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1734 C78/, no. []
1734 17 Jan 7 Mark Thurston; and Henry Harcourt, esqs, executors of Mary Brabant, widow and relict of Doctor Brabant of Berkhamstead St Peters, Herts., doctor in divinity v. Robert Brabant, clerk; Sir Robert Raymond, knight, CJKB; and William Peer Williams, esq re. marriage agreement 9/10 Feb 1710, Revd. Dr Robert Brabant and Mary ?Cutto; messuages, lands, tenements etc. at Edlington, Lincs. C78/1743, no. 3 [2]
1734 17 Jan 7 Sir John Statham, knight v. William Milnes; and Francis Sitwell, gent re. 1716 arrangement by Sir John Statham [1676-1759] to buy back, at same price, lands at Taddington and at Ashton's farm in par. Litton, Derbs. which had been sold previously. C78/1733, no. -- [3]
1734 23 Jan 7 James Bartlet; and Margaret Bartlet, the executor and executrix of Hester Bartlet v. John Jenkin re. loan £400 16/17 July 1712, by John Jenkin from Richard Whiffen, secured on messuage or tenement with lands, meadow, pasture etc. at Wesham, otherwise Westerham Kent. C78/1837, no. 4 [4]
1734 23 Jan 7 Henry Jarratt, & Anne his wife v. Mary Taylor; Bryan Taylor; and John Vawser re. sale 29/30 Nov 1705, by Frances Taylor to Thomas Barstow, a messuage in West Hall, Yorks with dove coat, orchard and garden etc. C78/1804, no. 11 [5]
1734 23 Jan 7 William Hollier of Wolverhampton, Staffs, gent, son and heir and residuary legatee of Isaac Hollier of Wolverhampton, ironmonger, an infant by Elizabeth Hollier, widow, his mother and also Zachariah Foxhall of London, esq; William Hollier of East Halton [?Carshalton], Surrey, clerk; and the said Elizabeth Hollier, executors and executrix of Isaac Hollier v. Benjamin Muchall of Muchall [Penn], in Staffs, gent re. loan £350 17 Dec 1725, by Benjamin Muchall from Isaac Hollier, secured on messuage called the Swan Inn in Stowerbridge [Stourbridge], Worcs. & other messuage in occupation of Edw. Parker, ironmonger. C78/1758, no. 5 [6]
1734 28 Jan 7 Sir Philip Yorke, knight, Attorney General at the relation of Thomas Lancaster; Charles Carpenter; Elizabeth Davis; and Michael Aylett, inhabitants living and residing in the several messuages or tenements situate in the southern part of Leaden Hall Market within the parish of St Dennis, Backchurch and Ward of Langborne, London on behalf of themselves and other inhabitants thereabouts and all others informing v. The Master, Wardens,m and Commonalty of the Guild or Fraternity of the Body of Christ of the Skinners of London commonly called the Skinners' Company; Thomas Nash; Nathaniel Gyles, & Hester his wife; and Elizabeth Rawsterne re. rights of residents of houses erected after dreadful fire of London 1666, built on ancient street called Lyme Street, part of which was within par. St Dennis [Dionis], Backchurch in Langbourn [ward] of the City of London. C78/1818, no. 7 [7]
1734 2 Feb 7 Elizabeth Prowse the elder, wife of Roger Prowse, merchant, by John Warren, clerk; and the said John Warren; and Bartholomew Prowse; Thomas Prowse; Elizabeth Prowse the younger; and Ann Prowse, the sons and daughters of said Elizabeth Prowse the elder by said Roger Prowse her husband, which said Elizabeth Prowse the elder was the only surviving child and heir at law of Elizabeth Sommers, widow v. said Roger Prowse; and Francis Drew, esq; Peter Foulkes, doctor in divinity; William William, doctor in physick; and Mary Holwell, spinster re. descent of the manor of Ilfordcombe [Ilfracombe], Devon; conveyance 15/16 Feb 1715 of Elizabeth Sommers... C78/1744, no. 8 [8]
1734 5 Feb 7 The Right Honorable Henry Hare, esq, lord Coleraine, Ireland v. Thomas Parsons re. alleged misdemeanours by Thomas Parsons as collector of rents and profits at estate of Lord Coleraine [Henry Hare, 3rd Baron Coleraine 1693-1749] at Tottenham High Cross, Middx. C78/1756, no. 6 [9]
1734 11 Feb 7 Job Gibbard; Edward Palmer, clerk; Edward Farndon; Thomas Herbert; James Holt; Joseph Barret; John Bryarley; and Samuel Crichlow on behalf of themselves and other creditors of Charles Ballard v. William Hull; Elizabeth Ballarde; Edward Taylor; Thomas Watts; Edward Kendall; Jonathan Kendall; Jonathan Ballard; and William Tucker re. debts of Charles Ballard; two messuages in Anstey, with closes and lands, on long lease from Revd. Thomas Muston of Brinklow, Warks. C78/1805, no. 7 [10]
1734 11 Feb 7 John Bell and Peter Charr v. Benedict Detelef von Thienen; The Governer and Company of the Bank of England; and the United Company of Merchants Trading to the East Indies re. bail of £200 procured by Benedict Detelef von Thienen late of Green St., Leicester Fields [now Irving St., Leicester Sq.], by promising dividends in stock of Bank of England and East india Co. C78/1788, no. 3 [11]
1734 19 Feb 7 Dorothy Card, widow, relict, and sole executrix of Andrew Card late of Grays Inn, Middx, esq; Ricahrd Toll of Tottenham High Cross, Middx; and Henry Emfield of St Andrew, Holborn, gent v. Elizabeth Rathbaud, widow; Henry Haydock; Thomas Cook; and Caleb Waterfield re. loan 30 Sept ?1726 £2,500, by Thomas Cook and Caleb Waterfield, carpenters & co-partners from Andrew Card, secured on part of a certain field called 'Mount Field' in par. St George, Hanover Square, Middx.on south side of new intended square to be called 'Grosvenor Square'. C78/1815, no. 11 [12]
1734 19 Feb 7 George, earl of Warrington v. George Leigh, esq; Henry Leigh the younger an infant by his guardian; Sir Henry Mainwaring, baronet, an infant by his guardian; Mary Saxon; Robert Parker; and William Hough AND George Leigh, esq; Henry Leigh an infant; Sir Henry Mainwaring, baronet, an infant v. George, earl of Warrington re. ordered and decreed that it should be referred to Master Allen of this Court to take an account of the debt of the testator Langham Booth, and the said sum of £2,000 was to be considered as a debt of the said testator... C78/1765, no. 18 [13]
1734 23 Feb 7 John Haile of Blaxall [Blaxhall], Suff v. Sarah Joe otherwise Sparhauke and John Brown executors of John Joe otherwise Sparhauke; Elizabeth Eade sister and heir at law of said John Joe otherwise Sparhauke; and John Eade re. loan 4 June 1722 £726, by John Sparhauke of Aldburgh [Aldeburgh], Suffolk from John Haile, secured on capital messuage with houses, outhouses, gardens, lands etc. in pars. of Glenham Parva or Marlesford, Suffolk. C78/1945, no. 6 [14]
1734 25 Feb 7 Richard Birt & Joane his wife sister of John Garment deceased v. Roger Stone; Thomas Stone; Simon Long; and hugh Browne re. will of John Garment (d. 27 Aug 1723) and messuages, lands,tenements, etc. in pars. Shepton Mallet, Doulting and elsewhere; estate called Broddons [??Barrendown]. C78/1859, no. 3 [15]
1734 25 Feb 7 Stephen Offley, gent v. Anne Offley, widow, afterwards the wife of Gervase Scrope esq; Anne Offley; Elizabeth Offley; Emelia Offley; and Mary Offley, infants; Samuel Crome; and Joseph Offley, esq re. marriage agreement 17 May 1700 relating to Stephen Offley's mother [Urith Smyth, 1681-1711] and father [Stephen Offley, senior 1671-1727]; mother was entitled to property as one of 4 daus. of [sir] Samuel Smith [or Smyth], deceased. C78/1747, no. 7 [16]
1734 27 Feb 6 Henry Roberts, & Sarah his wife v. Alice Underhill, widow; William Seymour, & Elizabeth his wife; Edward Underhill the elder; Murial Seymour; Dorothy Roberts; Edward Roberts; Edward Underhill the younger; and Richard Norris re. will 3 Apr 1714, of John Underhill; messuages, lands, tenements in par. Halesowen, Salop [now West Midlands]. C78/1756, no. 10 [17]
1734 28 February 7 James Wilcox of Trederwen [in Llandrinio parish par.], Montg, gentleman & Mary his wife sister and heir of Richard Griffith late of the Lower Redge, Salop, gentleman v. Elizabeth Griffith, widow and another (sic) re. Richard Griffith, died in year [blank], complt. Mary's late brother; messuages, lands, tenements at Redge [?Ridge at Chirbury] & elsewhere in Salop, & considerable personal estate.; descent of estate. C78/2047, no. 2 [18]
1734 4 March 7 William Chipperfield of Hoxton, Middx & Ann his wife; William Hill & Elizabeth his wife; Christian Cook; and John Cook infants by said William Chipperfield v. Benjamin Whitmill & Ann his wife; Thomas Cook; and Thomas Johnson re. will 27 Mar 1712 of Thomas Cook, considerable real and personal estate; conditions of bequest to children... C78/2050, no. 6 [19]
1734 9 March 7 Sir Philip York, knight, Attorney General at the relation of Jonathan Alleine, clerk; and Mary Hort v. John Haynes; and Robert Wake, clerk; and the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Bristol re. will 3 Aug 1727, of Revd. Dr Charles Sloper late Chancellor of diocese of Bristol, bequests, and his charity for distribution of bibles to poor residents, or to places of worship or institutions in Bristol... C78/1819, no. 6 [20]
1734 9 March 7 Sir Philip York, knight, then Attorney General at the relation of Doctor William Simpson, minister; and William Plumer and Thomas Crokenden churchwardens; and Edward Weston; Richard Heatley; Henry Kemp; and Lancelot Pierson overseers of the poor of the parish of St George, Middx, formerly the hamlet of Wapping Stepney and part of the parish of St Dunstans, Stepney, also of Dorothy Bradshaw; Anne Hopper; Elizabeth Veale; Anne Stoneyard; Grace Pierce; Elizabeth Sherwood; Elizabeth Webb; Elizabeth Moyn; and Anne Rightheard poor widows of seamen inhabitants of said parish of St George and also of the Reverend Dr Thomas Wright, minister; and Isaac Le Fever and Daniel Lee churchwardens and Samuel Dole; James Lardant; Solomon Demiza; and John Wright overseer of the poor of the parish of Christ Church, Middx, formerly the hamlet of Spittlefields and another part of the said parish of St Dunstan's Stepney; and also of Elizabeth Judwine; Lydia Sunning; Elizabeth Brown; Mary Cooper; and Mary More poor widows of seamen inhabiting within the said parish of Christ Church and also of John Greaves and Lancelot Clark, churchwardens; and Benjamin Brain and Richard Best, overseers of the poor of the parish of St Anns, Middx, formerly the hamlet of Limehouse and part of the hamlet of Ratcliffe and of the said parish of St Dunstans Stepney and also of Margaret Bowman; Elizabeth Boorer; Elizabeth Boorer; Elizabeth Holland; Anne Martin; Patience Hall; and Mary Meall poor widows of seamen inhabiting within the parish of St Anns

v. Henry Leche and Dr Robert Leyborne, minister; Robert Sharpe; John Forster; Oswald Saw; Theophilus Lightfoot; and Charles Cook, churchwardens; and William Trover; Edward Atkins; William Pratt; John Sellers; Francis Preston; William Beedle; John Went; John Holmes; Nathan Sugar; and Isaac Craven, overseers of the poor of St Dunstants Stepney; Benjamin Wood, minister; Harwood Martin and Richard Rudd, churchwardens; William Harrison; and Thomas Preston, overseers of the poor of Bromley; Dr Robert Shippen, minister; John Harvy; Edward Hill; and William Newton, churchwardens; and William Johnson; and Aaron Arden; John Crow; William Briant; Richard Powell; and Joseph Herring, overseers of the poor of Whitechapel; Dr Robert Warren, minister; Charles Crane; and Benjhamin Dumbleton, churchwardens; and Christopher Manners and Titus Buckingham overseers of the poor of St Mary Stratford Bow; and Gloster Ridley, minister of the chapel of Poplar in the parish of Stepney

[damaged document] re. orders and decrees C78/1801, no. 15 [21]
1734 11 March 7 Attorney General, at the relation of the Reverend William Richardson; John Bradford; John Monish; and Katherine Monish, the rector and churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the parish of Ashreigney alias Kingsaish; Thomas Scott; and Richard Crocher, churchwardens of High Bickington; John Foss; and Hewy Baker, churchwardens of Chulmeleigh[Chulmleigh]; Thomas Dennis; and William Vye, churchwardens of Ilfordcombe [Ilfracombe]; and John Moore of Oakford, Devon, clerk v. Roger Tuckfield, esq; and John Acyk, clerk, executors of Gerthrude Pyncombe, spinster; Thomas Carcis, esq; and John Bampfielde, esq re. will 20 Jan 1730, of Gertrude Pyncombe of Wellsbeare [Welsbere] in par. Poughill, Devon, charity for providing schooling and augmenting poor clerical livings. C78/1739, no. 7 [22]
1734 15 March 17 Elizabeth Cavell, widow and relict of Richard Cavell of Bealings [Great Bealings], Suff, clerk for herself and her children Richard and Elizabeth Cavell, infants v. Anne Reeve; William Cavell, & Miriam his wife re. ordered and decreed that the said defendant Reeve should come to an amount, before Master Holford of this Court, for the personal estate and for the rents and profits of the freehold and copyhold estate of the testator... C78/, no. 8 [23]
1734 19 March 7 Martin Madan; James Madan esqs, sons of Martin Madan deceased; and Augustus Schutz, esq, & Penelope his wife, daughter of said Martin Madan v. John Oldmixon esq; Thomas Andrews, esq, surviving executor of said martin Madan; Coulson Fellows; and Edward Fellows esq executors of William Fellows esq re. loan 27 Oct 1696 £600, by John Oldmixon from Joseph Martin; secured on manor of Oldmixon with messuages, cottages, buildings, orchards, gardens etc., etc. [now suburb of Weston-super-Mare, Soms]. C78/1801, no. 3 [24]
1734 26 March Claudius Johnson & Mary his wife; Johanna Massey & Rachael his wife; and Robert Edwards & Elizabeth his wife, which said Mary, Rachael, and Elizabeth were three of the daughters of John Craig the elder v. Edward Twiss and Sarah Craig widow re. will 16 Mar 1726 of John Craig (complt. wife's father); considerable personal estate and the manor of Silfton otherwise Silvington, Salop; bequests and annuity. C79/118, no. [25]
1734 28 March 7 Usher St George alias Usher Olivia Usher; and Judith Usher, infants, children of John Usher, esq and Mary his wife by the Right Honorable George St George, esq, Lord St George, Ireland, their grandfather; and the said John Usher and Mary his wife v. Mary St George, widow and executrix of Oliver St George, esq, her late husband; George Lord, carpenter, Ireland; Archibald Hutcheson ; Marmaduke Coghill; George Gore; and Thomas Marlay, esqs; and others re. will 27 Sept 1728 of Oliver St George [1661-1731], great personal estate in England and Ireland; list of bequests to his wife Mary St George [née Knox], house in Grosvenor Square. C78/1811, no. 5 [26]
1734 30 March 7 Mary Northleigh, an infant, by Sir George Chudleigh, baronet, her uncle, the youngest of the two daughters and coheirs of Stephen Northleigh, esq, by Margaret his late wife, which said Margaret survived her said husband and was one of the four daughters of Sir William davis, baronet v. Margaret Northleigh, infant, sister of said complainant Mary by John Pollexfen, esq, her uncle and guardian; and the said John Pollexfen re. praying that the said Edward Yard be decreed to join with the defendant Pollexfen in the execution of the trusts in the bill mentioned, or release or assign the same to the said defendant Pollexfen ... C78/1744, no. 7 [27]
1734 9 April 7 Hugh David v. Hans De Veil, clerk; David Thomas, & Dorothy his wife; Dorothy Thomas the younger; Lucy Anne Thomas; and John Dovey, gent re. sale to complt. £460, in 'Feb last past', by Revd. Hans De Veil [1704-1741] of parcel or close of land in the par. Lambeth, Surrey, allegedly willed to him by Dorothy Hancock, deceased.
C78/1822, no. 5 [28]
1734 19 April Thomas Cuthbert of the parish of St Anns, Westminster, Middx, tallow chandler v. Samuel Phillips; James Slaughter; Anthony Smith; and Elizabeth Fisher re. demise by Robert Grosvenor to Samuel Phillips, piece or parcel of ground called 'Mr Green's & Mr Colebank's hayhill' in par. Saint George's Hanover Square, Middx on south side of new square called Grosvenor Square. C79/20, no. [29]
1734 23 April 7 Antony Tripe the executor and residuary legatee of Elizabeth Cross widow the relict of Edward Cross esq who died intestate in the lifetime of said Elizabeth his wife who was one of the daughters of William Trevill esq v. Trevill Cross esq son heir and administrator of the said Edward Cross; William Maunder; Harry Trelawny esq and Charles Trelawny esq; Thomas Lethbridge; William Gyllett clerk; William Prowse; Joan Lethbridge; and Bodley Spettigue PS re. ordered and decreed that the defendant Trevill Cross should come to an account before Master Lightbonn of this Court for the personal Estate of Edward Cross his father, and also to take an account of what was due for principal and interest upon the Bond in question... C78/2076, no. 9 [30]
1734 27 April 7 Jane Waldo, widow, relict, and executrix of Joseph Waldo; and William Bradgate, esq, administrator of Elizabeth Bradgate v. Peter Hasboet; Rebecca White; and Edward Barber, esq re. indenture £500 19 Sept 1692, by Robert Pawling & ?Thomas Prune to William Wright of Oxford, [listed] messuages and tenements in par. St Michaels, Oxford; peppercorn rent, 500 years. C78/1815, no. 13 [31]
1734 3 May 7 John Brignell and Mary Brignell his daughter v. Benjamin Willis; John Bennett; and Langley Hill re. will '23 March last past' of Thomas Brignell, citizen and grocer of London; bequest to executors in trust. C79/126, no. [32]
1734 3 May 7 John Atkinson & Sarah his wife widow of Edward Baxter apothecary also administratrix of Mary and Amy Baxter the two daughters and only issue of said Edward Baxter by the complaint of Sarah Atkinson v. Edward Hutchinson; John Hutchinson; and Henry Aglionby re. will 12 Oct 1722 of Edward Baxter, properties in Carlisle, Cumb., money and securities; undue influence of defendants in making of will. C78/2048, no. 11 [33]
1734 4 May 7 Robert Handley gentleman v. Richard Edwards esq; John Handley; Knightly Landley; and Mary Rowland [damaged document] re. will Aug 1713, of John Handley (complt's late father); bequests to wife and children. C79/138, no. [34]
1734 4 May 8 Henry Read of New Alresford, Hants, gent, & Mary his wife, one of the daughters and coheirs of John Palmer of New Alresford [Hants], esq and one of the residuary legatees of said John Palmer v. Henry Budd; Philip Boteler, & Anne his wife; and John Porter re. will 18 June 1729, of John Palmer; considerable personal estates in East and West Harting, East and West Angmering, Slynfold [Slinfold] Billingshurst and Goreing [Goring-by-Sea], Sussex... & his considerable debts. C78/1754, no. 12 [35]
1734 4 May 7 Aymor Rich, gent v. Heyrick Athorpe, esq; John Wadsworth, clerk; Samuel Shore, merchant; George Beaumont, gent; Gertrude Grammer; Jane Grammer; Elizabeth Grammar; and Sarah Grammar re. marriage of complt. Aymor Rich, with Grace Bagshaw, dau. of William Bagshaw and descent of his lands etc. at Great Hucklow, Little Hucklow, Monyash, Flagg, Tideswell and elsehere in Derbs... C78/1747, no. 11 [36]
1734 7 May 7 Henry Fermor, an infant; and Mary Toppin, widow v. The Provost and Fellows of Eaton College; and Lawrence Lord re. dispute concerning yardlands in common fields of Cottesford [Cottisford] and Heath [Hethe], Oxon. C78/1780, no. 13 [37]
1734 7 May 7 William Pennell; and Walter Pennell v. William Hide; Sarah Hide; Joseph Hide; Mary Hide; Nathaniel Hayler, & Agnes his wife; and William Page re. loan ?£3,700 ?24 June ?1703 by Joseph Hide from Martin Pennell (complt's late uncle); bond of the penalty of £4,000; lands and estate in Lewsham [Lewisham], Kent of the custom of Gavelkind. C78/1743, no. 8 [38]
1734 8 May 7 Eleanor Clare widow and administratrix of Thomas Clare gentleman her late husband v. William Clare and Stephen Crowch re. will 13 April 1706, of William Clare (late father of complt's deceased husband) and of descent of his messuage, lands, meadows and pastures etc. in Upton Lovell, Wilts. C78/1935, no. 11 [39]
1734 11 May 7 Francis Hemet, & Polehampton his wife; Richard Best, & Elizabeth his wife; Rene Feillet the younger; Edward Askew Feillet; Francis Feillet; and Mary Feillet, infants by their father Rene Feillet their guardian; and the said Rene Feillet the father v. John Ford; Roger Askew; William Shelton; James Knight doctor in divinity; William Hughes, clerk; Francis Fox, clerk; John Clarke doctor in divinity; Robert Feillett infants and his Majesty's Attorney General re. will 27 July 1721, and descent of freehold messuages, lands and tenements of Edward Polehampton [1652-1722] in par. St Sepulchre, London and in par. Twyford, Berks. and elsewhere.

re. will 27 July 1721, and descent of freehold messuages, lands and tenements of Edward Polehampton [1652-1722] in par. St Sepulchre, London and in par. Twyford, Berks. and elsewhere.

C78/1825, no. 8 [40]
1734 13 May 7 Abigail Pagett widow and relict of Simon Pagett clerk; Edward Ryder; John Pratt, esq; Edward Johnson, clerk; Robert Row, clerk; William Pagett; and Francis Blake, gentleman executors of Simon Pagett; and William Pagett the younger; John Pagett; Simon Pagett; and Jane Pagett children of the said Simon Pagett by said Abigail Pagett infants by said Abigail their mother and guardian; and Jane Pagett, widow and relict of John Pagett clerk; Phillip Martyn, widow and executrix of John Martyn esq; Andrew Duke the elder; Andrew Duke the younger esq; John Long; Edward Dowding; Charles Burt; Edward Chapman; William Silley; John Tarrant; James Bartlett; and George Woodford on behalf of themselves and others who had any lien or demand out of the manor farm and premises aftermentioned who contribute the to suit

v. Richard Woodford; Thomas Hooper, clerk & Rebecca his wife; Charles Martyn, esq; William Goddard; and Joshua Hatfield, gentleman

re. will 11 June [1676] of Edward Davenant [Dr Edward D'Avenant, mathematician, 1596–1679] (complt. Jane Pagett's grandfather); manor of Mutchilney [Muchelney], Soms., manor and farm of Homsworth [?Hamworthy], Dorset; bequests C78/1935, no. 10 [41]
1734 24 May 7 Sarah Cawdron the widow and relict of Robert Cawdron late of Great Hale, Lincs, esq v. Sir Henry Hussey baronet; Lewis Dymoke; Charles Hall; and William Gilby esqs; Dymoke Cawdron sr; Dymoke Cawdron jr; James Cawdron widow; and Alice Ryley re. will 6 July 1718, of Robert Cawdron; bequest to complt., all his household goods, 'chariott', horses and all his plate, £500, farm in Heckington. Lincs... C79/61, no. [42]
1734 14 May 7 Bowater Vernon, esq; and Thomas Vernon, eldest son and heir apparent of said Bowater Vernon an infant by said Bowater Vernon his father; Richard Vernon, clerk, eldest son and heir of Richard Vernon, gent; Thomas Vernon, one other of the sons and sole executor of said Richard Vernon and administrator of Thomas Vernon late of Hanbury, Worcs, esq unadministered by said Richard Vernon the father who was the surviving acting executor of said Thomas Vernon; and Thomas Warder, yeoman v. Roger Acherley, esq; and Letitia Acherley, spinster re. will 17 Jan 1711, of Thomas Vernon [1654–1721, chancery lawyer], considerable real personal estate; capital messuage at Hanbury, Worcs., bequests to relatives. C78/, no. 1 [43]
1734 21 May 7 James Heblethwaite an infant by George Bower, gent v. Charles Cartwright; Bridget Cartwright; Barbara Cartwright; Francis Bushell; Betty Bushell; Mary Bushell; Frances Bushell; Bridget Bushell; Francis Boynton, esq now Sir Francis Boynton, baronet; and Robert Legard, esq re. descent of the manor of Norton, Sutton and Welham, Yorks and divers messuages, lands, tenements, hereditaments and tithes; complt. James Heblethwaite was son of William Heblethwaite of Bridlington who was son of Charles Heblethwaite of Beverley who was brother of James Heblethwaite of Norton... C78/1804, no. 9 [44]
1734 29 May 7 Rachael Roper, widow; and Ann Cole, widow v. John Webster; Robert Hurnard, & Mary his wife; Robert Osborne Ward; Thomas Ward; Ruth Ward; Elizabeth Webster; Mary Webster; and John Newham re. ownership of a messuage called the Buckwith in Great Yarmouth, Norf; loan 24 Aug 1683 £200, by Thomas Osborne from John ?Causton... C78/1780, no. 11 [45]
1734 29 May 7 Robert Hodgshon, & Ann his wife, daughter and heir of John Ellison, merchant v. Gawen Aynsley, esq; and Jane Aynsley, spinster re. indenture of feoffment 20 Oct 1678, granting to John Ellison a messuage or tenement in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in a street called the Clothmarket [NE1 1EE]. C78/1755, no. 9 [46]
1734 22 June 8 Thomas Cooke esq v. Francis Arnham the elder; Francis Arnham the younger; and Jane Chaplin, widow re. will 28 April 1710, of Robert Cooke; messuages and lands in city of Norwich and in Norfolk, to his grandson Richard Cooke for life and then...; conditions. C78/1765, no. 14 [47]
1734 25 June 8 Crayle Bellamy an infant by Anne Crayle v. James Burrow; Richard Sankey; Sarah Plumpton; and Mary Bellamy re. William Bellamy (the complt's father) was, by letters patent of George IV entitled to the office of King's Coroner and Attorney in the King's Bench, to hold by himself, or his sufficient deputy during his life…; new letters patent, 14 May 1724. granting the office to Mr. Burrow... C78/1834, no. 6 [48]
1734 26 June 8 The then Attorney General at the relation of the Provost and Scholars of The King's College of our Blessed Lady and St Nicholas of Cambridge on behalf of themselves and the rest of the scholars there v. Sir Orlando Bridgman baronet; William Bridgman; the Master and Fellows of St Mary Magdalene College, Cambridge; The Principal and Scholars of the King's Hall and College of Brasenose in Oxford; The Provost and Scholars of the Queens College in the University of Oxford; and the Provost and Scholars of the house of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Oxford commonly called Oriel College re. will 3 May 1683, of Sir Francis Bridgeman (and nine codicils over next twenty years); numerous bequests... C78/2073, no. 5 [49]
1734 26 June 8 Edward Halsey, & Anne his wife, the only child of Robert Smith, citizen and apothecary of London; and Hannah Halsey, an infant, by said Edward Halsey, her father v. Anne Smith, the widow and relict of said robert Smith; and John Halsey re. will 30 Apr 1720, of Robert Smith; divers copyhold and leasehold messuages and tenements in Middx. and Bucks.,and also of a considerable personal estate... C78/1711, no. 1 [50]
1734 29 June 8 Robert Tanner, & Elizabeth his wife; and John Palfreman, & Sarah his wife, which said Elizabeth and Sarah were the coheirs of Thomas Carter of Pitt in Halberton, Devon, merchant v. John Morde, & Mary his wife, who was the widow of said Thomas Carter PS re. death 20 Mar 1725 of Thomas Carter; descent of messuage or tenement in Peter Street, Tiverton, Devon and a bakehouse and other houses in Bampton Street, Tiverton and divers other real estates... C78/1744, no. 10 [51]
1734 2 July 8 Margaret Sharpe widow sister and heir at law and also devisee and sole executrix of William Jennings late of Henley upon Thames gentleman v. John Evens; William Brookes; Henry Wright; Robert Brown; Mary Harding; Edward Pearsey; and John Martin re. will 18 Jan 1731, of William Jennings; manor or lordship of Turners Court with all the rights etc. in pars. of Nuffield and Benson, Oxon & five houses and gardens in Henley upon Thames etc... C79/156, no. [52]
1734 6 July 8 Richard Grosvenor esq; Ann Grosvenor, widow; Abraham Atkins, esq; Wiliam Behtha, esq; Thomas Lowther, esq; William Westbrooke, goldsmith; Charles Child, esq, executor of Leonard Child, esq; Elias Sutton, esq; William Lewis, brewer; Mathew Wright, gentleman; William Bryant, yeoman; and Richard Farmer upholder creditors of Randolph Greenway the elder, gentleman on behalf of themselves and of other creditors of the said Randolph Greenway v. Thomas Fowke; Robert Glynn; Randolph Greenway the son; Charles Scott; Robert Scott; James Nutcher & Ann his wife; William Peere Williams, esq; Jane Harper; Elizabeth Coxhead; Catharine Gimbart; Edward Walmesley; Godfrey Gimbart jr; Robert Greenway sr; Mary Greenway; martha Greenway; Anne Greenway; Robert Greenway jr; and John Greenway re. will 14 Aug 1732 of Randolph Greenway; annuity or rent charge of £50 to his daughter Anne Greenway & annuity or rent charge of £20 to his son Robert Greenway... C78/1957, no. 3 [53]
1734 9 July 8 Nicholas Donithorn, together with William Lamb and Emanuel Tucker v. James Mill; Thomas Mitchell; John Hoblyn; Anthony Tanner, & Honora his wife; Francis Tucker, & Jane his wife re. ordered and decreed that the defendants should come to an account before Master Burroughs of this court for the rents and profits of the estate in question, come to their hands... C78/1765, no. 19 [54]
1734 10 July 8 Thomas Skyrme & Theodosia his wife; William Skyrme and Elizabeth Skyrme children of said Thomas and Theodosia infants by the said Thomas Skyrme; Charles Phillips gentleman & Anne his wife late Anne Skyrme one of the daughters of the said Thomas and Theodosia v. John Wogan esq and Anna Louisa Wogan re. conveyance 5/6 Aug 1726, of the manor or lordship of Wiston, Pembrokeshire with messuages, lands, tenements and hereditamants, to William Phillips C79/164, no. [55]
1734 16 July 8 Sir Philip York, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of David Marshall; George Lyle; and Edward Pryor, churchwardens; and James Driver; William Goldsmith; and Thomas Paternoster, overseers of the poor of the parish of Hitchin, Herts v. Thomas Surety; Sarah Pass; John Bradley; Mathew Watson; John Draper; and Nicholas Marshall re. will 23 April 1653, of William Guyver and messuages, lands and tenements in Hitchin and Ippolitts [St Ippolyts]; a perpetual annuity of £4 out of his lands for 'putting a poor boy of the parish of Hitchin apprentice' (William Guyver's charity). C78/1772, no. 9 [56]
1734 17 July 8 Samuel Sharp v. Edward Dale re. will 4 June 1714 of Ralph Bennington [1645-1719] of Pinchbeck, Lincs and his considerable personal estate; bequests to wife as long as she remained his widow, bequests, conditions;'Rents, Issues & profitts may be yearly and every yeare for ever hereafter distributed upon St Thomas Day unto & amongst the poor Impotent & most needy people residing ... within the parish of Pinchbeck'. C78/1891, no. 6 [57]
1734 19 July 8 Elizabeth Williams, spinster [dau. of Christopher Williams deceased] v. Elizabeth Williams, spinster; and Lettice Lloyd, widow [the sisters of Christopher Williams deceased] re. descent of a mansion house, lands and tenements, at Havoedwen, Carmarthenshire formerly the property of Christopher Williams. C78/1834, no. 10 [58]
1734 24 July 8 Rees Powell Gould v. Henry Williams & Katherine his wife; John Davies; James Davies; John Williams; and Thomas Evans re. debt £700 of Nicholas Williams and Henry Williams, his son to complt. secured by mortgage 20 July 1720 on premises... C78/2065, no. 2 [59]
1734 24 July 8 Thomas Lutwidge merchant v. Barbara Gibbon; Dame Dorothy Hassell; Edward Hassell; and Ann Langton re. loan £100 20 Oct 1711, by complt. Thomas Lutwidge from Joseph Rolfe, (his attorney in trade disputes. C78/2048, no. 6 [60]
1734 27 July 8 John Hapsell the younger of the parish of St Giles in the Fields, Middx, brewer v. John Till and John Huddle re. lease of all that piece of ground and messuage or tenement, lately built by John Till, situate on the east side of Swallow Street in the par. of St. James [London W1]; the debts of John Till. C78/2050, no. 8 [61]
1734 27 July 8 Stephen Trignett; Thomas Siddall; and George Smart, creditors of Sir Griffith Boynton, baronet, deceased; Francis Boynton, youngest son of Sir Francis Boynton, baronet, an infant by Constance Boynton; and Adriana Boynton, daughters of said Sir Francis Boynton; James Nelthorpe, esq; and Griffith Nelthorpe his son an infant by said James Nelthorpe, legatees of Sir Griffith Boynton, baronet on their own behalf and for the other creditors and legatees of said Sir Griffith Boynton v. John Moyser esq; Henry Barnard, esq; Hugh Bethell, esq; Henry Burton, esq; Thomas Hassell, esq; and John Garnett, clerk; Sir Francis Boynton, baronet; Griffith Boynton; and William Kirshaw Boynton re. debt £369 - 8s owed by Sir Griffith Boynton [1664–1731] to Stephen Triquett and his other debts; will 28 Feb 1707 of Sir Griffith Boynton, property at Burton Agnes, Barmston, Rousby, East and West Shealing etc. C78/1804, no. 8 [62]
1734 2 Aug 8 William Baker of Woodbury, Devon, mariner, & Mary his wife, late Mary Branscombe who was the widow and relict of John Branscombe late of Dawleigh, mariner; and William Saunders, sr, of Dawleigh [?Dawlish], yeoman; and William Saunders, jr, his son v. Andrew Norton, & Susannah his wife re. marriage agreement 6 July 1720, John Branscombe and Mary his wife; manor of Coffeton otherwise Coughton [Cofton, near Dawlish] Devon, with rights, members and appurtenances, etc. C78/1754, no. 8 [63]
1734 6 Aug 8 Thomas Middleton v. John Cotton esq re. sale 21 Mar 1728 £625, of 38 acre estate at Enfield, Middx. by John Cotton to Thomas Middleton. C78/2079, no. 4 [64]
1734 6 Aug 8 Alexander Barham, gent, surviving executor and one of the residuary legatees of Henry Freckleton, esq v. Thomas Nightingale re. will 8 Feb 1722 of Henry Freckleton; annuities and South Sea Stock; bequests and legacies; pains and troubles of executors. C78/1765, no. 17 [65]
1734 19 Oct 8 Joseph Rogers in his owne right and as executor and residuary legatee of William Rogers; and Frances Rogers widow administrator of Benjamin Rogers v. Edward Dodd administrator of Francis Chamberlaine. re. debts of late Francis Chamberlaine who had acted as agent for late William Rogers, and as such had received cash by navy bills... C79/80, no. [66]
1734 19 Oct 8 Thomas Leigh, gent v. Randle Rhode, gent re. 9 July 1722, promissory note to Richard Hassels signed by complt. at request of defendant... C78/1822, no. 2 [67]
1734 21 Oct 8 Sir Mark Stuart Pleydell, baronet [c.1692/3-1768 of Coleshill, Berks] v. Pleydell Goddard, esq; John Hardress, esq, & Anne his wife; Grace Hart, widow; Thomas Cox; and Joseph Ash esq; Mary Henwood, widow; Edward Davis; Thomas Cox, gent; John Henwood; Philip Henwood; Mary Henwood; Anne Henwood; Barbara Henwood; and Henry Henwood re. sale £500 14/15 Apr 1718, by Elizabeth and Thomas Belgrave of the north part of manor of Worth, otherwise Longworth, in par. Longworth, Berks. [now Oxon.] to John Henwood. C78/1756, no. 9 [68]
1734 30 Oct 8 James Birkett; Simon Washington; Edmund Bland; Richard Willan; John Howvill; and Richard Canby for themselves and the rest of the freeholders and landowners within the hamlets of Cawtley [Cautley] and Dowbiggin, Frostraw [Frastow], and Soulbank, Marthwaite, Howgill, and Bland in the manor and parish of Sedbergh and county of York v. Thomas Strickland, esq; John Fawcett; William Scott; William Jackson; John Cragg; George Aircy; William Aircy; William Latham; Nicholas Dickenson; and Miles Thistlethwaite re. ownership of, and rights of tenants within the par of Sedbergh, Yorks [now Cumbria]. C78/1761, no. 4 [69]
1734 31 Oct 8 Elizabeth Downay; Margaret Dawnay; John Parsons & Elizabeth his wife; Mary Hall spinster; William James Smith & his wife; Viner Snell & his wife; William Ward doctor of laws v. Edward Gale Baldero & Mary his wife re. loan £400 20 Jan 1716, Edward Gale Baldero from Thomas Adams, secured on two messuages in Uggleforth [now Ogleforth], York. C78/2050, no. 7 [70]
1734 Nov 8 James Trivit of Michael Breech, Som [Creech St Michael near Taunton], gent, & Mary his wife, widow, relict, and administratrix of Richard Bond of Holwood, Corn, esq her late husband v. Mary Bond; Gertrude Bond; John Peters, & ELizabeth his wife; and Edward Stevens; and Edward Rows re. Marriage agreeemnt 30 Mar 1725, Richard Bond of Hollwood [?Holywell], Corn. and Mary his wife; lands tenements and hereditaments in Tresungers in par. Endellion [Saint Endellion], Cornwall. C78/1816, no. 8 [71]
1734 6 Nov 8 Gaspard Sellon v. Ricahrd Lewin; John Smith; and Richard Titterton, assignees of John Rogers a bankrupt; William Seward; John Wastell; Patrick Garden; John Rogers; Scipio Guy; and Claudius Aubert re. loan £1,900 Aug 1724 by James Crossett from Scipio Guy; debts of John Rogers... C78/1814, no. 10 [72]
1734 12 Nov 8 Lydia Penne v. Francis Heylin Peacock, & Jane his wife; John Bishop; John Knight; and Henry Woods [vide 1737, C78/1815, no.3] re. sale £1,000 18 Sept 1830, by Francis Heylin Peacock to complt. a messuage or tenement in par. St. Michael Bassishaw [Basinghall Street, now Barbican Centre complex]. C78/1815, no. 2 [73]
1734 13 Nov 8 Sir Philip York, knight, Attorney General at the relation of Thomas Buck; John Simiter; John Evans; and John Bickerton, the churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the St Giles without Cripplegate, London v. Marmaduke Allington, esq; Edward FitzGerald; The Reverend Doctor Thomas Bennett; The Dean and Chapter of St Pauls Church, London; Edward Pollen, & Mary his wife; and Benjamin Rudyard re. will 25 Feb 1714, of Sir Benjamin Maddox [d.1716] of Wormley, Herts; capital messuage called 'Fern Beds' in Wormley with 16 acres of land, for the use of two of the most necessitous poor men, and as many women of Fore-street, and Redcross-street, in the Parish of Cripplegate, the rent to be distributed amongst them between Allhollowtide and Christmas... C78/1758, no. 6 [74]
1734 18 Nov 8 John Hopkins, gent, cousin and heir at law of John Hopkins, esq; Sarah Hopkins; Mary Hopkins; Elizabeth Hopkins; Hannah Hopkins; and Amy Hopkins, infants by said John Hopkins their father v. Sir Richard Hopkins, knight; John Rudge, esq; and Frances Hopkins, executors of said John Hopkins; John Dare; Francis Dare; Philip Dare; and James Bennett re. will 10 Nov 1729, of John Hopkins; large real estate in Middx, Surrey, Kent, Wilts. and Northants and a very considerable personal estate of £300,000; New Place Farm at Lingfield, Surrey; bequests... C78/1761, no. 5 [75]
1734 28 Nov 8 Ann Colleton v. James Knowles re.ordered that it should be referred to Master Allen of this Court to compute what was due to the complt. for principal and interest on the securities mentioned and to tax the complt. her costs, and to account for what she had received out of the rents and profits of the mortgages... C78/1817, no. 2 [76]
1734 30 Nov 8 Daniel Waldo; Isaac Waldo; and Peter Waldo v. John Wilson; Joshua Brise, & Elizabeth his wife; Anne Brise; Elizabeth Brise; Daniel Waldo the younger; Thomas Ravenscroft; and Waldo Ravenscroft re. purchase 1720 by John Hall from Elizabeth Weston, part (called Downside) of the rectory or parsonage of Cobham, Surrey with great and small tithes; will 10 Mar 1724 of John Hall, bequests. C78/1757, no. 1 [77]
1734 3 Dec 8 Jane Christopher, spinster v. Mathew Pitts, esq, & Rebecca his wife; Adam Marston; William Marston of Worcester; William Marston of Leominster; Pricilla Gilbert, widow; Robert Marston; Samuel Berry; John Berry; James Berry; Robert Perry; and James Marston alias Marson re. indenture of Job Marston 27 May 1701 to demise his messuages, lands and premises (inc. Hall Green house near Battsmill in par. Yardley, Worcs.& lands in par. Solihull, Warks...) to Joshua Avenant, Humphrey Powell and John Beverley, upon trust for his kinsmen. C78/1755, no. 10 [78]
1734 4 Dec 8 Lascells Metcalf; Timothy Lane; and Clifford William Phillips assignees of the estate and effects of George Robinson late of Lombard Street, London, banker and broker a bankrupt v. Henry Cooley; Thomas Terry, the said George Robinson; and Richard Heaward re. very considerable real and personal Estate of George Robinson of Marlow [cashier of the 'Charitable Corporation for the relief of the industrious poor...' ], in the counties of Bucks, Oxon. and Berks., with a great live and deadstock, and implements of husbandry; the debts, £30,000+, of George Robinson... C78/2075, no. 4 [79]
1734 4 Dec 8 John Wynter, bachelor in physick v. Sir John Smyth, baronet; John Berkeley; John Codrington; Thomas Chester re. will 18 Sept 1721, of Sir John Smith; money in trust, terms and conditions. C78/1814, no. 3 [80]
1734 8 Dec 8 Sarah Munn and others (sic) v. William Austen; Jane Austen; Thomas Freake; Edward Downes; and Hugh Morgan [vide 1744, C78/1803, no. 3]re. life interest on £2,000 was due to Dame Frances Norton [née Freke, 1644-1731] the widow of Sir George Norton; money held by Robert Austen now deceased. C79/80, no. [81]
1734 12 Dec 8 Francis Pryce gentleman v. Humphrey Evans; Evan Evans; and Morgan Rees Morgan re. loan 2 Aug 1722 £57, Morgan Rees from complt. Francis Pryce, secured on two messuages and lands belonging, in township of LLan y ffynny [?Lan-y-ffynnon]. C78/1935, no. 9 [82]
1734 14 Dec 8 John Lancaster of Cockermouth, Cumberland v. John Tiffin; John Ullock; and Elizabeth Ullock, widow; and (added later:) Margaret Ullock an infant re. loan Sept 1726 £250, John Ullock of Pardsay and/or John Ullock of Cockermouth from John Tiffin, secured on messuage or premises with garden in Cockermouth. C78/1782, no. 16 [83]
1734 C78/, no. []