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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1749 C78/, no. []
1749 19 Jan 22 Hester Thomas spinster; Sarah Thomas spinster; and Joanna Thomas spinster v. John Hocker Norton gentleman re. sale, 7 May 1743, £800 of reputed manor of Somerton [Soms.] by John Stocker Norton to the misses Thomas. C78/1854, no. 9 [2]
1749 25 Jan 22 Maria Anna Rode an infant only daughter of Christopher Rode the younger and grand daughter and heir at law of Christopher Rode the elder by Anna Maria Rode her mother v. Daniel Banfield & Hannah his wife, late pretended widow of Randle Rode; John Butler; Thomas Gorst; Isabella Herriman; Rowley Bowyer & Jane his wife; Thomas Rode an infant; Thomas Leigh and Letitia Whitehall widow re. levy of a fine 'sur cognizance de droit come ceo' to Whitehall the younger, on messuage called 'Hall of Eaton', Astbury, Cheshire. C78/1861, no. 5 [3]
1749 13 Feb 22 Thomas, lord Montjoy; Sir Digby Legard baronet by Frances Legard widow; Thomas Worsley; Thomas Fairfax;John Shafto esqs; and Thomas Dawson esq then an infant by said Thomas Fairfax v. Catherine, duchess of Buckinghamshire and Normanby; Allan, lord Bathurst; Charles Herbert otherwise Sheffield; Patrick Garden; Joseph Cox & Sophia his wife; John Walker & Charlotte his wife; and Walter Walsh re. descent of properties from John Sheffield, 1st Duke of Buckingham and Normanby (d.1721) to 5 year old Edmund Sheffield, 2nd Duke (d.1735) and thence to Charles Herbert (otherwise) Sheffield, and the claims of other parties. C78/1849, no. 1 [4]
1749 3 March 22 Sir Dudley Ryder knight, Attorney General, at the relation of Samuel Creswicke doctor in divinity; Harry Earle Benson, esq; Thomas Haynes, esq; Peter Daviss; John Tyler; John Bonython, William Oliver; William Lyne; Thomas Longman; John Hale; Henry Woolnough; Robert Sandford; Thomas Prewett; Charles Jones; Whittington Rooke; Jeremiah Daverell; and Henry Bodman; and at the relation of the Honorable John Scrope, esq; and John Cossins, esq, who with the said Samuel Creswicke were executors of John Elbridge, esq; and Ann Hort, widow, mother, and administratrix of Ann Elbridge who was widow, devisee, and executrix of Thomas Elbridge, esq

v. James Day and Mary his wife & Henry Woolnough and Rebecca his wife

re. foundation of John Elbridge's Charity School, St. Michael's Hill [Bristol] C78/1845, no. 2 [5]
1749 13 April 22 George Denton esq & Constance his wife v. Thomas Shellard & Mary his wife executrix and devisee of Godfrey Clayton her son and Samuel Travers re. will, 28 March 1744, of Godfrey Clayton and legacies to George Denton & Constance his wife C78/1869, no. 3 [6]
1749 27 April 22 Henry Bateman; Thomas Baker & Ann his wife; Thomas Robson & Elizabeth his wife; and Susannah Bateman v. Mary Newton other Bateman; Jacob Sharpe; William Hatcher re. considerable property of John Bateman of Canterbury, Kent butcher, who died unmarried & intestate 2 Feb 1744, and claims of his siblings. C78/1878, no. 1 [7]
1749 5 May 22 John Roberts gentleman v. Haylocke [Heylock] Kingsley and Roger Coningesbye [Coningsby] esq; and John Roberts the complainant's son re. marriage settlement, 31 Aug 1703, John Roberts & Sarah Everett and property on North Mymms [Herts]. C78/1871, no. 5 [8]
1749 8 June 22 Sir John Hince Cotton, baronet, & dame Margaret his wife,m one of the daughters of James Craggs, sr, esq and late widow and administratrix of Samuel Trefusis, esq v. Robert Trefusis, esq, son and heir of the said Samuel Trefusis by Alice Cotton his first wife an infant and other defendants AND Robert Trefusis and others v. Sir John Hinde Cotton and his wife and others re. referred to Mr Holford, Master in Chancery, to take account of the repairs and new buildings at Hatley St George, Cambs. C78/1840, no. 6 [9]
1749 8 June 22 Thomas Panton, esq v. Thomas William Brereton; and Thomas Yates, esqs re. loan, 1 Oct 1735, £3000 by Thomas William Brereton from William Cotton secured on manors of Shopwyke in par. Oving and East Marden [par. Marden], Sussex. C78/1839, no. 5 [10]
1749 10 June 22 Thomas Methwold esq v. Meliora Prestley re. marriage settlement, 25 May 1669, Thomas Prestley of Essendon, Herts. (complainant's g-father) and Hester Lawrence and property in Essendon, Hatfield, Little Berkhamsted [Herts], Hornsey [Middx], Stratford Bow [Essex] & Bristol etc. C78/1867, no. 2 [11]
1749 20 June 23 Ann Traherne spinster and Miles Tomkins on behalf of themselves and other creditors of Thomas Nash and William Pateshall named in the several schedules attached v. Thomas Nash & Susannah his wife; William Pateshall & Ann his wife; Richard Thomas & Brilliana his wife; Margery Nash; John Hughes; Richard Eskrigge & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas lord viscount Wymouth; Thomas Higgins; Thomas Hayes; Edward Bullock; and John Weyman re. scheme to pay debts of Thomas Nash and William Pateshall. C78/1949, no. 5 [12]
1749 20 June 23 Mary Heron then an infant by Thomas Mant gentleman v. Hugh Grove; John Leek; John Moody; John Vining Read & Jane his wife; John Vining Heron; Elizabeth Vining; Andrew Heron; Patrick Heron; Benjamin Heron; Charles Heron; John Elliot & Ann his wife; and Richard Parry & Elizabeth his wife re. will, 23 April 1740, of John Vining of Portsmouth, provision for grand-children and properties in counties of Southampton and Sussex and also very plentiful personal estate of ready money, diamonds, watches etc., etc. C78/1852, no. 6 [13]
1749 23 June 23 Mary Thompson widow; William Dell & Elizabeth his wife; and Mary Thompson spinster v. William Beatty; Hannah Thompson widow; Mary Thompson infant; Leonard Thompson; Samuel Sears; Forth Winter; and Robert Mountague re. will, 13 Feb 1746, James Thompson of Chipping Barnet, Herts, bequests to wife etc. & half part of estate at East Barnet. C78/1849, no. 3 [14]
1749 30 June 23 Henry Sporling of London, merchant; Samuel Southall of Leominster, Herefs, mercer & Mary his wife late Mary Perrin spinster; Sarah Perrin of Bradford, Wilts, spinster; Constant Bailward of Bradford, widow and executrix of John Bailward late of Bradford gentleman; James Perrin of London mariner; and Joshua Nunn then late of Withersfield, Suff, yeoman executor of John Nunn late of Withersfield yeoman his father

v. Mortlock Colsham of Haverell [Haverhill], Suff and Essex, gentleman; Robert Pledger of Stokeby Clare, Suff, yeoman; William Freeborn of Haverell yeoman; and Abraham Oakes of Witherfield doctor in divinity

re. ownership of rectory and church of Haverell [Haverhill, Suff] with rights, tithes etc. in counties of both Suffolk and Essex. C78/1877, no. 2 [15]
1749 1 July 23 Thomas Place of Winterton, Lincs, gentleman eldest son and heir of William Place late of Winterton, gentleman who was th eonly brother and heir of Thomas Place late of Winterton, gentleman; and William Place and John Place both of Winterton, gentleman two other of the sons of the said William Place v. Robert Elwes, jr, esq; Thomas Hutton gentleman; James Stovin esq; and Anthony Dempster gentleman re. will, 20 June 1720, of Thomas Place the uncle, and property in Winterton and Roxby, Lincs & payment of his debts by Richard Beck of Barton-on-Humber and Anthony Dempster of Brigg, Lincs. C78/1956, no. 2 [16]
1749 1 July 23 George Wright esq v. William Clarke and Samuel How re. sale, 1 Nov 1733, by Mary and Edward Jones to Sherman Wall of brick messuage in Chelmsford, Essex, then in occupation of Elizabeth Britain. C78/1878, no. 2 [17]
1749 13 July 23 Francis Folaquier & Elizabeth his wife executrix and residuary legatee of Elizabeth Folwer widow v. John Burridge esq and John Rewell re. sale by Arthur Lush to Robert Burridge the elder, of a messuage, orchard and 4 acre meadow in par. Charmouth, Dorset. C78/1876, no. 2 [18]
1749 13 July 23 William Whitaker v. Sir Jasper Cullum baronet re. will of Hanah Kendall, late of Exmouth, Devon and demise, 15 March 1734, by Benjamin, Lord Bishop of Winchester to Sir J.Cullum of Hastede, Suff. messuages in par. St Saviours, Southwark, Surrey. C78/1851, no. 5 [19]
1749 18 July 23 William Barnesley esq a lunatic by Edward Bangham esq his committee v. Mansell Powell esq; Mary Powell; Samuel Barnesley; John Gate; Samuel Bennett clerk; Thomas Wall; Charles Heywood; Thomas Palmer clerk; John Yeomans; Richard Walton; Elizabeth Barnesley; and The Attorney General re. property of William Barnesley of Eardisley Park, Herf., died 8 Apr 1737 (complaintant's late father) in Heref., Radnor., Brecon., Herts, Middx. and elswhere & personal estate of £60,000+. C78/1864, no. 2 [20]
1749 25 July 23 Richard Lockwood of Dowshall, Essex, esq v. Mary Tryon widow; Mary Tryon spinster; William Moore; Elizabeth Westbrook widow; Sir Rowland Hill baronet; Samuel Hill; and Thomas Hill esq re. William Tryon treasurer of, and a surety for the 'The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts'. C78/1876, no. 5 [21]
1749 25 July 23 Joseph Windham Ash esq; Phillip Perry; and Roger Tublay executors of John Pratt v. Robert Atkins; Anna Maria Ininett; William Mills; Edward Stevenson; John Windham; and James Bonnell re. will of John Pratt deceased, and £3,543 debt owed by Robert Atkins. C78/1870, no. 5 [22]
1749 26 July 23 Bailey Heath esq v. Edmund Pyke Heath esq; Thomas Heath; Frances Heath an infant; Thomas Sewell esq & Catherine his wife; Edward Madgwicke esq; and Micajah Perry esq re. marriage agreement, 10 Nov 1713, Thomas Heath (complt's late father) and Catherine Bailey, her fortune of £28,000. C78/1862, no. 1 [23]
1749 27 July 23 Francis Eyre youngest son of Thomas Eyre late of Hassop esq and Thomas Eyre only son of Rowland Eyre esq eldest son and heir of the said Thomas Eyre infants by Anthony Wright esq v. the said Rowland Eyre; Mary Eyre widow; Elizabeth Eyre spinster; Catherine Eyre spinster an infant by John Maier esq her guardian; the said John Maier; and Edward Greenly esq re. marriage agreement,1737, Rowland Eyre and Maria [or Mary] Teresa Widdrington and manors of Hassop, Rowland & Calurton [?Castleton] and leadmines, Derbs. C79/242, no. [24]
1749 13 Oct 23 Dame Elizabeth Smyth widow and Charles Smyth esq executrix and executor of Sir Edward Smyth late of Hill Hall, Essex baronet v. Margaret Collier; Arthur Collier; and Henry Menton esq re. loan 7 sept 1743, £2,100 by Margaret Collier of Old Sarum, Wilts. & her son Dr Arthur Collier, from Sir Edward Smith. C78/1854, no. 8 [25]
1749 13 Oct 23 John Harrison gentleman v. Adam Tuck gentleman re. marriage agreement 1731 John Harrison and Elizabeth Tuck of Freegrove [Farm] in par. Lyneham, Wilts. and marriage portion. C78/1854, no. 6 [26]
1749 24 Oct 23 Thomas Wright esq the eldest son and heir at law of Robert Wright who was the eldest son and heir of Thomas Wright the elder, esq v. George Wright; Charles Foarman; and Samuel Clyat Wright re. will, 4 Nov 1697, of Thomas Wright (complt's grandfather) and bequests to daughters Susan and Mary, dependent on marriage with consent of executors. C78/1849, no. 4 [27]
1749 26 Oct 23 William Edwards of Wimborne Minster, Dorset, gentleman, brother, executor, and devisee of Thomas Edwards v. John Edwards of [blank] son and heir of John Edwards the younger hereinafter named Benjamin Bower of Poole, Dorset, apothecary & Meliora his wife; James Willis of Ringwood, Hants, gentleman and John Willis his son re. descent of manor and advowson of West Parley, Dorset from Thomas Redman to his four daughters. C78/1865, no. 1 [28]
1749 3 Nov 23 Charles Wythe gentleman and Philipa Caton widow only son and daughter of Mary Wythe widow and Arthur Chauncey esq only son of Sir Henry Chauncey knight & Dame Elizabeth his wife v. Rowland Blackman; John Luce Blackman; Samneul Blackman; Thruston Blackman; Jacob Luce Blackman; Joseph Blackman; George Hannay & Anna Maria his wife; Frances Blackman; Elizabeth Blackman; John Lyte & Susannah his wife; Margaret Blackman; Henrietta Blackman; John Samuel Longnet; John Thruston Mott; Elizabeth Chauncey; Nathaniel London; Thomas Odding & Catherine his wife; John Manhood & Margaret his wife; William Lawes & Elizabeth his wife; Japhet Squire; Philippa Squire; and Catherine Squire re. John Thruston the elder of Hoxne, Suffolk, and sale, 6 Feb 1695, of the site of the dissolved priory of Hoxne with freehold messuages, houses, edifices, buildings etc. C78/1943, no. 1 [29]
1749 9 Nov 23 Lewis Rogers executor and devisee of Henry Rogers v. Thomas Davies; David Davies; and Thomas Rogers re. loan £150, 20 Sept 1729, by Thomas Davies of Pennywern [?Llanfihangel Genau'r-Glyn], Cardigan [Ceredigion] & Thomas his son from Hugh Bevan of Llanwnnor [?Llanwenog] secured on messuages in par. of Llanfihangel Ystrad. C78/1949, no. 7 [30]
1749 9 Nov 23 William Crompton of Ripon, Yorks, gentleman v. The Bailiffs and Burgesses of Scarborough re. 'An Act to Enlarge the Pier and harbour of Scarborough, in the County of York' and halfpenny duty on each chaldron of coals loaded at Newcastle-u-Tyne, Blyth, Seaton Sluice, Cullercoats etc. C78/1874, no. 2 [31]
1749 9 Nov 23 Thomas Parry of Lambeth, Surrey, esq v. Thomas Cook Wheeler of the same place esq re. loan £1,550, 20 Oct 1747 by Thomas Cook Wheeler from Thomas Parry secured on 'Knights Hill House' with 100 acres with houses, barns etc. in Lambeth Dean [par. Lambeth]. C78/1848, no. 2 [32]
1749 16 Nov 23 William Dawtrey esq v. Giles Stewart & his wife re. loan £1,000, 19 Aug 1736 by Giles Stewart of Bury St. Edmunds from William Dawtrey, secured on two closes of freehold land in Whepstead, Suffolk. C78/1867, no. 4 [33]
1749 18 Nov 23 Pilkington Robinson gentleman; John Band gentleman; Susan Walher spinster; and John Mount only son then living of the afternamed Charles Mount & Robella his wife v. Frances Deers spinster; William Buckle esq & Diana his wife; Robella Mount widow; John Langford gentleman; Edward Monington; Simon Lemon; George Dent; William Vinter & Mary his wife; William Milman; Buckle Milman esq; Henry Savage gentleman & Mary his wife; Robert Coats & Robella his wife; Penelope Mount spinster; William Hyde; and Mary Hyde, spinster re. conveyance 24/25 July 1706 by Sir William Milman, all his real estate in England to James Low and John Jacob in trust for various purposes. C78/1888, no. 1 [34]
1749 18 Nov 23 Isaac Walker clerk curate licensed to Broughton Chapel; John Denny; Edward Taylor; John Stainton; and Robert Hartley for themselves and other land owners and owners of houses within the several villages, townships, and divisions of Broughton and Dunnesdale, Lancs v. Richard Gilpin Sawrey esq; Samuel, lord bishop of Chester; Thomas Walker clerk; Miles Wilson; Richard Barker; James Taylor; Thomas Atkinson; and Thomas Taylor; The Dean and Chapter of York; The Governor of Queen Ann's Bounty; and Stephen Sutton clerk re. Chapel of Broughton in par. Kirkby Ireleth, Lancs and nomination of curate to perform divine service, after death of John Wright 6 June 1739. C78/1855, no. 3 [35]
1749 25 Nov 23 John Carts clerk v. Thomas Hodgkin; William Dimmock; and Thomas Wilson re. parish of Stoney Stanton, Leics and tythes etc., etc. due to rector. C78/1871, no. 4 [36]
1749 6 Dec 23 Charles Pyott esq v. Pyarca Pyott; Edward Wilmott; Richard Milnes; John Eardley Willmott esq; Lewis Highton & Ann his wife; and Blanch Lomckley ? re. will, 29 Dec 1739, of Joan Winteringham, of Westham [West Ham], Essex and messuages and lands in Essex, Middx & London. C78/1881, no. 2 [37]
1749 6 Dec 23 John White nephew devisee sole executor and residuary legatee of William Austin v. Richard Hayward; George Draper; and Humphrey Baskerville re. marriage breakdown of William Austin, butcher and Charity White (m. 1 Dec 1696) and monies received by her & her stay in 'Kings Head Tavern', Little Russell St., Covent Garden. C78/1867, no. 5 [38]
1749 C79/, no. []