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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1857 C78/, no. []
1857 15 Jan John Mutter; George Bruford; and Maria Drower v. Thomas Bentley Hudson as executor and trustee In the matter of the estate of Robert Mutter late of Hammersmith, Middx C78/2162, no. 26 [2]
1857 17 Jan Louis Symonds Tindal v. Morelina Frances Tindal and Adela Rose Ellen Tindal C78/2162, no. 2 [3]
1857 17 Jan Legh Serle Richmond v. Charles Cheyne; Samuel Wilson Polock & Elizabeth his wife; William Allen Block; John Garrett Cattley; George Macartney Cheyne; John Cheyne; Talbot Cheyne; Dorothea Cheyne; and Charles Grave & Selina his wife; George Henry Merick Mason & Sarah Louisa his wife; and Clotworthy Macartney when the nine last named defendants come within the jurisdiction C78/2162, no. 25 [4]
1857 21 Jan David McIntosh and Timothy Tyrrell v. The Great Western Railway Company; Charles Alexander Saunders; and Isambard Kingdom Brunel C78/2163, no. 15 [5]
1857 22 Jan Samuel Tweedale v. Abraham Tweedale v. Thomas Rawstron C78/2164, no. 9 [6]
1857 24 Jan James Hemingway v. Thomas Beckitt; James Beckitt; Joseph Beckitt; Elizabeth Barker; and Ann Beckitt C78/2162, no. 19 [7]
1857 24 Jan James Hemingway v. William Beckitt; James Beckitt & ELizabeth his wife; William Grayson & Mary his wife; William Naylor; and Benjamin Beckitt C78/2162, no. 20 [8]
1857 25 Jan Thomas Taylor v. Henry Forster Coates; Patrick Johnson; and Henry Edward Murrell C78/2164, no. 4 [9]
1857 26 Jan Sir William Aloyzius Clavering v. Peregrine George Ellison and John Clavering and Thomas John Clavering; Henry Augustus Clavering; Augusta Maria Valentine Clavering; The Honorable and Reverend Henry Alfred Napier; John Dingwall; The Right Honorable Francis lord napier when he come into the jurisdiction; Sir George Richard Brooke Pechell baronet; William Henry Cecil George Pechell; George Samuel Pechell; Samuel George Pechell; Horace Robert Pechell; Edward White; The Honorable George John Warren lord Vernon; and Francis Hurt; and Louis Gabriel Agricol; Eugene Depocteus Baron de Montsaucon; Jaques Antoine Edward Baron de Knyff & Clara Anna Martha baroness de Knyff his wife; and John Christison C78/2164, no. 1 [10]
1857 27 Jan Margaret Lewis widow v. William Hopkins; William Christopher; and Gwenllian Williams widow C78/2162, no. 7 [11]
1857 29 Jan William Butterworth Bayley; Henry Porcher; and Charles Henry Latouch v. Henry Jones & Elizabeth his wife C78/2162, no. 12 [12]
1857 30 Jan Mary Todd widow v. Joseph Stadholme; Robert Tiffin; William Romaine Gregg; Humphrey Archer Gregg; Joseph Atkinson; Mary Barnroe widow; John Collinson; John Furness; Jane Hodgson widow; Richard Hodgson; John Thompson; John Hind; Joseph Hodgson; Robert Hodgson; Isaac Thompson; John Wills; Martha Wilson widow; Joseph Hodgson; William Rowlands; Betsey Rowlands; Joseph Rowlands; and Jonathan Dixon C78/2173, no. 8 [13]
1857 31 Jan Samuel Broadbent v. The Imperial Gas Light and Coke Company C78/2162, no. 18 [14]
1857 31 Jan Robert Sheppard on behalf of himself and all other the shareholders in the partnership or association called The National Brazilian Mining Association except the defendant v. Edward Oxenford C78/2164, no. 5 [15]
1857 13 Feb Ellis Ashton and Henry Ashton v. Edward Wood C78/2162, no. 22 [16]
1857 17 Feb Edward John Gregge Hopwood and the Reverend George Heron clerk v. The Reverend Frank George Hopwood clerk; The Right Honorable Edward Geoffrey, earl of Derby; and the Honorable Charles James Fox Hanley C78/2162, no. 13 [17]
1857 19 Feb David Jonassohn and George Elliot v. Robert Shaw and Ebenezer Poulson C78/2163, no. 1 [18]
1857 21 Feb Attorney General at the relation of William Ward and Edward Palmer v. The Chaplains and Poor of the Hospital of William Wyggeston at Leicester C78/2164, no. 6 [19]
1857 24 Feb Charles Edmund Fewtrell Wylde v. John Murray Field; Dunn Barker; Richard Onians Backhouse; Henry George Mytten; Joseph Watson; Charles Watson; James Archibald Murray; John Snaith Reynes; and Edward James Murray C78/2162, no. 23 [20]
1857 25 Feb Francis Crosier Hagyard; Mary Elizabeth Hagyard spinster (now the wife of Thomas Sharp); Anne Jane Hagyard; Emanuel Harrison & Everilita his wife; and Victoria Hagyard spinster; Thomas Crosier Hagyard; and Hannah Hagyard infants by Robert Hagyard their next friend; and Thomas Hagyard v. Mary Crosier; Frank Crosier Smith; Christopher Clark & Jane his wife; Mary Ann Clark; and Elizabeth Hannah Clark C78/2165, no. 6 [21]
1857 2 March John Robert Hunter Jackson; Anne Harvey Jackson; Isaac Jackson the younger; and James Edward Jackson by John Jackson the younger of Little Snoring, Norf, farmer, their next friend v. Edward Lane Swatman; Isaac Jackson & Marianne Playford Jackson his wife; Ann Hubbard; and Robert William Hubbard C78/2165, no. 2 [22]
1857 6 March Charles Beck; Islin Barnac Morris; and John James Underwood v. Auguste count Kantorowicz; Robert Carter; Frederick Twynam; John Harris; Edward Aubrey Moriarty; Henry Hope Werninck; and Charles Kalb junior when he come into the jurisdiction C78/2163, no. 19 [23]
1857 9 March Frederick John Nokes v. Henry Gibbon; Septimus Gibbon; and Robert Jacomb Hood C78/2162, no. 24 [24]
1857 19 March Albert James; Emma Melina; James Thomas Fidoe & Margaret Ann his wife v. John Howes; Elizabeth Homes; James Gardiner; Thomas Shepperson; Thomas Rennie Hutton; Smauel Spurgis; James Christie; Thomas Bittleston; George Booth; John Whitmore; Isaac John James; and Martha Cooke C78/2163, no. 9 [25]
1857 21 March Octavius Ommanney v. Thomas Milwell and William Couch C78/2164, no. 20 [26]
1857 26 March Dame Everina Frances Affleck widow v. Sir Robert Affleck baronet C78/2163, no. 2 [27]
1857 27 March William Weldon Champneys clerk v. Thomas Buchan; Michael Cunningham; Thomas Martyn; and George James C78/2171, no. 2 [28]
1857 28 March John Wakefield; William Billworth Crewdson; George Braithwaite Crewdson; William Henry Wakefield; Edward Crewdson; and William Wakefield C78/2163, no. 10 [29]
1857 2 April William Seawin one of the duly registered Public Officers of the York Union Banking Company for and on behalf of the said Company on behalf of themselves and all other creditors of Catherine Edwards late of Bridlington, Yorkshire, spinster, who would contribute to the suit v. John Jordan; Richard Ombler; Richard Chawner Frost; Mary Ann Edwards Frost spinster an infant and Mary Waite widow C78/2164, no. 7 [30]
1857 16 April William King Smith v. Stephen Charles Lakeman and Robert Andrew Riddell C78/2163, no. 3 [31]
1857 20 April Marianne Strangways widow v. Matthew E. Bishop C78/2163, no. 5 [32]
1857 20 April Edwarde Eleazer Lawrance v. Robert Galsworthy; Meschach John Beston called Meshack John Beston; Frederick Price; The Metro General Life Assurance Annuity and Family Endowment Association; and Robert Naunton C78/2163, no. 11 [33]
1857 22 April William Moore v. Charles Moore; James Moore; Jonathan Holland & Caroline his wife; Abel Moore; Thomas Moore; Alfred Moore; and Edwin Moore C78/2164, no. 17 [34]
1857 24 April Walter Stote Manby v. Calverly Bewicke and Bewicke Thomas Wood Craster; and Hugh Bertram Arthur C78/2164, no. 13 [35]
1857 25 April The Reverend Thomas Douglas Hodgson clerk; The Reverend George John Thomas clerk; George Herbert Kinderley; and George Edward Cottrell v. John Sloper; Georgiana Clementina Sloper; Georgiana Orby Sloper; Clementina Orby Sloper; and Edith Orby Sloper the younger C78/2163, no. 16 [36]
1857 25 April Attorney General at the relation of John Ansell Caleb Kersey; The Reverend James Lyon; John Dixon Piper; John Cook; Henry Golding; Samuel Overbury Kersey; Samuel Cotes Howard; and Thomas Kersey v. Frederick Calvert; William Strutt; and John Grose (all since deceased); Edward Bunn; Joseph Rand; Robert Rand; Joseph Clark; Charles Fenn; Thoomas Gray; Joseph Grimwade; William Strutt the younger; and the Reverend Henry Barry Knox; the said Joseph Rand; and William Grimwade C78/2164, no. 2 [37]
1857 25 April George Grote; William George Prescott; and Charles Dawson v. Henry Bury; Francis Kiernan; James Frederick Bury; Charles James Bury; Augusta Elizabeth Bury; Julia Charlotte Bury by James Frederick Bury her guardian; and Charles Bury C78/2170, no. 18 [38]
1857 7 May The Central Corn Exchange for Banbury Company Limited v. Susan Milward; Charles Forbes clerk; William Allen; and Thomas Callow C78/2163, no. 4 [39]
1857 8 May John Williams and George Barrett Lennard on behalf of themselves and all other the holders of Scrip and Shares in the Company called The Midland and Eastern Counties Railway Company except the defendant share and scrip holders v. Robert Page; John Chevallier Cobbold; William Bradley; John Cobbold; Marion Wilstead; Cuthbert Curtis (since deceased); John Wood Sharman; Philadelphia Joyce; George Benjamin Bunbury when he come into the jurisdiction; John Haddon; James Allen Ranvorne; William Porter; Thomas William Dabbs; John Hille Day; Thomas Elgood; and John Thomas Raworth; Harriet Gee widow; John Callco; Daniel Howlett; and Dorothea Howlett widow; John Morford Cottle; Thomas Henry Thorne; The Honorable Horatio William Bernardo Cockram when he should come into the jurisdiction; Hugh Hamilton Lindsay; Sir Edmund Antrobus baronet; and Aeneas Ronald Mcdonell C78/2163, no. 12 [40]
1857 9 May John Francis Miller v. John Drummond; George John Tell; Mary Miller; and William Oliver Miller C78/2163, no. 7 [41]
1857 4 June Sarah Randall widow v. Henry Daniel; Gilbert Lyon; Edward Treampton; William Colborne; The Reverend John Hollow Goldney clerk; Joseph Wood; and Gabriel Goldney C78/2164, no. 21 [42]
1857 5 June Thomas Jones and another (unnamed) v. Susannah William and another (unnamed) AND George Bettiss and another v. Susannah Williams and another; AND George Bettis and another v. David Allen and another; AND George Bettiss and another v. David Muckleston Allen and another C78/2169, no. 8 [43]
1857 6 June John Corley v. The Right Honorable Henry Valentine Stafford Lord Stafford and The Reverend Charles Penrice clerk (since deceased) C78/2165, no. 3 [44]
1857 10 June Joseph Webb v. Augustus Hewitt clerk C78/2164, no. 3 [45]
1857 10 June Robert Cotesworth; David Powell; and William Cotesworth v. Robert McGachen; David Frier; George McGachen; William Quilter; John Ball; and William Crosbie C78/2166, no. 2 [46]
1857 26 June Sir Edward Marsh and John Marsh v. Joseph Goodall; George Halfield when he come within the jurisdiction; John Lamb; Jane Goodall widow; James Pildesley & Elizabeth his wife; and John Blorr C78/2164, no. 10 [47]
1857 27 June Sophia Findon; Thomas Sabin Harbridge & Eliza Louisa his wife v. Frederick Francis Findon C78/2164, no. 11 [48]
1857 1 July Elizabeth Gimson an infant by William Gimson her next friend v. Isaac Downing and Emma Gimson C78/2164, no. 15 [49]
1857 4 July George Withington; Thomas Hilton; and Thomas Markland v. Edward Nathaniel Grace; Thomas Baker; Jonathan Roddam; John Joseph Roddam; Jacob Fletcher Fletcher; John Tomlinson Stibbert; James Pratt; Francis Holland; Richard Williams; John Ratcliff Robins; Samuel Giasinnett Howidge; John Carter out of the jurisdiction; Charles Stuart Noules; John Weldale Kuglist; Ralph Lindsay; Robert Lloyd; Richard Grove; Lowe; Leonard Redwayne; William James Ferguson; John Moxon; Walter Griffith; Agnes Jane Beetham; William John Cormack; George Oliver Francis Walton; Theophilus Thickbroom; William Thickbroom; George Brace; Thomas Brace; Robert Hodson; Thomas Skury; Allen Poynder; George Erith; and William Mortlock C78/2165, no. 7 [50]
1857 4 July Mary Montgomerie Lamb spinster and Flora Lamb spinster both infants by James James their next friend v. Archibald Lamb an infant; Charlotte Anne Lamb widow; The Right Honorable Archibald William earl of Eglinton and Winton; Sir Frederick Leopold Arthur baronet; and Henry Danby Seymour C78/2167, no. 3 [51]
1857 6 July Robert Murray Conditional Order of the Commissioners for the Sale of Encumbered Estates in Ireland in the matter of the estate of Samuel George Beamish and others owners C78/2163, no. 18 [52]
1857 7 July Isaac Pearson & Jane his wife; William Pearson & Ann his wife v. John Augustus Fulk; James Peard Ley; and John Spencer C78/2173, no. 9 [53]
1857 10 July Jane Naylor the wife of John Naylor by George Richardson her next friend and the said John Naylor v. William Wright; George Dryden (?); and John Whitham C78/2165, no. 8 [54]
1857 10 July The Reverend William Finch clerk v. Susannah Gibbons widow and Lewis Vulliaamy C78/2166, no. 3 [55]
1857 11 July John Cam Thackwell; Joseph Webb; Edward John Webb; and Henry Moore v. George Masefield; Walter Pitt; Alfred Kinsey Baylor & Louisa his wife; James George Kinsey Taylor; Henry Alfred Kinsey Taylor; Anne Kinsey Taylor C78/2164, no. 18 [56]
1857 11 July William Rooth one of the Public Officers of the Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Banking COmpany v. George Goodlad assignee of the estate and effects of Samuel Goodlad named as an insolvent C78/2165, no. 9 [57]
1857 13 July Frederick Darbey v. Thomas Whitaker and William Abbey Yorke C78/2164, no. 8 [58]
1857 16 July William Bradwen Jones v. John Owen Jones C78/2166, no. 6 [59]
1857 16 July William Perry-Herrick and George Barker v. John Attwood; Frances Attwood; Maria Attwood; Thomas Troward & Catherine his wife; Edward Bernard Edgar Barker; Raikes Currie; Henry Raikes; Henry Currie Brownlow; William Knox; Edmund Currie; Horace Powys; Thomas Randall Whatley; Charles John Bloxam; Robert Alexander Mitchell; Francis William Medley; Arthur Ouvry Medley; Thomas Price; John Brown; John Heseltine; Samuel Richard Heseltine; George Braithwaite; Lloyd William Spencer; Edward Gem Henry Sales Scobell & Catherine Sarah Jenner his wife; Maria Louisa Attwood; Mary Attwood; Charles Robert Smith; George Hamilton Whately; William Butler Lloyd; Emma Hunt; Mary Hunt; George Ward Hunt; Rowland Hunt; Thomas Bucknall Lloyd; William Newton Lane; William Henry Butler; William Mure; Patrick Boyle the younger; Robert Aglionby Staney Crawshay Bailey; Robert Bartlett; Robert Baker; Samuel James Skinner; John Wyndham Holgate; and Arthur Pearson C78/2166, no. 19 [60]
1857 20 July Charles Hawker and Sophia Halliday widow v. Henry Vizard; Maynard Colchester; Henry Hoofrer Wilton; Powell Chandler & Susannah his wife; William Henry Saltwell; George Hawker; William Woodruffe Kearsey; Lucy Hester Hawker; Sir Thomas Hawker; Thomas Hawker; Henry Frederick Hawker; Charles James whatman; and Thomas Bennett C78/2164, no. 22 [61]
1857 23 July Joseph Jowett v. Greenwood Bentley; William Ellison; Joseph Blanchard Bwiland; Nathan Atkinson Jowett; Samuel Atkinson; and John Bacon Billam C78/2164, no. 16 [62]
1857 24 July George Quested and John Pryce Lade v. Henry Seymowr Michell & Hester Louisa called Hester his wife; William Stacey Coast; Margaret Catherine Coast; Hester Heard; Dorothea Lucy Coast; Harriett Lade Coast; Michael William Lade Coast; Wastel Brisco & Maria his wife; Harriet the wif eof George White; Lucy Mesham; Sarah Houghting; William Bridger called William Bridges; and Arthur Geering Day; and George White when within the jurisdiction; and Robert Gardner; William Osmond Hammond; Thomas Papillon; and Henry Kingsford C78/2165, no. 10 [63]
1857 30 July Robert Womersley the elder; Albert Womersley the younger; Thomas Seurr Womersley; and Albert Womersley v. Henry Sturt In the matter of the estate of Isaac Womersley late of Number 13 Queen Square Bloomsbury, Middx C78/2165, no. 11 [64]
1857 4 Aug Francis Whiting and Edmonds Adams on behalf of themselves and other creditors of James Slater except the defendants v. Phoebe Hannah Slater; William Slater; Richard Slater; Lot Gardiner; and Peter Leigh C78/2166, no. 14 [65]
1857 3 Nov William Whitfield v. Samuel Sturgis; Charles Lloyd Harford; and Charles Ranken; William Ford; William Thomas Longbourne; Charles Ranken Vickerman; William Henry Bull; John Skinner; William Haynes; and Erasmus Septimus Eyre C78/2164, no. 23 [66]
1857 3 Nov James Dent and John Robson v. John Hutchinson and John Edson C78/2165, no. 12 [67]
1857 3 Nov Elizabeth Woods spinster v. EdwinMan Charles William Tupper; William George Barton; John Taylor; James Moon (since deceased); John Bramley Moore; and James Lister the Public Officer of thre Liverpool Union Banking Company C78/2166, no. 20 [68]
1857 6 Nov James Glode Stapelton v. Robert Nelson Collins C78/2165, no. 4 [69]
1857 7 Nov Edward Denny; Anthony Denny; and Arthur Lockwood Denny infants by Robert Morgan v. Sarah Jane Denny; George Palmer Lockwood; John Pulman; and Barry Blennerhassett out of the jurisdiction C78/2168, no. 13 [70]
1857 14 Nov Joseph Dredge In the matter of the Joint Stock Companies Winding Up Acts of 1848 and 1849 and in relation to the Irish Waste Land Improvement Society C78/2166, no. 15 [71]
1857 14 Nov Ann Esther Spring the wife of Medford John Spring by Medford Richard Spring her next friend and the said Medford Richard Spring; and Thomas Lewis & Mary Ann his wife v. Thomas Cyrus Haslett and Medford John Spring C78/2166, no. 21 [72]
1857 16 Nov Richard Angrave v. William Wing; John Tulley; and John Sidney Tulley C78/2166, no. 11 [73]
1857 20 Nov Joseph Davey v. George Durrant; Stephen Williams; John Howard Williams; William Esdaite Winter; John Foster Elmslie; Samuel Sturgis; Maria Smith; and Elizabeth Mary Smith C78/2167, no. 4 [74]
1857 21 Nov William Charles Henry; Samuel Provis; Alexander Lucas James Westland; Francis Edmond James Sim; John Carlen Heath; and Charles Williams on behalf of themselves and all other holders of preference stock in The Great Northern Railway Company v. The Great Northern Railway Company; Edmund Denison; George Hussey Packe; William Amsinck; James Arbouin; John Harvey Ustell; John Barss; Isaac Burkill; Charles Chaplin; Octavius Duncombe; Charles Wilson Faber; James Meek; Francis Parker; Archibald Frederick Paull; Francis Pym; George Walker; and Thomas Wetherell C78/2165, no. 5 [75]
1857 24 Nov John Diston Powles; Henry Ranking; and Henry William Schneider In the matter of the Joint Stock Companies Winding Up Acts of 1848 and 1849 in relation to the Mexican and South American Company C78/2166, no. 16 [76]
1857 24 Nov John Diston Powles; Henry Ranking; and Henry William Schneider In the matter of the Joint Stock Companies Winding Up Acts of 1848 and 1849 in relation to the Mexican and South American Company C78/2171, no. 21 [77]
1857 2 Dec Harriet Reeve Randfield v. Ann Randfield; Richard Randfield; Rachel Randfield; Jessey Randfield;; Charles Palmer & Sarah his wife; George Wood & Margaret Adams his wife; George Monger; and Jessey Randfield his wife; John Blackett & Margaret his wife; John Randfield Squirrell; Robert Randfield Squirrell; Rachel Margaret Squirrell; Ann Cass Squirrell; Grace Beeston; and Sarah Randfield Stuart C78/2166, no. 12 [78]
1857 8 Dec Thomas Elliott Price v. Sir William Henry Watson knight; Francis George Hare; Thomas Baker; William Nawson Foster Reynolds; George Palmer; John Harvey Astell; William Bell; William Hodgson Bowles Barwis; Edmund Waller; Charles Appleyard; Joseph Joel; William Charles Courtney; Charles Barker Courtney; George Smith; William Patrick Grey; Baron Lionel Nathan de Rothschild; Sir Anthony Nathan de Rothschild; Nathaniel de Rothschold; Nayer Amschel de Rothschild; Jane Esther Hare; Frederick William Caldwell; Henry Charles Chilton; and Frederick James Fuller C78/2175, no. 15 [79]
1857 10 Dec The Master and Wardens of the Merchant Taylors of the Fraternity of Saint John Baptist, London v. James Truscott; Francis Wyatt Truscott; and John Truscott C78/2166, no. 4 [80]
1857 10 Dec Joseph Hollis v. William Bryant and Alexander Brymer Belcher C78/2166, no. 22 [81]
1857 16 Dec Jacob William Jeans & Mary Ann his wife v. George Cooke C78/2166, no. 5 [82]
1857 21 Dec Nathan Atkinson and James Atkinson v. Greenwood Bentley; William Ellison; Joseph Blanchard Burland; Samuel Atkinson; John Baron Billam; and Francis Billam C78/2168, no. 15 [83]
1857 22 Dec Patience Anne Champion Irby the wife of the Honorable Paul Anthony Irby of Cottesbrooke clerk late Patience Anne Champion de Crespigny spinster by the Honorable Thomas de Grey clerk her next friend; Claude Frederick Irby; Thomas William Irby; Augustus Henry Irby; FrancesAnne Irby; Edward Irby; Leonard Irby; Caroline Irby; Algernon Irby; and Emma Irby the nine infant children of the said Paul Anthony Irby and Patricia Anne Champion his wife by the said Honorable Thomas de Grey their next friend; The said Honorable Thomas de Grey rector of Fawley clerk; John Brigstocke clerk & Mary Catherine Champion his wife late Mary Catherine Champion de Crespigny spinster; John William Lewis esquire a major in His then Majesty's Army; and Emma Honoria Dorothea Champion de Crespigny spinster; John Claverly gentleman & Jane his wife late Jane Isaac v. The Honorable and Reverend Paul Anthony Irby; Herbert Joseph Champion de Crespigny; The Honorable Thomas Windsor; The Honorable Henry Windsor; Heaton Champion de Crespigny & Caroline his wife; Eyre de Crespigny; William de Crespigny; Algernon de Crespigny; Henry de Crespigny; Thomas Oliver Rogers; John Hitson; Sir Claude William Champion de Crespigny baronet; and Mary Guinand; John Wellings; Ann Hookey; Sir William Rawlings knight; Charles Cottrell; George Kinderley; Georgiana Cottrell; and Charles Herbert Cottrell C78/2167, no. 5 [84]
1857 23 Dec Edward Brown and Joseph Gratton v. The London Necropolis and National Mausoleum Company; Charles Robert Thompson; Richard Churchill; Hatton Hamer Stansfeld; Thomas Ouchterlony; Henry Lancaster; Samuel Sturgis; Eden Kay Greville; Walter Charles Venning; and William Austin C78/2166, no. 23 [85]
1857 23 Dec George Withington; Thomas Hilton; and Thomas Mackland v. Edward Nathaniel Chace; Thomas Baker; Jonathan Roddam; John Joseph Roddam; Jacob Fletcher Fletcher; John Tomlinson Hibbert; James Platt; Francis Holland; Richard Williams; John Ratcliff Robins; Samuel Groinnett Houridge; John Carter out of the jurisdiction; Charles Stuart Voulet; John Weldale Knollys; Ralph Lindsay; Robert Lloyd; Richard Grove Lowe; Leonard Redwayne; William James Ferguson; John Moxon; Walter Griffith; Agnes Jane Beetham; William John Bormack; George Oliver; Francis Walton; Theophilus Thrickbroom; William Thickbroom; George Brace; Thomas Brace; Robert Hodson; Thomas Stury; Allen Poipuder; George Erith; and William Mortlock C78/2166, no. 24 [86]
1857 C78/, no. []