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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1721 C78/, no. []
1721 13 Jan 7 Thomas Milward v. Thomas Furbar and James Northall re. demise 2 Jan 1690 by George Northall to Samuel Northall, clerk, Thomas Shaw and Lawrence Pearsall of all that the moiety or half part of his copyhold or customary messuages or tenements, lands and premises situated within the parish of Kingswinfed [Kingswinford, Staffs.], for the term of 99 years, in trust for maintaining and raising portions for his younger children... C78/1483, no. 2 [2]
1721 16 Jan 15 Elizabeth Fish, widow v. John Rivers re. loan 26 Jan 1681 £80, by Peter Rivers from James Fish (complt's late father) secured on a messuage or tenement in Great Marlow, Bucks. C78/1725, no. 15 [3]
1721 17 Jan 7 Thomas Willis merchant; Roger Pocock; Sarah Cousins; John Penton; Roger Harris; Sir Thomas Gery knight & Dame Elizabeth his wife; and John Tarrant; William Pittman; John Marriott; Robert Newton & Margaret his wife; Heny Edward; Dorothy Mary Peter; and George Birtley; Edward Jones; Catherine Jones; Sir Edward Northy knight Attorney General at the relation of the Governours of the Charity for relief of the poor widows and children of clergymen v. John Fulham esq; Catherine Wilis; Edward Jones; William Needham; William Gore; Peter Lenth; Joseph Spence; Anne, Margarett, Catherine, Elizabeth, Edward, and Mary Fulham re. ordered and decreed it was not necessary to give judgement whether the said £4,000 in question was to be considered as real or personal estate until it should be seen what Dr George Fulham's personal Estate amounted unto, and what debts were owing by him at his decease... C79/189, no. [4]
1721 19 Jan 7 Thomas Morrell and Isabella his wife; John Stratforth and Catherine his wife; Mary Gledhill, spinster (daughter and heir of Mary Gledhill decd); which said Isabella, Catherine & Mary Gledhill decd were the daughters and coheirs of John Fulthorpe decd v. George Lawson; Lawson Trotter; Edward Trotter; John Porrett; Mary Ellis, Elizabeth Ellis and Margaret Ellis grandaughters and coheirs of Christopher Fulthorpe decd Estate of John Fulthorpe decd in Tunstall, Moralston, Cattcoates, Seaton, Stranton and Willington in Co Durham, encumbered "in the late rebellion" by Clement & Christopher Fulthorpe the father and grandfather of the decd, both also now decd. Accounts of Christopher Fulthorpe the decd's younger brother while running the estate. C78/1491, no. 1 [5]
1721 25 Jan 7 Richard Baskervile esq son and heir of Thomas Baskervile esq who was the son and heir of Francis Baskervile esq; Jane Baskervile wife of the said Richard; and Thomas Baskervile son of the said Richard & Jane being an infant by said Richard his father and guardian v. Mary Baskervile widow; William Baskervile; George Baskervile son of Simon Baskervile deceased; Thomas Baskervile son of said George; and Thomas Baskervile son of said William re. indenture 21 Oct 23Charles1 [1647-8] of Sir Francis Baskervile, who was complt. Richard's g-father, concerning descent of manors, tithes, farms, lands and hereditaments in Wilts. C78/1916, no. 1 [6]
1721 27 Jan 7 William Beaumont and Townshend Sheringham v. The Mayor, Sherriffes, Citizens and Comonalty of the City of Norwich; and Peter Harrold re. indenture of demise 21 June 1714, by Mayor, Sheriffs, citizens and commonality of city of Norwich did grant unto the complt. the butchery and fishery in the marketplace of Norwich... C78/1468, no. 3 [7]
1721 28 Jan 7 William Baker of Alton, Hants v John Butler junr Complts debts, and arrest due to a judgement gained by his own brother Charles Baker. Defts attempts to gain lease of Hop grounds in return for standing bail. C78/1338, no. 3 [8]
1721 31 Jan 7 Benjamin Haskins Stiles esq v. Joshua Sheppard & Frances his wife; Mary Johnson widow; William Johnson; Robert Sheppard; Germanicus Sheppard; George Sheppard; William Sheppard; and Elizabeth Sheppard re. sale agreement by Joshua Sheppard to complt. Benjamin Haskins Stiles of manor or lordship, prebend and parsonage of Caln {Calne] Wilts, with rights, members and appurtenances and all messuages, houses, mills, lands, tenements and hereditaments, belonging by virtue of a lease to him, Joshua Sheppard, granted, in or about September 1718, by the treasurer of the cathedral of Sarum [Salisbury]. C78/2056, no. 9 [9]
1721 1 Feb 7 William Bromfield of Grays Inn, Middx esq; Thomas Bromfield of London doctor in physick; William Bromfield; and Anne Bromfield infants by the said Thomas Bromfield their father; Mary Bromfield; Margaret Bromfield; and Phillip Bromfield infants by Thomas Bromfield of London druggist their father; and Bridget Witherley v. Elizabeth Witherley widow; Thomas Edwards; and John Edwards re. will of Bridget Bromfeld née Witherley (mother of Edward Bromfield) and her entitlement (notwithstanding her couverture) to £1,000 from a £2,000 legacy of her father Thomas Witherley... C79/103, no. [10]
1721 6 Feb 7 William Higford v. Joseph Way; Stephen Perry; and Thomas Voyce [apparently same as below] re. refs previous decree of 25 June 1719; ordered and decreed that the defendants Way and Perry should execute a counterpart of the lease in question and that it should be referred to Master [John] Orlebar of this Court to compute what what was due to the plaintiffs for the said premises and also what repairs were wanting at the time... C78/1451, no. 12 [11]
1721 6 Feb 7 William Higford, esq v. Joseph Way; Stephen Perry; and thomas Voyce C78/1760, no. 8 [12]
1721 6 Feb 7 Hester Hendy, widow and administratrix of Walcott Hendy decd; Thomas Hendy, citizen and sword cutler of London; Thomas Gregory and Mary his wife daughter of the said Hester Hendy; John Smith and Elizabeth his wife another daughter of the said Hester Hendy; and also Hester Hendy and Sarah Hendy infants by the said Hester Hendy their mother v. William Clayton; Richard Turner; Sarah Wellins, widow; Richard Wellins; and Edward Wellins C78/1497, no. 10 [13]
1721 7 Feb 7 Nathaniel Jenner, esq v. Robert Harper; William Wayne; Richard Birt; Richard Adams; Robert Bristow; William Fry; Thomas Trinder; Richard Parker; Henry Baldwyn; Ludovicus Parker; Edward Pleydell; William Jones; John Williams; Christopher Saunders; and Williams Saunders C78/1760, no. 3 [14]
1721 7 Feb 7 Edward Belitha; and Edward Coleman of London, grocers and partners; Robert Colman of London, merchant; and Thomas Smith of London, woodmonger v. Benedict Winch, & Elizabeth his wife; Mary Winch, mother of said Benedict Smith; Robert Coleman of Furnivalls Inn, London, gent; Robie Sherwin of Lincolns Inn, Middx, gent; John Hayward, citizen and upholsterer of London; Robert Wood, & Susannah his wife; George Rose of Great Gaddesden, Herts, yeoman; and Henry Hudson; and Edmund Burch; and divers others persons, schedule creditors of said Benedict Winch C78/1670, no. 3 [15]
1721 9 Feb 7 John Scott of the parish of St Olaves, Hart Street, London, brewer & Margaret his wife; James Scott; and Anna Scott son and daughter of the said John and Margaret Scott infants by their said father and mother; and Elianor Smoult of the same parish widow v. John Smoult executor of Anthony Smoult late of London draper C78/1860, no. 3 [16]
1721 9 Feb 7 Mary Poole of Chellington [Chillington], Som, widow, relict of John Poole of Chellington, gent; and Anthony Poole his eldest son and heir; and likewise Christian Poole; Mary Poole; and Margaret Poole, infants by said Mary Poole their mother v. Samuel Seely, gent; and George Notley; AND likewise v. Thomas Poole; William Poole; John Poole; and George Poole, sons of said mary Poole by said John Poole their father, infants C78/1674, no. 1 [17]
1721 9 Feb 7 Margery Lowe of the Island of Barbadoes, widow, who was sole executrix, heir at law, and residuary legatee of Anna Rooper of Barbadoes, widow v. John Tidcombe of London, merchant; and Frederick Feake of Barbadoes, gent C78/1583, no. 6 [18]
1721 10 Feb 7 Richard Gilham v. Joane Naldrett; and George Farley C78/1552, no. 6 [19]
1721 17 Feb 7 John Pool son & heir of John Pool decd; Sarah Pool, Susan Pool and Jane Pool Infants by the said John Pool their brother v. Richard Cooper; John Pym; Staplehill Heath; and Joseph Cheeke Will of John Pool the complts father. C78/1442, no. 2 [20]
1721 21 Feb 7 Sir John Holt, knight, CJQB, & Dame Anne Holt, his wife for themselves and for the several trustees of said Sir John Holt; Arthur Annesley, esq,m since earl of Anglesey; and Vincent Oakeley, gent, for themselves and for several trustees and Roger North, esq, who was the only acting executor of Sir Robert Gayer, Knight of the Bath v. John Shelton of West Bromwich, Staffs, esq; and Mary Shelton, his wife; Joseph Shelton, son and heir of said John Shelton; Mary Shelton; Henrietta Shelton; and Katherine Shelton, the only daughters of the said John and Mary Shelton; John Coggs of St Clement Danes, Middx, goldsmith; Elizabeth Charleton, administratrix of Nicholas Charlton of the City of London, esq; Joseph Worsley; Robert Capper; William Symcox; John Mayo; John Piddock; and William Silvester C78/1554, no. 1 [21]
1721 21 Feb 7 James Tuttle v. Ricahrd Tuttle; and Robert Radford C78/1552, no. 2 [22]
1721 22 Feb 7 Joseph Manning v. Sir John Briscoe Sale of farm house & 4 yardlands and other lands in Orlingbury, Northants called Mitchells Farm C78/1447, no. 2 [23]
1721 (bill) Easter term Sir Robert Ramond knight Attorney General at the relation of John Gale; Clement Nicholson; Thomas Coates; James Milham; John Radcliffe; Nathaniel Dixon; and Joseph Kelsick proprietors of seats in the chapel of Whitehaven, Cumberland and contributors to the salary and maintenance of the curate thereof v. James Lowther esq C79/90, no. [24]
1721 1 March 7 Thomas Dunn; John Stancliffe; and Eliabeth Farrer, wife of Richard Farrer v. Samuel Smith; Thomas Lee, & Mary his wife; Martha Reiveley; Timothy Reiveley; Rachael Reiveley, & Sarah Reiveley C78/1764, no. 2 [25]
1721 3 Mar 7 William Daines of the City of Bristol, Anthony Swimmer of the same, Richard Baskervill of Rickardson[Richardson in Winterbourne Bassett], Wilts and Jane his wife, John Tunbridge of Syson, Gloucs, Sarah Smith of the City of Bristol spinster, Hugh Waterman of the same place clerk, creditors of William Gore late of Barrows, Somerset on behalf of themselves and the other creditors of the said William Gore v Thomas Gore, William Gore, Anthony Blagrave, Edward Gore and John Hipsley Will and debts of William Gore late of Barrows [Barrow Court in Barrow Gurney par.], Somerset. Manor of Barrow Minchin and manor or grange of Charterhouse Hydon [Charterhouse-on-Mendip], Somerset, manor of Southley als Southly, Oxon. C78/1318, no. 2 [26]
1721 3 March 7 Sir Robert Reymond, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Christs in Oxford of the Foundation of King Henry VIII v. Henry Smith, esq C78/1509, no. 2 [27]
1721 7 Mar 7 Elizabeth Ord spinster the ... and sole executrix of Elizabeth Ord decd and also William Ord als Blackett and Elizabeth Ord als Blackett the children of the said Elizabeth Ord the testatrix, infants by the first named Elizabeth Ord v Sir William Blackett; William Thompson and Dame Julia his wife; Eliza Blackett; Isabella Blackett; Diana Blackett; Anne Blackett; William Davison; John Wilkinson; Sir Walter Calverley and Dame Julia his wife; and Frances Blackett Estate of Elizabeth Ord decd. Ref to decree of 9 Feb 1 George. C78/1380, no. 1 [28]
1721 16 March 7 John Calvert; Bethell Robinson gentleman; Mary Copley widow and executrix of Daniel Copley gentleman; William Davile gentleman; Anthony Joblin; George Body; Ralph Hinxwell; and Thomas Hird on behalf of themselves and other creditors of John Gilling v. Elizabeth Conyers and John Gilling C78/1933, no. 1 [29]
1721 16 March 7 Robert Lowther esq v. John Blackborne & Frances his wife; Elizabeth Justice widow and executrix of Emanuel Justice (since married to John Cooper clerk) and Banistre Parker son and heir and executor of Robert Parke C79/79, no. [30]
1721 16 March 7 Robert Ferne, esq v. Henry Gilbert, esq; John Gilbert, gent, son and heir apparent of said Henry Gilbert; Thomas Gilbert, clerk, younger son of said Henry Gilbert, & Elizabeth his wife; Elizabeth Gilbert, spinster, daughter of said Henry Gilbert; George Savile; and John Savile, esqs C78/1583, no. 2 [31]
1721 21 April 7 John Ward esq v. Thomas Periam; John Walker; John Lloyd; John Mitchell; Joseph Dalby; William Sellect; and William Tassell C78/1898, no. 7 [32]
1721 1 May 7 Francis Todd, gent, & Alice his wife; and Lucas Jackson, an infant by said Francis Todd v. Samuel Eamonson, & Elizabeth his wife; Jane Squire; and William Milner C78/1764, no. 3 [33]
1721 9 May 7 William Glynn of Glynn, Cornwall v. Israell Feilding C78/1491, no. 4 [34]
1721 11 May 7 Thomas Clunne and Katherine his wife the only daughter of Edward Lloyd decd, and also grandaughter and heir at law of Edward Lloyd also decd father of the said Edward v Price, father of the complt Thomas, and Mary his wife; John Lloyd clerk; Francis Evans and Jane his wife were two (sic) of the daughters of the said Edward Lloyd the grandfather Marriage settlements on marriage of Edward Lloyd (the grandfather) and Dorothy Brooke, and later to Katherine the daughter of Sir John Whitwrong. Capital messuage called Berch Lloyd and other lands in the County of Montgomery. C78/1376, no. 7 [35]
1721 11 May 7 Edward Moyle, esq, & Mary his wife v. William Eyre, gent C78/1583, no. 7 [36]
1721 12 May 12 John Mordaunt v. Roger Thompson; and Eustace Petty C78/1709, no. 3 [37]
1721 15 May 7 Sir Robert Raymond knight Attorney General at the relation of Henry Bishop and John Cheveley esqs two of his Majesty's justices of the peace for Essex authorized in that behalf by order of the justices of the peace for said county at the quarter sessions of the peace held for the said county 10 January 7 George I for themselves and for other justices of the peace for the county and of the inhabitants thereof v. Kenwrick Grantham esq C78/1899, no. 5 [38]
1721 23 May 7 Edward Goddard, esq v. William Saunders; Jeoffrey Betterton; William Betterton; Thomas Shull; and John Hinder C78/1760, no. 6 [39]
1721 20 May 7 Anne Hare, spinster v. Catherine Bedingfield and Susanna Bedingfield, spinsters Will of John Hare late of Saint Bennetts Paul Wharfe, London decd, brother of the complt. Debts and legacies due to the complt, and also mortgage of the Manor of Snitterton [Snetterton], Norfolk C78/1422, no. 3 [40]
1721 23 May 7 Susan Fawkener, widow,daughter and only child of Maurice Wayte and relict of Edward Fawkener esq who was son and heir of Edward Fawkener esq v. William Fancourt esq, & Dorcas his wife; Mathew Wuth, & Susanna his wife; Sarah Merriman; William Standish, clerk, & Mary his wife; and William Kent AND William Fancourt, & his said wife; Mathew Wyth, & his said wife; Sarah Merriman; and the said William Standish, & his said wife v. said Susanna Fawkener; and William Fawkener, esq C78/1795, no. 8 [41]
1721 12 June 7 Alice Probyn widow v Richard Weigham; William Edes; Thomas Allen; and Lawrence Watson Wills of Thomas Watts of Great Alne, Warks decd, the complts late father, and Thomas Watts, her grandfather. C78/1384, no. 3 [42]
1721 12 June 7 Nicholas Lechmere esq Attorney General at the relation of George Poole; Thomas Haves; and Isaac Standerwick v. John Leigh esq and John Jefferie clerk C78/1894, no. 1 [43]
1721 14 June 7 Elizabeth Smith an infant, daughter of George Smith late of North Nibley, Gloucs and Margaret his wife both decd by Thomas Tomkins v Richard Dowdeswell and George Smith Will of George Smith. Estate at Nibley and Standcomb, [Gloucs] and at Chesterfield, Derbys C78/1337, no. 3 [44]
1721 14 June 7 George Smith an infant by Thomas Geeres v Richard Dowdeswell Will of George Smith decd the complts late father. Estate at Nibley and Standcomb, Gloucs and at Chesterfield, Derbys C78/1337, no. 4 [45]
1721 15 June 7 Thomas Young v. John Briggs and Sarah his wife; John Cooper; and George Butterly Marriage agreement on complt's marriage to Sarah, daughter of Margaret Hamper late of Salvington, Sussex, widow. Parcel of ground in the parish of St Peter the Great, Chichester, Sussex. C78/1417, no. 9 [46]
1721 17 June 7 Samuel Dalton, esq v. Christopher Dalton; John Dalton; Christopher Goakman; and George Headly C78/1736, no. 5 [47]
1721 20 June 7 George Witherington administrator of Robert Witherington his son decd; John Witherington son and heir of George Witherington decd, brother and heir of the said Robert Witherington; and Elizabeth Witherington, widow, executrix of the said George Witherington decd v. William Witherington and William Hucks Will of Elizabeth Cooke. Rent due from the deft Hucks for several messuages in Vine St., St Giles in the Fields, Middx. C78/1434, no. 2 [48]
1721 20 June 7 Thomas Pellett, doctor in physick, & Jane his wife; Dorothy Bainbrigg, spinster; and Barbara Bainbrigg, widow, her mother, which said Jane, Dorothy, and Barbara were three of the daughters of William Bainbrigg, esq and Martha his wife; and said Martha Bainbrigg administratrix of Martha Bainbrigg another daughter of said William and Martha Bainbrigg v. Edward Brett Bainbrigg, only surviving son of said William and Martha Bainbrigg; Robert Willmott the elder, esq; Robert Willmot the younger, esq; and William Inge esq C78/1812, no. 8 [49]
1721 21 June 7 Mary Thurston, widow, relict & executrix of Joseph Thurston who was eldest son & heir of Joseph Thurston decd, and also brother & executor of Thomas Thurston v. Mary Thurston, widow Will of Joseph Thurston the father. Property in Essex & Suffolk. Deft is widow of Joseph Thurston the father. C78/1462, no. 5 [50]
1721 29 June 8 Edmund Turner, esq v. Barnabas Smith, clerk; and Edmund, bishop of Lincoln C78/1796, no. 11 [51]
1721 3 Jul 7 Henry Williams and Margaret his wife v Rowland Rees and Rebecca his wife; William Rees; and Margaret Rees Estates of Phillip Morgan decd. Lands in St Brides and St Mellons, Monmouth. Plt Margaret was one of the daughters and coheirs of Edmund Edwards by Fydia his wife, who was the only (sic) sister and heir of Phillip Morgan decd, deft Rowland Rees married Cecill the other sister. C78/1379, no. 2 [52]
1721 3 July 7 William Leigh v. Henry Leigh an infant C78/1897, no. 11 [53]
1721 3 July 7 John Jesson gentleman v. Gilbert Heat; Elizabeth Jones; George Watson; Thomas Garrett; Philip Browne; Robert Hallifax; Abraham Etrepp; Thomas Gotam; Isaac Goswell; Thomas Scott; John Nicholls; John Taylor; and Richard Youthwaite C78/1896, no. 7 [54]
1721 3 July 7 Theobald Thomson of Weymouth, Dorset, gent, & Mary his wife, the only surviving daughter and heiress of Thomas Young, gent v. Henry Davis; Henry Gibbs, & Elizabeth his wife C78/1759, no. 7 [55]
1721 3 July 7 William Jesson of the Middle Temple, London, esq v. Richard Burnes, gent; and Nicholas Coxon C78/1582, no. 4 [56]
1721 7 July 7 Peter Cox nephew and sole executor of Richard Edmondson late citizen and merchant taylor of London v. John Edmondson and Mary his wife; and William Dawson Trust settlement of property in Faringdon, Berks. C78/1446, no. 3 [57]
1721 7 July 7 Richard Lucas of St James Westminster v. James Wills; Thomas Wilson; Nathaniel Carpenter; and John Mulcaster C78/1477, no. 4 [58]
1721 10 July 7 William James of East Harptry [East Harptree], Somerset eldest son and heir of William James late of Chewton Mendip in the said county decd v. Samuel James; Jacob James; and Jarrit Smith Complts rights to a share of the personal estate of his father, and to properties in Somerset. C78/1459, no. 3 [59]
1721 10 July 7 Bartholomew Burton, esq; Mary Brough, executrix of George Brough of London who was executor of George Brough of Skelton [Shelton], Notts, gent; William Arnold; Mary Cooke, widow and administratrix of Andrew Cook; John Bissell; thomas Tubman; and Richard Stevens, & Sarah his wife for themselves and all other creditors of William Pierrepont of Nottingham, esq v. William, archbishop of York; Elizabeth Pierrepont, widow of said William Pierrepont; Evelyn, duke of Kingston; Evelyn Pierrepont, esq commonly called marquess of Dorchester; George Gregory, esq; and Anne, lady dowager Torrington; Bernard Gilpin, clerk, & Jane his wife; and John Taylor C78/1506, no. 2 [60]
1721 12 July 7 John Spencer v Isabell Spencer, Thomas Harris and Ursula his wife, and Thomas Witherstone Thomas Spencer the complts late uncle decd & Rebecca his wife. Inheritance of copyhold messuage and yardland called Senden Hall als Sentton Hall, Ullingwick, Herefs. C78/1337, no. 1 [61]
1721 13 July Thomas Coton son & heir of Thomas Coton late of Coton Bridge, Warks an infant by Dame Elizabeth Laws wife of Sir Nicholas Laws his mother, Judith Maria Laws daughter of the said Sir Nicholas Laws & Dame Elizabeth Laws, Rebecca White of St Gyles in the Fields, Middx spinster as well on their own behalfs as for the legatees & other persons claiming by the will of Dame Judith Forster late widow of Sir Humphrey Forster v Richard Lawley, Sir John Chesshire and Dame Anne his wife Will of Dame Judith Forster. Manor of Branston, Lincs. Messuages in Aldersgate Street, St Buttolph without Aldersgate, London. C78/1329, no. 5 [62]
1721 13 July 7 William Charter of St Andrews, Holborne, gent v. The Mayor, and Commonalty and Citizens of London, Governors of Christ Hospital; Sir George Merttins, knight, treasurer of said hospital; and William Richardson, & Lydia his wife, late Lydia Charter, executors of John Harvey; and Josephus Jonas Charter, an infant by said Lydia his mother and guardian C78/1760, no. 4 [63]
1721 15 July 7 John Mudge, cousin and heir at law of William Mudge of Mary Church, Devon, yeoman v. Joan Mudge, widow; Elizabeth Dyer; and John Alward C78/1677, no. 2 [64]
1721 17 July 7 Erasmus Mickelwright, only son of Erasmus Mickelwright of St Clement Danes, Middx, clothmaker v. John Furse, & Margaret his wife; John Doore, & Mary his wife; and Rebecca Brasey C78/1511, no. 2 [65]
1721 20 July 7 Sir Samuel Astry, Sir John Smith, Saint John Astry, Samuel Cotherington, Clayton Milborne and Edward Freeman v Thomas Chester Will of Thomas Chester late of Knowle, Almondsbury, Gloucs decd. Manors of Barton Regis alias Kings Barton, and Brinsham in Yate,Gloucs, held in trust. C78/1337, no. 2 [66]
1721 21 July 8 Robert Hulson gentleman v. Thomas Harrington; John Traverse; and Thomas Clarke C78/1905, no. 11 [67]
1720 26 July 7 William Lorimer gentleman; Joshua Oldfield; and Edmund Calamy doctors in divinity; William Tourt; Benjamin Robinson; Zachary Merrett; John Evans; William Harris; Thomas Reynolds; Isaac Bates; Jeremy Smith; James Read; John Morton; Edward Farrington; William Addy; Jonathan Collier; Benjamin Sheppard; Francis Buckstead; Joseph Archer; Richard Watts; Isaac Honywood; George Smith; and Stephen Davis v. Elizabeth Roberts and Jane Williams C79/1, no. [68]
1721 27 July 7 Ann Stedman spinster an infant by Sackvill Gwynne her uncle v Charles Hanmer and Jane his wife; Richard Stedman; and William Gower Marriage agreement between Richard Stedman and Joane Gwynn, the complts late parents, both decd. Strata Florida, Cardigan. C78/1398, no. 5 [69]
1721 28 July 7 The Honorable Catherine Graham; and Mary Graham, spinsters, executrixes of Susannah Fletcher, spinster v. Thomas Fletcher, esq; Henry Eyre; Percivall Hornsby; Walter Vane; Gilford Lawson; Phillipp Fletcher; and Thomas Brougham C78/1504, no. 2 [70]
1721 28 July 7 George Ellis and Henry Popjoy executors of Edward Frowde decd v. Timothy Guest and Lydia his wife Refs previous decree of 14 July 1720 C78/1476, no. 2 [71]
1721 1 Aug 7 Richard Sheldon, clerk; John Sheldon; and Elizabeth Sheldon, widow, the said Richard and Elizabeth being executors of Richard Sheldon v. James Compson; Francis Seager; Charles Corker; and Samuel Hunt C78/1525, no. 2 [72]
1721 5 Aug 8 James Bertie and Thomas Rowney executors of Frances Clerke late of North Weston, Oxon decd v. Sir John Clerke; Frances Carr Clerke; John Clerke; Philadelphia Clerke; Jane Clerke; Mary Clerke; and Frances Clerke C78/1467, no. 1 [73]
1721 25 Aug 8 Leonora Frederick, widow & relict of Thomas Frederick decd v. Thomas Frederick, John Frederick and Charles Frederick infants, three grandsons of the said Thomas Frederick decd by Thomas Frederick their father; William Peer Williams, John Borrett; and Robert Chapman trustees and executors of the said Thomas Frederick; John Frederick, Thomas Frederick, Mary Frederick, Leonora Frederick and James Laney and Jane his wife children of the said testator; and Joseph Herne executor of Frederick Herne, executor of Sir Joseph Herne Complts share of the estate of her late husband according to the custom of the City of London, and their marriage agreement, she being the daughter of Charles Mariscoe, merchant & freeman of London. C78/1462, no. 6 [74]
1721 (bill) Michaelmas Term 8 Samuel Manning v. Oliver Tastor; and James Carter C78/1778, no. 21 [75]
1721 8 Oct 8 Theodosia Palmer, spinster, one of the grandaughters of Sir Anthony Craven decd v. George Gardiner, surviving trustee of Sir Anthony Craven decd; Samuel Palmer, grandson of the said Sir Anthony Craven; Robert Archer; Ann Archer; Margaret Archer, executors of Joseph Archer decd, who was the sole executor of the said Sir Anthony Craven; Elizabeth Pountney, widow, one other of the grandaughters of the said Sir Anthony Craven & sister of the complt; Anne Palmer, another grandaughter of the said Sir Anthony Craven & also sister to the said Complt C78/1486, no. 9 [76]
1721 12 Oct 8 Sir Edward Northey knight Attorney General for the poor inhabitants of the parish of Netherbury, Dorset, and the charity therein aftermentioned (established by the will of Robert Brodrepp esq) at and by the relation of Daniel Herne; David Symes; John Hoddy; Nathaniel Gale; Stephen Pitcher; and William Pitcher churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the parish and also of Thomas Gollop esq; George Strode esq; Walter Pygott esq; and John Burnard esq who are more of the principal inhabitants of said parish v. Thomas Brodrepp gentleman C78/1897, no. 9 [77]
1721 14 Oct 8 John Tushingham; George Jackson; Francis Golling; and Walter Griffith v. Andrew Chelton; Henry Pratt jr; Henry Wotton; Thomas Broadfield; Thomas Moor; Jonathan Eades; John Priestly; William Jones; William Cressett; Thomas Harding; William Frogott; and also the Governor and Company of Merchants of Great Britain trading to the South Seas; Joshua Gilbert; Bryant Seaverne & Martha his wife; John Wall & Elizabeth his wife; John Sherron; Edward Fleet; Benjamin Warren; and Alice Spencer C78/1903, no. 8 [78]
1721 19 Oct 8 John Crowley, esq, executor of Sir Ambrose Crowley, knight, his late father; James Colebrook; and James Ruck; Charles Walker; William Collier; and William Bennet v. Thomas Heath, esq; Edmund Heath, esq; John Arnold; William Ashurst, esq; Sir Willliam Phipard, knight; and Dame Mary his wife; and William Phipard, jr; Mary Phipard, jr; John Phipard; Elizabeth Phipard; and George Phipard, infants; and JHoseph Windmills; and Hannah Bennett, widow C78/1721, no. 3 [79]
1721 23 Oct 8 Sir John Lambert of London v. John Wall; Peter Phillibert; Jeremy Langlois; Bartholomew Phillibert; Samuel Soutlonge; Francis Fommllett; and Peter Guevetton Ship called the Tuscan Galley. Voyage to Leghorn, attacks by French ships, bounty & wages due to seamen, and losses caused by the need to jettison some cargo. Refs also a sentence of the Court Merchant of Pyza whereby an average of the losses were to be levied against all the owners of cargo. C78/1443, no. 19 [80]
1721 24 Oct 8 Edward Bayley of Place Newydd, Anglesey, esq; and Robert Needham of Bristol, esq, executors and also devisees of Nicholas Bagenall of Plas Neydd but last of Isleworth, Middx, esq v. The Lady Henrietta Ogle, widow; The Honorable James Bruce, esq; and Herbert Loyd, gent C78/1788, no. 6 [81]
1721 27 Oct 7 Pinson Wilmot & his wife v. George Draper C79/179, no. [82]
1721 24 Oct 8 Robert Chelunck v John Coleman; John Skynner; Robert Cutler; George Phillips; and William Bache Sale of lands in Kingsland, Herefs C78/1379, no. 1 [83]
1721 3 Nov 8 Phillip Papillon the elder (administrator of Thomas Papillon his late son decd); Elizabeth Papillon one of the daughters of the said Phillip; and Phillip, Susanna & Sarah Papillon infants v. Charles Henshaw; Samuel Papillion; and Andrew Wheeler C78/1491, no. 2 [84]
1721 4 Nov 8 John Smith and Mary his wife; and Edward Parsmore v Daniel Whitehead; William Tyson; Peter Hambly; Samuel Whitehead; Thomas Cotton and his wife Will of Daniel Whitehead late of Hammersmith decd. Messuage in Fulham and two messuages in Brook Green C78/1378, no. 3 [85]
1721 4 Nov 8 William Benger v. Robert Drew and William Holloway C78/1553, no. 1 [86]
1721 7 Nov 8 Nicholas Trott, esq, & Ann his wife v. John Danson, esq C78/1525, no. 5 [87]
1721 7 Nov 8 The Reverend John Franckland, Rector of St Stephens, Bristol v. Mathew Holworthy; The Master and Wardens and Brethren and Sisters of the Guild and Fraternity of the Blessed Mary the Virgin of the Mistery of Drapers of the City of London; and George White; and Elizabeth White, widow C78/1467, no. 2 [88]
1721 7 Nov 8 John Webb v. James Coward; James Tree; Ann Humpheryes and [blank] Wayte C78/1496, no. 3 [89]
1721 8 Nov 8 William Bullock and Martha Philley bond creditors of Samuell Swift esq deceased on behalf of themselves and other creditors of the said Samuell Swift; Hester and Sarah Swift; Benjamin Perry & Anne his wife; and Margarett Underhill legatees of Samuel Swift on behalf of themselves and his other legatees C79/189, no. [90]
1721 8 Nov 8 Sir Edward Golding baronet; Sir Thomas Mackworth, baronet; Valentine Howes; John Newton; and William Willes, gent v. Rachael, countess of Bristol; Sir Thomas Nevill, baronet; Ann Nevill, spinster; Simon Digby, esq; and Kenelm Digby his son an infant by his guardian; and Elizabeth Digby, widow C78/1819, no. 3 [91]
1721 13 Nov 8 Anne Pickering widow of Sherard Pickering late of Cliffords Inn, London decd; and Mansf.. Johnson of St Andrews Holborne, London widow administratrix of Jonathan Johnson late of the Inner Temple, London her late husband, and father of the said Ann Pickering v Robert Sherard; Phillip Williams and Mary his wife late Mary Pickering; and Anne Pickering an infant Settlement on the marriage of Sherard Pickering and the complt Anne Pickering, formerly Ann Johnson daughter of Jonathan Johnson. C78/1401, no. 3 [92]
1721 20 Nov 8 Susanna Prideaux an infant by Phineas Cheeke her uncle v. John Prideaux; William Kitson since decd; John Harris; Charles Harward; Samuel Pulman; and Thomas, Lord London Derry Will of Peter Prideaux the complts father. Also will of John Prideaux late of Solden. Barton of Solden and manors of Holesworthy, Childsworthy, Sumpson, Virworthy, Witterland, Milton Damerell, Henescott, Bridgerule, St Kew & St Teath in Devon & Cornwall. C78/1455, no. 1 [93]
1721 21 Nov 8 John Webber; John Richardson, Mary Marshall and Agnes Marshall infants by the said John Webber and John Richards v. John Marshall and Mary his wife; Nicholas Hamond; and Henry Moorman Will of Edward Hamond, late uncle to the complts Mary & Agnes. Property in Bratton Fleming, Devon. C78/1455, no. 8 [94]
1721 22 Nov 8 Anne Harvey wife of Robert Harvey esq by Allen Rogers gentleman her brother v. the said Robert Harvey C79/15, no. [95]
1721 24 Nov 8 Sandys Littleton and Mary his wife v Edward Chiseldine; George Chiseldine; Thomas Sole; Richard Glover and Phillis his wife; Elizabeth Brome; John Brome; and Oliver Fullwood Will of Sheffington Brome late of Colshill [Coleshill], Warks decd, the complts grandfather. Moiety of lands in Melton, Leics C78/1380, no. 4 [96]
1721 24 Nov 8 John, earl FitzWilliam of Ireland, & Dame Anne his wife; Samuel Cromwell, doctor of Physick; Samuel Storrs; Robert Cromwell; William Smith; George Hartshorne; Cordall Storrs of Lound, Notts; Cordall Storrs of Gainsborough, Lincs; and Christopher Radley for themselves and all other freehold and copyhold tenants of the manors of Elksley [ Elkesley], Scrooby and Sutton in the parish of Sutton upon Lound [Sutton-Cum-Lound ], Notts (except William Galbitas; Thomas Amory; and Gervas Ashmore; and their confederates) v. said William Galbitas; Thomas Amory; and Gervas Ashmore C78/1568, no. 2 [97]
1721 24 Nov 8 Richard White of Chapple Hill [Chapel Hill], Monm, gent v. Elizabeth Creed, widow of Nottingham; Walter Lewis of Newchurch, Monm; James Prichard of Troy, Monm; William Rect of Monmouth; and John Baldwin his clerk or agent C78/1500, no. 4 [98]
1721 25 Nov 8 John Meredith v Thomas Prosser; William Prosser and David Prosser Attempt to enforce judgement in Court of Common Pleas obtained by Thomas Meredith the complts late brother against the deft Thomas Prosser. Thomas Meredith had married Mary the sister of Thomas Prosser. C78/1376, no. 6 [99]
1721 25 Nov 8 Bennett Grimstead & Anne his wife v. David Rashleigh & Mary his wife C78/1936, no. 6 [100]
1721 27 Nov 8 Margaret Wright the daughter and only child of Susanna the late wife of Phillip Wright, formerly Susanna Basill v. John Wood the nephew of John Wood decd Will of John Wood, uncle of the late Susanna Wright. Land called Corbyns Place and Smallacombe in South Milton, Devon. C78/1455, no. 2 [101]
1721 27 Nov 8 John Moll and Ann his wife the only daughter of Thomas Muckett her late father decd v. John Haywood; Anne Haywood; Dorothy Haywood; and Isabell Moll daughter of the said John Moll and Ann his wife; grandchildren of the said Thomas Muckett, all infants, by the said John Moll C78/1476, no. 1 [102]
1721 28 Nov 8 Lewis Prothero, brother in law & sole executor of Daniel Taylor decd, and Elizabeth his wife sister of the said Daniel Taylor v. Anthony Cossins; William Cossins and Webster his wife, infants; Charles Comyrlon; and John Comyrlon Will of Daniel Taylor. C78/1463, no. 1 [103]
1721 1 Dec 8 Bryan Northern, & Mary his wife; and Avery Dyer, & Elizabeth his wife v. William Ryely; and Anthony Croucher C78/1507, no. 12 [104]
1721 2 Dec 7 (sic) Alice Capron widow and relict of Henry Capron late of Tillington, Sussex, yeoman and sole executrix and residuary legatee of John Capron son of said Henry Capron and of said Alice Capron; William Sturt of Tillington, yeoman & Anne his wife; Henry Pratt of Tillington & Jane his wife; Susan the widow relict and sole executrix and residuary legatee of Nicholas Ide late of Duncton, Sussex, yeoman; Elizabeth Capon; and Mary Capron both of Tillington spinster; the said Anne Sturt; Jane Pratt; Susan Ide; Elizabeth Capron and Mary Capron being chiuldren of said Henry and Alice Capron v. Thomas Capron; John Lancaster; John Luttman; and Nicholas Crouther C79/129, no. [105]
1721 5 Dec 8 Josias Askew, gent v. John Lane; and Nicholas Merwin; Henry Langley; and Peter Lowders C78/1831, no. 2 [106]
1721 7 Dec 8 John Edwards of Bristol, cooper v. Martha Power widow and Charles Power C78/1932, no. 4 [107]
1721 14 Dec 8 Betty Raw one of the daughters and coheirs of Richard Raw gentleman by Jane his first wife an infnat by Edward Raw gentleman v. Samuel Pitt esq; William Pitt gentleman; John Collins gentleman; John Taylor clerk; Willliam Hawkins; Richard Clarke gentleman; Joanna Raw widow; Samuel Walkey esq & Mary his wife; and Henry Crowys and his wife C78/1893, no. 1 [108]
1721 14 Dec 8 Thomas Smith and Susan his wife, the late wife and sole executrix of Abraham Walker decd, and daughter of Robert Pett decd v. Thomas Lorkin and Robert Pett executors of the said Robert Pett decd C78/1468, no. 4 [109]
1721 15 Dec 8 Elizabeth Playdell of the City of Gloucester, widow and executrix of Mr John Playdell decd v. Richard Playdell, clerke; Edward Lloyd; Randall Playdell sen; Champuces Playdell; and Randall Playdell jun Will of John Playdell decd. C78/1452, no. 8 [110]
1721 15 Dec 8 William Wasey of London, nephew and sole executor of Joseph Wasey late of Trunch, Norfolk; and Elizabeth Postle, widow, relict and sole executrix of Robert Postle late of Ingham, Norfolk decd v. Charles Themplthorpe; Elizabeth Themylthorpe; and Katherine Themylthorpe, children and executors of Edmund Themylthorpe decd C78/1486, no. 6 [111]
1721 1531 8 Thomas Blackmore of London, esq v. John White; Richard Secker; and John Baker C78/1531, no. 5 [112]