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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1722 C78/, no. []
1722 12 Jan 8 James Colley, gent; and John Elliott, administrators with the will annexed of Thomas Elliott v. Benjamin Branch re. ordered and decreed that it should be referred to Master Lovibond of this Court what to take an account of what was due to the complt. on the mortgage of the premises called Berridge... to have been taken in by him for principal and interest and to tax the complt. his costs in this and former cause... C78/1525, no. 4 [2]
1722 18 Jan 8 Ann Winsmore, spinster, an infant, by John Clarke v. Oliver Read; Andrew Lydall, & Mary his wife; and John Winsmore re. several sums of money and securities value £600, placed by defdnt. Mary Lydall, before her marriage in 1709 to Andrew Lydall, with defendt. Oliver Read, an attorney at law, to be invested for the benefit of the complt. Ann Winsmore... C78/1539, no. 5 [3]
1722 24 Jan 8 John Harrison on his own behalf and for other creditors of James Dacre, esq v. Joseph Appleby, esq; William Charleton, esq; Isaac Dean; and Charles, earl of Carlisle re. James Dacre's bond 29 Nov 1714, penalty £80 for payment of £40 to John Harrison;James Dacre's debt and his manor of Abby Leonard Coast and Walton, the rectories and tithes, tenements called Castle Steeds, Kellwood ...advowson of Lanercost, Walton & ?Irthington [Cumbria]. C78/1774, no. 17 [4]
1722 27 Jan 8 Henry Binsted v. Elizabeth Luffe and Thomas Lann & Elizabeth his wife re. indenture of 4James1 [1606-7] and several messuages, farms and lands of very great value, of Philiip Binsted of Chidden in par. Hambledon, Southton [Hants], g-grandfather of complt. or some other ancestor; desire of Philiip Binsted for property to remain in his name and male line... C79/115, no. [5]
1722 15 Feb 8 William Saxby, esq; and Hubert Tassell v. George Baker, esq; Sir Hugh Acland, baronet, & Dame Cecilly his wife; Thomas Acland, clerk; John Worth, esq; John Milner, esq; Peter Davies, esq; Thomas Streatfield the elder; David Polhill, esq; George Hooper the elder; Thomas Streatfield the younger; Richard Wiat, esq; John Hooker; Thomas Hooker; John Hooker; and Stephen Hooker re. several debts of complt. William Saxby and conveyance 16/17 Feb 1720, manor, castle, messuage, lands, tenements and hereditaments of Leybourne, Kent. C78/1544, no. 3 [6]
1722 16 Feb 8 The governors of the Charity for Relief of the Poor Widows and Children of Clergymen v Francis Astry and Susannah his wife; Samuel How; and John Grainger re. will of Dorcas Thacker 29 Nov 1710, widow, late of Eagle Street, par. St Andrew, Holborn, Middx, and will 27 July 1712, of her mother Mary Clissold; each will, £6 each to six widows. C78/1398, no. 2 [7]
1722 16 Feb 8 Joane Warwick only sister and right heir at law of Thomas Andrews decd v. Henry Delamare and Anne his wife Disputed mortgage, by the late Thomas Andrews, of the reversion of a messuage in the parish of Whippingham in Newport, Isle of Wight, near Coppings Bridge, previously in the possession of Grace Andrews his mother. C78/1434, no. 4 [8]
1722 20 Feb 8 George Parker; John Parker; and Francis Parker, infants by Francis Collins v. John Francis Buller, esq; Sir Francis Drake, baronet; Sir John Molesworth, knight and baronet; George Parker, esq, & Anne his wife; John Morth; Lewis Stephens, clerk; Walter Moyse; and Francis Pengelly, esq re. ordered and decreed that the defendants Anne Parker and Lewis Stephens should come to an account before Master Sir Thomas Gery of this court for what of John Buller's (the defendant John Francis Buller's grandfather) personal estate was come to them or either of their hands or to their hands or any other for their use... C78/1741, no. 3 [9]
1722 21 Feb 8 Mary Wilshire of Chesterton, Cambs, widow only daughter and sole executrix of Thomas Archer the elder late of Histon, Cambs, esq v. Thomas Archer esq re. agreement Michaelmas 1698, of £2,000 provision by Thomas Archer for only dau. Mary Wilshire; Thomas Archer's very considerable estate in Cheshire and elsewhere £500+ p.a., and also a great personal estate value £3,000 or thereabouts. C79/161, no. [10]
1722 26 Feb 8 Thomas Young v. John Briggs and Sarah his wife; John Cooper; and George Butterley re. decree of 15 June 7 Geo.; ordered and decreed that all the defendants should bring before Master Hiccocks of this Court all the deeds and writings, which they had in their custody, relating to the estates in question, in order that it might be seen in whom the legal estate therein was vested... C78/1417, no. 8 [11]
1722 28 Feb 8 William Williamson the younger of Newport Pagnell, Bucks an infant of about 8 years by William Williamson his father v. John Timbs; John Mead; and John Lleapidge re. purchase 1700 for £170 from John Orme and Elizabeth his wife, of messuage in north end of Newport Pagnell by Elizabeth Timbs late of Newport Pagnell, Bucks. decd., in trust for her son and daughter, John & Anne. C78/1409, no. 3 [12]
1722 1 March 8 Timothy Perry and Weedon Perry of London, merchants v. Thomas Perry gentleman re. sale of Kent House with houses and edifices, orchards, gardens and appurtennaces and small piece of ground with brick wall on south side in par, Turvill [Turville], Bucks. by complts. to Thomas Perry; option of complts. to re-purchase after decease of Thomas Perry... C79/76, no. [13]
1722 1 March 8 John Herbert, clerk; Robert Nicholls; John Sheppard; Mary Burton; Francis Stone; John Foster; Robert Fleetwood; Sir Thomas Cross, baronet; Henry Pye, esq; William Green; and Robert Cross v. Lawrence Brodrick, doctor in divinity, Thomas Maidman; and The Dean and Chapter of the Collegiate Church of St Peter, Westminster re. deed 13 Dec 1626, granting a parcel of ground to make a new churchyard by Dean & Chapter of St Peter, Westminster to inhabitants of St Margaret's, Westminster... C78/1555, no. 2 [14]
1722 3 March 8 Evan Vaughan and Frances his wife late Francis Hanmer v. John Ronaston; Richard Mytton; and Rice Hanmer re. will 12 Jan 1718 ,of James Hanmer late of Pentrepant, Shrops decd, uncle of the complt. Frances; formerly great trader to the East and West Indies, and his considerable personal estate of ready money, money at interest on mortgage and several sorts of jewels, rich plate and furniture for houses value £10,000... C78/1452, no. 7 [15]
1722 3 March 8 Sir Clement Fisher v. William Abell re. loan £1,000 20 Apr 1704, by defdt. William Abell from complt. Sir Clement Fisher [of Packington, c.1657-1729], secured on mortgage by the defdt. of messuage & close of pasture in Little Walton, Warks. C78/1460, no. 2 [16]
1722 5 March 8 Sir Robert Raymond, Attorney General at the relation of Sir Edward Gould; John Duffield; Edward Stanton; George Sayer; John Loyd; John Hocker; Jacob Harvey; Thomas Fellowe; Joshua Gee; George Bampfield; Nicholas Lindby; John Edwards; John Gopp; Thos Joyner; William Colesworth; Walter Bames; and Phillip Oddy on behalf of themselves and others the trustees nominated and appointed for putting a certain act of parliament in execution entitled an act for repairing the highways from several places therein mentioned leading towards Higate Gatehouse and Hamstead, Middx and for electing trustees for keeping up a sufficient number for the repairing of the highways upon the roads from Highgate Gatehouse to Barnett Blockhouse and also of the Highways between Kilburn Bridge and Sparows Herne in the County of Hertford and made 3 George v Gilbert Edwards Defts failure to provide accounts of expenditure while employed as surveyor of highways for the trustees. C78/1398, no. 4 [17]
1722 6 March 8 Thomas Harris the elder v. Thomas Harris the younger (complainant's son) & Ursula his wife late Ursula Powell widow and other defendants (sic) re. bond 2 Mar 1708 £40, complt. Harris and his son Harris, became bound to Elizabeth Avenant, widow (afterwards wife of Edward Owen) with penalty of £80... C79/189, no. [18]
1722 7 March 8 Henry Wroth, esq v. Edward Goat re. sum of money £2,168, handed by complt. Henry Wroth, to Edward Goat ( the defndnt's late father), for purchase of lands as an investment.. C78/1642, no. 8 [19]
1722 8 March 8 Mary Hollister, widow v. Lawrence Hollister; Samuel Hunt; Samuel Fox; John Grant; Elizabeth Grant; and Frederick Grant, infants re. loan 2 Oct 1711 £1,000, by John Grant then of Bristol, merchant from Elizabeth Saunders widow, his then mother (sic) secured on messuage or tenement with barn, stable, coachhouse, three gardens and three orchards and several closes of land, meadow or pasture ground... at Wickwick in par. Frampton Cotterell, Gloucs. C78/1754, no. 6 [20]
1722 9 March 8 Isaac Borrow, esq; and William Pearson, gent v. Giles Earle, & Elizabeth his wife; William Rawlinson Earle; Elianor Earle; John Aislaby, esq; William Aislaby; Mary Aislaby; Jane Aislaby; John, bishop of Lichfield and Coventry; and William Rawlinson re. will and codicil both 9 Jun 1702, of Sir William Rawlinson, serjeant-at-law [1640–1703]; manor and lands called Beamont Leyes [Beaumont Leys], Leics., his house at Hendon with messuages and lands in Middx; bequests. C78/1577, no. 1 [21]
1722 9 March 8 Bartholomew Burton, esq; Mary Brough, executrix of George Brough of London, who was executor of George Brough of Skelton [Shelton], Notts, gent; William Arnold; Mary Cook, widow and administratrix of Andrew Cook; John Bissell; Thomas Tubman; and Richard Stevens, & Sarah his wife, for themselves and all other creditors of William Pierrepont of Nottingham, esq; v. William, archbishop of York; Elizabeth Pierrepont, widow of said William Pierrepont; Evelyn, duke of Kingston; Evelyn Pierrepont, esq commonly called the marquess of Dorchester; George Gregory, esq; Anne, lady dowager Torrington; Bernard Gilpin, clerk, & Jane his wife; and John Taylor [Apparently same as below] re. ordered and decreed that such on the trust estates as under the former decree mentioned remained unsold, should be sold to the best purchaser that could be got, for the same to be allowed by master Godfrey of this Court and that so much of the estates therein also mentioned should be sold... C78/1506, no. 4 [22]
1722 9 March 8 Bartholomew Burton, esq; Mary Brough, executrix of George Brough of London, who was executor of George Brough of Skelton [Shelton], Notts, gent; William Arnold; Mary Cook, widow and administratrix of Andrew Cook; John Bissell; Thomas Tubman; and Richard Stevens, & Sarah his wife, for themselves and all other creditors of William Pierrepont of Nottingham, esq; v. William, archbishop of York; Elizabeth Pierrepont, widow of said William Pierrepont; Evelyn, duke of Kingston; Evelyn Pierrepont, esq commonly called the marquess of Dorchester; George Gregory, esq; Anne, lady dowager Torrington; Bernard Gilpin, clerk, & Jane his wife; and John Taylor [Apparently same as above] re. ordered and decreed that such on the trust estates as under the former decree mentioned remained unsold, should be sold to the best purchaser that could be got, for the same to be allowed by master Godfrey of this Court and that so much of the estates therein also mentioned should be sold... C78/1506, no. 3 [23]
1722 28 March 8 Thomas Blunden, esq, & Esther his wife, one of the daughters of John Hibbert, citizen and skinner of London v. Frances Barker, widow, another daughter of said John Hibbert; Hester Hibbert, widow of said John Hibbert; Elizabeth Barker; Esther Barker, children of said Frances Barker; and Christopher Hibbert, esq; Ann Hibbert; Purbeck Savage, & Elizabeth his wife re. marriage agreement 1706, Samuel Barker and Frances; agreement by John Hibbert to not only advance and pay a very great sum of money as to the portion of the said Frances, at least £4,000, but the certainty whereof did not appear under the hand of the same John Hibbert, but also to settle and convey several messuages land and hereditaments of a very great value... C78/1796, no. 10 [24]
1722 12 April 8 The Honorable Robert Wroth esq v. Richard Sheet re. descent of lands and properties in the manors of ?Burpham and West Clandon, Surrey. C78/1932, no. 1 [25]
1722 14 April 8 Giles Sadlier of London merchant and James Coulter of London linen draper assignees of a commission of bankruptcy then lately awarded against Samuel London of Leicester Fields in Middx, chapman, on behalf of themselves and other creditors of said Samuel London who contribute proportionately to the suit v. Thomas Pashley; Christopher Rainolds; Richard Steele; Thomas Eeles; Edmund Wise; George Reed; Giles Lawrence; John Wing; and others re. debts of Samuel London who bought, before 12 Jan 1716, of the complts. great quantities of muslins, cambricks, silks and several kinds of flanders and other sorts of lace, value £13,000+; false schemes for repayment. C79/15, no. [26]
1722 14 April 8 Gilbert Abrahall & Mary his wife; Benedicta Andrews widow; and William Floyd; and John Button; the said Mary Abrahall and Benedicta Andrews being the only sisters and coheirs of Markey Abrahall late of Ingston [Ingestone in Foy, Ross-on-Wye], Herefs, esq who was son and heir of John Abrahall late of Ingston, esq v. William Gregory esq an infant re. ownership of manor of Eaton in par. Foy and manor and demesne lands of Ingston in par. Foy, which were formerly in manor of Wormlow [Wormelow Tump], Heref. & several water gate grist mills & fisheries on river Wye' C78/1934, no. 1 [27]
1722 14 April 8 The Right Honorable Nicholas Lechmere esq Attorney General at the the relation of William Hocker; John Barker; Thomas Reynolds; and John Thorbey v. Thomas Wainewright; Daniel Wainewright the elder; Thomas James & Mary his wife; and John Silvester; Henry Perris; and Joslin Robert esq executors of Sarah Theyer widow re. will 17 Mar 1718, of Sarah Theyer and 18 Apr 1716, surrender by her of a copyhold estate, £100 p.a. at Dalston in par. Hackney & her very considerable personal estate, £3,500... C78/1931, no. 4 [28]
1722 14 April 8 John Hughes and Anne his wife, eldest daughter and administratrix of William de la Chambre her late father decd & also sister, heir and administratrix of John de la Chambre her late brother decd v. Walter Brett; William Ridge; Robert Cooper and Hannah his wife; Allen Brett and Mary his wife; and Jane de la Chambre an infant by the said Allen Brett her guardian re. will 1 Feb 1687, of William de la Chambre (father of complt. June) and several freehold messuages, lands, tenements, £140 p.a. and several copyhold, lands and tenements £150 p.a. clear, in Sussex and a personal estate of £800+. C78/1460, no. 1 [29]
1722 16 April 8 Robert Hopkinson v John Nicholls and Elizabeth his wife executrix of John Lord her late husband decd; William Lord son and heir of the said John Lord; Joseph Broadhead; Joseph Haist; Samuel Knowles and Grace Coppindale re. will of John Lord; debts £18 of both John Lord decd. and the deft. Broadhead to the complt. secured on penalty bond £36 dated 18 Aug 1718; John Lord's certain tenements in Wakefield. Yorks and his personal estate £300.... C78/1383, no. 1 [30]
1722 18 April 8 Vernon and Cholmley v. Weston, Symonds, and Buckham [damp damaged document] re. Receiver General of Taxes for co. Surrey and borough of Southwark; indenture 14 May 1711; shares of William Yarnold in Waterworks at his death on 23 Aug 1710; will of William Yarnold... C78/1816, no. 1 [31]
1722 19 April 8 John Deacle esq & Delicia his wife late Delicia Woolfe widow v. William Faris & Anne his wife re. ordered and decreed that it should be referred to Master Orlebar of this Court to take an account of what is due to the complainant for principal and interest upon the said mortgage and to tax the complainant their costs of this suit... C78/1899, no. 6 [32]
1722 19 Apr 8 Joseph Alexander, clerk; Andrew Smith; William Barnard; William Whitear; Charles Long; John Gilbert; Eliz London, widow; William Mayhew; William Yalden; John Lipscombe junr; Thomas Worthington; John Richardson; Robert Harwood; John Lipscombe senr; John Barnard; Stephen Bull; Robert Mayhew; Lawrence Cooper; Thomas Stephens; Thomas Mariner; Richard Oaleley; John Barnard; Robert Yalden; Jos Long; William Applegarth; Joan Barnard, widow; Richard Weak; Lawrence Cooper; Thomas Stephens; John Long; Oliver Ween; John Mayhew; Thomas Taylor; William Budd; Olive Budd, widow; Joan Taylor; Thomas Morley; Thomas Crackford; Wiklliam Godwin; Richard Rooke; Richard Oliver; Robert Oakeley; Richard Weale, some of the tenants of the manors of Bishops Sutton and Ropley in Hants v. John Budd; James Budd; and John Gilbert re. act of 9Anne [1710-11] 'An act for inclosing Ropley Commons in the county of Southton and for the improvement of the old disparked park of Farnham in the counties of Surrey and Southton [Hants]', reciting that there was a tract of ground called Ropley Commons, about 500 acres, parcel of the manors of Bishops Sutton and Ropley in which the tenants have the sole right of commoning and depasturing their cattle, levant and couchant.... C78/1439, no. 7 [33]
1722 19 April 8 Richard Longford of the Middle Temple, London, gent, & Elizabeth his wife; William Longford of the Middle Temple, gent; Henrietta Francia Longford, spinster, eldest son and daughter of said Richard Longford, & Elizabeth his wife; and Elizabeth Longfor; and Margaret Longford, infants, younger daughters of said Richard Longford and Elizabeth by the said Ricahrd Longford; Thomas Bowles of Bristol, merchant, & Suky his wifem an infant, daughter of Henry Hickman, esq, & Margaret his deceased wife by said Thomas Bowles; and William Hickman, gent, one other of the sons of said Henry Hickman, & Margaret his wife v. John Romley, esq; Giles Eyre, esq; Joseph Edwards, gent; and Margaret Poole an infant; and Samuel Fox re. marriage agreement 1 January 1708, dame Susannah Clutterbuck (widow od Sir William Clutterbuck) and John Romsey of Bristol; her will 4 Sept 1716; provison for her sister Elizabeth Lonford and her nieces... C78/1754, no. 5 [34]
1722 23 Apr 8 Edward Hanford, Charles Hanford and Elizabeth Hanford grandchildren of Dame Elizabeth Slingsby, widow, decd v. Dame Mary Radcliffe; William Hagerson; and John Radcliffe Will of Dame Elizabeth Slingsby and also the will of Anne Radcliffe, Dame Elizabeth's sister. Thomas Radcliffe, nephew of both testators, and executor of both wills, died leaving unpaid legacies, appointing the deft Dame Mary as his executrix. Attainder & execution of Thomas Radcliffe's nephew James, Earl of Derwentwater. C78/1438, no. 3 [35]
1722 25 April 8 John Buller of Morvall, Corn, esq; and John Francis Buller then an infant, grandson and heir apparent of said John Buller by said John Buller v. Mary, countess dowager of Suffolk; Thomas, earl of Stamford; and Mary, countess of Stamford his wife; Sir John Hobart, baronet; Henry Vincent, esq; James Foster; Robert Allamson; William Jessop; Waller Bacon, & Frances his wife; and others (sic) re. sale 21 Dec 1653 £800, by Edward Nosworthy of Truro, Corwall of barton farm or capital messuage called Ints or Inth [?Ince], to Francis Buller, bro. of complt. John Buller. C78/1671, no. 1 [36]
1722 26 April 8 Sir Richard Mill son & heir of Sir John Mill by Dane Margaret his wife who was one of the daughters and coheirs of Thomas Grey decd; Margaret Mill; Sir Thomas Holby and Dame Eliza his wife executrix of Mary Mill decd; and Philadelphia Mill; which said Sir Richard Mill, Margaret Mill, Dame Elizabeth Holby, Mary Mill and Philadelphia Mill together with Sir John Mill junr who dies intestate were the only surviving children of the said Sir John Mill and Dame Margaret his wife living at their death v Samuel Pagiter als Fuller who married Margaret the daughter and heir of Dowse Fuller and Jane his wife which said Jane was the other daughter and coheir of the said Thomas Grey; and Lawrence Alcock re. marriage settlement of Sir John Mill & Margaret Grey; property of late Thomas Grey, manor and farm of Woolbedding [Woolbeding] and manor and farm of Stedham and farm and woodlands called Hayshott, and farm called Slathouse, and rent from a house in Midhurst, Sussex. C78/1396, no. 5 [37]
1722 27 April 8 John Scott; Creswell Taylour & Martha his wife; Dennis Duane & Abigail his wife, creditors and legatees of William jones on behalf of themselves and other creditors and legatees of said William Jones v. Edward John; William Bottrell; and Thomas Phillips re. will 20 June 1719, of late William Jones; his debts and real estate £60 p.a. C78/1960, no. 4 [38]
1722 27 April 8 John Sherston, clerk, & Elizabeth his wife v. William Langworthy, esq; and Walter Bele, gent re. marriage settlement 28/29 Jan 1702, Richard Langworthy jun and Elizabeth ?Sture, £800 and messuage and farm called Lizewell & moiety of manor of Loddiswell and ?Hatch Arundell, Devon. C78/1764, no. 5 [39]
1722 30 April 8 William Scullard v. George Champion Terms of partnership in the Wine Cooper's trade. C78/1406, no. 5 [40]
1722 1 May 8 Thomas Lewis youngest son of Thomas Lewis by Elizabeth Morgan his second wife v Gabriell Lewis eldest son of the said Thomas Lewis by Elizabeth Vann his first wife; Gabriell Powell; George Howells and William Morgan re. Marriage settlement 30/31 Aug 1681, of Thomas Lewis and Elizabeth Vann; manors, messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments in Lamshen, Co. Glamorgan and Monmouth, £700 p.a. C78/1383, no. 3 [41]
1722 1 May 8 Peter Bluck of Worton in Isleworth, Middx, gent v. Richard Nicholls; Abraham Fowler; and George Wanley re. non-payment 1718, to complt. of interest on certain [named] lottery orders in the government lottery. C78/1764, no. 6 [42]
1722 5 May 8 Thomas Byde v. Walter Plumer and William Plumer re. marriage agreement 12 May 1719 complt. Thomas Byde and wife Catherine Plumer; £1,200 p.a. after decease of complt., monies paid to defdnts. in trust. C78/1468, no. 5 [43]
1722 7 May 8 John Syred; James Syed; Elizabeth Syred; Sarah Syred; younger children of James Syred late of Orford, Suffolk decd, infants by Oliver Newby v. Hastings Syred, son & heir of the said James Syred decd, an infant by Thomas Head; Thomas Head and Elizabeth his wife late the widow of the said James Syred decd; John Syred & John Osborne executors of the said James Syred decd re. will 20 Dec 4George [1717-18] of James Syred (complt's late father) and his messuages, farms, lands tenements and hereditaments in pars. Bromeswell and Orford, Suffk., and personal estate of £97+; bequests and debts. C78/1486, no. 8 [44]
1722 9 May 8 Thomas Wright, gent v. The Mayor, Burgesses, and Commonalty of the City of Coventry re. loan £400 19 Oct 1704, by defndnts. from William Holbech secured on tithes of grain and hay with the herbage arising and renewing, within the pars. of the Holy Trinity and St. Michael in city of Coventry, and glebe lands, houses, edifices, tithes, fruits, commodities, profits, obversions, reversions and emoluments situate and being in Coventry by virtue of letters patent granted by late Queen Elizabeth to them and their successors... C78/1511, no. 3 [45]
1722 10 May 8 Elizabeth Stratford of Walford, Herefs, spinster, executrix of Hester Stratford, spinster her late sister decd v Nicholas Arnold and John Dutton Colt and Margaret his wife re. loan £200 23 March 1682 by John Anold late of Lanvihangell Crucorney [Llanvihangel Crucorney], Monmouth decd. from Henry Probert of Penarth, co. Monmouth secured on several meadows [named] in Lanvihangell Crucorney... C78/1380, no. 3 [46]
1722 10 May 8 Serjant Glanvill v. Sarah Freebody; Middleton Howard; John Foster; and Elizabeth Glanvill, widow re. loan £200 20 June 1699, by Samuel Glanvill of Stepney (complt. is his son and heir) from Elizabth Dennis of Stepney, widow, decsd, secured on four messuages or tenements with gardens, backsides, barns and stables on the west side of a place called Dogrow near Bethnal Green in Stepney. C78/1478, no. 2 [47]
1722 10 May 8 William Wall and John Wall his nephew v. Edward Wall; Edward Trovell; Hannah Eyre; Moses Lilley; Thomas Philpott; Sarah Orton; Anne Browne; John Hackett; Margaret Clare; Margery Woodward; Thomas Brooke; James Hall; Humphrey Evett; Ralph Carpenter; [blank] Atwood; Mary Walwyn; John Pitt; John Smith; William Lewes; and Coventry Street re. the cmplt. had been prevailed upon to become bound with Edward Wall and for his proper debts in the several bonds and securities and for the payment of the several sums of money to the several persons in the schedule, to the said bill annexed... C78/1480, no. 4 [48]
1722 23 May 8 John Lawson, an infant, only son of Robert Lawson, esq, & Helena his wife, by said Robert Lawson; John Breedon, gent; and Samuel Breedon, an infant, by John Welles, the two younger sons of Robert Breedon esq and then knight v. Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury; and Robert Breedon, esq then Sir Robert Breedon, sr, executors of Doctor John Lawson; The Master and Fellows of Queens College in Cambridge; Zacheus Breedon; Anne Brace; John Thurloe Brace; William Brown, executor of William Browne; George Nodes; John Nodes; Edmond Nodes; and Charles Nodes, sons of George Nodes; and Francis Brace, gent re. ordered that the defendant sir Robert Breedon should come to an account before Master Lovibond of this Court what on the foot of a form of decree in the pleadings of this caused mentioned and that the dfndnt. Zacheus Breedon should likewise come to an account for what he had received of the said testator's estate and that the defendant William Brown should account in the place of his late father deceased, according to the said former decree... C78/1504, no. 3 [49]
1722 23 May 8 John Heylin v. Paul Collins and Charles Tunewell re. loan £500 8 Mar 1712, by Paul Collins from complt. secured on fourth part of manor Huntingfield in ?Bicker & manor of Willougby [Lincs]. Kirton-in-Holland. C78/1476, no. 3 [50]
1722 26 May 8 David Fotheringham; Richard Bridgman; and Simeon Warner, assignees of a commission of bankrupt awarded against John Bland and Mathew Dove, late bankers and partners v. John Frost; Thomas Dunckley; Thomas Masters; Thomas Fell; Robert Carey; William Hunt; Humphry Bell; John Warner; John Renp; John Bland; and Mathew Dove re. great number of persons agreed a co-partnership for carrying on a fishery which was styled the Free Fishery of Great Britain. and for it the raising of £40,000, or some other great sum... C78/1591, no. 5 [51]
1722 30 May 8 Henry Champernowne of the parish of Holbeton, Devon esq for himself and other inhabitants and occupiers of lands in Holbeton v. Edward Griffith clerk [apparently same as below] re. a dispute concerning tithes, complts, being owners or occupiers of land in Holbeton and payment of ancient divers moduses & compositions, whereof the memory of man is not to the contrary... C79/76, no. [52]
1722 30 May 8 Henry Champernowne of Membland in Holbeton, Devon, esq for himself and for the other inhabitants and occupiers of lands in the parish of Holbeton v. Edward Griffith, clerk [apparently same as above] re. a dispute concerning tithes, complts, being owners or occupiers of land in Holbeton and payment of ancient divers moduses &compositions , whereof the memory of man is not to the contrary... C78/1764, no. 13 [53]
1722 2 June 8 Sir Henry Peachy, knight; and Henry Peachy, an infant, only son and heir apparent of said Sir Henry Peachy and Jane his wife, by Sir Henry Peachy his father v. Charles, duke of Somerset, & Elizabeth duchess of Somerset his wife; and Robert Allen re. marriage agreement 1693 Sir Henry Peachey c.1671-1737] and Jane Jarrett [or Garrett]; copyhold lands called ?Spout meadow or Byworth meadow in par. Petworth, Sussex. C78/1764, no. 12 [54]
1722 3 June 8 James Baker v. John Bobbett; Robert Bobbett; and John Fourakre [damaged document] re. sums of money and bills of exchange... 19 July 1711... C79/126, no. [55]
1722 5 June 8 William Shirley of the Inner Temple, gent, & Frances his wife, then late Frances Barker, daughter of Francis Barker citizen and haberdasher of London v. John Moore; Richard Mead; Richard Callen; Ellis Price; Joseph Keen; Robert Fetherby; Thomas Barker; Ralph Barker; Francis Barker; and Prudence Barker re. will 10 May 1709, of Francis Barker (complt. Frances' late father) and his messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments in York, Somerset and Essex and a considerable personal estate; bequests... C78/1609, no. 2 [56]
1722 7 June 8 Sir John Clavering of Axwells, Co. Durham and Dame Jane his wife v William Jenison; Peter Potto; Ralph Jenison; and Henry Jenison re. loan £300 10 Dec 1700, by Henry Jenison late of Newcastle upon Tyne decd from complt Dame Jane, secured by mortgage by Henry Jenison of a messuage in a street called Westgate, and another rebuilt messuage adjoining, in Newcastle upon Tyne. C78/1380, no. 2 [57]
1722 11 June 8 Isaac Borrow, esq; and Alice Pearson, widow and executrix of William Pearson, gent, which said Isaac Borrow and William Pearson were the executors of Sir William Rawlinson, knight by bill of revivor v. Giles Earle, & Elizabeth his wife; William Rawlinson Earle; Elianor Earle, children of teh said Giles Earle and his wife; John Aislabie, esq; William Aislabie; Mary Aislabie; and James Aislabie, children of said John Aislabie; John, bishop of Coventry; and William Rawlinson re. ordered and decreed that the said complt. Borrow the surviving trustee and executor of the said testator Sir William Rawlinson [1640–1703[ having passed his accounts before the said Master should be discharged of and from the trusts in the said will and from further acting therein... C78/1586, no. 6 [58]
1722 13 June 8 Dame Anne Wills, widow and relict of Sir Edward Wills of London, knight v. James Colebrook, citizen and mercer of London; and Edward Wills; and Thomas Wills, sons of said complainant Dame Anne Wills by Sir Edward Wills re. will 23 Non 1717 of Sir Edward Wills, his great personal Estate £30,000 or some other great some of South Sea, East India and Bank stocks and government securities and several other particulars; bequests. C78/1672, no. 4 [59]
1722 14 June 8 Thomas Spicer; Mary Spicer; Samuel Spicer; and John Spicer, infants, by John Fletcher their brother in law, four of the children of Phillip Spicer, by Elizabeth his wife; and the said John Fletcher, & Elizabeth his wife, the other of the children of said Phillipp Spicer by said Elizabeth his wife v. Thomas Shewell, gent; and William Gurnett re. will 23 Jun 1718 of Thomas Baynes of Richmond, Surrey, farmer and his several messuages, lands and tenements and a personal estate £1,200+; bequests . C78/1731, no. 4 [60]
1722 19 June 8 George Savage v. William Forster & Elizabeth his wife; William Brown & Margaret his wife; and John Williams & Judith his wife re. will 5 Mar 1685 of Elizabeth Snow, widow, and her several messuages, tenements, gardens, premises in Holywell Street and Cock Lane near Shoreditch in par. St. Leonard Shore Bath, Middx; bequests and conditions. C78/1938, no. 1 [61]
1722 27 June 8 Richard Cheslin and Mary his wife who was the only surviving child of Peter Courtney late of Westham, Essex decd by Mary his first wife decd v Edward Periam; Dennis Hammond; Ardrian Sweet; John Archer; William Beauchamp and Elizabeth his wife; William Courtney; Mary Courtney; and Richard Archer; and [blank] the administratrix of Adrian Courtney Marriage agreement of the complt Mary's parents, Peter Courtney and Mary, widow of William South late of Swallowscliffe, Wilts. C78/1404, no. 3 [62]
1722 28 June 8 John Wiseman, esq; Thomas Stisted, gent, & Arabella his wife v. Henry, lord Herbert re. conveyance 18 Dec 1701 £2,000, paid by Arabella Wiseman (mother of complt.) for manor of Riverford [Ribbesford], Worcs; Henry lord Herbert Baron of Chirbury [Henry Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert of Chirbury, 1654–1709]. C78/1531, no. 6 [63]
1722 29 June 8 John Hanchett of Heydon, Essex, esq v. Bishop of Worcester; John Whalley, & Jane his wife; William Paches, & Margaret his wife; Robert Price, esq; John Robinson, esq; Thomas Maling; John Brown; Richard Chamberlaine re. title to manor of Lee alias Leebury with the messuages, lands and hereditaments belonging left by John Mede [or Sir John Meade], of Lofts [par. Wenden Lofts], Essex, to his daughters Jane and Margaret... C78/1789, no. 3 [64]
1722 30 June 8 Thomas Edwards the elder of Bristol, esq; Francis Colston of London, esq lately of Bristol, merchant; Henry Hoare of London, goldsmith; and Robert Carr the elder of London, mercer but then of of Richmond, Surrey, gent, which said Thomas Edwards; Francis Coulston; Henry Hoare; and Robert Carr the elder were four of the executors of Edward Colston the elder of Mortlake, Surrey, esq; and Robert Carr the younger son of said Robert Carr the elder, an infant, by said Robert Carr the elder, his father; and Edward Colston an infant, only child of said Francis Colston by said Francis Colston v. Thomas Edwards the younger, esq, & Mary his wife; Sarah Campbell, widow; and Mary Edwards; and Sophia Edwards, infants; and Sir Robert Raymond, knight, Attorney General re. conveyance Aug 1704 by Edward Colston manors and farms of Great Bradley [?now Suffolk] & divers messuages,, tenements,cottage and lands in par. Cookham, Berks. & messuages,, tenements, cottage and lands in par Winterbourne, Gloucs.... C78/1692, no. 1 [65]
1722 30 June 8 Thomas Steavens of St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey, Surrey and Susan Steavens his only child an infant; and Richard Steavens of St Olave Southwark, Surrey, timber merchant v. Benjamin Masters and Mary his wife; John Biddlecomb and Susannah his wife; Thomas East; John Jervis; and John Wormby re. marriage agreement 16/17 Oct 1706, Susannah Scaley and William Steavens; messuage, or tenement and brewhouse in-Deptford and all buildings barns, stables, courtyards, gardens, wharves & hereditaments thereto belonging and piece of ground called Coney Close one acre in Deptford... C78/1495, no. 1 [66]
1722 2 July 8 Humphry Burton, son & heir apparent of Humphry Burton v. Humphry Burton re. wills of Simon Burton decd (13 Nov 1693), the complt's great uncle and Humphry Burton the complt's great grandfather. Estates in Coventry and Warwickshire, and his father's life interest. C78/1417, no. 13 [67]
1722 2 July 8 Thomas Browne v. Jezreel Jones; Joseph Wilkins; Jasper Stockar; William Grayham; Charles Grunsell; Francis Carter; and George Lloyd re. deed of 7 April 1710 and twenty-four persons in a voluntary society called the Company of London Insurers for Insuring Houses, Movable goods and Merchandises, Wares and Furniture from Loss and Damage by Fire... and their office in London call the Sun Fire office. C78/, no. 4 [68]
1722 3 July 8 Henry Hildeyard, esq; Richard Warren, esq; and Edward Walsh, esq, & Catherine his wife v. The Governor and Company of Merchants of Great Britain Trading to the South Seas and Other Parts of America and For Encouraging of the Fishing; and Ralph Keate; and Thomas Burman re. entitlement of Catherine before her marriage with the complainant Walsh to two annuities of £50 p.a. each, for 99 years from Lady Day 1706... C78/1553, no. 6 [69]
1722 4 July 8 John Hooper; Ann Hooper; and Margaret Hooper infants by Robert Young; and John Jones & Mary his wife v. Richard March administrator of John Hooper merchant with his will annexed and Sarah his wife; George Hooper; and William Twiford re. marriage agreement 24 Mar 1695, John Hooper and wife Ann Cook (both deceased)' £1,900 and £4,600 to paid on trust... C79/111, no. [70]
1722 4 July 8 Samuel Strefford of Stoak Prior, Worcs and Rebecca his wife who was one of the six daughters of William Bach late of Northfield, Worcs decd v. Thomas Strefford; Elizabeth Gibbs; Hester Bradney; Mary Holbech; Grosvenor Dyson and Margaret his wife; and Ann Jevon and others the creditors of the said William Bach decd re. will 10 May 1697, of William Bach; several messuages and lands in cos. Worcs & Staffs., £500+ p.a., and also legacy due to the complt. Rebecca from the will of her g-mother Joan Horton. C78/1409, no. 4 [71]
1722 5 July 8 Mary Batten, widow and James Batten; and Ann Batten, infants by the said Mary Batten their mother v. Thomas Ernle re. will 23 Feb 1716, of Walter Ernle; annuity to dau. Mary Batten, conditions... C78/1705, no. 1 [72]
1722 5 July 8 Theodosia Palmer, spinster, by Bill of Revivor v. Samuel Palmer, executor of Ann Palmer decd; Ann Archer; Margaret Archer; and Robert Archer an infant by the said Ann Archer his mother, executors of Joseph Archer decd who was executor of Sir Anthony Craven decd; Matthew Bailey; Elizabeth Pountney, widow decd; and George Gardiner re. References previous decree of 23 June 1720, and it is ordered and decreed to be referred to Master Hiccocks of this court to take an account of what is due to the complt. for the said sum of £1,000 and interest, after the rate of £5% p.a., from the time the same became payable by the said deed... and that a sufficient part of the testator's real estate be sold for making what the Master should certify to be due to the complt. C78/1468, no. 6 [73]
1722 10 July 8 Richard Nevill, gent v. Hannah Elvies, widow; Thomas Payne, & Elizabeth Payne his wife, since Elizabeth Payne widow; Robert Atherton; and Richard Venables re. will 3 Sept 1711, of William Elvies of Stafford and messuage or tenement called the Red Lyon in Stafford, which was securing the sum of £100... C78/1796, no. 9 [74]
1722 12 July 8 Richard Keen and Wayte Keen, two of the sons of John Keen late of Lattridge in the parish of Iron Acton, Glouc, yeoman, infants v. Thomas Waite of Swinden, Wilts, gent, gent; AND v. Silvester Keen an infant; Noblett Ruddock; Thomas Shute; John Ridley; Dame Mary Whetstone; Thomas Yate; James Donning; and John Sampson re. will 6 May 1719, of John Keen and his messuage or dwelling house in Lattridge [Latteridge], wherin he sometime lived, and a barn, stables, outhouses and land and hereditaments, which was purchased of Samuel Crowther... C78/1754, no. 4 [75]
1722 12 July 8 Temperance Gell, spinster, sister of Sir Philip Gell of Hopton, Derbs, baronet; and John Eyre, gent, for themselves and for the several creditors and legatees of said Sir Philip Gell v. Temperance Gell, spinster, daughter and heir at law of Francis Gell, niece and heir at law of said Sir Philip Gell; Nathaniel Curzon; William Jessop; and William FitzHerbert, esqs, trustees and executors of Sir Philip Gell; John Wigsall; and Thomas Carter; John Tomlinson; Francis Tomlinson; and Thomas Coates re. will 18 Jun 1719 of Sir Phillip Gell {3rd Baronet, 1651–1719] and his divers manors, lands and premises £1,500 p.a. in Hopton, Carsington, Cawlow [?Callow] Wirksworth, Kirk Ireton,the Griffe [Via Gellia], Hope, Bakewell, Tiddeswell [Tideswell] and elsewhere in Derbs. & his personal estate of 'no great value'; debts and bequests. C78/1568, no. 1 [76]
1722 13 July 8 Sir Isaac Shard of Southwark, Surrey, knight v. Gawen Hudson, gentleman [damaged document] re. loan 5 Dec 1712 £600, by defndt. Gawen Hudson from John Foltrop and John Warren, secured on fourteen messuages or tenements in par. All Hallows in the Wall [or London Wall]. C79/168, no. [77]
1722 13 July 8 Robert Alsop v. John Baskett; and Samuel Ashurst re. loan 13/14 mar 1717 £500 by John Baskett from Robert Alsop, secured on several messuages in par. St Anns Blackfryars [St Ann Blackfriars] in ward of Farringdon Within London. C78/1505, no. 5 [78]
1722 18 July 8 Phineas Jackson, esq v. Elizabeth Jackson; Mercy Jackson; and Thomas Jackson re. marriage agreement 20 May 1698, complt. Phineas Jackson and Elizabeth Price of Worcester, and will of her father 6 Nov 1706; woody grounds, woods and lands held by lease of the Dean and Chapter of Worcester. C78/1525, no. 6 [79]
1722 19 July 8 George Strode of London, merchant, administrator of William Hunt late of the Island of Barbadoes decd not administered by Averina his wife and Samuel Husbands who were the two acting executors of the said William Hunt v. Christopher May and William Thorne re. will 4 Dec 1694, of Edward Hunt, clerk of South Molton, Devon; legacies, bequest to son, and conditions if his son should die... C78/1496, no. 4 [80]
1722 25 July 8 Rebecca Moxon, widow v. Robecca Moxon jr; Joseph Moxon; Pessiana Moxon; Benjamin Gerrard; and Daniel Oley re. demise 17 Nov 1693, by Henry, late Bishop of London to William Bard, messuage and closes or parcels of land in manor of Wormholt called Eynham...[Hammersmith, London]. C78/1936, no. 4 [81]
1722 15 Oct 9 Dame Mary Stewkley, widow of Sir Hugh Stewkley late of Hinton Ampner, Hants decd; Edward Stawill and Mary his wife eldest daughter of the said Sir Hugh Stewkley; Sarah and Honoria Stewkley two other daughters of the said Sir Hugh v. William Blake and Betty his wife one other of the daughters of the said Sir Hugh Stewkley; William Needham, clerk; John Penton; and Chandler Young re. will of Sir Hugh Stewkley [d 1719] of Hinton Ampner, Hants; unpaid marriage portion £10,000 dau. Mary and husband Edward Stawell & Sir Hugh's debts to several persons... C78/1411, no. 4 [82]
1722 19 Oct 9 Edward Moyle, esq, & Mary his wife v. William Eyre, gent re. ordered and decreed that the defendant should answer and make good to the plaintiffs the principal and interest due on the four bonds therein mentioned... C78/1583, no. 8 [83]
1722 20 Oct 9 John Yeo; Robert Yeo; and Mary Yeo v. Thomas Townsend; Thomas Cole, & Grace his wife re. ordered and decreed that Thomas Cole and Grace his wife should bring £250 as legacy given by the will of John Yeo the father before Master Samuel ?Kirk of this Court and that the Master should see the same secured and placed out at interest in the name of such persons as he should think fit... C78/1762, no. 7 [84]
1722 20 Oct 9 Mary Slater, widow v. Henry Chestland re. loan £300 29 Feb 1719, Henry Bestland of par. St Andrews, Holborn from complt. Mary Slater, secured on messuage or tenement called the Trumpett in Shear lane, par. St Clement Dane etc... C78/1737, no. 9 [85]
1722 20 Oct 9 John Cater v. Richard Osbaldeston, baronet; William Osbaldeston; John Dawson; Jacob Heath; Thomas Wrightson; John Wrightson; Thomas Fountaine; Thomas Bradshaw; Anthony Todd; Robert Monckton, esq, & Theodosia his wife; and Richard Witton esq; and The Honorable Thomas Willoughby, esq re. will 22 May 1651 of Richard Berry , doctor in physick, and his manors, messuages, tenements and hereditaments in Hemsworth, Kingsley Park [Kinsley Park], Hodroyd, Havercroft and Askern, Yorks.. devise on trust to John Fountain of Lincolns Inn... C78/1726, no. 13 [86]
1722 23 Oct 9 George Gould junior one of the sons of George Gould senior decd v. John Pym; Francis Lydstone; Thomas Jeffery; Benjamin Brinley; and Mary Duncombe, the acting executors of the said George Gould senior; and Thomas Gould eldest son and heir and residuary legatee of the said George the father re. will 2 Oct 1694, of George Gould the father, and his considerable personal estate; bequest to his dau. Mary Gould £1,200 at age 21 and conditions... C78/1455, no. 3 [87]
1722 25 Oct Harry Holdipp of Boswell Court, Middx, surgeon v. Cockin Sole esq and Charles Horne esq re. purchase by Cockin Sole and Charles Herne in Jun or Jul 1720, of £1,000 lottery annuities... to be subscribed to the South Sea Company... C79/96, no. [88]
1722 28 Oct 9 Ambrose Plowman of Weeks within the parish of Christ's Church, Hants; and Bartholomew Kippen of Longham in the parish of Hampreston, Dorset, executors of George Lockyer late of the parish of St Giles in the Fields, Middx decd v. Thomas Douglas of St Giles in the Fields re. will 25 aug 1715 of George Lockyer, and his considerable personal estate and him minded to dispose of the same amongst his friends and relations; bequests and conditions. C78/1426, no. 7 [89]
1722 29 Oct 9 James Smith and Sir Robert Smith v. Richard Farmbrough and Mary his wife; William Gordon; George Burbage; Simon Mitchell; and John Batty re. conveyance to James Smith by Henry Awdley of Beerchurch [Berechurch, now in Colchester] of profits from messuages, lands and hereditaments in Abberton & farms in Layer de la Haye, Essex; claim to title by defendants C78/1498, no. 2 [90]
1722 6 Nov 9 James Houlton; Joseph Burton; Henry Freeman; Bartholomew Silly; Richard Gardner; Richard Hulls; Robert Collier; Phillip Keeble; and Edmund Smith, all of Whitney, Oxon, blanket weavers, creditors by simple contract of John Rason of London, warehouseman, for themselves and the rest of the simple contract creditors of said John Rason v. Ann Rason, widow; Ann Rason the younger, spinster; and Sarah Walker re. will 25 Feb 1717, of John Rason and his considerable real estate in Cumberland and a considerable personal estate sufficient to pay all his simple contract creditors with a great overplus; his several debts. C78/1702, no. 6 [91]
1722 8 Nov 9 Thomas Heath; and Edmund Heath, the surviving executors of William Heath, their late father v. Sir Bibye Lake, baronet [c. 1684–1744]; James Sadler, esq; and Elizabeth Sadler, widow; Peter Percivall, esq; Sir Cesar Child, baronet; John Goodeere, esq; John Norris; and Whitfield Hayter; and also one Samuel Percival re. ordered and decreed that it should be referred to Master Rogers of this Court to compute what was due to the complainants for principal and interest upon a bond entered into by sir Stephen Evance [c.1655-1712] and the defendant Whitfield Hayter of Jun 1692... C78/1674, no. 4 [92]
1722 9 Nov 9 Robert Knaplock and Jacob Touson citizens and stationers of London v. Edmund Curll re. Reverend Humphrey Prideaux [1648-1724] and his book entitled 'Directions to Church-wardens for the Faithful Discharge of Their Office'; rights to sell book... C78/1934, no. 2 [93]
1722 12 Nov 9 Elenor Lestraunge, spinster, one of the creditors of Lukenor Lestraunge of Gonville and Caius College, University of Cambridge, esq, for herself and the rest of the creditors of said Lukenor Lestraunge who contribute to the suit v. Edward Fisher; Mary Duckett; Roger Lestrange; Thomas Goodall; John Hase; Richard Warner; and Nicholas Neeth; and the Master or Keeper and Fellows of Gonville and Caius College, University of Cambridge Founded in Honor of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary re. will 15 Aug 1719, of Lukenor L'Estraunge [Lewknor L'Estrange, 1680-1719] and his several freehold and copyhold messuages, lands and tenements in Norfolk and Suffolk and elsewhere and also of several leases for years and other personal estate, £1,000+; his several debts. C78/1737, no. 6 [94]
1722 ? 13 Nov 9 Windsor Sandyes of Messenden [Miserden], Gloucs, esq, who was then seized to him and his heirs and was the lord of the manor of Stebinheath alias Stepney, Middx v. Roger Walrond; John Cave; John carter; and Joseph Welch; and others (sic) re. rights to hold a market on Tues, Thurs & Sat of every week for sale of hay, in par. White Chappell in Common Street in manor of Stepney, Middx. C78/1507, no. 14 [95]
1722 14 Nov 9 Ralph Nelson, & Dorothy his wife; an Thomas Bowlby, gent v. Timothy Wright; Robert Snowden; Jane Snowden; Abigale Snowden; Elianor Snowden; and Elizabeth Snowden re. will 10 Feb 1710 of Dorothy ?Wetts and her several messuages and lands in Appleton upon Wisk [Appleton Wiske], York; rents and profts theron to her mother Abigail Sillaburne... C78/1507, no. 11 [96]
1722 19 Nov 9 Francis Todd, & Alice his wife; and Lucas Jackson, an infant v. Samuel Eamonson, & Elizabeth his wife; William Milner; and Jane Squire AND Samuel Eamonson, & Elizabeth his wife v. Francis Todd, & Alice his wife; John Parker; Martin Stoney; and said William Milner re. It was declared that Lucas Jackson's will as to all the land and premises in question, not comprised in the defendant Milners mortgage, to stand dismissed ...instructions for dividing lands... C78/1765, no. 6 [97]
1722 24 Nov 9 Thomas Bangs v. John Bangs and Mary his wife; Sir Henry Bendish; Thomas Saunders; John Cock; and Thomas Horner re. conveyance 1/2 Nov 1708, purchase by the complt, from John Bangs, his brother, of messuage in Hempstead, Essex. John Bangs' life interest in the property. C78/1427, no. 2 [98]
1722 30 Nov 9 Henry Shipton of Yoxall, Staffs v. Bartholomew Shipton re. will 10 Apr 1688 of Henry Walter cousin of the complt's father, also Henry Shipton. Several messuages. lands and tenements in Staffs & Yorks. C78/1417, no. 14 [99]
1722 4 Dec 9 John Hills eldest son and heir of John Hills decd v. John Bennet and Mary his wife; William Petre; Robert Bovey; Robert Hills, George Hills, James Hills, Joseph Hills, Thomas Hills, Margaret Hills and Mary Hills the younger children of the said John Hills decd re. several freehold and copyhold messuages, lands and hereditaments £200 p.a., in Childerditch, Essex & elsewhere and personal estate £1,000+ of John Hills decd, who died Oct 1715, intestate. C78/1417, no. 10 [100]
1722 5 Dec 9 John Hoyle v Richard Hoyle and Mary his wife; Arthur Hoyle; and John Kerkin and Cheston his wife Settlement of the estate of Richard Hoyle decd. Trevennin als Tremayner and Trevennin als Tremaynon Mills and Godarrick als Codarrick in the parish of St Goran, Cornwall. C78/1378, no. 1 [101]
1722 13 Dec 9 Walter Palliser esq v. Richard Lee re. agreement 2 Mar 1719 £2,400, purchase of the manor of Swaycliffe [Swalecliffe], Kent & advowson of church, by defdnt. Richard Lee from complt. Walter Palliser. C79/179, no. [102]
1722 13 Dec 9 Samuel Cole of Stonestreet in the parish of Galey [?Gally Hills in Banstead], Surrey, butcher v. Anne Cole widow re. descent or title to property of complt's father Samuel Cole, two messuages or tenements with 20 acres of arable, meadow and pasture called Great Collis and Little Collis at Stonestreet. C78/2049, no. 14 [103]
1722 15 Dec 9 Benjamin Hodson, clerk and Elizabeth his wife; and others (not named) v. Charles Bawdes; and Roger Pocklington Mortgage by the deft Bawdes. C78/1448, no. 2 [104]
1722 16 Dec 9 John Lane, esq, & Jane his wife, one of the daughters and coheirs of Humphry Wyrley the younger v. Elizabeth Wroth, widow; Knightley Wroth, widow; Humphry Wysley; and John Birch C78/1794, no. 22 [105]
1722 17 Dec 9 Mary Snook, administratrix of Morgan Snook her father; Richard Snook; Robert Dufflett, & Alice his wife; William Metyard; and John Metyard, sons of Elizabeth Metyard v. Mary Snook, widow of Morgan Snook; Hester Chamberlin; and Roger Chamberlin C78/1706, no. 1 [106]
1722 22 Dec 9 Edmund, duke of Buckinghamshire and Normanby an infant of about 5 years by David, earl of Portmore v. Catherine, duchess of Buckinghamshire and Normanby; Charles, earl of Orrery; George lord Willoughby de Brooke; Thomas, lord Trevor; Allan, lord Bathurst; Patrick Garden esq; Charles Herbert esq; Sophia Sheffield; and Charles Sheffield C78/1949, no. 1 [107]