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H1303 A: counterfeit money in Great Yarmouth. [1]

M1304 A: destruction of an obligation that the merchants of the society of Pisa had made to the plaintiff for 16 p.s. James Dunhe v. Richard Coke of Great Yarmouth. [2]

M1307 A: Obstruction of collection of king's custom on goods brought to Great Yarmouth and unloaded at Lothingland. Rex v. Henry Rose, William Fastolf, William de Goseford, Henry de Larayton, Robert Elys, Thomas Fastolf, Richard Randolf, John Fastolf, John Aleyn, Roger Ganel, Nicholas Eshman, Robert de Benerleye, Phillip and James his brothers, Robert son of Isabella de Drayton, Robert son of Petronilla de Drayton, Godfrey de Ludeham, William his son, William de Drayton, Geoffrey and Nicholas his brothers, Richard son Alexander Fastolf, John and William his brothers, John son of William Fastolf, Henry Randolf, Richard de Somerton, John his brother, Robert de Barge, Richard Reymund, Geoffrey atte Chirche, Richard de Carleton, William Brockyng, Geoffrey Miles, Simon Heynes, John Charles, John Rose, Richard Anktil, Thomas Prentiz, John de Haneworth, Robert de Haneweg de Brundale, Henry his son, Nicholas Clipping, Roger Lullay, Benedict le Shipwright, Roger le Wh(ite?), Walter le Whyte, John de Fordelee, Henry Noteman, Milo his son, Thomas Sterling, Thomas Sydeham, William de Forseye, Henry de FOrseye, William Ganel, William de Lincoln, John Perbrun, William de Pollesby, Reginald Eshman, William le Poter, Nicholas son of James le Poter, Herman le Bretun, William Wildeges, Stephen Hardman, Richard de Lincoln, Henry le Clerk, and John son of Alexander de Fery. [3]; [4]

H1308 A: Prosecution of forestallers, whereas as forestalling was prohibited by royal charter. Rex v. Stephen de Wymedale, Roger Swan, John Bonde, Thomas Sallerne, Roger Brumman, Peter de Beketon, Richard Cele, Henry Gaske, Robert de Rothenale, John de Slegh, Nicholas Greynessone, Thomas Dekne, John Wascelyn, Matilda Berthelmen, Simon atte Gap, Reginald de Belton, Thomas de Gapton, Matilda atte Gap, Hugh de Beketon, John Red, Thomas Germyn, Robert Willymot, Stephen Redlomb, Thomas de Spetteshale, Bartholomew Love, Stephen Coberd, Robert Seman, John Hulot, William Red, Richard Halleman, Hugh le Grey, Robert Burghard, John de Weston, John de Steynmor, Robert Curteys, Geoffrey de Bungeye, Henry de Naverne, Henry Haliale, Adam William, Geoffrey Ketel, William Sefrey, Adam Fleghe, Henry Billinge, Simon Tuteler, Alan de Holegate, William Pye de Burgh, Geoffrey Burghgreyne, John Fughelinthered, Robert le Whyte, Thomas Roger, John Hahale, Adam Stotere, Thomas de Oulton, Thomas Grey, Robert Spie, Adam Lerok, Thomas Galagre, Simon atte Cruch, Thomas Isolde Richard le Cordewaner, Robert Jeckessone, Geoffrey de Fulham, Henry atte Dam, Henry Clemente, Robert Fishbiere, Richard de Eggemere, Simon Ketelbern, Richard de Specteshale, John de Freton, John Dosier, Gamen de Conehithe, Alan Isolde, John Denys, Stephen Clemente, Bartholomew Wynny, Henry Wynny, Bartholomew de Wynterton, John Cole, Henry Boghyer, Robert Denys, Nicholas Slary, Adam Lilica, Thomas Crumnok, John Woderove, John Poer, Edmund Poer, William Bonde, Robert atte Gap, Henry de Belton, John Bonde, Geoffrey Brice, Nicholas Sywhat, Robert Kise, Robert Costyn, John del Dam, Reginald Ulmer, Robert Asheman, Robert son of Robert Asheman, Thomas Sywhat, Thomas Rysse, Robert del Medwe, Michael Hardman, Henry Reynald, & Adam Herman. [5]; pleaded: [6]

H1308 A: Certiorari. Inquest in 1228 by Treasurer and chamberlain in Men of Great Yarmouth v. Roger son of Osbert then warden of the manor of Lothingland concerning customs taken. [7]

E1308 A: Resisting king's bailiffs (Robert de Fordele bailiff by his sub-bailiffs Robert de Norfolk and Richard de Haryngby)in collection of customs at Great Yarmouth. Rex v. Simon atte Gappe, John Wascelyn, Robert Hulot, Henry Siquat, Thomas Kirwyl de Covehith, John Dosyer, Hugh de Beketon, John Red, Stephen Redlomb, John Prestessone, Stephen Coberd, Robert Seman, John Hulot, Richard le Cordewaner, Richard Halleman de Covehith, John Gamen, William Man, Hugh le Grey, Henry Haliale de Kessinglond, William Sefrey, Robert Jekkesene, John Fulred, Adam Fleghe, Adam Stotere, John de Weston, Thomas Roger, Geoffrey Burgreyne, Simon atte Cruche, Thomas de Olton, Robert le Fisshere, Nicholas Lene, Thomas son of Henry Clement, John and William his brothers, Thomas Grey de Corton, Robert Spike, Reginald de Bolton, Thomas de Gapton, Robert Wylymot, Thomas Gernon, Henry de Belton, John le Grey, Simon Ketilbern, John Steynmor, Geoffrey Gosse de Covehith, Andrew Willom de Kessinglond, John de Westgate, John Rodere, Thomas Galagre, Richard Gole, Alan de Holgate, Adam Willem, Henry Dalerne, John Killel, Adam Loke, William Pye de Burgo, Robert le White de Benacre, John Stel, Richard de Enges, Stephen Bonde, John Love, Henry de Beketon & William Red. [8]

E1308 B: Violation of royal proclamation against exports of money and precious metal. Rex v. Simon atte Gap, John Wascelyn, Robert Hulot, Henry Siquat, Thomas Kyrwyl de Covehith, John Dosyer, Hugh de Beketon, John Red, Stephen Redlomb, John Prestessone, Stephen Coberd, Robert Seman, John Hulot, Richard le Cordewaner, Richard Halleman de Covehith, John Famen, William Man, Hugh le Grey, Henry Hahale de Kessinglond, william Sefrey, Robert Inkkessone, John Fulred, Adam Fleghe, Adam Stotere, John de Weston, Thomas Rogger, Geoffrey Burgreyne, Simon atte Crouche, Thomas de Elton, Robert le Fishere, Nicholas le Lene, Thomas son of Henry Clement, John and William his brothers, Thomas Grey de Cotton, Robert Spike, Reginald de Belton, Thomas de Gapton, Robert Wylimot, Thomas Gernoun, Henry de Belton, John le Grey, Simon Ketelberir, John Steymur, Geoffrey Gosse de Covehithe, Andrew Willem de Kessinglond, John de Westgate, John Redere, Thomas Galagre, Richard Gole, Alan de Holgate, Adam Willem, Henry Salerne, John Kybel, Adam Loke, William Pye de Burgo, Robert le White de Benacre, John Stel, Richard de Enges, Stephen Bonde, John Love, Henry de Beketon & William Red. [9]

T1309 A: Orders to Southampton and Great Yarmouth to confiscate goods of East Frisians to compensate Henry Potman citizen and merchant of London, whose three ships had been boarded in East Frisia and looted of 110 pounds and 40 pounds of goods. [10]; then [11]

M1304 A: Robert Elys, burgess of Great Yarmouth v. William de Avesnes, Count of Holland etc. Royal enforcement of debt of 1,300 p.s.

M1311 A: Trespass in Little Yarmouth. Richard de la Bere v. Henry Rose, Robert de Drayton, Farmanus Alberd, Roger Ganel, & John Gurney. Alleged taking of 480 boards for making ships, 300 boards for making boats, and 200 boards for repairing ships and other goods to the value of 30 p.s. No verdict. [12]

T1312 A: False imprisonment. Katherine de Lynn v. Richard Randolf, Richard Fastolf, William le Portere & Roger de Thurynton of Yarmouth. Defendants justified as bailiffs of Great Yarmouth. Katherine had threatened to burn down John Aleyn's house. The bailiffs arrested her until she found security to Aleyn. No verdict. [13]

E1316 A: Marriage E1316 A Tr William de Cornewaille v. Seman son of Henry le Seriaunt de Suthwelde. "Rape" of Isabella wife of William at Great Yarmouth and taking of goods worth 100 p.s.. [14]

M1316 A: Trespass. Bernard de Tessanderia, Peter de Cabasaco, Arnald de Camas Reymundi de Puscles, & Adomar de Pois, merchants of La Rochelle v. Henry de Horseye master of the ship Christopher of Yarmouth, Robert Deneys master of the ship La Gerlaund of South Yarmouth, Robert de Tunstal master of the ship la Annote de Yarmouth, Robert Brounrobyn master of the ship St James of Yarmouth, Geoffrey de Corton master of the ship Bonan de Yarmouth, Geoffrey de Somerton master of the ship La Godyere, Robert Gil master of the ship La Bondye de Sutton, John atte Ferie master of the ship La Grante Mariote, Peter le Bancer master of the ship St Michael of Harwich, Richard de Wadecleye master of the ship Law Nichole of Yarmouth, Robert le Cutiller master of the ship La Mariote de Yarmouth, Robert Saunzdoil master of the ship Seinte Maricogge, Henry atte Ferie master of the ship La Plente of Yarmouth, Richard de Castre master of the ship La Paternoster of Yarmouth, Peter de Herewyz master of the ship George de Harewyz, William de Kirkele master of the ship La Petit Edmund, Nicholas Ideman master of the ship St James, Nicholas atte See master of the ship La Peter, William Gauge master of the ship St Benedict of South Yarmouth, Henry atte Dame master of the ship La Bucher of South Yarmouth, Hervy de Oxeneye master of the ship La Custaunce de Goseforth, and Roger le Cutiller master of the ship la Present de Goseford. Trespass. [15]

H1318 A: Taking of sails at Little Yarmouth. William Man v. Robert Elys of Great Yarmouth. Elys justified that he was bailiff of Great Yarmouth. John Stience, Simon de Markham and Richard Grymbolf brought suits in the court of Great Yarmouth against Matthew de Anceyse de St Pierrepont in Normandy, John de Barflete of the same, and John Blundel of the same in trespass. He attached them by three sails in Great Yarmouth. Required a jury from both Norfolk and Suffolk. [16]

E1318 A: Ship was loaded at Little Yarmouth with goods worth 100 marks bound for London; defendants at Erith took some of the goods and sank the rest. William Lambyn of London merchant and Richard de Hodeston of London merchant v. Alan atte Forde of Faversham and Henry Aleynescosyn atte Ford. [17]. Verdict: William and Richard delivered herring to Alan to be carried to London at their peril. Alan put the herring in his ship, but the sailors were less wise. They went toward the Thames near Erith and there by negligence wrecked the ship. Some sailors in boats who were there then took six last of herrings, and those herrings afterwards went to the profit of William and Richard. The remainder (four and a half lasts) the ship's sailors took and sold for their own profit. Alan thereafter accepted what his sailors had done. The damages of William and Richard came to 70 marks. Plaintiffs recover. Enrollment indicates that the the wrong was not against the king's peace. [18]

E1319 A: Bernard de Tessandria, Peter de Cabasaco, Arnald de Camas, Raymond de Puseles, & Adomar de Pois, merchants of La Rochelle v. Geoffrey de Somerton master of La Godeyer, Brounrobyn master of La James, Henry de Horseye master del Cristofre, Fairmanus Alberd, Seman atte Soude, William Wildegos, John Perbroun, John Billinge, Robert de la Barge, Robert Asheman, John de Fordele, Robert de Fordele, Aldexander Fastolf, Thomas Fastolf, John Fastolf, Simon de Marcham, Bartholomew de Thorpe, William de Goseford, and Richard Randolf. Count: Plaintiffs had loaded a ship called the St James of Bayeux with 200 tuns of white wine worth 1,200 p.s. at Tonnay-Charente, France, to be taken by sea to Callais. The Scots boarded the ship and killed some of the sailors. They managed to escape to Great Yarmouth. Somerton and the other defendants along with John Deneys and others whose names were contained in a separate record boarded the ship and took the wine to various places in the county at damages of 2,000 p.s. These defendants pleaded not guilty, but Hervey de Oxeneye, Roger le Cotiler, and Robert de Gymyngham came. Cotiler and Oxeneye pleaded that the ship had only had 80 tuns of white wine and had been captured by the Scots on the sea and taken to Aberdeen; the Scots had killed all but three men on the ship. John de Botetourt then admiral, in whose company were Cotiler and Oxeneye, attacked Aberdeen with the whole fleet and captured the ships there (including the St James of Bayeux) and took them to Great Yarmouth. Botetourt gave Cotiler and Oxeneye two tuns of wine for their wages. No verdict. [19], [20] Later, it appears that the other defendants included Agnes de Monesle (then dead), Robert Dunstan, William Mawe (then dead), William del Mawe (then dead), John Deneys, Bartholomew Wynny, John de Neuton, Robert son of Robert de Neuton, Walter his brother, Thomas Bacheler, Robert Spike, Robert Andreu de Bluntesdon, Robert son of Robert de Heringflet, John son of Robert de Corton, Walter his brother, William le Neve, Thomas Science, Robert Science, Edmund Bele, Henry de Horseye jr, Henry de Lodne, William Sad, Roger le Wayte, William son of Henry de Reppes, John Robel, Roger Fairman, John de Frerie master of The Marigte, William de Kirkele master del Petit Edmund, Nicholas Ideman master del Petit James, Henry del Ferie master del Plente, Robert Deneys master del Garland, Henry atte Dam master del Cristiene, William Gauge master del Beneit, Peter Botsweyn master del George, Nicholas atte See master del Peter, Seman Asheman, Robert de Ely, Roger de Somerton, Richard Reymund, William son of Henry de Reppes, Roger Fairman, and John Robert. [21], [22]


  • H1342 A: Norfolk. Resort to the king's council concerning the treatment of those of Great Yarmouth (Alexander Fastolf of Yarmouth, John de Broxton, Edmund de Carleton, John de Beverle, Bartholomew de Thorpe, John Elys, Geoffrey Elys, John Billyng, John Nene, Geoffrey Lee, Geoffrey de Stalham, Hamo de Berton, Richard de Beketon, John Steel, William de Goseford, Thomas Sadd, and John de Norwich) who occupied the goods of the ship Tarryt, for which the king had satisfied the merchants of Flanders. [23] rcp
  • M1342 A: Norfolk. Rex v. Oliver Wyth knight and Edmund Gerberge collectors of lastage in the port of Great Yarmouth, concerning payment of the king's debt to the men of Ypres. [24] rcp
  • M1344 A: Men and mariners of Great Yarmouth: Thomas de Drayton, Geoffrey de Stalliam, Peter Cressy, and Richard Latoner lately bailiffs of Great Yarmouth;; Peter de Reppes, William Flemyng de Yarmouth, John le Rede, Gilbert le Fleshewere, John Gibbes, William Gibbes, John de Dyghton, Geoffrey Trote, William de Thorpe, Walter Shirloke, John Shirloke sr, Richard de Gemyngham, Nicholas de Bilhagh, Oliver Bernard, John Shirloke jr, Henry Shirloke, William Stot smith, Nicholas de Stalham, William Hunteyng, Robert Coteler, Geoffrey Sekesoule, Richard le Barbour merchant, Richard le Mazoun, William Coke, Richard Haltmaddnessone, Adam de Ludham, Andrew Kynge, John Charles, Robert Whytynge, Richard Collys, Thomas Cobald, John Thurkyld, John Coo jr, Robert Blake, John de Alemaigne, William Bange, Roger son of Nicholas de Dam, William Bakere shipman, Alexander Spicer, John Oky, Adam Laveroke, Martin de Chirche, John le Nene, Nigel de Halle, Walter Berde, Edmund de Carleton, Richard Prentiz, Oliver Bernard, William de la Mawe, Reginal Fishere, William de Gosford, Thomas Reymund, Hervy Reymund, Stephen de Catfeld, William Wylimot, William Bole, Ralph Mareschal, Edmund de Burghe, Roger de Filby, Richard Fethirman, John del Cherche faber, William Storre, Thomas de Stalham, John Coke, William de Tibenham, Thomas Tibenham, Michael Childe, John le Coo, Walter Goldsmyth, Benedict le Shipwrighte jr, John ide, John Maynarde, Richard de Filby, John Warde de Blofeld, Robert Wildegos, John de Stalham, William THurkyld, Reginald Bange, Ralph de Briggebroke, William le Cooke, Richard de Runham, John Spicer, William Rightwys, Richard Sywhat, William Hardman, Thomas de Drayton, Geoffrey de Drayton, William de Drayton, Oliver son of Geoffrey de Drayton, Bartholomew de Drayton, John son of Stephen de Drayton, Nicholas Fastolf, Alexander Fastolf, Richard Fastolf, Peter Cressy, Geoffrey Charles, John de Beverle, Thomas de Beverle, Alexander de Beverle, Robert de Beverle, Hamo de Berton, Bartholomew de Thorpe, John de Thorpe, John Elys, Geoffrey Elys, Anselm de Fordele, Geoffrey de Stalliam, Thomas de Thurleton, Richard le Latoner, William le Spicer, Thomas le Spicer, John Tedpot, Walter Hillary, William Asheman, Ferman Perbroun, Simon Perbroun, William Bertyng, Nicholas de Rochawe, Edmund Jerbergh, John his son, Thomas Aleyn, John Aleyn, Robert Beneyt, John Rillyng, Roger de Childerhous, William de Childerhous, William le Smyth shipman, William Elys, Richard Elys, Benedict le Shipwright, Richard Haukynessone, Walter de Sand, Roland Silke, Walter Rothyon, Phillip Martyn, William de Rothenhale, Richard Deneys, Richard Laverok, Geoffrey atte Yate, William Motte, Robert Hereman, Richard de Walsham of Great Yarmouth, William Fethirman, Adam Thede, RObert Billyng, Matthew le Here, John Norman, John Slynge, Nicholas de Fordele, Henry de Riston, Peter le White, John de Elys, John Gos, Adam Knape, William Ronyng, Nicholas de Thorpe, John Beneyt, John de Pirham, Nicholas de Kynyngham, Robert de Tynwhyt, Robert de Pallynge, Robert de Runham, Roger de Burghe, William Fille sr, William Fille jr, John Neel, Stephen de Gosford, William Oxneye, Laurence de Reppes, Oliver Brokynge, Laurence Tebaud, Alan Colissone, Nicholas Tynwich, Godfrey de Pykenham, William le Smyth, Roger Beneyt, Richard Virly, John Bateman, Thomas Bateman, William brother of John le Smyth de Stethal, John de Thorpe faber, John de Wolpe, Stephen de Hegham, John Tulke, William Marchal, Thomas de Castre, John Weylond, Henry del Hirne, Simon de Ormysby, William atte Fen, William de Loudham faber, Thomas de Birlyngham, Adam de Halys, William Derlynge, Stephen Derlynge, Thomas Anketel, Thomas Pykter, Robert de Bromeswell, John de Wyttone, Robert Huberd, Robert Gele, Thomas de Stalham, John Wynter, John Russel, Robert de Hykelynge, Henry de Thorpe, Peter de Thorpe, William Sherer, Walter de Reppes, Robert de Reppes, William de Cauntebrigge, Nicholas Larke, John son of Robert, John son of Robert de Burgh, Adam de Boyton, Godfrey Tailour, Nicholas de Gosford, Robert de Hulner, Hugh de Bliklyng, John de Sithynge, Richard le Wrighte de Catfeld, John de Bedeford, Thomas de Horseye, Richard de Fylby, Thomas de Burgh, John Kynge, Thomas Huntynge, William Bere, Thomas Tuke, Geoffrey Sithynge, Henry de Sekedenne, William le Bakister, Reginald de Erpyngham, William de Stokisby, Clement Bere, William de Heryngby, Alexander Reymond, John de Hapesburgh, John de Gosford, William de Whyteby, John de Gresham, Richard de Burgh, Thomas Pynchoun, William Hikkissone, William le Cooke, John son of Robert, John Chapman, Geoffrey Sekesoule, John Lenald, John Lawssone, John le Baxtere barbere, Robert de Palkynge, Robert de Norton, Richard Lenald, Reginald de Barkere, Robert Gosser, John Sporle, Nicholas Parle, Roger Huggissone, John de Lenne, John Curteys, Stephen Chapman of Great Yarmouth, John Spicer, Alexander Oky spicer, William Oky of Yarmouth, Robert Oky, Alexander Oky, William Wylimot, Thomas del Hirne, Thomas Ba, Henry le Hewe, William Gibbes, Walter de Bromeswell, John de Bromeswell, Richard de Okle, Godfrey le Mellere, Roger de Bastwyk, William le Neve, John Goldwyne, Hamo de Sandwych, Stephen Hundegore, John Broun, John Westwyke, John son of Robert de Botiston, Willia de Stodeye, Nicholas de Sutton, Nicholas de Filby, Bartholomew Bertram, Simon Kynge, William Wodehirde, Simon de Stalham, Thomas de Gymyngham, Roger Bonde, John de Norwich taner, John Maddessone, John de Ravenyngham, Richard de Banham, Thomas de Banham, John de Gunton pulter, John Brant, Nicholas Plente, Alexander Malle, Geoffrey le Clerce, John le Clerce, John Aleyn de Eklys, William Rede, Richard Snow, John son of Phillip de Beverle, Thomas Soppe, Richard Kessynglond, Thomas de Morton, Ferman Alred, Nicholas Orewright, Thomas Haukynessone, Henry Pynefertyng. [25] rcp


  • H1345 A: Presented that William de Dallyng of Great Yarmouth, John Stathe, Robert Prentiz, William de Tybenham jr of Great Yarmouth, John Oky, John Corpis(--), William Oky, Robert Blake, Thomas son of Thomas Sigwat, John de Walberswick, Thomas Wolf, John Payn, John de Revenyngham, John Herwold, and Robert Farman by the order Geoffrey Stalham and Richard Latoner baiiffs of Great Yarmouth and of Peter de Reppe, Geoffrey Elys and others in 1344 at Little Yarmouth boarded the ship of John Lombe of Lynn and forced John and his servants to swear that they would only sell their goods at Great Yarmouth, under forfeiture of all their goods. They also boarded other ships and seized goods as forfeit. [26]
  • M1344 B: Suffolk. Presented that Alexander de Walsham, John de Lenne, and Robert Spendlove and others in 1343 at Little Yarmouth and Gorleston killed John le Clerk and assaulted many others. Soon thereafter Walsham and others, divided into three parts with three banners unfurled in warlike mode attacked Little Yarmouth and Gorleston, broke the doors and windows and took goods worth 1000 p.s.. They took sixteen people who had fled to the church hostage and took them to Great Yarmouth and detained them. They killed John servant of Richard de Speeshale and drowned two others. They took five great ships that were ready and loaded with necessaries for going to war wherever the king wanted. They took with them 30 small boats, took the tuns and killed the animals. Everyone in the towns fled for fear. [27] rcp
  • H1346 A: Norfolk. Presented that John de Raveningham, John Tolle, and John de Knockebrigg were the servants and deputies of the bailiffs of Great Yarmouth and were sent to make a royal proclamation in 1345. John brother of Simon de Belton and Thomas son of Richard le Dole de Gorleston and about 300 others from Little Yarmouth with banners unfurled assaulted them and took Raveningham's horse worth 100s. They also boarded the ship called The Bartholomew and took grain worth 47 p.s. and assaulted the crew etc. [28] rcp

  • M1348 A: Norfolk. John Marreys (qui tam) v. Haukin But de Hambergh, Thomas de Stalham, John de Belawe jr, John de Blyklynge, William Mauncer, John Coleman, Robert Marchant, Thomas Marchant, John Sket, and Henry Nark. The king had made John Marreys ulnager and allowed him to appoint deputies. He appointed Robert Bataille in his place for Great Yarmouth. The defendants impeded Bataille from doing his duty on Wednesday before Pentecost 22 Edward III. [29]


  • E1353 A: Ferry of St Olave between Norwich and Great Yarmouth. [30], [31], [32] rcp
  • E1358 A: Norfolk. John Rede, Vincent Fynch, William Taillour, John Fraunceys, Peter Rede, and Stephen Espiloun barons of the Five Ports for themselves and their towns v. Peter Crescy, Geoffrey Fordele, Stephen Stalham, and Robert Elys bailiffs of Great Yarmouth. Enforcement of an agreement between the Five Ports and Great Yarmouth made in the reign of Edward I that provided space during fairs in Great Yarmouth called Strand and Denne that would be cleared and available for them to dry their nets, that reinforced their rights to collect their rents in Great Yarmouth, and that allowed them to participate in the administration and execution of justice. [33] rcp
  • T1360 A: Inquest in 1358 by the sworn oath of John de Fordele, John son of Stephen Drayton, John de Kilham, John de Hall draper, Geoffrey Frend, John de Thorpe, William Faderman, Reginald Lawe, Hugh Paunflet, Geoffrey Grunbolfe, Alexander Roke, and John de Bedeford that John Fastolf, Hugh Fastolf, John Doughty, Robert Bataille, Robert Broxton, Roger de Catefeld, Edmund Silk, and William de Herlyston illicitly confederated together and attacked royal officials. [34] rcp
  • T1360 B: Norfolk. Error on an indictment that Thomas Colet, John Dughty of Great Yarmouth and Roger de Catefeld in 33 Edward III killed John Taverner the servant of Stephen de Stalham and that Nicholas de Drayton, Edmund Selke, John son Geoffrey de Drayton, Geoffrey de Drayton (sic), John Beverle, Simon Jonesservant Beverle, Geoffrey Wymark, Walter de FIlby and Hugh Fastolf were present in aid. [35] rcp
  • E1361 A: Inquest concerning the movement of the market of Great Yarmouth from its accustomed place. [36] rcp
  • E1363 A: Henry Manthorpe subbailiff of Great Yarmouth (qui tam) v. Nicholas Nabbyng. Trespass assault when Henry by his office was executing the command of Robert de Herle admiral of the king to summon Nicholas to appear before him to answer concerning certain wrongdoings. [37] rcp





  • H1463 A: William Jenney v. John Paston sr gentleman. Trespass. [38] rcp