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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1847 C78/, no. []
1847 12 Jan Thomas Insole the elder v. Alexander Stephenson Featherstonhaugh and Thomas Insole the younger re. praying that it might be declared that the alleged deed of 21st March 1842 and the alleged stated and settled accounts and the memorandum of 9 April 1841 and the alleged promissory note in the possession of the defendants were fraudulent and void... C78/2126, no. 9 [2]
1847 13 Jan James Simon Ewart and Thomas William Bell v. Thomas Glover Kensit re. praying that the defendant might be restrained from prosecuting the proceedings at law on a certain writ of fieri facias and from obtaining any further judgement against the complainants... C78/2126, no. 10 [3]
1847 13 Jan Coventry Starky Somerville Starky, The Reverend George Wells clerk & Augusta his wife; and the Reverend James H Prince & Julia his wife v. Thomas Blake & Ann his wife; Charles Blake of Finsbury Circus; Richard Blake; and Charles Blake of Jameston; John Bayntun Starky; George Thomas William Myndham the younger; George Radcliffe Samuel Starky; Robert Ashe; Charlotte Starky; and Cuthbert Johnson & Jane his wife; Ann Elizabeth Deiv; Robert Hewett; Robert Mackrell; Francis Wyndham; Susan Blake; Jane Blake (since deceased); and Sarah Blake re. praying that it might be declared that the annuities of £250 each to the younger sons of John Starky and the annuities of £150 each to the daughters of John Starky charged, by the indenture of 23 December 1830 and the hereditaments and premises mentioned, were charged in error... C78/2128, no. 1 [4]
1847 21 Jan Eliza Emma Prendergast widow v. Sir James Law Lushington; Sir Jeffery Prendergast; Harris Prendergast; Emma Maria Prendergast spinster; Louisa Lenox Prendergast spinster; Lenox Prendergast; and Guy Lushington Prendergast; Charles George Prendergast; William Simson & Dora his wife; George Melville Swinton & Mary his wife when they should come into the jurisdiction re. praying that the trusts of the testator Guy Lenox Prendergast's will and codicil be performed and put into into execution and that it might be declared that the complainant was entitled to have so much of the testator's personal estate and effects... secured in the public funds... as would yield a permanent annuity... C78/2127, no. 8 [5]
1847 26 Jan Attorney General at the relation of Christopher Rapier and Richard Chapman, both of whom not only as informants but also as complainant v. Raleigh Trevelyan Thornton; Raleigh Trevelyan; William John Charlton; Henry William & Elizabeth his wife; Henry Witham the younger; and the bailiffs and burgesses of Morpeth re. praying that the lease for 500 years might be declared void, and that might it be declared that the defendants (owners of lands in Netherwitton [Northumberland]) were bound either to set out the Chantry lands therein or to make adequate compensation to the charity by conveying to the bailiffs and burgesses of Morpeth, in the trusts expressed, in the letters patent... C78/2133, no. 5 [6]
1847 3 Feb Moss Davis v. William Lionel Felix Tollemache (commonly called Lord Huntingtower); Frederick James Tollemache (called Talmash) and Algernon Gray Tollemache (called Talmash) re. praying that it might be declared by virtue all the Indenture of Mortgage, 18 Nov 1841, the complainant was entitled to a valid security upon all the estate and interest taken by the defendant William Lionel Felix Tollemache [1820-1872] in the hereditaments... C78/2126, no. 11 [7]
1847 9 Feb The Reverend John Letts clerk v. The London and Blackwall Railway Company and John Fisher Kennell AND a cross-suit. re. praying that it might be declared that the rectors of par. of St Olave, Hart Street [near Fenchurch Street railway station] were entitled to receive from the London and Blackwall Railway Company tithes, or annual sums of money, in respect of all the houses and buildings which were taken by the Company.... C78/2125, no. 13 [8]
1847 10 Feb Mary Ann Hester Foster spinster, Winifred Foster spinster, Thomas Selby & Elizabeth his wife, and Elizabeth Walford Selby, Winifred Selby and Mary Anne Selby infants by the said Thomas Selby their father, George Kelson, George Tyler & Susan his wife, and John Hughes and William Sheppard v. Joseph Vernon, Thomas Benson, Francis Wigg, George Wigg, Robert Carr Foster, Thomas Carr Foster, Elizabeth Ann Selby Foster, Mary Carr Foster, Willliam Carr Foster, and William Robert Carr Foster, and Barker William Baker re. praying that the trusts of the will of Thomas Carr might be carried into execution and it might be declared that the complainants were to receive out, of his residuary estate, the sum of £24,000... C78/2126, no. 12 [9]
1847 11 Feb Hannah Maria Richards v. Sir John Patteson; James Endell Tyler; William Rees; Morgan Morgan; and William Hale Hale; and his (late) Majesty's Attorney General AND Sir John Patteson knight and one of the judges of the Queen's Bench and The Reverend James Endell Tyler rector of St Giles in the Fields, Middlesex v. William Rees; Morgan Morgan; William Hale Hale and Her Majesty's Attorney General re. praying that the trusts of the testator's will and the codicils thereto might be carried into execution and that the rights of all parties under the will be declared, and that all necessary enquiries might be made and directions given and that an account might be taken of the personal estate and effects of the testator...; legacies purported in 2nd will. C78/2134, no. 3 [10]
1847 18 Feb Penelope Lewis widow v. Humphrey Hinton, re. praying that the Indenture of Mortgage, 21 June 1830, might be declared fraudulent & might be delivered up to be cancelled... or if the Court is of the opinion it ought to stand good, then the defendant might come to a true account of all the receipts and payments... C78/2125, no. 6 [11]
1847 20 Feb Richard Groom, John Richardson, and James Foster Groom v. Mary Simson, Samuel Sturgis, William Chambers, James Chambers a lunatic, and James Gouge his committee, Richard Roy, Joseph Blunt the younger, John Duncan, and David Graham Johnston re. praying that the Indenture of Lease and Release, the Indenture of Covenant and the Indenture of Assignment of 25/26 Sept 1828 might be delivered up to the complt. to be cancelled, and that the defendant Mary Simson might be decreed to give up possession of the estates and premises mentioned.... C78/2126, no. 1 [12]
1847 4 March Joseph Little Gaches & Maria his wife; Robert Gaches & Mary Ann his wife; John Keeton & Sarah his wife; and John Clark & Jane Elizabeth his wife v. Charles Warner; George Platel; Henry Freeman the son; and William Laxton re. praying that the will [29 May 1813] of Samuel Buckle might be established and the trusts thereof carried into execution, and the legacies due might be paid to the complainant with interest and accumulations... C78/2137, no. 1 [13]
1847 6 March William Wilson; Jane Jones widow; Jane Bayley widow; Joseph Jones & Fanny his wife; Thomas Wilson; Robert Wilson; Mary Wilson; and Martha Wilson spinsters and William Wilson the younger, Catherine Wilson; and John Wilson infants by William Wilson their father v. Samuel Jones; Robert Jones; John Jones; John Foster & Catherine his wife; Ann Jones; Mary Jones (children of the defendant Samuel Jones); Ann Jones; Margaret Jones; Catherine Jones; John Jones; Ellen Jones; Lydia Jones (children of defendant Robert Jones); Ann Jones (child of the defendant John Jones the elder); Thomas Pickering & Rebecca his wife; William Maddockes & Lydia his wife; George Foster; Ann Foster; Hannah Foster; and Catherine Foster; and Hannah Jones (child of Lydia Jones deceased) re. praying that an account might be taken of the personal estate and effects of the testator Joseph Jones and also of his funeral and testamentary expenses and debts and what has been received by Samuel Jones or by any person, by his order, or for his use. C78/2128, no. 2 [14]
1847 11 March George Alan, viscount Midleton v. Laurence William; Eliot Lanney; Arthur Coussmaker; Joseph Haydon, and Caleb Woodyer & Mary Anne Eleanor Woodyer his wife; and Charles Brodrick re. praying that it might be declared the complainant [George Alan Brodrick, 5th Viscount Midleton, 1806-1848, suicide] was entitled to redeem the mortgage for £12,500 on payment of said sum, or such other sum as the court should be of opinion.... C78/2125, no. 14 [15]
1847 12 March Horatio, earl Nelson, viscount Merton of Trafalgar and of Merton in Surrey and Baron Nelson of the Nile and of Hilborough, Norfolk, and duke of Bronte in the kingdom of Farther Sicily, an infant by Francis Thomas Egerton next friend v. Samuel lord Bridport & Charlotte Mary his wife, and Frances Elizabeth countess Nelson; William Haslewood; William Johnson Yonge; William Bailow; Henry Girdlestone Belson Matcham; and George Matcham re. praying that the will [1 May 1803] of Horatio Nelson (etc., etc.) might be established and that the trust and directions therein declared and contained, as to the estates at or near Bronte [in Sicily, given in 1799 by King Ferdinand IV of the Two Sicilies]. C78/2127, no. 2 [16]
1847 19 March Charles Daniel Henry; Fanny Henry; and Marcella Anne Henry infants by Richard Steele Wilkinson their next friend v. James Macarthy re. praying that an account might be taken of the rents and profits of the messuage and hereditaments devised by the will of Mary Ponsonby, and of the trust property and effects bequeathed which had, or for the willful default or neglect, the defendant might have been received by him... C78/2136, no. 7 [17]
1847 23 March Charles Ford v. Ellen Miles Wastell, Lewis Leslie, and William Barnard re. praying that it might be declared that the complainant was entitled to be considered as having a mortgage of, or charge on, the one undivided third part of the freehold and leasehold hereditaments devised by the will [5 Dec 1821] of Sir Jonathan Miles...[institution for lunatics: Hoxton, Middx]. C78/2125, no. 15 [18]
1847 26 March Ann Hyde wife of Charles James Hyde by Charles James Ives her next friend; Thomas Pickard Hyde; Ann Hyde; Pickard Hyde; Elizabeth Hyde; and John Adcock infants by the said Charles James Ives their next friend v. John Thomas Neale and Joseph Brookhouse; and also Charles James Hyde; William Adcock the elder & Elizabeth his wife; John Bryan & Mary his wife; Thomas Bryan; Joseph Bryan; Stephen Pearson & Eleanor his wife; John Black & Frances his wife; Edward Hayes & Eliza his wife; Sarah Bryan; and Isaac Barnes & Mary his wife; and Stephen Watkins Adcock (when he come within the jurisdiction); William Willis & Ann his wife; William Goodman & Elizabeth his wife; William Gray & Eleanor his wife; Joseph Hockin & Sarah his wife; Thomas Pickard Adcock and William Adcock the younger when respectively come within the jurisdiction re. praying that an account might be taken all the personal estate and effects of the testator Thomas Pickard, come to the hands of the defendants John Thomas Neale and Joseph Brookhouse and that an account might be taken of his funeral expenses. debts and legacies... C78/2132, no. 2 [19]
1847 26 March Giles Hilton v. Frederick Francis Giraud; Ann Plumb widow; William Rigden; John Bate; Valentine Court; Edward Crow; Henry Hughes: Henry Barnes; John Hughes; John Perkins; Edward Jones Hilton; and Richard Goodfellow Stone; and the Attorney General re. praying that an account might be taken of all the personal estate and effects of the testator Henry Wright, not specifically bequeathed and come into the hands of the complainant, and to the hands of the defendant Frederick Francis Giraud... C78/2132, no. 3 [20]
1847 28 April Charles Muston v. George Morris Bradshaw re. praying that the defendant George Morris Bradshaw might be decreed specifically to perform the agreement of the 2 April 1845 and especially to produce and deliver up the indentures of lease and release of 29/30 October 1776 & the deed of 6 October 1849... C78/2129, no. 6 [21]
1847 9 May Benjamin Brecknell Turner v. James Baker & Maria his wife; Edward William Wallwood, Henry James Baker, Edward Baker, Maria Jane Baker, James Baker the younger, and John Barnabas Turner re. praying that it might be declared that by the trusts 2 December 1839 were declared of, and concerning copyhold hereditaments of the said Maria, the said Henry James Baker etc. C78/2126, no. 5 [22]
1847 24 May John Hughes Rees v. John Williams re. praying that the trusts of the settlement might be carried into execution, and that it might be declared that the defendant John Williams committed a breach of trust in not either investing the clear purchase money in the purchase of messuages, lands etc., or placing the sum at interest in the Public Stocks.... C78/2126, no. 6 [23]
1847 28 May William Allfrey v. George Allfrey; Margars Allfrey; Robert Allfrey; Edward Thomas Allfrey; John Stening Allfrey; and Mary Allfrey (since deceased) re. praying that it might be declared that the alleged Settlement of Accounts between Edward Allfrey deceased and the complt. was, under the circumstances, invalid and inoperative, and the complainant was not bound thereby... C78/2128, no. 2 [24]
1847 29 May John Lennox Griffith Poyer Lewis [of Bryn-Henllan, Pembrokeshire] v. John Lavallin Puxley re.praying that the defendant might be decreed to perform the Agreement mentioned, to pay to the complainant the song of £4,500, the purchase money for the hereditaments and premises as agreed to be sold, with interest... C78/2127, no. 9 [25]
1847 31 May Henry, duke of Beaufort; Charles Cavendish; Fulke Greville and John Drummond v. Richard Mansel Phillips re. declared that the defendant was bound by the contract of 6 June 1837 and ordered that such contract should be specifically performed and carried into execution....[a contract entered into by R M Phillips for the purchase by him of certain freehold property for £225 ]. C78/2133, no. 6 [26]
1847 8 June James Bunce v. John Beresford Turner & Mary Turner his wife, William Tyringham; Praed Vere Tune Bulkley; John Maelworth; Praed Patrick Johnston; Thomas Stevenson; and Septimus Holmes Godson re. praying that an account might be taken of what was due the complt. for the principal, monies and interest for the security of the mortgaged premises mentioned and that an account might be taken what, if anything, was due to the.. (defendants). C78/2127, no. 6 [27]
1847 15 June Eliza Mary Josephina Swaffield wife of Robert Hassall Swaffield by Owen Owen next friend v. Eliza Orton; Robert Hesssall Swaffield; John Randolph Troze; Charles James Orton Swaffield; Louisa Eliza Josephina Swaffield; John Swaffield; Orton Swaffield; Adalaide Mary Ann Swaffield; Sidney Henry Swaffield; Octavia Orton Swaffield; George Swaffield; Harriet Lewis Swaffield; Eliaz Swaffield; and John Swaffield Orton re. praying that the trusts of the Articles of 18 October 1826 might be carried into execution and that the rights and interests of the complainant,and other defendants, in the share of the complainant in the residuary personal estate of John Swaffield might be declared... [suit of a married woman entitled to separate Estate under a settlement of property under the will of her grandfather of 7 November 1814]. C78/2128, no. 2 [28]
1847 23 June John Follett and James Evans v. Malcolm Douglas Crosbie and also Christina Currie and Malcolm Currie (respectively out of the jurisdiction); and John MacGregor & Anne his wife; Robert Stanley and Flora his wife (respectively out of the jurisdiction); James Buchanan & Christina Macdonald his wife; and James McKenna & Caroline Macpherson his wife (respectively of the jurisdiction); and Catherine Currie; and also the said John Follett. re. praying that the trusts of the will of Malcolm Currie be performed and that it might be thereby declared that the defendant, Malcolm Douglas Crosbie, was a trustee of so much of the divided real estate of the testator as remained unsold and undisposed... C78/2132, no. 4 [29]
1847 28 June Joseph Brierley v. James Andrew William Whitehead and John Robinson Whitehead re. praying that the agreement 29 December 1830 between John Schofield deceased and the defendant James Andrew might be performed and that it might be declared that the defendant William Whitehead was subject to the liabilities....; colliery. C78/2134, no. 5 [30]
1847 9 July Thomas Carpenter & Hannah his wife v. Charles Joseph Bott and Sir John Maclean baronet re. to enquire whether Dame Sarah MacLean [née Price] had departed this life and, if so, when and who was or were her legal personal representatives... and whether she left any lawful issue living at the time of her death...[ conditions in 1795 will of Thomas Crump, d.1796, uncle of Sarah Maclean (née Price)]. C78/2127, no. 4 [31]
1847 16 July Margaret Isabella the wife of George Brown by James White next friend; Robertson Brown; and Charles John Robertson Brown infants by James White their next friend; Sarah Agnes the wife of Joseph Brown by John Brown her next friend v. Charles Robertson; Edmund Jenner; William Smith; James Oliver; James Foster Groom; Joseph Brown; James Stephen Robertson (called James Robertson); Susannah Robertson; Joseph White; and John Brown re. praying that the defendants might answer the premises and that the trusts of the will and codicil of John Martin Blaker might be performed and carried into execution, and an account might be taken of the testator's debts and expenses, and the legacies of his will and codicil... C78/2130, no. 12 [32]
1847 16 July Jane Elizabeth Barker; Francis Ellen Barker; Samuel barker; and William Henry Barker infants by Elizabeth Wills spinstger their next friend v. Charles Birch; William Lawson; George Richard Williard; & Hanna Elizabeth his wife; and Francis Daniell re. praying that it might be declared that Charles Birch was a trustee for Samuel Barker of the leasehold premises and mortgage debt, engines, premises assigned by him by the indenture of 14 Jan 1832, and if necessary it might be declared that the pretended sale of the stock in trade... was a fraudulent contrivance.... C78/2141, no. 13 [33]
1847 24 July Sir DeLacy Evans [General Sir George De Lacy Evans, 1787-1870] and George Lloyd Hodges[1790–1862] v. Sophia Otway Cave, Maria Otway Cave, Anne Arnold (called Ann Arnold), Catherine Murray, Edgell Wyatt Edgell & Henrietta his wife re. praying that the will and codicil of the testator Robert Otway-Cave [1796-1844] might be established and that the trusts might be performed under the direction of the Court, and that an account might be taken of the testator, and that the same might be applied... C78/2126, no. 14 [34]
1847 26 July Ann Ryall spinster and James Marsh & Hester his wife on behalf of themselves and all the other persons entitled as relations to the produce of the copyhold estate of Bourton, Dorset under the will of William Read late of Langham, Dorset C78/2127, no. 10 [35]
1847 28 July William Richard Arthur Pole Tylney Long Wellesley (commonly called Lord viscount Wellesley); William, earl of Mornington; John Morrice; George Morrice; John Wright; and John Greenly C78/2128, no. 4 [36]
1847 28 July Eumenes Moore and George Christopher v. Ralph Brush Cleghorn; Thomas Paice Cleghorn; Thomas Evans & Isabella his wife; Elizabeth Hynson widow; Alexander Lean; and Robert Ashington other Robert Brush Ashington; and James Ensor out of the jurisdiction; and the Attorney General C78/2129, no.3 [37]
1847 3 Aug John George Nutting v. Mary Hebdin widow (since deceased); Arthur Oates Hebdin; Isabella Hebdin; Edward Hebdin & Ann Teresa his wife; Charles Addis; Maria Addis; Frances Addis; Sarah Hebdin widow (since deceased); James Hebdin; Eliza Ann Hebdin; Sarah Hebdin the younger; Frances Augusta Hebdin; John Dixon; Henry Greenwood; John Calvert; Benjamin Beverley; Joseph Loscher Marlow; John Francis Sidney; Francis Gostling (since deceased); Joshua Wood; William Dinslay; Benjamin Hanson; Ann Hanson; John Sampson; Thomas Shaw; Bancroft Reade (since deceased); Sir Thomas Clifford (deceased) Francis Ferrers (deceased); George Lambert Clifford; Joseph Bradley & Zelia his wife; and Richard Morris Thomas C78/2130, no. 4 [38]
1847 11 Nov Thomas James Watson on behalf of himself and all other creditors of Thomas Shhipman deceased v. Thomas Parker the younger; John Frederick Parker; Thomas Marchant; Elizabeth Shipman; Edward Oswald the younger; and Thomas Shipman Oswald C78/2128, no. 5 [39]
1847 12 Nov Robert Vandeleur v. Frances Blagrave widow and Sir Richard Godin Simeon baronet C78/2128, no. 11 [40]
1847 17 Nov Frances Louisa Newenham late Frances Louisa Worrtham spinster an infant the wife or alleged wife of William Burton Newenham by Jane Wortham widow her mother v. Christopher Pemberton; John Hawkins; and William Burton Newenham C78/2130, no. 16 [41]
1847 18 Nov Sir John Shackleton; Zachariah Wadsworth; and William Wadsworth v. William Sutcliffe C78/2128, no. 12 [42]
1847 18 Nov Andrew Curson v. Thomas Belworthy C78/2135, no. 11 [43]
1847 30 Nov Thomas Strother v. Thomas Dutton & Hannah his wife; Jonathan Lupton; William Beckett; William Aldam; John Jewitt; Elizabeth Watson; Ann Watson; and Sarah Watson; Edward Willey; Ruth Cass; Philip Paris alias Harris & Hannah his wife; Charles Parkins & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Jackson; William Jackson; William Jackson; William Barker Beldham & Elizabeth his wife; Elia Jackson; Sarah Jackson; Michael Jackson; Mary Jackson; Ruther Scholefield; Elizabeth Scholefield; Truelove Hutley & Eliza his wife; Hannah Scholefield; John Beckwith; Thomas Beckwith; Edward Beckwith; Robert Holt & Elizabeth his wife; Edmund Knight; Henry Knight; Thomas Knight; and John Beanlands C78/2128, no. 6 [44]
1847 3 Dec George Edward Rundle and Mary Jane Rundle infants by Matilda Batchelur their next friend afterwards replaced by Mary Caroline Berryman next friend v. Mary May Rundle, William Richard Berryman; William John Rundle ; Edward Michael Prynn; George Rundle Prynn; Alfred Prynn; John Kemp & Susannah his wife, and Peter Hitchins & Jane his wife C78/2127, no. 3 [45]
1847 18 Dec Mary Stephenson Ellerby wife of William Ellerby v. the said William Ellerby Exemplification of case in the Consistory Court of York for divorce by reason of cruelty and adultery C78/2138, no. 2 [46]
1847 22 Dec William, earl of Mornington v. William Richard Arthur Pole Tylney Long Wellesley (common called Viscount Wellesley) C78/2128, no. 13 [47]
1847 C78/, no. []