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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1837 C78/, no. []
1837 10 March Benjamin Shaw; Stephen Nicholson Barner; and Elizabeth Houstoun widow v. Job Wright; William Baker; Thomas Wright; David Stead; Boyd Dunlop; Richard Scougall; David Bett; Samuel Albert Muller; and James Duncan re. account of monies received by defendants on proceeds of shipments per the ships 'Alexander','Mary', 'Alexis' and 'Jenny'. C78/2106, no. 5 [2]
1837 4 April 7 John Anstey and John Le Gassick v. William Nettleton C79/330, no. 1 [3]
1837 10 April 7 Northmore Herle Pierce Lawrence v. Joseph Matthews; William Carlyon; Sir John Colman Rashleigh baronet; andJohn Hearle Tremayne C79/330, no. 2 [4]
1837 5 May Taylor v. Rundell C78/2107, no. 1 [5]
1837 13 June David Burgess v. Daiel Francis Blommart, John Cokerell, Ynyr Burges, and many others C78/2107, no. 2 [6]
1837 30 June John Bell, Ellen Bell, May Belle, Eliza Belle, Michael Metcalf & Ann his wife v. Edward Ashley and George Lackington C78/2107, no. 3 [7]
1837 30 June 1 Nicholas Grimshaw v. George Haworth; James Whitham; George Whitham; and Sarah Whitham C79/330, no. 3 [8]
1837 13 July 1 Henry Hawarden Fazakerley v. Marcella Catherine Gillibrand widow; Richard Thompson; Sir George Goold; Marcella Catherine Gillibrand the younger; Mary Meliora Gillibrand; Henrietta Josephine Gillibrand; Hawarden Thomas Fazakerley; Catherine Caroline Gillibrand; Valentine Hawarden Gillibrand; and Augusta Julia Gillibrand C79/330, no. 4 [9]
1837 3 Aug Harding Livesey and Mary Carter Livesey infants by George Harding next friend v. William Harding, John Harding, Edmund Worthington Livesey, James Worthington Livesey, and Eliza Livesey C78/2119, no. 13 [10]
1837 24 Nov 1 Charles Rowland Parker v. George Adams the elder; William Wright & Elizabeth his wife; Mary Boydell widow; and George Adams the younger C79/330, no. 5 [11]
1837 12 Dec 1 Edward Davies v. Edward Gatacre and John Wynne Eyton & Jane his wife C79/330, no. 6 [12]
1837 C78/, no. []