CP 152, 72

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CP Volume 152 Folio 72

HMC Volume 1 Page 196 Number 644

Haynes Page 267 Number 250

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

22 March 1559 The Counsayle's Lettre to the Duke of Norfolk

From a Copy indors'd by Secretary Cecill.

THE Occasion of Sir Nicholas Strange's longer tarieng here, than my Lord of Norfolke looked for, proceeded of divers Accidents in the French Procedings here with the Quene's Majesty, tending to persuade and intice her to surceasse from all Hostilitie. For which Purpose the better to bring to passe, the French King hathe sent hither of late one M. Monluc, Bishop of Valence, whose Persuasions and Excuses for theyr Injuries don to her Majestie in gyving her Armes, and usurping her Title and Stile, are so vayne and euill grounded, that it is well perceaued they haue sought and do seeke nothing else by their Talke, but to wynne Tyme for themselfes; which hathe bene hitherto loste of our Partes, and now therfore with more speede to be recouered. Her Majesty therfore resting upon a sounde Foundation, is determyned that my Lord of Norfolk shall procede according to his former Instructions; and that at the Tyme appoynted, the Lord Gray shall enter with her Majestie's Armye into Scotlande, and with the Ayde of the Scotts expell suche Forces of French Men as are there, and suche Scotishmen likewise, as take theyr Parte against the Libertie of their Countrie. For the more speedy Execution wherof, her Majestie dothe now send, by Sir Nicholas Lestrange, the Ratification of suche Articles as weare agreed upon between my Lord of Norfolk and the Lord Lieutenant of Scotland; the same to be signified to them with all speede, leste any doubte might be conceaved by them through Occasion of slackness; and the said Ratification, immediatly upon the receyuing of Hostages into my Lord of Norfolk's Hand, to be delyuered to the said Lords of Scotlande. Yf it shuld happen after the Entrie made, that any French Men wolde departe out of Scotlande, the same to be suffred to haue safe Conducte. And herupon yt weare not amisse that by som convenient meanes yt wear notified bothe unto the Frenchmen and Scottishemen with them, that such of them as will not contynue in theyr Obstinacy againste the Realme of Scotlande, shall haue safe Conduct to passe safely from thence; but suche Scottishe Men as will obstynately contynue to oppugne the Libertie and Fredom of theyr Countrye, shall be handled with all Extremitie, and counted as Traytours to theyr Countrey. The ordering of all the Premisses is referred neuerthelesse to my Lord of Norfolk's Wisdom. As for Commission from my Lord Gray to exercise the Marshall Affairs, yt is founde upon Thexamination of my Lord of Norfolk's Commission, that it is sufficient he be deputed by the saide Lord of Norfolk, as hathe bene also used in lyke Cases in Tymes paste.