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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1846 C78/, no. []
1846 18 Feb George Law v. Edwin Ward Jackson re. praying that the agreement between the complainant and Edwin Ward Jackson, through his agent, might be performed under the order and decree of the court, for the purchase from the complainant of the smaller piece of land mentioned... C78/2123, no. 9 [2]
1846 6 March Richard Cornwall Legh; Edmund Cornwall Legh; Emma Legh spinster; and Caroline Legh an infant by said Richartd Cornwall Legh next friend

v. George Cornwall Legh; Henry Cornwall Legh; Edwin Corbett; John Heland Blackburn; Edward Geoffrey (called Geoffery); Smith Stanley (commonly called Lord Stanley); Rowland Eyles; Egerton Warburton; John Duncan Bligh (called James Duncan Bligh); and Henry Martin Cornwall Legh; and also Mary Legh widow

re. praying that an account might be taken of what was due to the complainants for their portions given and provided for them by the testator's will & that the trusts of the will for raising and paying such portions might be performed... C78/2129, no. 1 [3]
1846 9 March Joseph Blay (since deceased) & Sarah his wife and Mary Benneworth v. William Skipworth; William Spondon; Richard Ward (since deceased) & Elizabeth his wife; and Elizabeth Katherine Ward [faded document] re. Lord Carrrington's Charity and 56 acres of land in North Kelsey [Lincs]. C78/2130, no. 11 [4]
1846 11 March Mary Kightley spinster v. George Henry Trimbey & Magaretta Felicitas his wife, Robert Webber Beaumont Marshall and Christopher Gerock, and Frederick McKenzie & Julia his wife re. praying that an account might be taken of what was due to the complainant in principal and interest by virtue of the mortgage of the 20 August 1818, and that the defendants might be decreed to pay to the complainant what should appear to be due... C78/2123, no. 10 [5]
1846 16 March Sir Frederick Thesiger Attorney General at the relation of Thomas George Groves v. Frederick Hodgson and Henry Pouncy re. praying that the bequest in the will [1805] of Christopher Flaherty [d.1805] of the rest and residue of his personal Estate might be declared to be a valid charitable bequest, and that the same might be established and carried out...[ establishment of a charitable receptacle for a certain number of old men; but if no such institution could conveniently be established, he requested the same might be disposed of in charitable donations]. C78/2125, no. 9 [6]
1846 18 March Emma Ann Andrews widow v. William Joseph Lockwood and Thomas Neville Abdy re. decree of 26 Feb 1845 dismissing complainants with costs to be taxed by the Taxing Master. Andrews having died before the costs were taxed under that decree, his widow and sole executrix filed this bill to revive the suit against Lockwood and Abdy, whereupon Lockwood put in another plea... C78/2123, no.11 [7]
1846 27 March Thomas Snowball; Anthony Hutchinson; John Rowell & Ann his wife (formerly Ann Hutchinson spinster); John Hutchinson; John Charles Snowball; Henry Snowball; Joseph George Snowball; James Brooter & Sarah Ann his wife (formerly Sarah Ann Snowball spinster); and Gilbert Francis Snowball an infant by John Charles Snowball his brother; George Snowball; John Snowball; James Snowball; Joseph Snowball; John Askinson & Ann his wife (formerly Ann Snowball spinster) and Jane Snowball spinster

v. Jane Dixon widow; Ralph Dixon; and Jane Dixon of Jesmond; William Winshipp; William Swann; John Snowball of Capheaton Whithouse; Elizabeth Snowball; Thomas Brown & Mary his wife; and John Gladstone & Alice his wife

re. praying that the will and codicil of the testator Joseph Snowball might be established and the trusts thereof carried into execution...; Gateshead Park Colliery, Northumberland. C78/2127, no. 14 [8]
1846 27 March Anne Thomas widow; The Reverend Stephen Evans & Mary his wife; Sarah Evans widow; Thomas Lewis & Jane his wife; John Davies & Martha his wife; James Morgan; Thomas Morgan; Essex Harris & Mary his wife; William Beavan Gwynne & Margaret his wife; George Bowen & Sarah his wife; and John Morgan & Frances Lucy his wife

v. William Jones; Ann Evans; Henry Lenro; Williams; William Lloyd & Mary his wife; John Williams; William Evans & Ann his wife; and Mary Williams out of the jurisdiction

re. praying that the trusts of the will of Thomas Evans might be performed and that an account might be taken of the personal estate and effects of the testator possessed and received by Frances Lucy Evans in her lifetime and by William Jones since her decease... C78/2141, no. 12 [9]
1846 21 April Sir John Edmond de Beauvoir baronet[1794-1869] v. Richard Benyon de Beauvoir [1769–1854] re. praying that the trusts of the will [27 July 1800] of [Revd.] Peter Beauvoir might be carried out, and that it might be declared that under the limitation of all the said testator's leasehold estates in the funds of England in favour of the right heirs...; indenture 21 Aug 1823 C78/2124, no. 1 [10]
1846 21 April Benjamin Guest v. William Thomas Cox; John MacTaggart; William Richard Dewes; Thomas Dewes; Henry Dewes; John White; Owen White; Samuel Howard; Richard Warner; and John Bunney re. praying that an account might be taken of what was due to the complt. for principal and interest on the security of the several indentures of 30/31 Oct 1829, 29/30 April 1834 and 18/19 June 1835... C78/2136, no. 5 [11]
1846 25 April Ebenezer Wilcocks & Harriot Catherine his wife (late Harriot Catherine Butcher spinster), Horatio Goodday and Thomas Jones the younger v. The Reverend Edward Robert Butcher clerk doctor of laws, Judith Butcher widow, the Reverend William Butlin clerk & Catherine his wife, Charles Markham, William Edward Butlin and Caroline Mary Anne Butlin, Randle Jackson Butcher, EmmaCatherine Butcher and Eliza Caroline Jackson Butcher infants, Anne Frances Goodday, George Robert Butcher, John Mercer and the Reverend Ives Butcher clerk, and Thomas John Butcher and Samuel Butcher (when they should come into the jurisdiction) re.praying that the will of the testator Thomas Butcher might be established and the trusts thereof performed and that an account might be taken of the debts which were due by the testator at his death and of his funeral and testamentary expenses and that an account might be taken of his personal estate and effects, not bequeathed, which were received by the defendant... C78/2126, no. 2 [12]
1846 26 April William Byrom Corrie, Elizabeth Corrie spinster, Johnson Corrie an infant by William Byrom Corrie his next friend, Margaret the wife of Edgar Corrie the elder by the said William Byrom Corrie her next friend, Elizabeth the wife of Peter Ainsworth by the said William Byrom Corrie, Harriet the wife of Thomas Shaw Brandreth by the said William Byrom Corrie her next friend, and Mary Ann Byrom spinster v. Emma Byrom, Peter Ainsworth & Ann his wife, William Almack, and Edgar Corrie junior & Ellen his wife when they come into the jurisdiction, and Thomas Corrie, Richard Almack, and George Lock re. praying that it might be declared that the appointment of the defendants to be trustees of the will of Ashton Byrom was invalid, and that some other persons for that purpose might be approved.... C78/2124, no. 2 [13]
1846 5 June Thomas Carpenter of Malvern Place, Tewkesbury Road in the parish of Cheltenham, Gloucester yeoman & Hannah his wife formerly Hannah Crump spinster v. Charles Joseph Bott and Sir John Maclean re. praying that it might be declared that the complainant Hannah Carpenter was the sole next-of-kin of the testator, therein mentioned, of the name of Crump... C78/2124, no. 5 [14]
1846 11 June Attorney General at the relation of Joseph John Rae and Richard Thain informants v. James Hachman Pearson, Charles Woodward Clifton, John Keale, Ebenezer Taylor, Samuel Hill, William Edwards, Robert Heintz, and Robert Oldershaw re. praying that it might be declared that the two payments in discharge of the reduced damages and costs in the action of Elliot v. Allen and also of the payment to the defendant Robert Oldershaw in discharge of his costs, raised from the rated inhabitants of par. St Mary Islington Middlesex, were breaches of trust... C78/2124, no. 8 [15]
1846 1 July Thomas James Watson on behalf of himself and all other creditors of Thomas Shipman deceased v. Thomas Parker the younger, John Frederick Parker, Thomas Marchant, Elizabeth Shipman, Edward Oswald the elder & Ann Oswald his wife, Edward Oswald the younger, Thomas Shipman Oswald, and Thomas Oswald re. praying that an account might be taken of what was due to the complainant and other creditors of Thomas Shipman and that an account might be taken of his funeral and testamentary expenses, and also of the personal estate possessed by, or come to, the hands of the defendants... C78/2125, no. 2 [16]
1846 5 July Alexander Smith and James Dudgeon v. Kenneth Alexander earl of Effingham, Archibold John earl of Roseberry, Robert Brown, William Hervey, John Jones Bateman, Henry John Shepherd, James Henry Mann, James William Smith, Rebecca Alderson Gardiner Chapman, and The Honorable Francis Ward Primrose out of jurisdiction. re. praying that it might be declared that the complainant Alexander Smith was entitled to stand in equity as the first encumbrancer on the freehold estates of Francis Ward Primrose for the annuity of £380 and the arrears thereof... C78/2123, no. 14 [17]
1846 13 July Thomas Best v. Benjamin Davis, Robert Stratton, Denzil Ibbetson Thomson, John Cox Thomas Turner, John Mills, Mary Comport, and Jane Best re. praying that the trusts in the Indenture of Settlement of 14 April 1826 might be performed and that the rights and interests of all parties under the Settlement might be ascertained and declared and that the real and copyhold Estates devised by William Chapman are not to be considered as having been converted into personality.... C78/2125, no. 10 [18]
1846 15 July Harriet Penny spinster v. Elizabeth Turner; Eliza Turner; Samuel Turnley & Maria his wife re. praying that the rights and interests of the complainant and defendants in the personal estate of the testator [Taver Penny d.1841; will of 5 April 1792] might be ascertained & declared and that an account might be taken of the personal estate and effects of the testator, possessed or received by the defendant(s)... C78/2127, no. 7 [19]
1846 24 July Sir William Webb Foller knight Attorney General at the relation of John Hay Forbes commonly called Lord Medwyn (one of the senators of the college of Justice in Scotland) and of James Robert Hope informants v. The Principal Professors Regents and Chief Officers of Glasgow College, The Master, and Fellow of Baliol College, Benjamin Parsons, Symons Philip Wynter, John Fox, Richard Jenkyns, Charles Atmore Ogilvie, John Carr, James Thomas Round, John Mitchell Chapman, and George Moberly re. praying that it might be referred to the Court to settle and approve a proper scheme for the better regulation and management of the Charity, and for the more effectual execution of the trusts of the will [29 Dec 1677] of John Snell of Uffeton, Warks....[Charity for education at Oxford of scholars from Glasgow College, born in Scotland]. C78/2124, no. 9 [20]
1846 24 July William Griffiths, Rees Thomas & Anne his wife, Thomas Jones & Mary his wife, and Joyce Griffiths v. John Pughe, Thomas Evans & Mary his wife re. praying that an account might be taken of the personal Estate of the testator David Griffiths and of such parts thereof as were possessed or received by Elizabeth Pughe in her lifetime or by John Pughe or by Elizabeth Pughe... C78/2126, no. 13 [21]
1846 25 July Thomas Woods, Sarah Buggs (formerly Woods, widow), Garnish Catchpoole & Elizabeth his wife (formerly Woods) v. Thomas Woods and Elizabeth Hulme re. praying that it might be declared that the pretended purchase of the freehold and copyhold, or customary, estates of the testator Robert Woods, by Thomas Woods from Elizabeth Hulme, was in violation of the trusts expressed in the will... C78/2126, no. 3 [22]
1846 30 July Charles Daniel Henry; Fanny Henry; and Marcella Anne Henry infants by Richard Steele Wilkinson their next friend v. James Macarthy re. praying that an account might be taken of the rents and profits of the messuage and hereditaments devised by the will of Mary Ponsonby and of all and every the trust property and effects bequeathed by same will, which had been received... by the defendant,James Macarthy, or by any other person... C78/2136, no. 6 [23]
1846 18 Sept Benjamin Seifferth and the Reverend John Emra the younger v. James Billings Badham & Mary his wife; John George; Maud Thomas Smith & Elizabeth Mary his wife re. praying that if necessary an account might be taken of the personal estate of the testator and of the rents and profits of his real estate received by the complainants (sic) and of their application therof and the net surplus thereof... and that process of subpoena might be awarded to compel the defendant to appear and answer the said bill... C78/2127, no. 15 [24]
1846 31 July The Reverend Theophilus Leigh Cooke clerk and the Reverend Tempster George Gregory Dryden clerk v. Dame Helen Eliza Page Turner; the Reverend Charles Gulliver Fryer & Helen Elizabeth his wife; the Reverend Henry Edmund Fryer; Sir Edward George Thomas Page Turner; Edward Henry Page Turner; and William Lewis Salusbury Trelawney; and Henry Wolsey Bayfield when he should come into the jurisdiction re. praying that the will of the testator Sir Gregory Osborne Page-Turner [4th Baronet, 1785-1843] might be established and the trusts thereof performed, and that the rights and interests of all parties in the estates and property in the will might be declared....[competency, lunacy]. C78/2127, no. 5 [25]
1846 29 Oct Attorney General at relation of Jon Heathcoat and William Hole v. William, earl of Devon; John Lord Rolle, baron Rolle; Sir Stafford Henry Northcote baronet; Sir Thomas Dyke Acland baronet; Sir Bouchier Palk Wrey baronet; Sir Walter Palk Carew baronet; Sir John Lewis Duntze baronet, Sir John Kennaway baronet, John Ingles Fortescue esq (when the last named defendant comes into the jurisdiction); John Brickdale esq; James Nicholas Duntze esq; Henry Stafford Northcote esq; John Fownes Luttrell esq; Richard Hippesley Tuckfield esq; Baldwin Fulford esq; Thomas Browne esq (when last named defendant comes into the jurisdiction); Benjamin Bowden Dickinson esq; John Francis Worth esq; Samuel Trehawke Kekewich esq; James Wentworth Buller esq; Francis Popham esq; Edward Ayshford Sandford esq; Baldwin Fulford the younger esq; John Henry Hippisley (called John Henry Hippisley Tuckfield); William Blundell Fortiscue esq; John Quicke esq; John Were Clarke esq; The Reverend Henry Sanders clerk; and the Reverend Anthony Boulton clerk re. management of a charity [Blundell's Charity] in support of a free school at Tiverton and in founding exhibitions for 150 boys educated at that school for the universities, boys to be born or brought up in Tiverton, Devon. C78/2125, no. 11 [26]
1846 9 Nov William Battie Wrightson and the Honorable Henry Hely Hutchinson & Harriot his wife late the Honorable Harriot Douglas widow and formerly Harriot Wrightson spinster v. Samuel Heyrick Macaulay & Mary his wife; John Thornton and Harriot Sarah his wife out of the jurisdiction; Digby Cayley & Dorothy his wife; and Thomas Barnardiston Wrightson re. praying that the complainant William Battie Wrightson and Harriet Hutchinson, or Henry Hely Hutchinson, might be declared to be beneficially entitled as tenants in common, in fee, to the real estates [in Buckden, Yorks] devised by John Heber and [his nephew] Reginald Heber.... C78/2133, no. 1 [27]
1846 28 Nov Anne Emma Morse v. The Reverend Francis Morse clerk her husband rector of Baxterley, Warwickshire but then residing in the parish of Laughton in Sussex re. petition of Anne Emma Morse and final decree divorcing and separating her from bed, board and mutual cohabitation with her husband Revd. Francis Morse, clerk, by reason of cruelty and adultery... [m.1833, adultery was charged with a servant named Ann Lewis, a woman Charlotte Ann Sophia Damen, and another Sarah Bamett]. C78/2124, no. 11 [28]
1846 2 Dec John Terry v. John Wacher [faded document] re. praying that the Court should take an account of the sums of money received by the defendant belonging to, or on behalf of, or on account of Edward  ?Ededendon the younger... C78/2126, no. 4 [29]
1846 11 Dec George Edmund Shuttleworth v. George Bengough, Charles Ross Manson, Henry William Bull, William Wood, Sackett Tomlin, and George James C78/2125, no. 5 [30]
1846 C78/, no. []