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*'''1329 A:''' Richard de la Lee, parson of Blechyngley, 8 Nov. 18E2 10 pounds owed to Agnes daughter of John de Grenville [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/E3/E13no57/aE13no57fronts/IMG_0013.htm] SB
*'''M1332 A:''' Boniface (de Hart, canon of Aosta), prior [mayster] of Hornchurch v. Walter de Heselwode and Ralph Leges, account (when they were his bailiffs in Haveringe atte Boure [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT1/E3/CP40no292/aCP40no292fronts/IMG_0063.htm] SB
*'''M1332 B:''' John Mayn parson of Drayton Beauchamp v. John Missumer de Agmondesham, debt £4 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT1/E3/CP40no292/aCP40no292fronts/IMG_0125.htm] SB
*'''M1332 C:''' Richard de Bourne, parson of Shaldeflete v Laurence le Keu de Pernestede, account [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT1/E3/CP40no292/aCP40no292fronts/IMG_0133.htm] SB
*'''M1332 C:''' Richard de Bourne, parson of Shaldeflete v Laurence le Keu de Pernestede, account [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT1/E3/CP40no292/aCP40no292fronts/IMG_0133.htm] SB
*'''M 1332 D:''' Roger Michel de Cherleton v.  John de Quybury, parson of Fenny Sutton, debt of 12 Pounds, found guilty by jury [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT1/E3/CP40no292/aCP40no292fronts/IMG_0137.htm] SB  
*'''M 1332 D:''' Roger Michel de Cherleton v.  John de Quybury, parson of Fenny Sutton, debt of 12 Pounds, found guilty by jury [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT1/E3/CP40no292/aCP40no292fronts/IMG_0137.htm] SB  

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  • T1324 A: Leicestershire. John de Cave, parson of Northburgh v. Master Robert Rydel, parson of Hegham; William son of Robert de Halughton; and John, the brother of said William, together with John son of Mathew Martin de Enderby; and Stephen Rydel. Entering his close and thus impeding the taking of tithes, specified in kind. [1]

  • M1332 C: Richard de Bourne, parson of Shaldeflete v Laurence le Keu de Pernestede, account [2] SB
  • M 1332 D: Roger Michel de Cherleton v. John de Quybury, parson of Fenny Sutton, debt of 12 Pounds, found guilty by jury [3] SB
  • M1332 E: Thomas de Menestok, parson of Newenham and Laurence de Pernestede, executors of the testament of Henry de Liskerit, former parson of Estwidehay v. Walter Dyn de Bodmynya, debt of 40 pounds (mesne process) [4] SB
  • M1332 F: Stephen de Abynden of London v. Thomas de Coverle, parson of Aumodesham (Amersham), bill in the name of Stephen and sealed with Walter de Bedewynd's seal (former coferarius of Edward II) for 1141 pounds which the former king owed Stephen and which Stephen handed over to John son of John of Weston. He let Thomas inspect the bill, and Thomas then tore it apart (dilaceravit), thereby making it invalid [5] SB
  • M1332 G: John Grubbe, vicar of church of feruch v. John Bussh and Joan his wife, goods to the value of 100s taken at Retherfeld, mesne process [6] SB
  • M1332 H: John de Honesworth, parson of Clent v. Henry son of Margery Badynol of Duddelely,account, mesne process [7] SB
  • M1332 I: John de Wunton, former parson of Grenstede, now parson of Wytherdele [8] SB
  • M1332 J: John de Oxon' of London vintner v. Geoffrey de Hedesore, parson of St Albans of Wodestrate London, debt of 60s, mesne process [9] SB
  • M1332 K: Robert Curzoun, parson of St Andrew's Cranford v. Henry de Watervile chaplain, account, claims to have been acquitted, jury summoned [10] SB
  • M1332 L: Robert de Clyderhon/Cliderhon, parson of Wygan v. William de Bullyng, debt of 27 pounds, 9s 4d, mesne process [11], also v. Simon Payn of Wygan, debt of 13 pounds 6s 8d and Henry Russel de Wygan for debt 42 pounds 6s 8d and Robert del Heghfeld for 26 pounds, mesne process http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT1/E3/CP40no292/aCP40no292fronts/IMG_0306.htm SB
  • M1332 M: John de Wenlyngburgh v. Richard de Hakeneye of London and Roger de Feston, executors of the testament of Elias de Whitele, former parson of Hale; Hugh de Whetele parson of Staynton and Robert de Cotum parson of Sudbrok as coexecutors, mesne process [12] SB
  • M1332 N: Ralph Darundel parson of St Columb Major v. Martin de Langeston, account, mesne process [13] SB
  • M1332 O: Thomas Bretun, parson of Wappenbury v. Hugh de Medburn chaplain, Robert de Wotton chaplain and John Othe Muyre de Presthorp, account, mesne process [14] SB
  • M1332 P: Hugh de Dyngle parson of Notton v. Abot of Burton on Trent, detinue of chattles, mesne process [15] SB
  • M1332 Q: John de Eborum, civis et mercator London v. Thomas Wake de Lydel, Reginald de Bochely parson of Dodyngton and John Tely, each owe 60 pounds, mesne process [16] SB
  • M1332 R: Magister John de Cobeldyk parson of Westerkele v. John Beluncle of Stybenay, account, mesne process [17] SB
  • M1332 S: William Ganet and Simon son of William Ganet executors of the testament of Simon Ganet, late parson of Fakenhamdam (entry breaks off here) [18] SB
  • M1332 T: Thomas de Stortested, former parson of Somersham v. Savericus de Sidyngbourne, vicar of the Fynchyngfeld, debt of 40 pounds, mesne process [19] SB
  • M1332 U: Hugh de Lameleye parson of Pilketon v. Robert Wynylle de Lyverneden, Robert son of John de Stok and Humphrey de Stok, each owe 60 pounds, mesne process [20] SB
  • M1332 V: Robert de Arderne v. Thomas de Ardern, parson of Clopton, John de Ardern and Alice his daughter, debt of 9 pounds, 2s, mesne process [21] SB
  • M1332 W: William Conchur v. John Neucomen parson of Maltby near Beesby and William son of Eudo de Malteby, account, mesne process [22] SB
  • M1332 X: Reginald de London parson of St Dionis London v. Sanarius de Sydyngburn vicar of Fynchynfeld, debt of 20 pounds, mesne process http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT1/E3/CP40no292/aCP40no292fronts/IMG_0279.htm
  • M1332 Y: Norfolk. Adam Talebot parson of Haleholm v. John Thorald of Heppeworth, account while he was bailif in Haleholm, jury summoned http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT1/E3/CP40no292/aCP40no292fronts/IMG_0288.htm
  • M1332 Z: Surrey. John de Euton parson of Ewhurst (Iwehurst) v. Mathew Radman parson of Shere (Shyre), David le Walsh and Edmund le Clerk, with William de Cothull and Thomas Edgar - taking away goods and chattels worth 40 pounds, mesne process [23] SB
  • M1332 : Suffolk. Benedict de Huntyngfeld pardon of Eselyng and Roger de Estre executors of the testament of Laurence de Huntyngfeld and Richard de Carru et Martilda his wife coexecutors v. John de Ryfyndon, debt of 100s, mesne process [24] SB
  • M1332 : Suffolk. Alexander de Totington parson of Risby v. William de Bethon, account, mesne process [25] SB