Colonial Charters

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This page contains only charters contained in the patent rolls. Other charters or supporting documents are contained in series that are not included in the TNA license for the AALT and thus cannot be included here.|

Year Source Link Comments
Virginia 1517 (March 5) C66/627 John Rastell patent
1578 (June 11) C66/1178, mm. 8-9 Humphrey Gilbert patent
1584 (March 25) C66/1237, mm. 38-40 Walter Raleigh patent
1606 (April 10) C66/1709, mm. 1-4 First Virginia Charter
1609 (May 23) C66/1796, mm. 21-29 Second Virginia Charter
1612 (March 12) C66/1911, mm. 28-34 Third Virginia Charter