Massingham Charters

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City/town charters may appear in the AALT in series CP40, KB27, or the memoranda rolls or in sources not contained in the AALT. Atypically for WAALT, enter the document under the date of the CHARTER, not the date of the document containing the charter. Enter the charter by text: Bristol Charter 1370 [full web address]. The bracketed web address will take the reader to the online original. The double bracketed designation will create a page on which people may translate the document or transcribe the charter from an offline, uncopyrighted source. There should be relatively few documents on each page, so no cells are needed. Simply insert the charter document properly in the chronological sequence and leave a space between the preceding and succeeding entries. Multiple sources for the same charter are desirable, so the optimal situation would be for a town charter to be entered in its CP40, KB27, memoranda roll, and other sources.