Elizabethan Star Chamber Project

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This page is for on-going work on STAC 5, Star Chamber Elizabeth

Chose your route

  • STAC Name Order These are references grouped by the surname of the first plaintiff. This is a first step towards making a list of cases. It is in this section that any additional information about the cases will be recorded, including links to transcriptions.

  • Google search. Enter a reasonable spelling of the surname and STAC and WAALT into Google. You may need to repeat with alternative spellings of the surname. This should give you secondary plaintiffs and defendants.

  • STAC Catalogue Order This is the list of references, which has been expanded and corrected from TNA online catalogue by reference to the manuscript list.

  • STAC Case List This will be a cross reference to a list made by Amanda Bevan of TNA from the data supplied by this project.

  • STAC Place Order mostly by county, where it is known, which at present is very rarely.