne), goods & chattells bequeathed to William Garforth by his uncle John Garforth decd
261 [86] 01-Apr Hugh Parlor, Gent Peter Bory
261 [87] 14-Apr Edmond Bridges, Esqr Robert Denham & others
261 [88][89] 06-Feb Christopher Manfeild & Mary his wife Lyon Lambe £10 & plate & household stuff claimed by the complt Mary to have been devised by her late father Richard Howe decd
262 [90] 06-Feb Thomas Shewell Richard Truslowe, Gent Goods, chattells & money claimed by the complt to have been devised by John Truslowe, Gent decd
263 [91] 09-Feb John Heydon, Esqr John Hollingbrigge Arrears of rent due from a house & 2 gardens in Aldersgate Street, St Gyles at Cripplegate in the suburbs of London. Dismissed as complt has failed to proceed.
263 [92][93] 13-Feb Richard Hanburie of London, Citizen & Goldsmith John Baker Agreement for the transporting of 4 fatts of iron wire (c. 386 stone) into France, made in October 1588, to be sold by the defts factor, and the share of any gain over the price available in England at the time.
264 [94][95] 10-Feb Walter Janncey William Hall 3 messuages etc in Yarkhill, Herefordshire. Deft refusing to seal conveyance although complt has paid agreed sum.
265 [96][97] 27-Jan James Wingfeild Thomas Wheeler Rent due from messuage in Wirrardsburie, Bucks
266 [98] 01-Feb Thomas Ryley & Margaret his wife Simon Jewkes Dismissed as complt has failed to provide replication as per previous order of October last past
266 [99][100] 30-Jan John Hilpe the younger Robert Jones, Henry Permiter & others Lease of a messuage in Thornebury, Gloucs, claimed to have been made by Dame Ursula Stafford & others to John White & others.
267 [101] 04-Feb Thomas Bishop Robert Bussye, John Bussye, William Bussye, Elinor Birde, widow & others 18 acres of land, part of a tenement called the Tenement Branthorpe, manor of Blofeilde, 1 acre of Oate land and 3 roods of a tenement called Perkes in Blofeild and Hemlington, Norfolk. Stay of proceedings at Common Law.
267 [102][103] 06-Feb Thomas Coxe & Alice his wife Cuthbert White & John Powell A messuage and 9 acres, 2 closes of pasture called Purseclose and Homeclose, and a parcel of meadow called Halfordsham, customary lands of the manor of Christenmalford, Wilts & stay of defts proceedings at Common Law
268 [104] 10-Feb Griffin Payne one of Her Highness's ordinary servants Thomas Stampe, Esqr Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law. Title to tenement within the Castle walls of Wallingford, Berks.