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| C78/1795, no. 12 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no1795/IMG_0160.htm]
| C78/1795, no. 12 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no1795/IMG_0160.htm]
! 1729
| 27 Oct
| 3
| Sir William Baresby v. Richard Elliott; and Zacheus Duckett
| C78/1784, no. 1 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no1784/IMG_0267.htm]

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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1729 C78/, no. []
1729 11 Feb 2 Elizabeth Hyett, spinster and only daughter of Thomas Hyett her late deceased father and grandfather (sic) of John Hyett late citizen and distiller of London decd v. Thomas Bland; Conrade de Gols; Edward Salway; John Goffe; and John Hyett Will of John Hyett the complts grandfather C78/1423, no. 9 [2]
1729 19 Feb 2 Sir Gustavus Hume baronet v. Thomas Holles, duke of Newcastle; John, duke of Mountague; Alexander Denton esq; Arrabella Godfrey widow; Elizabeth Dunch widow; Sir George Oxenden baronet & Dame Elizabeth his wife; Harriet Dunch; and Arrabella Dunch C78/2075, no. 7 [3]
1729 4 March 2 Grace Jones, widow v. Ann Archer; John Shish; Joseph Burgess; John Ward, esq; Anthony Simpson, & Sarah his wife; William Blackway; James Hugget, sr; and James Hugget, jr; and others C78/1790, no. 11 [4]
1729 6 March 2 William Fountain of Linton in Craven, Yorks, gent, nephew and one of the residuary legatees of Richard Fountain of Enfield, Midd, esq; Ann Fountain; William Fountain; Dorothy Fountain; Robert Fountain; Jane Fountain; Christopher Fountain; and Elizabeth Fountain, children of said William Fountain of Linton, infants by said William Fountain their father; Richard Fountain, eldest son of said William Fountain the father; Richard Fountain of Linton; and Hewat Fountain, brothers of said William Fountain; Christopher Atkinson; John Atkinson; Richard Atkinson; William Atkinson; Robert Atkinson; and Mathew Atkinson, children of William Atkinson, gent, by Lydia his wife, niece of said Richard Fountain, infants by said William Atkinson the father; Willliam Booth; and Ann Booth, children of John Booth, gent, by Ann his wife, niece of said Richard Fountain, infants by said John Booth; and the said John Booth, administrator of Jeremiah Booth his son; Thomas Procter; William Procter; George Procter; Anthony Procter, sons of Robert Procter, gent, and Isabell his wife, niece of said Richard Fountain; William Batty, gent, son of Margaret Winterburne one of the sisters of said Richard Fountain by John Batty her husband; William Colton, son of Ann Colton, daughter of said Margaret Winterburne, all of them residuary legatees of the said Richard Fountain; John Noell, gent, & Ann his wife; Ann Colton, sister of said William Colton and another of the residuary legatees of the said Richard Fountain; Mathew Jones, & Margaret his wife, daughter of William Winterburne, nephew of the said Richard Fountain and another of his residuary legatees of said Richard Fountain; Richard Poward, gent, & Elizabeth his wife, another of the cousins and residuary legatees of said Richard Fountain; Robert Appleton, gent, & Frances his wife, another of the residuary legatees of said Richard foundatin v. Robert Harle; Bridget Colton; James Cook; George Allan; Thomas Jekyll; Benjamin Stgephens, & Christian his wife; and Sir Philip York, knight, Attorney General C78/1805, no. 12 [5]
1729 12 March 12 John Hopkins lately Dohn Darc v. John Hopkins, esq; Sarah Hopkins; Mary Hopkins; Elizabeth Hopkins; Hannah Hopkins; Amcy Hopkins;James Hopkins; Francis Darc; Philip Darc; and James Bamett C78/1804, no. na [6]
1729 13 Mar 2 Richard Humphreys v. Francis Moult; Thomas Dutton; and Glysson Maydwell Mortgage by Doctor Robert Eaton decd of several messuages etc in Manchester and Salford, Lancs and Peniston, Yorks. C78/1442, no. 3 [7]
1729 19 March 2 Barzilla Jones clerk; James Jones clerk eldest son and heir apparent of the said Barzilla Jones; and Capell Jones an infant and only son of the said James Jones v Anne Bentham widow; Elizabeth Bentham widow; Anne Barron widow; William Westbrook and Frances his wife; Anne Barron spinster; George Wharton; Thomas Llupton Estate of Sir Edward Mansell in the counties of Carmarthen and Glamorgan C78/1395, no. 6 [8]
1729 19 April 2 John Thomas Woolhous esq v. Thomas Butts; John Watts; Samuel Gillman; John Rawlins; John Graile; Elizabeth Beauchamp; and John Child C78/2071, no. [9]
1729 26 April 2 Joseph Jeffery clothworker v. William Heath C79/6, no. [10]
1729 3 May 2 Robert Masters of Southampton, mariner v. Robert Michell of London, merchant, and others C78/1823, no. 7 [11]
1729 5 May 2 John Fox; Joseph Fox; William Bingham; Thomas Minnitt; George Cassell yeomen owners and occupiers of land and inhabitants in the parish of Sturton, Notts on behalf of themselves and all other owners and occupiers of lands and inhabitants of that parish v. Robert Ayd clerk; St Andrew Thornhagh; and the dean and chapter of the cathedral and metropolitan church of St Peter of York C79/72, no. [12]
1729 14 May 2 Amos Doidge; Walter Coade; John Bird; Samuel Brent; John Vallack; Arthur Crew; and Elizabeth Mayow, creditors and legatees of John Harris late of Manadon, Devon, esq v. Jane Harris the widow and executrix of said John Harris; Elizabeth Harris; John Yeo, & Lucretia his wife; Joanna Harris; John Harris of Hayne, esq; Nicholas Docton; Thomas Were; Thomas Hurrell; John Morshead; John Harris of Radford; Pollexfen Bastard; William Harris; Harry Trelawney; John Elford; Thomas Martin; Samuel Addis; Lucretia Haviland; Harry Elford; Gilbert Simkyn; William Strong; Edmund Cross; Shilstan Calmady; and Phillip Lyne C78/1826, no. 1 [13]
1729 24 May 2 John, duke of Montagu; and Mary, duchess of Montagu his wife, one of the daughters of the said duke and duchess of Montagu the Lady Mary Montagu another duaghter of the said duke and duchess of Montagu an infant by the said duke of Montagu her father; Elizabeth Montagu widow and relict of Edward Richard Montagu: Willilam Montagu; and Elizabeth Montagu, children of the Elizabeth lady Hunchingbrooe infants by said lady Hunchingbrooke their mother; Edward Harvey, esq; Michael Harvey, esq, son and heir apparent of said Edward harvey esq; Lord Robert Montagu, brother of said William, duke of Manchester v. George, earl of Halifax; James, earl of Barrymore; John Baynes; and Edmund Sawyer C78/1810, no. 1 [14]
1729 7 June 2 Hugh Bethell esq & Sarah his wife and Mary Williamson executor and executrixes of William Dickenson esq v. Charles Robinson C79/125, no. [15]
1729 12 June 2 John Stevens gentleman & Margaret his wife and John Reynolds v. William Hyde esq C79/11, no. [16]
1729 12 June 3 John Scrimshire, gent; and James Fage, executors of Thomas Landey v. Piercy Griffith, & Alicia his wife; Jane Bennett; and Thomas Dugles, & Sarah his wife C78/1786, no. 15 [17]
1729 17 June 3 Christopher Crow, esq, & Lady Charlott his wife, late wife of Benedict Calvert, lord Baltimore v. Charles, lord Baltimore; Lawrence Elliott, esq, and Margaret, lady Balitmore his wife, late widow and executrix of Charles late lord Baltimore executrix of Benedict, lord Baltimore; Robert Webb; and Roger North esqs, surviving trustee in the marriage settlement C78/1831, no. 3 [18]
1729 18 June 3 Alexander Dykes, & Sarah his wife; and Charles Dykes; William Dykes; and Mary Dykes infants by the said Alexander Dykes v. Josiah Wallis, & Mary his wife; John Smith, & Anne his wife C78/1833, no. 7 [19]
1729 1 July 3 Edmund Bond; George Hooper; William Camfield; Phillip Seale; Thomas Coyfe; Robert Mercer; Richard Fry; Samuel Wagton; Edward Jarrett; John Wooll; William Welford; John Ketch; Robert Fry; William Jeffery; John Mercer; William Hunt; and Isaac Luckhurst v. Maurice Conyers esq; Boyle Smith esq; Samuel Rose; and Charles Yarwood C79/9, no. [20]
1729 8 July 3 William Scourfield of Brecon, Co. Brecon and Anne his wife who was daughter, heir and executrix of William Phillips, who was brother, heir and executor of Thomas Phillips of Brecon decd v Mary Griffith widow and Jeremiah Griffith, clerk Mortgage by Thomas Powell, father of the deft Mary, of lands called Penycerrig in the parishes of Llanelweth and Disserth, Co. Radnor. C78/1394, no. 4 [21]
1729 8 July 3 Thomas Brailsford, esq v. Humphry Brailsford, clerk C78/1798, no. 11 [22]
1729 11 July 3 Elizabeth Palmer widow and Mary Torlock v. Henry Troughton & Margaret his wife and Catharine Ellis spinster now the wife of Hugh Kenedy C78/163, no. [23]
1729 20 July 3 William Camfield v. Elizabeth Dewe widow and Mary Walker C79/11, no. [24]
1729 22 July 3 Henry, duke of Beaufort son and heir of Henry, duke of Beaufort his late father; and Charles, lord Noel Somerset youngest son of the said Henry, duke of Beaufort infants by the Mountague, earl of Abingdon; the Honorable James Bertie; and the Honorable Dodington Greville esqs v. Walter Cary and Samuel Holditch esqs C79/60, no. [25]
1729 27 July 3 Edward Turnour esq; George Ward gentleman & Isabella his wife who was one of the daughters and coheirs of Charles Turnour late of Parendon, Essex, esq who was son and heir of Sir Edward Turnour knight; Dorothea Turnour an infant (one other of the daughters of the aforesaid Charles Turnour) by the said Edward Turnour; and Charles Lee citizen ofLondon one of the creditors of the aforesaid Sir Edward Turnour on the behalf of himself and other creditors of the said Sir Edward Turnour v. Sir William Osbaldiston baronet; Sir Thomas Cross baronet; Nathaniel Pigot; George Lewen; William Newland esqs; and Samuel Roycroft gentleman C79/60, no. [26]
1729 6 Aug 3 George, earl of Cardigan v. Richard, lord bishop of Lincoln and Ralph Winterton clerk C78/1917, no. 6 [27]
1729 15 Oct 3 Sir Phillip York Attorney General at the relation of the Church Wardens of Dagenham, Essex v Thomas Forbes and Anne his wife; Charles Eaton; and John Biggs Will of Richard Uphill of St James' Westminster decd. Annuities due from the duties of beer, ales and other liquors. C78/1395, no. 5 [28]
1729 15 Oct 3 Arnault Hawkins v. Thomas Puckeridge, esq C78/1795, no. 12 [29]
1729 27 Oct 3 Sir William Baresby v. Richard Elliott; and Zacheus Duckett C78/1784, no. 1 [30]
1729 10 Nov 3 James Clavering, esq; and Thomas Clavering; George Clavering; and John Clavering, infants by said James Clavering their father v. Sir Francis Clavering, baronet; Dame Jane Clavering; Nicholas Fenwick, esq, & Elizabeth his wife; and John Clavering esd; (and added:) Anne Clavering; George Grey, & Alice his wife C78/1806, no. 9 [31]
1729 12 Nov 3 John Eyles; Sir Thomas Cross; John Rudge; Mathew Lant; Sir Roger Hudson; Edmond Halsey; John Lade; Gabriel Roberts; Sir Richard Hopkins v John Ward; Sir John Blunt; William Mason; and Abraham Cropp Refs previous decree of 3 Feb 1 Geo II. C78/1397, no. 2 [32]
1729 13 Nov 3 Mary Corfield the wife of Francis Corfield gentleman by Benjamin Farnham ; Gerrald Cranny & Mary his wife; Charles Corfield yeoman; and Elizabeth Corfield; Francis Corfield jr; Anne Corfield; and Jane Corfield infants by said Benjamin Farnham their guardian v. Joseph Arthur; Thomas Southill; and said Francis Corfield C78/1891, no. 9 [33]
1729 13 Nov 3 Robert Macartie commonly called Lord Muskerry; Justin Macartie, esq, & Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Paul David, esq, late lord viscount Mount Cashell, Ireland, residuary legatees of the Lady Macartie of St Ann in the Liberty of Westminster, Middx, spinster, who was aunt to the complainant v. Joseph Gibson merchant and others C78/1829, no. 9 [34]
1729 17 Nov 3 John Moore esq & Elizabeth his wife v. Richard Marsh and John Lunbrey C78/2074, no. 5 [35]
1729 25 Nov 3 Thomas Empson gentleman son and heir and executor and residuary legatee of Thomas Empson v. John Green & Mary his wife; John Holroyd & Susannah his wife; Richard Richardson esq; William Green; and John Shaw gentleman C79/19, no. [36]
1729 1 Dec 3 Henry Bosse clerk v. Anne Bosse widow; John Knowles; John Accourt; and Walker Weldon esq C79/8, no. [37]
1729 1 Dec 3 John Lacy of Gosport, Hants, bricklayer on behalf of himself and other the creditors of Henry Player of Alresford, gent v. Sarah Player; Bistern Martin; and Mary Martin C78/1825, no. 10 [38]
1729 3 Dec 3 Richard Blake, clerk; James Oades, gent; Elizabeth Fowler, widow; Henrietta Maria Husband, spinster; Uriah Messiter, gent, & Anne his wife; and William Masters, gent, & Elizabeth his wife, which said Henrietta and Maria Husband, Anne Messiter, and Elizabeth Masters were executors of Richard Husband; Francis Parris; and Anne Louth, widow, executrix of Doctor Simon Louth v. Sarah Bateman, widow; Thomas Gibson, esq; John Jacob, gent; Katherine Lloyd; and Sir William Norwich baronet; and Henry Sawyer, esq C78/1837, no. 1 [39]
1729 5 Dec 3 George Bowes of Streatham Castle, Durham, esq v. Sir Robert Echlin baronet and Dame Elizabeth his wife; Sir Edward Stanley baronet; Thomas Ashurst; and Dorothy Bellingham C79/17, no. [40]
1729 9 Dec 3 John Hall of Acton Beauchampe. Worcs; William Kent; Francis Pengrief; William Fifeild; William Luggon; John Watkins; Edmund Fawkes; Henry Jones; John Fifield; Richard Hales; Charles Harber; Thomas Beard; Thomas Goodger; Richard Smith; and Thomas James all copyholders of the manor of Cradley, Herefs; John Mitchell of the town of Bromyard, Herefs; and Elizabeth Hall of the same, widow v. Robert Cotton Customs of the manor of Cradley. C78/1447, no. 3 [41]
1729 9 Dec 3 Thomas Bradgate an infant by Sarah Merriman, widow, his grandmother v. Thomas Ridlington, gent, executor of Johnb Merriman, gent, uncle of said complainant; and William Bradgate, esq, & Dorcas his wife, father and mother of said complainant C78/1811, no. 6 [42]
1729 11 Dec 3 Lancelot Tolson Tilly an infant by James Humberstone of New Inn, Middx, gentleman v. John Simpson esq and John Brome esq and Joseph Tilly & Mary his wife C78/2066, no. 3 [43]
1729 13 Dec John Walter and Littleton Meynell v Thomas Alleyne; Reynold Alleyne; and John Alleyne Will of Abell Alleyne late of Weston, Surrey decd. Estate in England and plantations in Barbados. C78/1400, no. 2 [44]
1729 18 Dec 3 John Castledge doctor in phisick v. Benarah Beeston and John Lake executors of John Downes and the Right Honorable William Pultener esq; and Harry Pultener esq C79/64, no. [45]
1729 19 Dec 3 Christian Vaughan of the parish of St Andrews, Holborn, Middx, widow and Arthur Vaughan an infant the son of said Christian Vaughan by said Christian Vaughan v. Richard Hallett esq; Robert Hales esq; Sarah his wife; Thomas Hodges esq & Mary his wife; and Edmund Sutton and Samuel Osborne esqs C79/6, no. [46]
1729 C78/, no. []