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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1844 C78/, no. []
1844 11 Jan Henry Pinkus v The Ratcliff Gas Light and Coke Company, Hercules Paynter, George Offor, John George Hammack, Jesse Cullum, John Bromley, John Sander, Thomas Simpson and Amelia Petch re. praying that the complt. might have the benefit of the said bill of complaint as a supplemental bill against the said Hercules Paynter, and as an original bill to the several other defendants, and that it might be declared that the defendants were liable to make good to the complt. the 500 shares in the East London Gas-Light Company. C78/2114, no. 9 [2]
1844 11 Jan John Saville Hallifax v. Jeremiah Hart the elder, Jeremiah Hart the younger, William Hart, and James Hart re. praying that an account might be taken of what was due and owing to the complainant for principal and interest by virtue of his mortgage & securities and that the defendants might be decreed to pay to the complainant what should be found due. C78/2120, no. 4 [3]
1844 15 Jan Charles Frederick William Augustus, Duke of Brunswick v. Ernest Augustus, duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale and earl of Armagh, King of Hanover re. praying that it might be declared that the instrument in writing on the 6 Feb and 14 Mar 1833 and the appointment of the Duke of Cambridge as guardian of the fortune and property of the plaintiff were absolutely void and of no effect ... C78/2122, no. 6 [4]
1844 22 Feb James Man (since deceased) and George Lackington (assignees of John Bourke Ricketts a bankrupt) v. Thomas Bourke Ricketts and Robert Fitzwilliam Hallifax (since deceased), John Bourke Ricketts, William Anderson, and Louisa Frances Ricketts re. praying that the will of George Crawford Ricketts might be declared well proved & might be established and that the trusts thereof, so far as regards the estate in Shropshire [in par. Ashford Bowdler] devised by the will, be decreed to be carried into execution etc... C78/2114, no. 10 [5]
1844 24 Feb Richard James Allen v. Joseph Videan & Emma Bedford his wife, Sarah Hill, and John Rice re. praying that the defendants might answer the premises & that an account might be taken of what was due to the complt. as surviving executor and trustee of the will and codicil of Eleanora Cavell in respect of the mortgage debt of £1,400, and that Joseph Videan and Emma Bedford might pay such amount to the complainant etc... C78/2114, no. 11 [6]
1844 24 Feb William Boughton v. John James the elder, John James the younger, Reverend John Prosser & Elizabeth his wife, and Elizabeth Frances Prosser, and William Henry Prosser infants, Henry Kear Whithorne (called Henry Ker Whithorne) & Susanna his wife (called Susan), Caroline Wintle, Alicia Joyce Boughton, John Boughton, and Jane Boughton infants, William Boughton, John Henry Boughton, Frederick Wintle Boughton, and Edward Vaughan Boughton infants, and Lucy Scott Boughton, Mary Jane Boughton, Elizabeth Johnes Boughton, and Ellen Young Boughton infants re. praying that it might be declared that the trusts declared by the will [1 July 1831] of the testator [Revd. William Boughton, d. 1831] concerning his real and personal estates devised and bequeathed, and the surplus rents, issues & profits... were void, as being too remote...[daughters of a nephew born after testator's death]. C78/2123, no. 16 [7]
1844 1 March Attorney General by the relation of Frederic Engler, John Stulz, and Samuel Housley v. Edward Henry Rickards, Samuel Walker, and Arthur Annesley out of the jurisdiction re. praying that the Attorney General might have the benefit in equity of the Judgement of Outlawry and of the writ of capias ut legatum [writ for the arrest of an outlaw] issued and that the indenture or deed of trust might be declared fraudulent, void or of none effect has against the right or title of Her Majesty under and by virtue of the said outlawryand that all the estate and interests belonging to the defendant Arthur Annesley... C78/2114, no. 12 [8]
1844 1 March William Fry Milroy v. Andrew Haigh Milroy, Alexander Milroy, John Dean & Mary Penelope his wife, James Amos Kelly, James Reynolds, Frederic John Reed, Mary Milroy Dean, Sarah Elizabeth Dean, John Thomas Dean, Sarah Laura milroy, and William Fry re. praying that the rights and interests of all parties under the will of the testator John Fry in his freehold and leasehold estates and in the rents and profits thereof which have not been divided, might be declared, and that the trusts be performed and carried into execution... C78/2121, no. 3 [9]
1844 16 March William Robert Paris v. George Hughes, Matthew Ward, Thomas Tebbutt the elder, Thomas Tebbutt the younger, John Tebbutt, William Brightmore, and Richard Undy re. praying that the indenture of mortgage, the indenture executed by the complainant in prison and also the conveyance to the said William Brightmore and from him to Richard Undy might be declared fraudulent and void, and that it might be set aside and that an account might be taken how what was due and owing from the complainant to the said Thomas Hughes & George Hughes... C78/2114, no. 13 [10]
1844 16 March Thomas Wardale, John Wardale, Joseph Wardale, and Robert Wardale, all infants by John Wardale their father v. Lewis Weston, Jarvis, Robert Coe the younger, and Thomas Wardale re. praying the will of the testator might be established and the trusts thereof declared and carried into execution and that an account might be taken of the personal estate and effects possessed or received by the defndts., Lewis Weston Jarvis & Robert Coe. C78/2121, no. 4 [11]
1844 16 March 7 Edward Thomas Foley v. Thomas Hill; Thomas Bate; and William Robins re.praying that an account might be taken of the sum of £6,117-10 shillings and of all other, the sums of money received by the firm of Hill and Company for the use of the complainant since 11 April 1829, with interest. C79/341, no. 6 [12]
1844 25 March Benjamin Hope v. Henry Payne Hope re. praying that the defendant might be decreed to perform the agreement of the 10 August last, the complaining thereby offering in every respect the same on his part, and that the defendant might be restrained by injunction of the Court from taking any further proceedings to enforce the same... and if the Sheriff of the county of Somerset has sold the goods and chattels of the complainant, then the proceeds might be ordered to be paid into the Court in trust. C78/2119, no. 6 [13]
1844 25 March Elizabeth Bentley widow v. Charles Smart re. Praying that an account might be taken of the personal estate of Thomas Rolton which was engaged in the trade or business at the time at which he took the defendant into co-partnership [Weir and Co.] and that an account might also be taken of the dealings and transactions of the co-partnership down to the time of the said Thomas Rolton's death. C78/2122, no. 7 [14]
1844 2 April Ann Farmer v James Farmer C78/2119, no. 7 [15]
1844 17 April Sir Charles Merrik Burrell baronet v. George Wyndham esq C78/2114, no. 14 [16]
1844 22 April William Henry, lord viscount Downe v. James Morris and John Robertson Whether or not certain premises, which had been mortgaged by William Arrowsmith now decd, were held of the Manor of Danby, otherwise Danby, Lealholme and Glazedale, Yorks. C78/2119, no. 8 [17]
1844 23 April 7 James Farmer v. Ann Farmer C79/341, no. 7 [18]
1844 29 May William Oliver Cramer, Mary Anne Jane Cramer, and Pennington Cramer infants by Charles Norton next friend v. Sarah Pennington who afterwards became the wife of John Haskins, Jane Pennington, William Cramer, Richard Jennings, Thomas Farrance, and John Morris Fisher C78/2114, no. 15 [19]
1844 29 May Frederick Squire, Richard King, Meade King, and John Squire v. Mary Phillippa Whitton and William Morgan C78/2114, no. 16 [20]
1844 10 June Richard Tanfield v. Samuel Sturgis, Edmund French, and Richard Kirkman Lane C78/2114, no. 17 [21]
1844 12 June Richard Bottomley Nowell v. George Whitaker C78/2114, no. 18 [22]
1844 28 June John English v. William Walker Jenkins C78/2119, no. 9 [23]
1844 12 July Joseph Adnett the elder and Joseph Adnett the younger on behalf of themselves and all other creditors of Edward Thompson deceased v. Beulah Thompson widow and Alice Thompson C78/2117, no. 5 [24]
1844 13 July William Ranger v. Great Western Railway Company, Robert Bright, Peter Maze, Henry Bush, James Cordy, Richard Ranger, and George Ranger Concerning the contractual discretion of Isambard Kingdom Brunel in the construction of the rail lines C78/2116, no. 6 [25]
1844 18 July 8 George Hawkins v. Henry Arthur Woodgate clerk; Richard Harding; and William Woodgate C79/341, no. 8 [26]
1844 4 Nov Elizabeth Bentley v. Charles Smart C78/2122, no. 8 [27]
1844 7 Nov Thomas Dyson and Edgar Taylor v. Thomas Brooke Morris, Henry Brown, Mary Ann Brown, and Thomas Lombe Taylor C78/2124, no. 10 [28]
1844 11 Nov Patrick McGregor & Cordelia his wife v. Thomas Topham & Eliza Henrietta his wife, Joseph Arrowsmith, and John Topham C78/2126, no. 7 [29]
1844 22 Nov Thomas William Forbes and Joseph Hartley v. Isaac Lawrence & Mary his wife, William Henry Lawrence, Isaac Lawrence the younger, Frederick Lawrence, Charles Lawrence, George Lawrence, William Augustus Wilson & Mary his wife, Augusta Mary Wilson, Barkly Charles Wilson, George Upton, Dorothy Abbotson, John Evrerett, Martin Newton, Thomas Stackhouse Burton, and Harriet Lawrence widow, and James Fisher C78/2119, no. 11 [30]
1844 11 Dec Robert Wainwright Ashley and William Ashley, executors of Francis Ashley v. Thomas Alison Hoskins, James Ottery Watson, Ambrose Lace, and John North C78/2122, no. 9 [31]
1844 19 Dec David Lyon v. Andrew Colvile, Alexander Seton, John Kellerman Wedderburn, John Wedderburn, John Walter Wedderburn, Mary Wisdom Wedderburn, John Watson, and William Lyon C78/2120, no. 5 [32]
1844 21 Dec Charles Barrow Evans an infant by John Blagdon his next friend v. Richard Ashley Scott, Harriet Brockhurst, Hillary Anne Brockhurst, Henry Barrow Evans, Edmund Barrow Evans, and Maria Augusta Evans C78/2124, no. 15 [33]
1844 C78/, no. []