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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1776 C79/, no. []
1776 24 Jan 16 William lord Byron of Rochdale, Lancs & Lady Elizabeth Byron his wife v. Sir Harbord Harbord baronet and Rowland Holt esq C79/120, no. [2]
1776 15 June 16 Margaret Lee v. Sir Rowland Alston baronet C79/210, no. 3 [3]
1776 6 July 16 John Hyde v. Anna Maria King; John Macdonnell & Susanna his wife; Mary Elizabeth Hyde; and John Cupp & Margaret his wife C79/138, no. [4]
1776 11 July 16 Henry Keene esq v. John Dovall; Elizabeth Dovall; Joseph Wilton; Thomas Fulling; Ann Whitwell; John Stalker; Thomas Barnard; Ann Martha Roone; Theodosius Roone; Elizabeth Roone; Thomas Roone; Arthur Annesley; and Rebecca Brett C79/141, no. [5]
1776 26 July 16 Peter Cazalet and Samuel Plummer surviving assignees of the estate and effects of William Bower a bankrupt v. Thomas Hare esq C79/239, no. [6]
1776 2 Nov 16 Richard Symons esq v. John Randall C79/275, no. [7]
1776 6 Nov 17 Walter Shelabor of Bideford, Devon, esq as surviving administrator of the goods and chattels of James Hillow late of Bideford gentleman and James Merivale of Exeter clerk v. James Langdon & Dorothy his wife; and John Langdon C79/215, no. [8]
1776 C79/, no. []