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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1836 C78/, no. []
1836 Peter Trezevant & Elizabeth Willoughby his wife; Charles Robert Simpson; and Henry Arthur Broughton v. John Farquhar; Fraser James Mortimer; and Sir William Templer Pole baronet re. death 6 July 1826 of John Farquhar [1751–1826] intestate; very considerable real and personal estate inc. shares in partnerships called 'Whitbread Brewery' and 'Basset, Farquhar & Co'. C78/2104, no. 6 [2]
1836 11 Jan William Gordon & Elizabeth his wife; John Hancock; and George Arundale v. Maria Lemage and George Selby re. death 6 July 1826 of John Farquhar [1751–1826] intestate; very condiderable real and personal estate inc. shares in partnerships called 'Whitbread Brewery' and 'Basset, Farquhar & Co'. C78/2105, no. 1 [3]
1836 15 Feb William Cotton and Thomas Crafer v. Charles Lushington & Sarah his wife; Sarah Burt; Mary Gascoyne; and Sabine Gascoyne re. will 5 Feb 1809 of Revd. George Chandler of Myles in Essex [?Langerhoe]; bequests of real and personal estate in England, Jamaica and elsewhere [name change from Gascoyne]. C78/2105, no. 2 [4]
1836 16 March Robert Slaney described as the heir at law of Robert Morton late of Bilston, Staffs, a lunatic deceased who at the time of his death was heir at law of Edward Moreton of Ellesmere, Salop, clerk v. George Wade re. will 11 June 1773 of [Revd.] Edward Moreton [d.1776]; descent of property in Kemberton, Shifnal and Ellesmre, Salop. C78/2105, no. 3 [5]
1836 21 March Matthew Chalie esq v. Thomas Abree Pickering esq re. loans £5,491 15s 7d & £6,008 4s 1d, 1 Nov 1824 by Thomas Abree Pickering [of Thelwall Hall, Cheshire] from Matthew Chalie secured on manor, messuages, lands and tenements. C78/2105, no. 4 [6]
1836 21 March 6 The Attorney General at the relation of Henry Milne v. The Master and Wardens of the Guild or Fraternity of the Body of Christ of the Skinners of London re. order of 28 July 1834 parties to proceed to a trial in the Court of High Bench.[and see also 1833 C79/325, no. 1 ] C79/328, no. 3 [7]
1836 13 April The Attorney General at the relation of Francis King Eagle and James Cobbing v. Sir Thomas Gerey Cullum clerk baronet; Orvell Ray Oakes; Michael Peter Lelieup (?); William Gould; John le Grice; Henry Hosted; John Symonds; William Dalton; Thomas Robinson; George Brown; and George Moor re. establishment and regulations of a charitable trust for the benefit of town of Bury St Edmunds [Provision and maintenance of almshouse accommodation, 'Guildhall Feoffment']. C78/2105, no. 5 [8]
1836 30 May William Jenkins and Donald Munro v. Edward Berkeley Portman esq [1st Viscount Portman, 1799–1888] re. articles of agreement 14 Aug 1810, for building tenements, coachhouses stables and out offices on land in Middx. of Henry William Portman [the Portman Estate]. C78/2105, no. 6 [9]
1836 7 June Emelia Garrod an infant by Charles Vernier her next friend v. Charles Davenport & Elizabeth his wife, Henry John Garrod, William Elvington, Charles Hanner, and Ann Jones widow re. praying that an account might be taken of estates and rents received by the defndts. C78/2124, no. 6 [10]
1836 25 June 6 Charles Vere Spencer an infant by Sir Francis Bernard Morland his uncle v. Francis Almaric lord Churchill; William Keppell lord Barington; Mary Ann Bernard Spencer; John Forster; John Campbell Cameron; Henry Hallam; William Robert Spencer; George Trever Spencer; Sir Robert Price baronet; Georgiana Elizabeth Spencer spinster; Lacy Rumsey & Elizabeth his wife; Lacy Henry Rumsey; Almaric Rumsey; Caroline Rumsey their children; Nathaniel Rumsey; John Rumsey; and Charles Antoine Martin vicomte de Montaigne & Caroline Susannah his wife. re. indenture 27/28 May 1789 sale of manors of ?Standell, North Weston (in Thame), Tettesworth [Tetsworth] with rights and appurtenances, in co. of Oxon. C79/329, no. 1 [11]
1836 23 July The United Company of Merchants of England Trading to the East Indies commonly called The East India Company v. John Campion; Richard Campbell Bazett; David Colvin; John Furquhar; Thomas Farmer re. An Act for altering and enlarging the Powers of an Act, made in the Forty-third Year of His present Majesty, for the further Improvement of the Port of London, by making Docks and other Works at Blackwall, for the Accommodation of the East India Shipping in the said Port. - [12 July 1826, 46 George III.Cap.cxiii] C78/2106, no. 1 [12]
1836 26 July Sir John Campbell knight The Attorney General at the relation of The Reverend Edward Evans of Eriswell near Mildenhall, Suff clerk v. The Company for the Propagation of the Gospel in New England and the parts adjacent in America and also v. James Gibson their secretary and treasurer re. a pretended Act of Parliament alleged to have been passed in 1649 entitled ' a Corporation for the promoting and propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ in New England...'. C78/2106, no. 2 [13]
1836 2 Aug Thomas Henry Rowley, Frederick Wyatt Rowley, Alfred Prior Rowley, Charles John Rowley, Jane Rowley the younger, Ann Rowley, William Henry Orchard, Augustus Orchard, Honor Orchard, Caroline Sophia Orchard, Emily Orchard, Georgiana Orchard, and Frederick George Orchard infants by Thomas Orchard their next friend v. Fanny Fuller Orchard, William Rowley, and Caroline Louisa Rowley C78/2121, no. 10 [14]
1836 10 Aug The Honorable Edward Mostyn Lloyd Mostyn; and Thomas Edward Mostyn Lloyd Mostyn an infant by the said Edward Mostyn Lloyd Mostyn his next friend v. Thomas Swymmer Mostyn Champneys & dame Charlotte Margaret his wife; Samuel Sturgis; and the Right Honorable Edward Pryce lord Mostyn & Elizabeth Lady Mostyn his wife C78/2106, no. 3 [15]
1836 5 Nov Francis Parrott v. Edward Palmer & Mary his wife; Phoebe Parker; Abraham Parker; Anthony Parker; and George Parker C78/, no. 4 [16]
1836 C78/2106, no. []