Elizabethan Star Chamber Project

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Chose your route

  • STAC Name Order These are references grouped by the surname of the first plaintiff. This is a first step towards making a list of cases.

  • Google search. Enter a reasonable spelling of the surname and STAC and WAALT into Google. You may need to repeat with alternative spellings of the surname. This may give you secondary plaintiffs and defendants.

  • STAC Catalogue Order This is the list of references, which has been expanded and corrected from TNA online catalogue by reference to the manuscript list.

  • STAC Cases by County This is the start of a Case List to be ordered by Counties. It has replaced the Place Order Index.

  • STAC Case List This is a cross reference to a list made by Amanda Bevan of TNA from the data supplied by this project.

  • Star Chamber Fines. Palmer's cumulative totals of Star Chamber fines preserved in the E159s, with links to the annual SCF files containing individual fines with names, residence and county, and status/occupation. Links to AALT E159 sources.

  • STAC Register your current research interest in STAC 5, or share your own findings with someone who needs them.