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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1731 C78/, no. []
1731 12 Jan 4 George Stead, citizen and mercer of London v. Joseph Godfrey, doctor of phisick, & Rebecca his wife; and others (sic) re. loans of considerable sums, before March 1724, by Joseph and Rebecca Godfrey from several persons, secured by mortgages vested in Hannah Dewberry, widow of Benjamin Dewberry... C78/1798, no. 4 [2]
1731 19 Jan 4 Henry Troughton one of the sworn clerks of Chancery & Margaret his wife one of the daughters and coheirs of Catherine Ellis late of Bodlew, Anglesey, widow v. Hugh Kenedy & Catherine his wife re. indenture of settlement 1 July 1684, by Catherine Ellis and husband Doctor John Ellis to Robert Wynne of ?Maesyglasey, Merionth., messuages lands and tenements in Anglesey and Carnarvon... C79/164, no. [3]
1731 19 Jan 4 Robert Richardson & Elizabeth his wife v. John Sedgwick & Elizabeth his wife; and Edmund Duckett re. the Court's opinion that the deed of the 20 of April 1714, in the pleadings mentioned, was a good deed, but that the intention of the obligee that he might at any time during his lifetime... C79/8, no. [4]
1731 21 Jan 4 Thomas Spence v John Hollis; Isaac Solly; Ann Solly and John Solly re. will of Richard Solly [1694-1729] late of the parish of the Holy Trinity in the Minories, Middx., cutler; descent of manor house of Stoke or West Stoke [now in Funtington, West Sussex]; 'item, I do confirm articles of agreement made before my marriage bearing date 24th March 1717 by which I made a large & ample provision my said wife..' [the former Anne Hollis]. C78/1400, no. 3 [5]
1731 23 Jan 4 John Stoneham, & Susanna his wife, executrix of Katherine Tanner, widow, who was executrix of James Tanner v. Elias Pearse re. Sir Randolph Knipe of London, merchant, Sir John Fryer, baronet, alderman of London, the defndt. Charles Pearse, David Milne, George Lascells, Abraham Mendes, James Tanner, deceased in year 1711 ship owners engaged in Jamaica trade; payments during voyage to Jamaica by master. C78/1779, no. 2 [6]
1731 23 Jan 4 David Lewis, gent v. Christopher Widmore re. loan £200 14 FEb 1707, by Christopher Widmore from Thomas Beasley secured on messuage with woods, lands etc. C78/1710, no. 6 [7]
1731 25 Jan 4 William Tye of Ipswich, Suff, surgeon, executor of William Tye of Ipswich, apothecary v. The Bailiffs, Burgesses, and Commonalty of the town of Ipswich re. rights of the town of Ipswich to various tolls, fines and privileges and its duties for disbursements for repairs and necessary charges. C78/1758, no. 9 [8]
1731 28 Jan 4 Sarah Edwards widow and relict of Henry Edwards esq v. Richard March esq and Francis March esq re. marriage agreement 13 Feb 1716, complt.Sarah Edwards and late Henry Edwards; £3,700, lands and tenements... C79/115, no. [9]
1731 28 Jan 4 Anne Farmer, spinster v. John Cumyngs, esq; Charles Llord, viscount Cullin; Henry Stevens, esq, serjeant at law; and Elizabeth Pound, widow re. deed poll 6 Dec 1644 of Mary, Countess of Dover; trustee William Cockayne and several messuages, cottages, lands etc. in par. St George the Martyr [Southwark], Surrey.. C78/1800, no. 13 [10]
1731 28 Jan 4 John Hill, clerk, & Alice his wife, late Alice Barker; William Cockman; and Nicholas Thurloe, clerk v. Moses Some, clerk; William Some; and others (sic); and (added later:) Thomas Fuller re. loan £100 12 May 1713, by William Ashton from Susannah Crouch widow, secured on messuage or tenement in Old Weston, Huntingdonshire [near Molesworth, now in Cambs.], with pieces of arable, ley and meadow containing 84 acres and... C78/1795, no. 10 [11]
1731 28 Jan 4 Elizabeth Gardiner, widow v. Thomas Hogg; and Judith Parnell re. demise 1 Sept 1724, William Barlow to Thomas Lansdell, a piece of ground, part of Brook Field, near Hanover Square in par. St Martin in the Fields on north side of a new street intended to be called Brook Street... C78/1790, no. 9 [12]
1731 6 Feb 4 William Sadler of Polesworth, Warw, yeoman v. Richard Sadler; and Isaac Sadler re. descent since 1618, of messuages, lands and tenements of John Sadler (complt's g-father) in Over Whiteaker [Over Whitacre], Kingsbury and Bentley, Warwicks... C78/1542, no. 1 [13]
1731 18 Feb 4 Robert Billings, gent v. Charles Mason, esq; Charles Brander; and Sir Bibie, late baronet re. loan 21/22 Feb 1697 £350, by Dr Edward Jones [1641-1703], bishop of St Asaph, from Jeremiah Brown, secured on capital messuage or tenement and lands... C78/1768, no. 12 [14]
1731 19 Feb 4 Thomas Blow, esq and Augustine Martin, executors of John Blow, esq; Henry Johnson, & Frances his wife, who was one of the daughters of Sir Peter Tyrrell, baronet and executrix of Elizabeth Tyrrell; Shreeve Paynton, esdq; and Abraham Taylor on behalf of themselves and other creditors of Sir Peter Tyrrell and Thomas Tyrrell esq his son and heir afterwards Sir Thomas Tyrrell baronet v. John Knapp, & Christiana his wife; Francis Martin; May Man, & Harriott his wife; Sir Edmund Probyn, knight; Mathew Skinner, esq; Robert Lydall, clerk; John Cartwright; William Vaux; John Man; Miles Man; Shuckburgh Sill; William Northey, esq; Baldwin Wake, & Mary his wife; and Lewis Rye, & Jane his wife re. debts £753 6s 6d of Sir Peter Tyrrell [c.1627-1711] and Thomas Tyrrell to John Blow; annuity of £300 p.a.payable to Sir Peter Tyrrell, charged on manor of Castle Thup [Castlethorpe, Bucks]... C78/1784, no. 3 [15]
1731 20 Feb 4 Jane Reynolds widow v. Thomas Thomas Missing esq; John White; Thomas Ridge esq; John Mounsting; Samuel Bucknall; Robert Read & Hannah his wife then late Hannah Reynolds re. marriage 24 July 1711, Robert Reynolds and complt. Jane; new built capital messuage, coachhouse, barns, stables, lands etc. in par. Portsea, co. Southton [Hampshire]; claims of widow... C79/114, no. [16]
1731 24 Feb 4 Joseph Offley, esq, eldest son and heir of Stephen Offley, esq v. Anne Offley, widow and executrix of said Stephen Offley and afterwards the wife of Gervase Scrope, esq; Anne Offley; Elizabeth Offley; Emelia Offley; and Mary Offley, infant daughters of said Stephen Offley, deceased, by said Anne Offley, widow, afterwards Anne Scrope; John lord Viscount Barrington, Ireland; Henry Bendish, esq; Stephen Offley, gent; and Samuel Crome, gent re. will 5 June 1694, of Cornelius Clarke & divers manors in Norton [now suburb of Sheffield, Yorks] and several other vils and places in hundred of Scarsdale, Derbys.[C. Clarke d. childless and passed Norton to nephew Robert Offley]. C78/1689, no. 5 [17]
1731 25 Feb 4 Sir Edmund Bacon, baronet, & Dame Susan his wife, one of the daughters of Sir Isaac Rebow, knight; Joseph Thurston; Thomas Thurston; Mary Thurston; and Ann Thurston, which Joseph, Thomas, Mary, and Ann were the grandchildren of the said Isaac Rebow v. Isaac Lemyng Rebow; George Brazier; and Thomas Fell [see below] re. will 3 June 1725 of Sir Isaac Rebow [1655-1726]; manors messuages, lands, tenements etc. in Essex, Middx., Suffolk,Somerset & elsewhere and a very considerable personal estate; bequests [leaving most of his estates to his grandson, Isaac Lemyng Rebow]. C78/1830, no. 5 [18]
1731 25 Feb 4 Isaac Lemyng Rebow of St James in the liberty of Westminster, Middx, esq v. Charles Chambrelan Rebow; George Braiser; and Thomas Fell [see above] re. will 3 June 1725 of Sir Isaac Rebow [1655-1726]; manors messuages, lands, tenements etc. in Essex, Middx., Suffolk , Somerset & elsewhere and a very considerable personal estate; bequests [suit against another grandson of Sir Isaac Rebow: Charles Chamberlain Rebow]. C78/1830, no. 4 [19]
1731 25 Feb 4 George Bewe of London, apothecary v. Samuel Skelton and Alice Gardner re. it was ordered and decreed that it be referred to Master Bennett of this Court to take an account of what was due to the complainant Bewe for principal and interest on all his mortgages... C78/1781, no. 8 [20]
1731 4 March 4 Francis Wroughton esq v. Isaac Warriner, gentleman and William Giddings re. sale by defendt. William Giddings to Francis Wroughton of two messuages, 2 gardens, 2 orchards a barn & stable, 37 acres pasture & 80 acres land in Eastcott [in par. Easterton], Wilts... C78/1938, no. 5 [21]
1731 8 March 4 Sir William Juxon, baronet; and Francis Loggin, gent v. John Were, & Elizabeth his wife; Robert Paschoe Hamlin; William Vaux; and others (sic) re. loan £3200 14/15 July 1725, by Robert Hamlin [Hamlyn], decased from compts. Sir William Juxon and Francis Loggin, secured on property in Appledore, Devon.... C78/1745, no. 1 [22]
1731 10 March 4 Samuel Harris clerk executor of Susannah Howeson widow, relict, and administratrix of Magnus Howeson mariner and also administratrix of said Magnus Howeson unadministered by said Susannah Howeson in her lifetime; and Mathew Tindale gentleman executor of Susannah Howeson the younger spinster daughter of said Magnus Howeson by said Susannah Howeson his said wife v. Elizabeth Ingledew and Ellis Gamble executors of John Ingledew; Caleb Smith; Elizabeth Smith; Ingledew Smith; Sarah Smith spinster; Marmaduke Storr & Hannah his wife, which said Caleb Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Sarah Smith, Ingledew Smith, and Hannah Storr are the children of William Ingledew's brother in law Caleb Smith; George Douthwaite; David Douthwaite; John Davison; William Trotter; Jeremiah Wakelin; Sir Richard Hopkins knight; John King; Henry Rames; and Elizabeth widow and relict of said Caleb Smith Estate of William Ingledew decd, and debts due to the estate of Magnus Howeson, including money due to Magnus Howeson which William Ingledew had invested in the South Sea Company in his own name. C78/1859, no. 6 [23]
1731 11 March 4 William Buckle, & Diana his wife; Robert Palmer, & Elizbeth his wife; Charles Mount, & Robella his wife; and Mary Milman spinster, which Diana, Elizabeth, Robella, and Mary were the heirs and coheirs at law of Sir William Milman knight v. Dame Elizabeth Milman, widow; John Jacob; Robert Jacomb; and Anthony Gacherode re. ordered and decreed that Jane Elizabeth Milman should come to an account before Master Fellows of this Court for what of Sir William Milman's estate did come to her hands, or to the hands of any other for her use, from 1 July 1706... C78/1838, no. 5 [24]
1731 11 March 4 Thomas Penny, esq; Charles Smith, administrator of Francis Smith, esq, his brother; and Francis Smith an infant, son an dheir of said Francis Smith by Charles Smith v. Peter Davis and Richard Ward, Esq re. demise of closes of lands by indenture of mortgage 25 April [1707-8] for £350, by George Harvey, the elder of Staverdale in par. Wincalton [Wincanton], Somerset to Philip Hodges of Wells, Somerset... C78/1809, no. 7 [25]
1731 11 March 4 Joseph Gascoigne Nightingale of Enfield, Middx, esq, executor of Robert __ Nightingale who was executor of Robert Nightingale, baronet v. Edward Davies, & Elizabeth his wife; Susana Surman, which said Elizabeth and Susanna were executrices of John Surman; John Dantz and George Newton [damaged document] re. dispute over chests of bullion owned by Sir Robert Nightingale [4th Bt, d.1722], sent, Feb 1720, with John Surman for investment in Fort William [now in Kolkata], Bengal, East Indies... C78/1780, no. 5 [26]
1731 11 March 4 George Rush and Samuel Rush, two of the younger sons of Samuel Rush of Southwark, Surrey, esq, infants by William Rush, gent, their uncle v. Martha Rush, widow; John Rush; Martha Rush; and Mary Rush, which John, Martha, and Mary were infants and children of said Samuel Ruth re. will 4 Mar 1724, of Samuel Rush, considerable real estate of £2,700 p.a. and personal estate £60,000; bequests... C78/1750, no. 6 [27]
1731 10 April 4 Francis Steinghens alias Francis Meehrs, an infant by Michael le Bean of London, merchant v. Mary Diana Steinghens; Mary Fairfax; and Joseph Como re. will 21 June 1718, in the French language, of Daniel Steinghens of Dusseldorf, Germany (complt's uncle), before 1718, envoy from the Elector Palatinate; considerable personal estate, South Sea stock South Sea annuities and other effects... C78/1738, no. 6 [28]
1731 27 April 4 William Meux of London, esq; and Richard Meux of the Inner Temple, London, gent; and Thomas Meux, infant, by said William Meux his brother v. Elizabeth Meux; Richard Wynn; and William Myers re. Sir William Massingberd [3rd Baronet, 1677 –1723] of Gunby, Lincs possessed of divers manors, messuages, lands, tenements, hereditaments in Lincs. and of a considerable personal estate, d. unmarried and estate passed to nephew William Meux; indenture 18/19 Nov 1723 in trust for his sister Elizabeth and her children (the complts.). C78/1749, no. 4 [29]
1731 3 May 4 Richard Farrington and Thomas Chapman two of the creditors of John Culpepper Milway under a commission of bankruptcy on behalf of themselves and other creditors seeking relief under the said statute v. Ralph Milway clerk heir? of the said John Culpepper Milway [faded document] re. bankruptcy of John Culpepper Milway, 2 Aug 1726. C79/63, no. [30]
1731 3 May 4 Mary Hallam an infant; and James Boys; and Robert Middleton administrator during the minority of the said Mary Hallam to the goods unadministered of Thomas Hallam decd; and Thomas Cratcherode the only surviving trustee of the said Thomas Hallam v. Henry Gardiner; Sir Anthony Thomas Abdy baronet; Robert Jegon; and Richard Bacon re. loan £3,600 28 Dec 1716 by Francis Gardiner from Thomas Hallam, secured on property in Tolleshunt, Essex, allegedly free from encumbrances... C79/59, no. [31]
1731 11 May 4 Thomas Glaseour, esq v. Henry Bennett, merchant; Dame Martha Mainwaring, widow; Diana Mainwaring, widow; and Sir Henry Mainwaring, baronet, an infant re. Thomas Glaseour (complt's g-grandfather) and the descent of his messuage with lands in Whitbey [Whitby in par. Eastham, now in Ellesmre Port]; indenture 30 May [1664-5]. C78/1769, no. 7 [32]
1731 13 May 4 Mary East, spinster v. William Killingbeck, gent, & Ann his wife; and Edward East re. will 15 Sept 1687, of Thomas East (complt's late father) and his property in manor of Great Hormead [Herts.] and Ridgwells [?Essex]; provision for complt, and Elizabeth, her sister. C78/1789, no. 1 [33]
1731 17 May 4 Thomas Strickland v. George Mercer, administrator of Thomas Mercer re. decreed that it should be referred to Master Thurston of this Court to compute the plaintiff money and interest due on the bond in the said decree mentioned, and also take an account and see what the said Mercer received towards satisfaction thereof... C78/1800, no. 16 [34]
1731 17 May 4 Edward Duncombe, esq, lord of the manor of Holbeach, Lincs; and others (sic) v. Andrew Chambers, & Isabella his wife; Rachael Wymberley; and Elizabeth Wymberley, which said Isabella, Rachael, and Elizabeth were the daughters and coheirs of Bevill Wymberley[1646-1708], esq; and others (sic) re. maintenance of a creek or haven called Fleet Haven (which frequently overflows), forming boundary between pars. of Holbeach and Gedney, Lincs. C78/1798, no. 3 [35]
1731 19 May 4 Charles Parker; Richard Keen; Henry Pierse; Elizabeth Sucart; Bridget Hellier; James Silver; Thomas Holdaway; Francis Wither; Godman Essex; Francis Phillips; John Winchbol; John Arndel; Mary Hawkins; Richard Wheeler; Robert Stowers; Richard Brames; Richard Hall; Richard Currant; John Edwards; Edward Smith; Benjamin Bead; Benjamin Apleford; George Silvester; John Mason; William Malard; Robert Hockey; Edward Walter; John White; William Froom; Richard Hall; and John James in trust for Mary and Dorothy Hall; Edward Pavy; Joseph Wither; Joseph Stroud; Benjamin Wither; John Biggs; James Swaite; Francis Wise; Joseph Jolws; William Curr; Robert Herne; John James; William White; ___ Edmuns; John Spindler; James Cooper sr; James Cooper jr, all of Burghclere, Hants; John White; Thomas White; William White; Edward Pavy; Edward White; Richard Cooper; Samuel Pierce; Charles Parker; Benjamin Forster; Henry Bartholomew; Jonathan Eeles; Edward Taylor; John Arundell; John Wimbol; John Bigs; Robert Hellier; William Bond; Henry Allen; Agavus Smith; ___ Sawyer; Edward Bond; James King; James Gramal; John Edwards; Thomas Grace; James Eeles; Henry Elms; Charles Pencock; George Leeke; Robert Hellier; John Lake; Thomas Higgs; Isaac Mills; Simon Pebworth; John Neale; John Hays; John Bulpit; Robert Goslin; John Taylor; Alice Grace; Robert Commins; Benjamin Bartin; John Knowles; Arthur Wimbol; John Batchellor; Stephen Wimbos; John Runny; Henry Grace; Peter Tull; and William Allen the several copyhold tenants of the said manors of Burghclere and Highcleere [Highclere], Hants v. Honorable Robert Herbert, esq re. questions, doubts and differnces over number and status of copyholds in manors of Highclere and Burghclere; Hon. Robert Herbert [1693-1769] seized in fee of said manors... C78/1824, no. 8 [36]
1731 19 May 4 John Woolcombe, esq, an infant by Nicholas Webber, gent; and said Nicholas Webber v. Ellizabeth Woolcombe, widow; Theophilus Blackall, clerk; Thomas Hurrell, clerk; John Watkins, gent; Elizabeth Woolcombe; and Anne Woolcombe, infants re. will 11 Dec 1726, of Philip Woolcombe [or Woollcombe], clerk of Zeal Monachorum, Devon (issue: complt. John and defts. Elizabeth and Anne); bequests and conditions, marriage with consent of trustees... C78/1744, no. 6 [37]
1731 24 May 4 Samuel Crook esq v. Thomas Yates & Lidia his wife; Thomas Clayton & Abigail his wife; John Andrews & Abigail his wife; and Roger Rode [faded document] re. will Oct 1722 of Richard Crooke, died 4 Nov 1727, considerable real estate in Lancs. and Ches. & large personal estate; bequest to wife, and after her death to heirs male of any other husband she should marry... C79/19, no. [38]
1731 24 May 4 Dorothy Seymour, widow and administratrix of Phillip Seymour decd, and also administratrix of John Seymour his son decd v. Roger Seymour; John Seymour; Ann Seymour; Robert Seymour; Daniel Appleford; and Francis Richens re. indenture 10 Apr 1726, of Thoams Seymour making provision for his three brothers, Phliip, Robert and Roger; property in manor of Ogbourne St Andrew, Wilts. C78/1426, no. 4 [39]
1731 28 May 4 Sir Phillip York, Attorney General, at the relation of Thomas Gibson; and John Jacob, jr, esqs; Samuel Bennett, cabinetmaker; John Mercer, upholsterer; Benjamin South, turner; Richard Sheppard, factor; and Nathaniel Wright, carpenter, all residing in Lothbury, London; Benjamin Cooke, gent; and George Streatfield, druggist, both residing in Princes Street, London; and Edmund Jones, gent; James Graves, musician; Thomas Browne, parish clerk; Thomas Stones, watchmaker; and Samuel Prankred, jeweler, residing in Drapers Court, London, who were several of the inhabitants residing near the passage in the information v. Andrew Hope re. status of a new street, caused to be opened after the 1666 Great Fire of London called 'Princes Street' from Threadneedle Street to Lothbury; whether or not an ancient common before the Fire... C78/1748, no. 1 [40]
1731 31 May 4 Francis Esquire v. Timothy Squire; and William Dennings re. will 7 Sept 1726, of Francis Child of Maulden, Beds. & property in Maulden and Clophill and very considerable personal estate; bequests. C78/1772, no. 4 [41]
1731 1 June 4 Margaret Andreise, widow v. Thomas Hodges, esq; Humphrey South; Joseph Hodges; and Barnard Andreise Woodstock re. will 25 Aug 1709 , of Barnard Andreise of Jamaica (complt's late husband), several plantations, messuages, lands, tenements and other real estate in Jamaica, value £2,500 p.a.; bequests C78/1767, no. 4 [42]
1731 2 June 4 Robert Ray, gent, since deceased; and Robert Tomlinson; and John Copley, clerks v. Anne Metcalfe, widow; Richard Green; and Thomas Brearey re. sale 1694 £1,200, of tenements in Little Gomersall [Gomersal], Yorks by John Ray deceased (late complts'father) to William Green; certain interest due to Catherine Ray during her lifetime... C78/1697, no. 4 [43]
1731 3 June 4 Sir Edward Mansell [d.1754] , baronet, the eldest son and heir at law of Sir Edward Mansell [d.1720, who married Dorother, sister of Edward Vaughan]of Trimsaran [near Llanelli], Carmarthen, baronet v. Anne Bentham, widow; and others (sic) re. will 30 Nov 1683, of Edward Vaughan, and divers messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments in Carmarthenshire; bequests... C78/1795, no. 17 [44]
1731 4 June 4 Elizabeth Sheldon, widow, relict, and sole excecutrix of Gilbert Sheldon, late of Hanover Square, Middx, esq; Mary Sheldon of George Street, spinster, executrix of Judith Sheldon her sister, which said Mary Sheldon and Judith Sheldon were the two daughters of Daniel Sheldon father said Gilbert Sheldon of Ham, Surrey, Esq. and Judith his wife and their 8 children, Paul, Gilbert, Thomas, Judith, Daniel, Elizabeth, Phillip, and Sheldon Jodrell infants by said Paul Jodrell their father; William Cradock of St Giles in the Fields, Middx, esq, & Mary his wife, and their two children, Sheldon and Mary Cradock, infants by said William Cradock their father v. Paul Jodrell, sr, esq; and Joseph Taylor, esq, surviving trustees names in an act of Parliament for the sale of the estate of the said Gilbert Sheldon re. Act of Parliament 11 George 1 c.38 [1724] for sale of the manors of Middle Ditchford alias Freemans Ditchford & Guys Ditchford alias Over Ditchford and other lands in Worcs. [deserted settlements, now in Gloucs.] to pay debts of Gilbert Sheldon & for making provision for his widow, children and g-children..... C78/1809, no. 8 [45]
1731 4 June 4 Harry Gray, esq, son and heir of the Honorable John Gray, who was one of the sons of Henry, earl of Stamford; Dorothy Gray; and Katherine Gray, infants of very tender years, daughters of said Harry Gray by said Harry Gray, their guardian v. William Ward, jr, esq; and John Wrottesly, esq re. marriage agreement 9 Dec 1683, John Grey and Katherine Ward, dau of Edward Ward, Baron of Birmingham [7th Baron Dudley, 1631-1701]; property of Henry Grey [father of John Grey], manors of Enfeild [?Ellfield], Whittington, Amblcoat [Amblecote] and ?Morse, Staffs property in Old Winford, Kings Winford & Bobbington alias Bovington. C78/1795, no. 13 [46]
1731 15 June 5 Eunice Thomas, widow v. Thomas Haley; and Charles Wood re. memorandum 7 Dec 1728, by complt. Eunice Thomas to let a messuage or tenement, to defendts, in Basinghall Street, London [EC2] for 16 years from Lady Day next [25 Mar] @ rent £140 p.a; the little counting house adjoining, reserved to complt. C78/1800, no. 17 [47]
1731 15 June 5 John Chaplin; and others, infants v. Ann Chaplin, widow; and Sir Samuel Thorold, baronet re. marriage agreement 13/14 June 1707, Porter(sic) Chaplin [son of John Chaplin b.1657, of Tathwell, Lincs.] and Ann Sherwin ; £6,000 marriage portion, messuages, rectories and lands in pars. Maltby & Rathby [Raithby-with-Maltby], Tathwell, Wrangle, Hallington, Haugham and Scrafield... C78/1799, no. 6 [48]
1731 15 June 5 William Gardiner, clerk v. James Cooke, clerk; Edward Griffith, clerk; and John Griffith, clerk re. ordered that the matter of the plaintiff's Bill, so far as it related to Edward Griffiths and John Griffiths, should from henceforth stand dismissed out of this Court, with costs as to the defendant Edward Griffiths, but without costs as to John Griffiths... C78/1689, no. 6 [49]
1731 19 June 5 John Curwen esq son and heir apparent of William Curwen esq v. Thomas Milner esq; Thomas Barron; ande Edward Twist re. loan £500 from defendants, by John Curwen, who was married to Ann, who was heir to father Samuel Twyn's considerable estate; terms of loan... C79/53, no. [50]
1731 19 June 5 Daniel Pomeroy v. George Chudliegh [4th Baronet, d.1738], baronet]; and Humphry Gilbert re. loan £500 10 Sept 1677, by late Gilbert Hody from Sarah Basterd, secured on manors and lands in Devon & Somerset; daus. Ann and Joanna Hody; will May 1704 of Sarah Basterd... C78/1793, no. 10 [51]
1731 22 June 5 William Nevill, & Susannah his wife v. Susannah Thorpe, widow; George Thorpe; and Thomas Thorpe, executors of George Thorpe; and John Thorpe re. will Nov 1715, of George Thorpe, a goldsmith of Bisingstoke, co. Southampton [Basingstoke, Hants.]; good personal estate and considerable real estate; to wife, all his lands in Alvescot, Oxon... C78/1793, no. 6 [52]
1731 22 June 5 Sir Phillip Yorke, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of Peter Hamelot, rector of Ashted [Ashtead], Surrey; and John Pitt; and John Otway, the present churchwardens of Ashted v. William Rous; Anne Rooke; Richard Rous; and the Lady Diana Fielding re. will 24 Aug 1712 of Sarah Bond; bequest to parishioners of Ashtead, £20 to poor of parish + interest on £480 for the relief of such indigent inhabitants as do not receive parish relief. C78/1733, no. 4 [53]
1731 23 June 5 Henry Bromley, esq; Samuel Sheppard, esq; Martyn Sandys, esq; and Samuel Gatward, esq v. Richard Sheppard the brother and heir at law of William Sheppard re. indenture 16 Jan 1706 of Hester Browne (then married to Francis Browne & widow of Thomas Alderne) concerning her disposal of a messuage and lands in Worcs. despite her couverture... C78/1795, no. 11 [54]
1731 23 June 5 Ralph Robinson, esq; Edward Harle, gent; and William Watson, gent, executors of Samuel Ayton, esq, a bond creditor of John Tong of Brancepeth, Durham, clerk, together with several other creditors by bond and judgment of the said John Tong for themselves and the rest of the creditors of said John Tong v. Edward Tong, clerk; William Weckett, clerk; Margaret Tong, widow; Robert Richardson, gent; William Dunn, clerk; James Carr, & Anne his wife; and Robert Spearman, gent Debts of John Tong who died intestate. Estate including annuities & lands in Luttrington, Wheatside & The Lough, Co Durham. Refusal of the defts to apply the proceeds of the estate to settling the debts. Deft Edward Tong being brother of the said John Tong, and the deft Weckett, Rector of Brancepeth, nephew of John Tong C78/1695, no. 3 [55]
1731 26 June 5 Thomas Smith; and Robert Snook, assignees of a commission of bankrupt awarded against John marten of London, chapman v. Thomas Garrard, & Priscilla his wife; and said John Marten, & Mary his wife re. debts of John Martin trader, before 1718, in wines, brandies and liquors & concerned in soap making; Commission of Bankruptcy 15 Jul 1719; leasehold messuages in Manchester Court, messuage in Hatton Garden... C78/1742, no. 9 [56]
1731 28 June 5 Charles Boon of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, esq v. John Hill, esq; Jacob Albert, administrator with the will annexed of Henry Albert and John Hope, esq re. complt. president of Bombay, East Indies [Charles Boone d.1735, governor of the Bombay Presidency from 1715 to 1722.]; bill of lading 13 Oct 1718 for 87 bales of gurrahe [coarse Indian muslin] by ship 'George', captain Sedgewick. C78/1703, no. 8 [57]
1731 29 June 5 George Danbury, esq v. John, earl Poulett; Anthony Henley, esq; Ambrose Damer; and Henry Bertie, administrator de bonis non of Anthony Henley, esq; Elizabeth Henley; Catherine Henley; Robert Henley; Henry Henley; Bertie Henley; and Ralph Webb, clerk, & Mary his wife re. covenant 29 July 1656 Robert Henley to sell his tenement for £500 to George Bowditch; parcel of the manor of Chardstock, Dorset [now in Devon]. C78/1744, no. 2 [58]
1731 1 July 5 John Tilbury since decesed, & Grace his wife, late Grace Allen, executrix of Edward Hawkins also administratrix of John Hawkins his son de bonis non by Edward Hawkins who was his administrator v. William Goodenough; and Francis Hawkins re. purchase Dec 1702 of copyhold house in Stepney by late Edward Hawkins from William Goodenough; claim to house or part thereof by Mr Bradley, an infant... C78/1790, no. 12 [59]
1731 1 July 5 Thomas Parthington, & Elizabeth his wife v. Frances Lever, widow; John Revell Lever, gent; Robert Foley, esq; and James Chetham, esq re. indenture of demise 8 Sept 1612 (sic) by John Hunt of a messuage in [Market Street Lane] Manchester, Lancs called New Hall or New House with three closes and of several houses and gardens to Robert Lever, g-grandfather of John Lever of Manchester, deceased... C78/1767, no. 9 [60]
1731 1 July 5 Nathan Hickman, gent v. Robert Holt, esq; Richard Worthington, gent; John Conyers; and Bridget Dade, widow re. ordered and decreed that it should be referred to a Master of this Court to compute interest for the sum of £215 15s and 10d, due to the complainant from 5th July 1717, and to tax the said complainant his costs... C78/1767, no. 2 [61]
1731 3 July 5 John Baines, esq, serjeant at law; Jane Leigh, the wife of Francis Leigh, esq; and Francis Leighan, infant, son of the said Francis Leigh by the said John Baines v. said Francis Leigh, esq; John Coast; and the Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Oxford re. marriage agreement '10 years then past', Francis Leigh and Jane Leigh; her personal estate of £600+ & real estate in Kent and Middx. of £300 p.a., and his lease of the manor of Bexley, Kent held of the Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Oxford... C78/1768, no. 11 [62]
1731 9 July 5 Mary Wheddon widow v. Thomas Palmer esq; William Oxenham esq & Ann his wife re. descent of several manors, messuages, lands and hereditaments in Devon and Somerset, owned by late William Long of New House, Mainhead [?Mamhead], Devon, whose late wife Elizabeth's only surviving sister is the complt. Mary Wheddon. C78/1859, no. 7 [63]
1731 13 July 5 John Harris and others (sic) v. William Norcliffe esq and others (sic) AND Daniel Deane and others v. William Norcliffe and others (sic) re. was ordered and adjudged that the former decree of 15 June 1714 should stand, and that the defendant Francis Harris should join in the sale of the lands comprised in the fine and the deeds in 1683 and 1691, being the estate... C78/2074, no. 3 [64]
1731 13 July 5 John Mayhew v. Elizabeth Coppin [Damaged document] re. loan 7/8 June 1695 £100, hy John Tretheway from William Brown, secured on two messuages or tenements in Old Witch Alley and Old Witch Street [?Aldwych] in par. St Clement Danes, Middx. C78/1795, no. 14 [65]
1731 13 July 5 William Wright & Mary his wife; Jane Faulkner, widow; Davenant Bell, & Susanna his wife v. George Luke; Elizabeth Barber; Mary Stewart; Goddard Urlin; John Pepiatt; Henry Fleming; William Sparhauke; Thomas Love; William Barker; William Barber; James Buffar; and John Bell re. will of Nicholas Luke of Woodend in par. Caple [Cople], Beds and his very great personal estate in Caple, cardington and ?Haynes; bequests to his 3 nieces, Mary Wright, Jane Faulkner widow & Susannah Bellair. C78/1772, no. 2 [66]
1731 16 July 5 Gilbert Mackinurdo, gent, administrator of Mary his late wife late Mary Sewden the daughter and only child of Anthony Sowden v. Thomas Jordan; Thomas Theed; and Henry Jefferies, executors of Margaret Kilgower; and Tuke Kilgower the surviving executor of Alexander Kilgower re. marriage agrement before 26 Oct 1708, Anthony Sewden & Margaret Headley; several leashold messuages, £100 assigned in trust... C78/1819, no. 5 [67]
1731 16 July 4 Simon Berners; William Berners; John Berners; Thomas Robottom; and Henrietta Bernes; Bridgett Berners; Mary Berners; Eliabeth Berners, sons and daughters of William Berners of Wigenhall St Mary, Norf, esq, deceased, being infants; Phillip Bedingfield, esq; Thomas Spicer; John Boon; Briant Read; Robert Hayes; and William Yeomans, creditors of said William Berners v. John Davis, esq; Josias Berners; John Turner; John Helle; and Gregory Berners; Hatt Berners, the eldest sons of William Berners; Gilbert Affleck, esq; and Charles Chambers, gent re. will 7 May 1727 of William Berners, and his property in manors of Wiggenhall St Mary's, Wiggenhall St Germans, Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen and Tilney, and elsewhere in Norfolk; bequests... C78/1733, no. 6 [68]
1731 16 July 5 Martha, Lady Wentworth, baroness of Nettlestead [in Maidstone], widow and relict of Sir Henry Johnson, knight, her late husband v. Thomas, earl of Strafford; William Wentworth, esq commonly called Lord Wentworth; Lady Ann Wentworth; Lady Lucy Wentworth; Lady Henrietta Wentworth; and William Guidott, esq re. will 19 March 1718 of Sir Henry Johnson [1661-1719] and his manors, lands, farms etc. in Middx., Oxon, Beds., Bucks, Suffolk, Kent and elsewhere £5,000 p.a. & very great personal estate £80,000; William Guidott [1671–1745] sole executor... C78/1707, no. 3 [69]
1731 19 July 5 Robert Martin, gent; Francis Edgar, gent; William Abell; and Ann Reeve, spinster, sole executrix of James Reeve, clerk, on behalf of themselves andother bond creditors of Richard Cabell late of Beallings Parva, Suff v. Elizabeth Cabell, widow; Elizabeth Cabell an infant by her guardian; Humphry Cabell; John Cabell; and Thomas Bumstead re. loan £100 by Richard Cabell from Robert Martin, secured by £200 bond 13 Dec 1717; repayment schedule. C78/1809, no. 2 [70]
1731 20 July 5 Sir Edward North, Attorney General, at the relation of the chancellor's masters and scholars of the University of Oxford and of the Mayor, Community, and Citizens of the City of London, Governors of the House of the Poor commonly called St Bartholomews Hospital in Smithfield, London, of the Foundation of Henry VIII; William Reshaw; James Smith; William Snittleton; John Bond; Benjamin Berkley; Joshua Green, & Elizabeth his wife; Elizabeth Strintter; and Sarah Lunn v. The Right Honorable William Bromley, esq; Sir George Beaumont, baronet; Thomas Sclater, esq; and Anthoney Keck, gent, executors of John Radcliffe, doctor of phisick; John Smith son and heir of Mrs Smith one of the sisters of the said testator Hannah Redshaw; and Milicent Radcliffe two other of the said testator's sisters and coheirs at law of the said testator the said Millicent Radcliffe is since dead without issue re. will [13 September 1714] of Dr John Radcliffe [1650-1714] of Oxford and his very considerable real estate, £2,800, p.a. & personal estate of £8,000; bequests C78/1824, no. 1 [71]
1731 21 July 5 Jane Rontree, an infant, by John Rontree; and the said John Rontree v. John Hawkridge, & Anne his wife; Thomas Swaine, & Susannah his wife re. marriage agreement 1716, of Thomas Rontree and the defendt. Anne; tenement near Leeds £8 2s p.a.; claims of John Rontree (bro. of Thomas) and Jane (dau. of Thomas). C78/1768, no. 13 [72]
1731 22 July 5 Nathaniel Clarke, & Jane his wife v. Daniel Gwilt; and Charles Eyre re. marriage agreement between complts Nathaniel Clarke, & Jane; lands tenements and hereditaments £200 p.a. owned by Jane, settled on trustees during her couverture and should be at her disposal by deed or bill.... C78/1795, no. 16 [73]
1731 22 July 5 The Guild or Brotherhood of Masters and Pilots, Seamen of the Trinity House of Kingston upon Hull; David Crosby; and Lawrence Jopson, wardens of the said guild or brotherhood being burgesses of Kingston upon Hull v John Angell, esq, of Stockwell in Lambeth, Surrey; and George Dickinson of Whitby, Yorks re. letters patent of Charles II, 18 Nov decimo tertio anno regni [1661-2]; charter of confirmation of Hull Trinity House; conflicting letters patent Charles II 25 Oct vicesimus septimus [1675-6] granted to Justinian Angell [1633-1680] to maintain a lighthouse at Spurn Point... C78/1780, no. 3 [74]
1731 23 July 5 Edmund Wace, sr, clerk, rector of Hilborow alias Hilborworth [Hilborough], Norf; and Edmund Wace, jr, of Hilborow, gent for themselves and all other freehold tenants of the manor or lordship of Hilborow entitled to the right of pasture called a cullett right v. James Nelthorpe, esq; and William Browne, yeoman re. ancient or customary right called a 'cullet right' (to pasture sheep with the flock of the lord of the manor) belonging to the tenants in tne manor of Hilborow... C78/1758, no. 10 [75]
1731 24 Jul 5 John, Earl of Bristol v. John, Duke of Montague; Sir Clobery Holt; and Dane Anne Holt [faded document] re. loan about Easter time [1673-74] £700, by Sir Robert Holt from Hon. John Harvey, the complt's. late uncle decd. C78/1426, no. 1 [76]
1731 27 July 5 Edward? Luther esq; ____ ____; and Elizabeth Wright widow only daughter of Dorothy Kidby widow v. John Kidby re. descent of manor of South Benfleet & divers, lands, tenements and hereditaments in Essex; Dorothy Kidby and Elizabeth Vaughan daus. of Sir William Appleton [d.1705] and sisters of Sir Henry Appleton who died without issue [1709-10]. C79/60, no. [77]
1731 28 July 5 William Marwood, esq, the younger son of George Marwood, who was younger brother of sir Henry Marwood, baronet v. Cholmley Turner, esq, & Jane his wife, the granddaughter and heir of the said Sir Henry Marwood; and amended to include Henry Peirse the son of the only daughter & administrator of the said Sir Henry Marwood as a defendant re. will 7 June 1711, of Sir Henry Marwood [c.?1635–1725] and the refusal by the deft.and executor Cholmley Turner [1685–1757 , who married Jane Marwood, daughter of George Marwood] to grant possession to the complt. of all and every his messuages and lands at Bishop Monckton, Yorks... C78/1795, no. 15 [78]
1731 28 July 5 Frances Waller, widow, daughter of John Hillersden, clerk, relict and executrix of John Waller of Gregories in Beaconsfield, Bucks, esq v. Francis Fuller, esq; John Crabb, clerk, & Dorothy his wife; Jeremiah Waller; William Swinburne, esq, & Elizabeth his wife, and John Hillersden esq re. marriage agreement 15 May 1683, John Waller and Frances Waller; £1,200,viz. £500 immediately, £500 after 3 months and £200 after death of John Hillersden; conditions... C78/1752, no. 1 [79]
1731 30 July 5 Anne Generosa Constantia Bonnell, widow v. Anthony Elmes, & Susannah his wife; Susannah Waller; Anne Elmes, widow; John Elmes; William Harvest; William Mason; James Williamson; William Horne, gent; and Henry Chapman re. articles of co-partnership 27 Oct 1718, brewers in par. St Giles in the Fields, Middx; shares of Anthony Elmes, the elder, deceased. C78/1697, no. 5 [80]
1731 19 Oct 5 Henry Bosse clerk v. Ann Bosse widow; John Knowles; John Accourt; and Walker Weldon re. ordered and decreed it should be referred to Master Elder of this Court to compute what was due to the complainant for principal and interest on the said mortgage , and to tax the complainant his costs... C79/11, no. [81]
1731 6 Aug 5 Elizabeth Denn widow relict and administratrix of Robert Dean merchant who was one of the executors and residuary legatees of William Raphe merchant v. Rebecca Ashpoole widow and James Gosling C79/75, no. [82]
1731 12 Oct John Terry & Margaret his wife daughter of John Hunsdon v. Thomas Hunsdon and Elizabeth Hunsdon infants by their guardian C79/61, no. [83]
1731 25 Oct 5 William Elrington; John Elrington; and Gerard Elrington esqs v. Sarah Rayner, widow; and John Cohnan, peruke maker C78/1838, no. 4 [84]
1731 27 Oct 5 Lewin Cholmley, an infant, only child of Lewin Cholmley by Alice Cholmley, widow, his aunt v. Mary Cholmley C78/1757, no. 2 [85]
1731 28 Oct 5 James Bliss v. Lucy Banbury, widow and administratrix of Thomas Banbury C78/1742, no. 6 [86]
1731 6 Nov 5 Nicholas Lechmere, esq, Attorney General, at the relation of George Conway, clerk; and Richard Barford, clerk, rector of Wilton, Wilts v. Anne Uphill, widow; The Mayor and Burgesses of Wilton; Elias Chalke; and Ralph Button C78/1706, no. 5 [87]
1731 10 Nov 5 William Mills of Meerhay in Beamister [Beaminster], Dorset, gent, & Mary his wife; John Beer the younger of Netherbury [Dorset], gent, & Ann his wife; and Eleanor Strode of Netherbury, spinster, which said Mary, Ann, and Eleanor are the nieces and heirs of George Strode of Slape in Netherbury, esq v. Mary Strode widow; Churchill Rose, esq; and Andrew Shirley, & Mary his wife C78/1732, no. 3 [88]
1731 13 Nov 5 Barbara Meres of Hardingham, Norf, spinster, one of the legatees of Charles, earl of Tankerville v. Charles, earl of Tankerville, Sir George Cook, knight; Hugh Mills; Richard Rooth; and Grey Bennett C78/1780, no. 14 [89]
1731 15 Nov 5 Frances Dowdeswell, the only daughter and issue of William Dowdeswell, esq, by Catherine his first wife also deceased, formerly Catherine Cockaine, niece to Frances, late countess dowager of Bellamont, deceased, an infant of about 17 years, by William Higford, esq v. Charles Brunt; Sir John Rushout, baronet; Thomas Hammond, esq; and Frances Dowdeswell, esq C78/1772, no. 5 [90]
1731 18 Nov 5 Earl Weldon of Spalding, Lincs, eldest son and heir and administrator of John Weldon v. Theophilus Buckworth of Spalding, Lincs, gent C78/1780, no. 2 [91]
1731 23 Nov 5 Humphrey Moore gentleman v. Charles Philpott C79/52, no. [92]
1731 25 Nov 5 Peter Hill, administrator to Hannah his late wife, who was administratrix of Jacob Turner and also administrator de bonis non of said Jacob Turner unadministered by said Hannah Hill v. Edward Wetherby; Anne Hill, spinster; Margaret Hill, spinster; Thomas Morris; and Edward Jones C78/1742, no. 12 [93]
1731 29 Nov 5 Mary Hallam an infant; and James Boys and Robert Middleton administrators (during the minority of the said Mary Hallam of Thomas Hallam); and Thomas Cratcherode the only surviving trustee of the said Thomas Hallam v. Henry Gardiner clerk; Sir Anthony Thomas Abdy baronet; Robert Jegon; and Richard Baron C79/61, no. [94]
1731 1 Dec 5 John Potter, bishop of Oxford; Edward Emily of New Inn, Middx, gent; and William Holt of Lincolns Inn, Middx, gent, & Elizabeth his wife v. Phillip Street; Morgan Randyll, esq; Richard Street; Thomas Street; Thomas Sharpe; Richard Sawyer, & Ann his wife; Thomas Stent; Jane Street, widow; and Henry Turner C78/1703, no. 7 [95]
1731 4 Dec 5 Paul Ryley v. Francis Harvest and Daniel Ryley C79/96, no. [96]
1731 6 Dec 5 Anthony Henley esq v. The Honorable Henry Bertie esq C78/1744, no. 3 [97]
1731 8 Dec 5 Mary Wroth spinster and Peter Leverney gentleman on behalf of themselves and other creditors and legatees of John Wroth esq v. Elizabeth Wroth widow and executrix of said John Wroth; Robert Stiles; William Stiles; Frederick, earl of Rochford; Sir William Cowper knight; and William Cowper esq C79/76, no. [98]
1731 18 Dec 5 William Keep; George Keep; Elizabeth Keep, infants by Gervaise Sibthorpe of London, merchant v. Anthony Pratt and Robert Junnyns, the surviving executors and trustees named in the will of Edward Keep and also administrators of Elizabeth Keep the complainants' late mother deceased C78/1797, no. 1 [99]
1731 20 Dec 5 Elizabeth Cross the wife of Trevill Cross by Thomas Collins her father; and the said Thomas Collins v. Trevill Cross, esq; and Daniel Pringe, jr C78/1768, no. 15 [100]
1731 20 Dec 5 John Coldicot, nephew of Sir Rushout Cullen of Upton in Ratley, Warw, baronet v. Thomas Bedford, gent; Hester Theed, widow; Ann Cullen, spinster; and Mary Caldicot C78/1748, no. 3 [101]
1731 C78/, no. []