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| Mary Rowe, widow and sole executrix of Anthony Rowe, esq, her late husband v. Sir Edmond denton, baronet, & Dame Mary his wife
| Mary Rowe, widow and sole executrix of Anthony Rowe, esq, her late husband v. Sir Edmond Denton, baronet, & Dame Mary his wife
| C78/1611, no. 16 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no1611/IMG_0244.htm]
| C78/1611, no. 16 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no1611/IMG_0244.htm]

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1708 C78/, no. []
1708 15 Jan 6 William Skett; Thomas Thomasse; John Saunders; Jane Perk; Thomas Taylor; Mary Turner; Thomas Rudge; Thomas Astley; William Billingsly; and John Kirkman v. John Whitmore esq half brother and administrator; William Whitmore gentleman deceased; William Jones & Mary his wife; and Anne were the sisters and coheirs of the said William Whitmore deceased; and John Broome C79/26, no. [2]
1708 15 Jan 6 Thomas Morris and John Morris v. Richard Soame; John Soame; Charles Hopton; Nathaniel Higginson; Thomas Lake; John Stafford; Richard Tilden; John Fellows; Joseph Morewood; and George Read; and others (not named) C78/1482, no. 4 [3]
1708 23 Jan 6 Elizabeth Fox widow v Peter Webster, John Payne an infant, Thomas Turney, John Turner Gent & John Turner clerk Refs decree of 1 May 5 Anne. C78/1343, no. 3 [4]
1708 24 Jan 6 Charles, lord Mohun, baron of Oakhampton, [Okehampton] sole executor of Charles, earl of Macclesfield v. James, duke of Hamilton & Elizabeth, duchess of Hamilton his wife; George Hadley; Robert Freeman, esqs C78/1093, no. 3 [5] PS
1708 25 Jan 6 Snelling Thomas of Deptford, Kent, esq, late high sheriff of Kent v. John Gardner C78/1187, no. 4 [6]
1708 27 Jan 6 Thomas Doubleday; John Doubleday; and Humphry Doubleday sons and executors of Robert Doubleday v. Fracnis Mascal, gentleman; Sir William Chaytor baronet; Henry Chaytor esq; Ann Chaytor, spinster; Thomas Ogle, gentleman & Ann his wife; George Bowes, esq; Abraham Hilton; John Croft; and others (sic) C78/1932, no. 12 [7]
1708 29 Jan 6 John, lord Colepeper, baron of Thresway v. Margaret, lady Colepeper; Thomas, lord Fairfax, & Katherine his wife; Susanna Willis alias Weldon, alias Laycocke; John Peashall, esq, & Carhlotte his wife C78/1520, no. 4 [8]
1708 31 Jan 6 Elizabeth, countess dowager of Lindsey v. Robert, earl of Lindsey, now marquess of Lindsey, Lord Great Chamberlain of England; and others (sic) C78/1252, no. 2 [9]
1708 7 Feb 6 Sir Lyon Pilkington of Stanley, Yorks, baronet, administrator of Lenox Pilkington his late wife, who was the sole daughter and heir of Cuthbert Harrison of Acaster Selby, Yorks, esq and the widow and relict of George Smith of Osgodby, Yorks, esq her former husband and who was also administrator of both George Smith her former husband and Cuthbert Harrison her late father v. Mary Cuthbertson C78/1789, no. 10 [10]
1708 7 Feb 6 Henry Brookes; and Thomas Mulford v. Jane Rosewell, widow; John Lilly, gent; John Child, esq; and John Child the younger, son of said Mr John Child; Leonard Child, gent, executor of John Child; and Henry Dean C78/1187, no. 2 [11]
1708 8 Feb 6 George Clark of Frognall alias Frogpool in the parish of Chislehurst, Kent, esq, being the eldest son living of Henry Clarke, esq, his late father, who was the elder son of Arabella Clarke the elder, sister of Sir Phillip Warwick, knight v. Matthew Johnson, esq; and John Tench gent C78/1187, no. 3 [12]
1708 10 Feb 6 Ralph Docksey, gent v. Elizabeth Docksey widow, his mother C78/1721, no. 2 [13]
1708 10 Feb 6 Manuell Henriques of Amsterdam, merchant v. Peter Henriques and Peire Henriques of London, merchants; and others C78/1719, no. 11 [14]
1708 10 Feb 6 Anne Nutt v. Anne Nutt; and John Nutt C78/1611, no. 9 [15]
1708 11 Feb 6 James Vavaor, gentleman v. Randolph Tutt and Mary Taylor C78/1999, no. 4 [16]
1708 12 Feb 6 Anne Heylyn, widow & executrix of Henry Heylyn late of Marlwood, Gloucs v. William Strode; William Browneing; Angell Harrington; and Mary Harrington Mortgage by the deft William Strode to the decd Henry Heylyn of a messuage in Allhampton and several lands (detailed description) in the parish of Dicheat, Somerset C78/1450, no. 4 [17]
1708 13 Feb 6 James Tayne of Stepney als Stebonheath, Middx weaver v Samuel Grosvenor citizen & draper of London Mortgages of lease to parcel of ground in St Martins in the Fields and St Giles in the Fields, Middx, late in the occupation of Land Doyle. C78/1353, no. 2 [18]
1708 13 Feb 6 Elizabeth Ambrose, widow & administratrix of Jonathan Ambrose late of London v. Mary Gillmore, widow of Robert Gillmore decd; Katherine Weyman, widow; James Tendring; William Collingwood; and James Pendlebury Mortgage by Robert Gillmore of his estate in Ramsbury, Wilts C78/1429, no. 10 [19]
1708 14 Feb 6 Richard Little v. Richard Brett & Elizabeth his wife; John Drake; Thomas Deane; and Elizabeth Brett C78/2010, no. 6 [20]
1708 14 Feb 6 Edward Musgrave gentleman administrator of Edward Musgrave his deceased son v. James Albin C78/1860, no. 6 [21]
1708 17 Feb 6 George Keate and John Keate sons of John Keate, esq, infants (George of about 13 years; John, 12) by John Bennett of the Middle Temple, London, esq v. Walter Hungerford, esq; John Gape, esq; and Thomas Puckle, esq C78/1999, no. 3 [22]
1708 20 Feb 6 George Simcott, gent, & Ellen his wife, one of the daughters of Robinson Beane of Hyth, Kent, gent v. Susanna Knatchbull, widow and executrix of Anne Beane, the other daughter of said Robinson Beane; John Knatchbull, son of said Susanna Knatchbull; Edmund Martin, gent; and William Finch, gent C78/1518, no. 4 [23]
1708 21 Feb 6 Edward Parker, clerk; Edward Hollister, gen, & Mary his wife; and Ruth Parker spinster, which Mary and Ruth were the daughters of said Edward Parker v. The Dean and Chapter of the Holy Trinity in Bristol; John Cobb; William Mason, clerk, & Hester his wife; Miles Jackson, & Elizabeth his wife; John Whiteing, and Jane his wife; George Irish; Thomas Dycke; Timothy Golding; John Russ; Thomas Salmon; William Pope; Elizabeth Cupid; Thomas Churchey; Richard Jones; Nicholas Orchard; and George Matthews C78/1564, no. 4 [24]
1708 24 Feb 6 George Trenchard; Henry Trenchard; John Trenchard; and William Trenchard esq sons of Sir John Trenchard knight all infants by John Spicke esq their uncle and guardian v. Anthony Henley; Richard Southby; and Henry Trenchard esqs executor of Thomas Trenchard esq; Elizabeth Trenchard widow and relict of said Thomas Trenchard and Mary Trenchard daughter and heir of said Thomas Trenchard C78/1898, no. 9 [25]
1708 25 Feb 6 Samuel Skelton and John Crapp and Mary his wife v Thomas Luce, Jane Hobb, Elizabeth Hobb als Skelton, Susanna Williams, Dennys als Denzell Skelton, William Symons, Richard Porter, Robert Rouse, John Bickton, John Marten, John Skelton, Maraget Porter, Ambrose Surple, Joseph Jope, Mathew Bunsall, Richard Greete, Ralph Row, John Axford and [blank] his wife and Joan Greete Trust settlement of the estate of Thomas Skelton of Stockadon in the parish of St Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall, 2 messuages in Stockadon. C78/1351, no. 1 [26]
1708 25 Feb 6 Walter Bagnall eldest son of Dudley Bagnall late of Dunleckny, Ireland v. Anne Bagnall and others (not named) Allowance granted from the income of the forfeited estate in Caterlagh of the complt's father, who had been outlawed for high treason having fled to France with King James C78/1422, no. 5 [27]
1708? 26 Feb 6 Charles Shales v Nathaniel Herne and others (not named) Debt. Non payment on note used to purchase a share in the Office of Insurance in London called the Office for Insuring Houses against damages that may happen by fire. C78/1307, no. 5 [28]
1708 27 Feb. 6 William Glyde junr v James Hayward and Sarah his wife, Thomas Pulman, Mary Hillard widow, William Glyde senr, James Glyde, Thomas Foxwell, William Withers, James Hayward junr, Thomas Pulman junr, Samuel Pulman, John Pulman, Dorothy Pulman, Ann Pulman, Elizabeth Pulman and Sarah Pulman Interests in mortgaged lands in Ottery St Mary, Taunton Deane and Martock, Devon C78/1217, no. 1 [29]
1708 1 March 6 Dame Mary Selwyn widow of Sir Edward Selwyn late of Friston, Sussex decd v Judith Medlicott widow, Abigall Stephens, William Suatt and Charity his wife, James Nokes and Sir James Smith Marriage settlement and trust of lands in Sussex and messuages in Watling Street, London C78/1217, no. 2 [30]
1708 1 March 6 Sir Nathaniel Napier knight and baronet administrator of Gerrard Napier esq v. John Thurston esq; John Warkhouse esq; Arthur North; Peter Vansittart; and Richard Parke administrators of Lucy Blackman esq during the minority of John Blackman his son; and the said John Blackman by his guardian; John St John executor of Rowland St John; Sir William Scawen knight; William Sherrard; Abraham Bush; and James Bush executors of Elizabeth Napier late the wife of said Gerrard Napier C78/1939, no. 12 [31]
1708 1 March 6 George Cuthbert of [blank], Berks, administrator of his late wife Frances v. Henry Peacock Will of Henry Heylin. C78/1453, no. 8 [32]
1708 1 March 6 Richard Jones, esq; David Gwynn, gent; Edward Vaughan, gent, & Margaret his wife, late widow and relict of George Williams, who was eldest son of John Williams, esq); Anne Williams, daughter and only child of said George Williams by said Margaret, an infant, by said Edward Vaughan and Margaret his wife her guardians v. John Williams, gent; and Joyce Williams, widow; which John Williams is second son of said John Williams, esq and said Joyce William is the widow and relict of said John Williams, esq C78/1551, no. 5 [33]
1708 1 March 6 Richard Pupplett, & Elizabeth his wife; and Mary Deynes, spinster, sisters and coheirs of Dorothy Deynes, spinster v. Priscilla Fairfax; Katherine Fairfax; Sarah Fairfax; Charles Whitacre, serjeant at law; William Deeston, doctor in physick; Phillip Bacon, gent; and Martha Langrish C78/1533, no. 6 [34]
1708 2 March 6 Henry Washington gentleman v. John Sandys esq & his wife C78/2059, no. 11 [35]
1708 2 March 6 Thomas Barton & Frances his wife, which said Frances was one of the daughters of John Ivatts v. Margaret Ivatts, widow; William Wright; Robert Lame; William Pennell their guardian C78/2031, no. 3 [36]
1708 5 March 6 Dame Mary Bromsall widow, relict, and administratrix of Sir Thomas Bromsall late of Biggleswade, Beds, knight and Francis Gwyn; and Richard Powys v. Phillip Pryme esq & Mary his wife; Elizabeth Haselden; Catherine Haselden; and Edward Nightingale esq C78/2039, no. 4 [37]
1708 5 March 6 Sir Thomas Trevor, knight, then Attorney General to William III, by the relation of the Mayor, Sheriffs, Citizens, and Commonalty of the City of Norwich; and Susam Copping, widow; Theophilus Williams, clerk; & Judith his wife, formerly the wife of William Cory, esq; Christopher Barry, gent & Margaret his wife, for themselves and other legatees of Richard Ireland of Catton, Norf, clerk v. Thomas Crane, gent; and Peter Parham, doctor of phisick, executors of Richard Ireland C78/1721, no. 6 [38]
1708 6 March 6 Elizabeth Marrow, spinster; and Dame Mary Marow, widow, her mother v. Elias Walter; Henry Mugge; William Staresemore; John Marriott; and Elizabeth Marriott C78/1654, no. 2 [39]
1708 6 March 6 John Moore v. Edward Hyldeyard; Robert Blayney; Thomas Engeham; Christopher Constantine; Humphrey Hetherington; John Bowden; Anthony Ward; Heritage Lenton; Robert Wilkinson; John Weaver; John Hill; John Pargiter; William Wallis; John Hargrave; George Sittwell; Jonas Sish; John Moore; and others (sic) C78/1615, no. 1 [40]
1708 8 March 7 Robert Gayer, James Gayer, Elizabeth Gayer, Edward Gayer and Anne Gayer children of Robert Gayer who is son and heir of Sir Robert Gayer decd and Henry Gayer, Thomas Gayer and William Gayer the younger sons of Sir Robert by Dame Mary his first wife and James Gayer and Edward Gayer his sons by Lady Christian Gayer his widow v William Lloyd, Roger North, James Smith and the said Robert Gayer son and heir. Legacies payable by will of Sir Robert Gayer from trust sale of the manor of Stoke Poges [Bucks]. C78/1201, no. 9 [41]
1708 8 March 7 Stephen Collman of Albourne, Wilts, yeoman, & Martha his wife; Thomas King of East Ibesly, Berks, yeoman; Willilam Sunshell of same place, yeoman, & Elizabeth his wife, which said Martha and Elizabeth are the daughters of Thomas King of East Ibesly v. Ann King, widow and administratrix of Thomas King; and Ann King an infant, another daughter of said Thomas King, by said Anne King; and Mark Hawkins C78/1503, no. 2 [42]
1708 14 April 7 Benjamin Charleton of West Farley [West Farleigh], Kent, surgeon; Eliza Callant of Maidstone, Kent, spinster v. Eliza Lech, widow, relict, and executor of John Lech of Maidstone, esq; Hester Lech only daughter and heir of said John Lech by said Eliza Lech; John Ainhurst, esq; Charles Russell, & Eliza his wife; and Arthur Harris, clerk C78/1520, no. 5 [43]
1708 23 April 7 Thomas Fleetwood & Francis his wife; Jane Pool; Magdalen Berrington; Charles Watkins; John Fletcher; and Winifred Morgan v. John Berrington; and Thomas Holford, executors of Joseph Gerrard AND v. Anthony Powell and Charles, lord Gerrard, since deceased C78/1139, no. 3 [44]
1708 24 April 7 Samuel Bennett; John Havers & Elizabeth his wife; Sarah Bennett and Susan Bennett spinsters the said Samuel Sarah and Susan Bennett and Elizabeth Havers being brother and sisters of John Bennett esq v. Dorothy Kidby widow; John Edmond; and Elizabeth Kidby infants by said Dorothy their mother and guardian; Thomas Bennett eldest brother and heir of said John Bennett; George Andrews executor of the said John Bennett; John Morley; and Oliver Marton gentleman C78/1905, no. 1 [45]
1708 27 April 7 William Baguley v Richard Chiswell, Thomas Burgesse, Clement Kinnersley, William Perry and Thomas Baker Lease of messuage, coachhouse, garden and ground in Great Queene St in St Giles, Middx. C78/1201, no. 8 [46]
1708 26 April 7 Elizabeth Lingen, Blanch Lingen, Robert Dobyns and Mary his wife, John Ouett and Thomas Lingen v Thomas Birt Rents from lands in Sutton Saint Michael, Herefs C78/1201, no. 2 [47]
1708 26 April 7 Edward Kilner; and James Kilner v. Henry West; William West, esq; William Bordley, clerk; Banjamin Johnson; William Borderick; John Borrett, esq; and Oliver Marton C78/1533, no. 7 [48]
1708 30 April 7 Thomas Bridges gentleman v. Thomas Bere esq & Mary his wife executrix of George Stedman C78/2045, no. 7 [49]
1708 1 May 7 Mary Coltum v. Milbury Deyos; John Prichard and others (not named) Rights to inherit a customary messuage on the manor of Burton, Herefs. Refs several previous disputes dating over many years. Somewhat damaged, some detail supplied from finding aid. C78/1453, no. 10 [50]
1708 3 May 7 Peter Burrell v. William Allanson; John Child, esq; William Smithees; and William Southby C78/2010, no. 5 [51]
1708 3 May 7 Jane Mason widow of Richard Mason decd; and Roger Pocklington v Priscilla Mason relict of Elias Mason decd and Richard Mason her son; and Richard Suell and Lenix his wife Complts entitlement to dower from the estate of Richard Mason in Newark upon Trent, Stoke Holme [?East Stoke] and Balderton, Notts, which had been mortgaged by their son Elias Mason also decd. C78/1399, no. 1 [52]
1708 (bill) 4 May 7 Mary Hockmore; Jane Hockmore; Honora Hockmore; and Alice Hockmore four of the daughters of William Hockmore late of Buckland Baron, Devon, esq and of Mary his late wife all infants by Thomas Tothill esq guardian v. Prestwood Hockmore another daughter of the said William Hockmore; Thomas Prestwood; John Eastchurch; Richard Reynell esqs; Richard Dyer gentleman; George Sanford clerk; and Richard Underhay C78/20, no. [53]
1708 11 May 7 Nathaniel Herne; Urban Hall; John Lade; Nicholas Goodwin; Giles Beene; Plaford Clarke and John Vanhatten; creditors of William Sheppard, Joseph Bragg & John Sheppard late of London, Goldsmiths and copartners & assignees of the Comts or the major part of them authorized by Her Majesty's Commission under the Great Seal grounded on the several statutes made concerning bankrupt and awarded against the said William & John Sheppard and Joseph Bragg v. Sir William Humphreyes and Dame Ellen his wife; James Lancashire (which said Ellen & James are executors of Robert Lancashire late of Londen decd); Eleanor Lancashire; Orlando Humphreyes; the said William Sheppard, Joseph Bragg & John Sheppard Fraudulent bankruptcy of the Sheppards & Bragg, goldsmiths & bankers in Lombard Street, London C78/1428, no. 2 [54]
1708 12 May 7 Humfry Wyrley v Margery Browne, Thomas Browne, John Pemberton, Job Morris and Joseph Careless Services and heriots claimed from tenants of the manor of Hansworth, Staffs C78/1201, no. 1 [55]
1708 12 May 7 John Salmon merchant v John Fovell merchant Partnership in buying and selling foreign hair. C78/1358, no. 2 [56]
1708 15 May 7 John Hawkins and William Johnson v Robert Kiddall Mortgage of lands in Herts, and defts intention to cut down timber and commit other waste on the premises. C78/1311, no. 3 [57]
1708 15 May 7 William, Lord Fitzwilliams, Baron of Lifford, Ireland v. Sir Gervase Elwes and Thomas Cudmore C78/1497, no. 6 [58]
1708 17 May 7 Sir Scrope How, baronet, now Scroope, lord How, & Juliana his wife, late daughter of William, lord Allington by his first wife v. Dame Diana Alllington since deceased, relict of said William, lord Allington, and also administratrix of her son Giles, lord Allington, the complainant Juliana's half brother; and others (sic) C78/1613, no. 2 [59]
1708 19 May 7 Mathew Pinnell; Thomas Wyblin; Edith Daniel; James Bonnywell; Thomas Dewe; and John Harris, & Anne his wife v. Mary Willis; John Pickering; Peter Pickering; George Cooper, & Margaret his wife C78/1611, no. 14 [60]
1708 19 May 7 Jerome Brunetto Brunetti of London, merchant, & Martha his wife v. John Leigh, esq; and richard Loving, gent C78/1501, no. 3 [61]
1708 19 May 7 Katherine Corbett, widow and relict of James Corbett of Lincoln, Lincs, gent v. John Webdell & Frances his wife; Thomas Stevens; and Nathaniel Kinderley, gent; Richard Sneath; Abraham Everington; John Hunt; Thomas Hunt; Anthony Lampkin; Robert Ball; William Browne; and John Roper C78/1777, no. 1 [62]
1708 20 May 7 Thomas Powell v Richard Smith and Thomas Smith Deft Thomas Smith's marriage portion and bankruptcy C78/1343, no. 2 [63]
1708 20 May 7 John Cossart v Abraham Cossart and Cornelius Noortwyke Refs decree of 10 Feb 13 William III C78/1348, no. 1 [64]
1708 20 May 7 Edmund Chaffin; Thomas Viner & Anne his wife v. Michael Newnam C78/2010, no. 3 [65]
1708 20 May 7 Katherine Colvill, widow; and Elizabeth Kiffin an infant of about 6 months, daughter and only child of William Kiffin, gent, by Elizabeth his late wife, who was daughter of said Katherine Colvill by said Katherine Colvill her grandmother v. William Kiffin C78/1721, no. 5 [66]
1708 21 May 7 Elizabeth Burrough, widow v. John Crumpe, gentleman & Elizabeth his wife C78/1999, no. 2 [67]
1708 (bill) Trinity term 7 Samuel Lewis of London, merchant, one of the creditors of Nathaniel Lovell late of St Catherines, Middx, brewer, on behalf of himself and several other creditors of the said Nathaniel Lovel v. Wheeler Whithall, gent; and Ralph Farmer; and Dorothy Tourton, widow, executors of Richard Farmer, gent; and others (sic) C78/1796, no. 6 [68]
1708 1 June 7 John Leman; and Tanfield Leman v. Edward Stracey C78/1611, no. 12 [69]
1708 2 June 7 William Wilton of Madley, Herefs, gent & Anne his wife, the only daughter then living of Anthony Monson of Northrop [Northorpe near Kirton-in-Lindsey], Lincs, esq, then deceased, by Honour his wife as also administratrix of the said Honour, who survived the said Anthony her husband and was then deceased v. George Monson; Phillip Monson; John Weston; William Darwin; Christopher Clitherow; John Barker; and John Vinn C78/1095, no. 4 [70]
1708 8 June 7 Benjamin Ferrers (being deaf and dumb) by John Ashfordby v Diana Ferrers then widow and administrarix of John Ferrers decd but now wife of John Incledon, Richard Tomlinson, William Allington, John Silver, Thomas Ferrers, Joseph Ferrers, Katherine Ferrers and Sarah Ferrers widow and administrarix of William Ferrers decd Complts rights as heir to his brother John Ferrers decd (estate at Cookham, Berks), and to his grandfather John Kinsman decd (estate at Beerplace, Wargrave, Berks) C78/1358, no. 1 [71]
1708 10 June 7 George Smith clerk rector of the rectory and parish church of North Mardon, Sussex; and Richard Peckham, gentleman C78/1999, no. 1 [72]
1708 10 June 7 Thomas Husband; Robert Highgate; Thomas Pitchford; and Richard Boswell v. Elizabeth Stanton, widow and relict of William Stanton; Thomas Bradley; William Wells; Elizabeth Pippin; Francis Stanton; Mathew Symonds; William Bird, esq; John Wright; Robert Hall; William Abnett the elder; William Abnett the younger, an infant, by his guardian; Richard Stanton; Daniel Piper; Elizabeth Boswell; Randall Sinpcox alias Stanton; and Mary Hudson, an infant by her guardian C78/1611, no. 8 [73]
1708 11 June 7 Charles, lord Mohun, executor of Charles, earl of Macclesfield v. James, duke of Hamilton, Scotland & Elizabeth, duchess Hamilton his wife; George Hadley, esq; and Robert Freeman, esq C78/1093, no. 4 [74]
1708 12 Jun 7 Anne Alford and Sarah Alford, spinsters, daughters of Henry Alford late of Fort St George in the East Indies, merchant decd v. Mathew Empson and Elizabeth his wife; Richard Edmundson; and William Empson Will of Henry Alford. C78/1420, no. 9 [75]
1708 14 June 7 John Lely esq v. John Greene; Robert Williamson gentleman; John Swenson; George Moore; Thomas Langwith; George Kiblin; Thomas Mitton; Ebenezer Hutton; William Jordan; Anthony Gilbert; David Richardson; Thomas Cole; Thomas Hunt; John Mabbatt; Richard Whitby; ____ Sturman widow; Robert Alwike; Henry Hardy; William Jackson; William Mitton; John Foster; William Morley; John Hoyes; Richard Pukworth; John Gilbert; John Milus; John Ellis; Thomas Yates; Richard Rogers; ___ Atkinson widow; Robert Gilbert; ____ Halford alias Awford; Robert Greene; Anthony Scoles; Dixon Colby; ____ Lucas; Richard Pattison; Thomas Lawson; Robert Mapletoft; ____ Welby esq; George Moore; William Sherwood doctor; ___ Denny & his wife; John Lee; Thomas Strickland; John Welby gentleman; ___ Parker widow C79/51, no. [76]
1708 14 June 7 Robert Revell esq v. John Woodward and Dorothy Revell widow C78/1892, no. 11 [77]
1708 15 June 7 James Wainswright; William and Thomas Wainwright the sons and Rebecca, Elizabeth, Mary, Katherine, and Alice Wainewright the daughters of James Wainewright & Helen his wife both deceased v. Sir William Leman baronet an infant by Tanfield Leman esq his guardian; and Dame Mary Leman widow, the said Tanfield Leman, John Leman, and others C78/2031, no. 2 [78]
1708 16 Jun 7 William Arnold of Betchworth, Surrey v. John Arnold; Ralph Arnold; George Arnold; Mary Arnold; Ralph Arnold; Andrew Cranstone; John Bird and Grace his wife Will of John Arnold late of Reigate, Surrey, brewer decd C78/1420, no. 6 [79]
1708 16 June 7 Lytton Lytton, esq, an infant, only son of Sir George Strode of the Inner Temple, knight, by Michael Spateman, gent v. Dame Ann Russell, widow and relict of Sir Francis Russell, baronet; and Dame Rebecca viscountess Faulkland; and said Sir George Strode C78/1094, no. 4 [80]
1708 17 June 7 Doyley Michell gentleman & Anne his wife v. William Sydenham esq & Martha his wife; Sir John Ellowyes knight; Sir Thomas Cuddon knight; Sir Henry Marwood baronet; Sir Thomas Travett knight AND v. Thomas Offley; Edward Lawrence esq since Sir Edward Lawrence knight; Robert Michell; Peter Burrell; Sir John Sweetaple knight; Nathaniel Wolfryes; William Sheppheard; Peter Lupart; Edward Harrison; Robert Fowles; John Coggs; John Knight; Martha Sydenham and Dorothy Sydenham daughters of the defendant William Sydenham; Charles Michell; Francis Michell; George Madox; Charles Shales; and James Selby serjeant at law; Richard Hoare; and William Hickie; and others (sic) C78/1898, no. 4 [81]
1708 18 June 7 Mary Gardiner, widow and relict of Benjamin Gardiner; Edward, Thomas, Benjamin, Henry, Mary, and Dorothy Gardiner infants by said Mary their mother v. John Pettiward; Henry Turner serjeant at law; and John Savill C78/2010, no. 7 [82]
1708 18 June 7 William, bishop of Oxford; Sir Simon Harcourt, knight; and William Walsh, esq v. Thomas Wise; and the Lady Anne Holles C78/1197, no. 11 [83]
1708 22 June 7 Margaret Bloodworth, widow and relict of Charles Bludworth, one of the sons of Sir Thomas Bludworth, knight; Richard Cawthorne, clerk, & Mary his wife, one of the daughters of said Sir Thomas Bludworth v. Dame Margaret Bowles; James Brace; Burton Brace; Elizabeth Yardley; and Gertrude Yardley C78/1611, no. 15 [84]
1708 22 June 7 George Richardson of London, merchant v. Bernard Ludman; and John Gibbon C78/1533, no. 5 [85]
1708 23 June 7 Robert Buck v William Carent and John Hatcher Debt of the complt to Sir Thomas Rowe. Complt was commander of ship the Royal James and Mary on voyage to the East Indies, ship was lost, and the complt made a prisoner of the French, preventing prompt repayment of the debt. C78/1390, no. 1 [86]
1708 24 June 7 Sir Simon Harcourt, knight, Attorney General v. Henry Herring, gent; and Sarah Herring; and The Masters, Wardens, or Keepers of the Company of Coopers, London C78/1501, no. 4 [87]
1708 25 June 7 Charles Eversfield, esq v. Lawrence Elliott, esq, brother and heir and administrator of William Elliott, esq, his late brother, who was son and heir of Sir William Elliot, knight AND v. James Close; and William Staunton C78/1187, no. 1 [88]
1708 26 June 7 William Mingay; Richard Conning; and Charles Clarke; William Pudsey esq; John Brooks gentleman; John Jordon gentleman; John Wright esq; and Edward Pleydall esq v. Thomas Bosvile gentleman and Henry Bosvile gentleman C78/1898, no. 2 [89]
1708 28 June 7 Sir James Caldwell of Welsborough, Co. Fermanagh, Rebecca Wynn widow and administratrix of Lewis Wynn late of Foxford, Co. Mayo, John Bingham of Foxford and James Wynn of Surgan Boy, Co. Leitrim v Rt. hon. Richard Earl of Burlington, Sir Henry Ashurst of St Sepulchres, Middx and John Warrs. Bonds and legacies in connection with lease of lands in counties of Mayo, Slegoe and Roscomon, Ireland. C78/1060, no. 2 [90]
1708 29 June 7 John Wanday son of John Wanday & Elizabeth his wife, which John Wanday the father died about Sept, 1672, after whose death the said Elizabeth ca. 1680 married with Robert Harding by whom she had issue the complainant Kenelme Harding and Elizabeth Boomer since the wife of the complainant Edward Boomer, the said Robert Harding dying 25 July 1685, the said Elizabeth Harding ca. 24 July, 1694 did marry one John Eaton, who then had by his former wife the complainants John Eaton; William Eaton; Elizabeth Maria Eaton, which said William and Elizabeth were then infants by the said John Eaton their brother v. Mary Bowyer, widow and John Appleby C78/2031, no. 5 [91]
1708 29 June 7 Samuel Wall doctor in phisick v. Stephen Quines since deceased; Andrew Quynes; and Lawrence Quynes; John Symball and others (sic) AND Samuel Philipps and William Phillips v. Stephen, Andrew, and Lawrence Quines; Samuel Wall; John Symball; and others (sic) C78/1898, no. 1 [92]
1708 29 June 7 Thomas Templeman of St Clements Danes, Middx, pewterer; and Eliza Strode of Downesyde, Somerset, spinster (one of the daughters and sole executrix of Edward Strode & also devisee in Fee of all & singular the Manors, lands etc of Edward Strode) v. Jacob Cliffe; Richard Ashe; and Protodorus Finney Incomplete, date supplied from finding aid. Mortgage by Isaac Savery & Mary Briant of Bellamarsh als Beldamarsh in Kingsteinton, Devon. C78/1448, no. 5 [93]
1708 29 June 7 Elizabeth Barber v. Thomas Smith C78/1773, no. 14 [94]
1708 29 June 7 Ralph Issard, & Mary his wife; William Stevenage, gent, & Lucy his wife, administratrix of Elizabeth Beaufoy; Samuel Garth, doctor in phisick; and Martha Beaufoy; and Frances Beaufoy, widow, administratrix of Hercules Beaufoy, esq C78/1654, no. 1 [95]
1708 29 June 7 William, Lord Cowper Baron of Wingham, Lord High Chancellor v. William Mackintosh and Mary his wife; Richard Woolaston; and Gawen Mason C78/1479, no. 9 [96]
1708 1 July 7 Richard Davis only surviving executor of John Mott decd, John Mott an infant son and only child of the said John Mott decd and John Somerby v William Cook and Helen his wife, Elizabeth Newman widow & executrix of John Newman decd, John Bellamy, Walter Spooner, Thomas Russell, John Barker and John Stephens Contested will of John Mott late of the Sun Tavern in Shadwell, Middx, vintner decd. C78/1358, no. 3 [97]
1708 1 July 7 Elizabeth Coles; Samuel Coles; and John Coles, infants by Caleb Hooke, jr, their uncle v. Alma Coles; Benjamin Coles; and Caleb Hooke C78/1615, no. 3 [98]
1708 3 July 7 Thomas Sheppard gentleman and Richard Gillingham executors of William Pottell gentleman; and John Barnes & Anne his wife; ____ Counter; ____ counter; _____ Counter infants by Thomas Counter their father the residuary legatees of William Pottells v. John Urry gentleman C78/2043, no. 15 [99]
1708 6 July 7 Elizabeth Morton, widow and relict of John Wicker Morton esq; Henrietta Arabella; and John Morton, infants, children of said John Wicker Morton, and Elizabeth by said Elizabeth their mother v. Sir Bartholomew Gracedieu; Benjamin Way; Theodosia Morton; and others C78/1615, no. 4 [100]
1708 6 July 7 Alice Horne, widow v. Ambrose Horne; John Nicholas; William Coker; Pharamus Phiennes; George Selby; John Derby; and Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General C78/1611, no. 13 [101]
1708 6 July 7 Thomas Morris and John Morris v. Richard Soame; John Soame; Charles Hopton; Nathaniel Higginson; Thomas Lake; John Stafford; Richard Tilden; John Fellowes; Joseph Morewood; and George Read; and others (not named) C78/1482, no. 5 [102]
1708 7 July 7 John Trevor, esq v. Richard Webb, esq, surviving executor of Sir Richard Hawkins, knight; Katherine Bluck, widow of Mathew Bluck, esq, jr, late usher of the Chancery; and Mathew Bluck son and heir of said Mathew Bluck jr by said Katherine Bluck; William Grimstone esq alias Luckin residuary devisee of Sir Samuel Grimstone son and heir of Sir Harbottle Grimstone baronet late master of the rolls of Chancery; Michael Howen; Thomas Bowdler; and Robert Weston gentlemen executors of Nicholas Sandford gentleman who was administrator of said Mathew Bluck; William Grymes gentleman; and others (sic) C78/2010, no. 8 [103]
1708 8 July 7 Thomas Smith of Nunney, Som, yeoman, & Edith his wife one of the daughters of Edith Osborne of Nunney, widow, who was widow, relict, and executrix and residuary legatee of James (sic) of Kilmington, yeoman v. John Bartlett alias Goodenough; Thomas Pickfatt; and Hugh Pickfatt C78/1503, no. 4 [104]
1708 10 July 7 The Attorney General at the relation and on the part and behalf of the inhabitants of the parish of Monmouth, Monm, and the poor of the hospital or almshouse there founded by William Jones late deceased; Charles Herbert clerke lecturer or preacher there; Thomas Bassett clerk schoolmaster; and William Mathews usher of the free grammar school there of the said William Jones his foundation; and the said Charles Herbert; Thomas Bassett and Willam Mathewes on the behalf of themselves v. The Master and four wardens of the company of haberdashers in the city of London incorporated by the name of the Master and Four Wardens of the Fraternity of the Art of Mistery of Haberdashers in the city of London; Francis Wyndham esq; George Bond esq; John Whiston; William Prees; Edmond Griffith; Thomas Harper; Alexander Johnson; John Symons; William Probin; and Humphrey Jordan clerk C79/124, no. [105]
1708 12 July 7 Robert Rodes and Anne his wife one of the daughters of Sir John Austen decd v Dame Elizabeth Austen, Sir Robert Austen, Sir Harry Seaymour, Edward Austen, John Godfrey, Robert Sherrock and George Tooke Marriage portion of complt Anne. C78/1353, no. 1 [106]
1708 13 July 7 Peter Normansell son and executor of John Normansell decd, Thomas Slaughter executor of Josias Bacon, Dame Christabella Glasford, Leonard Thomson, Robert Mead, James Smith, Joseph Churchill, Simon Harris, Joseph Parrott, Samuel Adams, John Walter, Elizabeth Hawton, John Pigott Edward Billingsley and Francis Mills all creditors of Sir Peter Tyrrill, and Thomas Tyrrill his son and heir on behalf of themselves and such other creditors whose judgments did charge and affect the estate herein after mentioned and directed to be sold by Act of Parliament before the time of passing of such Act v Sir Peter Tyrrill, Thomas Tyrrill and Dorothy his wife, William Draper, Joseph Sherwood and Shuckburgh Sill Debts of the Tyrrill family. C78/1366, no. 4 [107]
1708 13 July 7 Alexander Kenton of Rotherhith, Surrey, gent; and Peter Peters of Canterbury, surgeon, & Mary his wife, sistger of said Alexander Kenton v. Oliver Andrews, citizen and mercer of London; Morrice Kellett, esq; Henry Sawyer, esq; John Oneby; Edward Roe; and Thomas Wright gent; and Daniel Fox C78/1518, no. 2 [108]
1708 15 July 7 Thomas Allen, esq, executor and devisee of Dame Anne Turner, late wife of Sir William Turner, knight v. Anne Brookes, widow; Charles Whitfield & Hannah his wife; Richard Platt, esq; John Round, gent; Sir William Turner, knight; James Allen, gent; Sir John Humble, baronet & Dame Sarah his wife; and William Lantward, esq C78/1093, no. 5 [109]
1708 17 July 7 Stephen Collman, & Martha his wife; Thomas King; William Sinshell, & Elizabeth his wife, which said Martha and Elizabeth wre daughters of Thomas King v. Ann King, widow and administratrix of said Thomas King; and Ann King an infant, another daughter of said Thomas King, by said Ann King; and Mark Hawkins C78/1503, no. 5 [110]
1708 20 July 7 John Cholmley and Catherine his wife v William Landon, Thomas Landon and Thomas Carpenter senr. Lease of the site of the manor of Credenhill, (No county given)[Herefs]. C78/1201, no. 3 [111]
1708 20 July 7 John Owen v. John Hodshon & Winifred his wife; John Forcer; Ralph Maire; William Procter; Nicholas Tempest; Robert Pearce; George Errington; Sir Francis Andrews, knight; Dame Bridget Clifton; and John Hedworth C78/2010, no. 15 [112]
1708 20 July 7 John Ledsome and Hester his wife v Richard Hickman; and John Spilsbury Legacies due from the will of William Hickman decd, nephew of Bernard Strode decd, who was the father of the complt Hester. C78/1404, no. 2 [113]
1708 20 July 7 Roger Braddill of London, merchant; and Isabella Marshall of London, widow and executrix of Ralph Marshall decd v. Susanna Newberry, widow; and John Goldsborough Newberry son of the said Susanna Newberry Will of Sir John Goldsborough cousin of the deft John Goldsborough Newberry. Voyage to East Indies. House at Bethnall Green, Middx and house called Yorkshire Court in White Chappell, Middx. C78/1448, no. 4 [114]
1708 20 July 7 Katherine Hall; Elianor Hall; and Dorothy Hall; and Frances Hall, infants v. William Franks, & Dorothy his wife; John Hall; Richard Lister, esq; and John Hall C78/1615, no. 8 [115]
1708 20 July 7 Anna Torr, widow and administratrix of James Torr, esq; and Nicholas Torr, an infant, son and heir of said James Torr, by said Anna Tor his guardian; and James Procter; Thomas Wager; Richard Shirman; William Wilson; William Mattison; John Oldridge; Thomas Clarke; Averald Cawthorpe; Joseph Wright; William Brooke; Mary Brocklehurst; William Timmalay; and Hugh Whitaker v. George Middleton, son and heir of George Middleton; and Helena and Joanna Midleton, administrators de bonis non of aforesaid George Midleton; Joab Allibone; John Mawson; Sir Charles Ingleby; Anne Faming, widow and administratrix of John Faming; and Robert Oats; Jane Torr; Jane Squire; Richard Wynne; John Tetty; Richard Williamson; Marmaduke Procter; Abigail Lester; Katherina Lister; Richard Hill; Robert Fairfax; and Nicholas Lister, creditors of said James Torr; and Edward Franks C78/1574, no. 1 [116]
1708 20 July 7 Sir Edward Northey, knight, then Attorney General, at the relation of the Mayor and Citizens and Freemen of the City of Rochester, Kent v. John Bois, esq; Thomas Addison; and Joseph Hornsby, gent Concerning the free school of Rochester C78/1522, no. 2 [117]
1708 13 Oct 7 Samuel Mayne an infant by John Lockey, esq v. Abigail Mayne, widow; Samuel Mayne; Joseph Mayne; Watley Mayne; and James Mayne C78/2008, no. 7 [118]
1708 13 Oct 7 Richard Smith, esq v. Thomas Dolman, esq, now Sir Thomas Dolman, knight; and others (sic) C78/1094, no. 3 [119]
1708 14 Oct 7 John Jeffryes of St Mary Ax, London, Lewis Loyd, Thomas Hudson and Roger Shuller v Sir Rowland Gwyn Mortgage of Itton manor house and farm, castle and manor of Pencoyd [Pencoed in LLanmartin par.], manor of St Brides [St. Brides Netherwent], manor of Mayo [Magor], all Monmouth, to John Jeffryes decd. C78/1342, no. 1 [120]
1708 14 Oct 7 John De Baillehach, an infant by Eve Delaperesse v. Benjamin Longnett; and Noel Cossart C78/1612, no. 8 [121]
1708 15 Oct 7 Jacob de la Fountaine Jansoon v Abraham Cossart, Cornelius Nortwich, Isaac Cossart of Amsterdam and others (not named) Payments due to the deft Isaac Cossart from the defts Abraham Cossart and Cornelius Nortwich. C78/1358, no. 5 [122]
1708 20 Oct 7 Anthony Rodrigues Miranda of Pisa in Italy & Joanna his wife, James Rodrigues Miranda of London his son v Peter Henriques junr and Jacob Da Veiga Debts of Anthony Rodrigues Marquez late of London merchant to Francis Dias de la Puebla merchant & native of Portugal but residing in Paris, since also decd, late brother of the complt Joanna. C78/1351, no. 2 [123]
1708 20 Oct 7 Sir Simon Hercourt, Attorney General, all as well on behalf of Her Majesty as at the relation of the Lord Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London, Governors of the House of the Poor commonly called St Bartholomew's Hospital nigh West Smithfield, London of the foundation of King Henry the eighth and also Governors of the possessions revennes and goods of the Hospital of Edward late King of England the sixth of Christ Bridewell and St Thomas the Apostle and likewise Governors of the Hospital of Bethlem, London v. Isaac Greville and John Bayly executors of the last will and testament of John Rand late citizen and joyner of London; The Wardens and Cominalty of the mistery of the Mercers of the said City of London; The President and Governors of the Poore of the City Workhouse in Bishop's Gate Street, London; Thomas Rand and Mary his wife; John Woodward and Prudence his wife; William Winter and Susanna his wife; John Ford and Sarah his wife; Eustace Harding; Crispine Butler; John Soames; and Robert Dent the present Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of the parish of St Martin's Vintry, London Will of John Rand C78/1422, no. 2 [124]
1708 25 Oct 7 George Herbert; and Richard Pottenger v. Robert Chambers C78/1728, no. 2 [125]
1708 28 Oct 7 William Davye of Creeby, [Creedy] Devon, baronet; John Tuckfield of Exeter, gent; and Thomas Tuckfield of London, merchant, surviving trustees of Roger Tuckfield, esq; and Roger Tuckfield son of said Roger Tuckfield an infant by Sir William Davye and John Tuckfield his guardians v. Francis Achym, esq; and Thomas Northmore, esq C78/1793, no. 16 [126] PS
1708 4 Nov 7 Mary Rowe, widow and sole executrix of Anthony Rowe, esq, her late husband v. Sir Edmond Denton, baronet, & Dame Mary his wife C78/1611, no. 16 [127]
1708 10 Nov 7 William Archer, esq, son and heir of William Eyre of Holme, Derbs, & Elianor his wife, eldest daughter of Sir Walter Wrottesley, baronet v. Thomas Cheveley, esq; John Cheveley, gent; Gilbert Horsman; and Isaac Ewer, esqs; Mary Ewer; and Daniel Ewer, gent; Henrietta Wrottesley; Elizabeth Wrottesley; and Mary Wrottesley; Anne Rogers; Thomas Rogers; Hugh Wrottesley, esq; John Poole, jr, clerk, & Susanna his wife; and Samuel Moore, gent; and others (sic) C78/1567, no. 2 [128]
1708 11 Nov 7 Elizabeth Cookes, spinster v. Agnes Webster, widow; and Richard Baines C78/1152, no. 3 [129]
1708 12 Nov 7 Arthur Guslow; and Richard Guslow, children of Foote Guslow, esq, & Susanna his wife, infants by Sir Richard Guslow, baronet, their uncle; and Elizabeth Cartwright v. John Shadwell, doctor in physick, & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Gibson; and John Jacob, gents; the said Foote Guslow, esq, & Susanna his wife; Elizabveth Guslow; Mary Guslow; Susanna Guslow; Gulielun Maria Guslow; and Lucretia Guslow, the younger children of said Foote Guslow & Susanna his wife C78/1767, no. 18 [130]
1708 12 Nov 7 Mildred Bruning; William Tendring, esq, & Mary Joanna his wife v. Sir William Luckyn, son and heir, & Dame Mary Luckyn wife of Sir Capell Luckyn, baronet C78/1616, no. 7 [131]
1708 13 Nov 7 Henry Vanberthem by George Coles and the said George Coles v. Henry Verberthem and William Hales; Charles Henshaw; Robert Browne; Jacob Harvey sr; and Jacob Harvey jr C79/66, no. [132]
1708 16 Nov 7 John Elderton and Margaret his wife executrix of Margaret Savage widow, who was executrix of William Savage decd v John Russell, Charles Spicer, Maurice Kellett, William Collier and Edward Clive Mortgage by Edward Woodward, citizen and cook of London to Edward Lazenby, citizen and grocer of London of lease to a messuage in Aldersgate Street, parish of St Buttolph without Aldersgate, London, granted by Thomas Walton of London, salter. C78/1343, no. 1 [133]
1708 17 Nov 7 Robert Camell, gentleman v. Josias Thorold & Dorothy his wife; Ann Newton; James Betts; Daniel Kirton; James Nelthorpe; and John Nelthorpe; John Bellamy; Robert Wright; Guy Hayle; Thomas Morse; and William King Lands in Palgrave, Suffolk. C78/2031, no. 6 [134]
1708 18 Nov 7 John Holland v. Sir Charles Gaudy, knight and baronet ; Anne Denny widow and executrix of Daniel Denny; and Edward Gaudy C78/2010, no. 12 [135]
1708 23 Nov 7 Benjamin Randall & Sarah his wife; Thomas Wallis & Florence his wife; Sarah Goddard widow; John Bennett; and William Bennett esqs v. Richard Munsie; Samuel Moore; Edward Moore sr; Edward Moore jr; and John Moore C78/1902, no. 2 [136]
1708 23 Nov 7 Richard Ball of ___ v. Charles Stanhope of Mansfield, Notts, esq; Jane Browne, widow and relict of John Browne the elder then of Fleet, Lincs; John Browne, jr; ___ Bates; and ___ Peach C78/1563, no. 6 [137]
1708 26 Nov 7 Thomas White v. Thomas Edward esq; William Stanlake; and Richard Serle C79/104, no. [138]
1708 26 Nov 7 Guy Hayle gentleman v. Josiah Thorold & Dorothy his wife C78/2031, no. 8 [139]
1708 26 Nov 7 James Newton; Mary Smallman; Mary Lee; John Smith; Edward Bambrig administrator of Christopher Bambrigg decd; Anne Buswell, widow and Charles Buswell executors of William Buswell decd; Thomas Wyatt; Peter Sutor; John Harper; Henry Coleman; Edward Arnold; John Delavall; Samuel Oliver; Henry Hartshorne; Dorothy Pyke; Phillip Blesse; Henry Clarke; and William Dexter on behalf of themselves and other creditors of Richard Walker late of Market Harborow, Leics decd v. Sir Gilbert Pickering; Richard Kinnesman; Robert Andrews; William Reeve; and Rowland Walker C78/1481, no. 5 [140]
1708 27 Nov 7 Samuel Gentleman v. Robert Winne; Thomas Hughes, & Ellin his wife; John Powell; David Evans; John Wynne; Doctor Robert Wynne, & Margaret his wife C78/1557, no. 6 [141]
1708 30 Nov 7 Edmund Pollexfen v Nicholas Hancocke, Alexander Hancocke his son and Thomas Johnson. Mortgage of messuage called Coldrenick in St Germans, Cornwall. C78/1216, no. 7 [142]
1708 30 Nov 7 Francis Paupett & Catherine his wife daughter of Claud Denise v. Margaret Denise widow and administratrix of said Claud Denise and James Denise son of said Claud Denise C78/1892, no. 12 [143]
1708 30 Nov 7 Benjamin Lane, clerke v. Henry Tinckley, clerk; and Frances Tinckley, an infant, his daughter; Elizabeth Ward, an infant; Edmund Themilthorpe; mathew Goodridge; James Verdon, clerk; Hannah Nelson; Thomas Sayer, & Susan his wife C78/1615, no. 5 [144]
1708 4 Dec 7 John Dubois and Richard Dubois infants sons of Mayor John Dubois late of the island of Barbados brother of Thomas Dubois late of the said Island by Richard Scott, esq v. Joseph Hole & Katherine his wife; William Godman; and Francis Eyles C78/2004, no. 1 [145]
1708 4 Dec 7 Henry Wellington, gent v. Thomas Kenda; and John Weston, esqs C78/1152, no. 2 [146]
1708 6 Dec 7 Susanna Ingram and Christobell Ingram infants by Christobell Ingram their mother v. Joseph Ingram C79/66, no. [147]
1708 6 Dec 7 Thomas Giles of Virginia v. Lewis Stephens; Joseph Dillon and Mary his wife; and Anne Hollis, widow Estate of Robert Hook late of Gresham College in London, who died intestate in 1702, only son of John Hook of Freshwater in the Isle of Wight, Hants by Cicily his wife both decd C78/1463, no. 4 [148]
1708 8 Dec 7 Richard Bartlett son and administrator of John Bartlett v. Banjamin Sumers; Edward Bryer & Susanna his wife; Thomas Raynes; and George Roman C78/2045, no. 21 [149]
1708 9 Dec 7 John Tindall and George Grills the surviving executors of Richard Savery v Waltham Savery an infant by William Downman and Catherine his wife, William Ilbert, Catherine Hole widow, John Sparke, Josias Calmady, William Sparke and Walter Warren the executor of Thomas Torway decd. Administration of estate and debts of William Savery. Devon. C78/1216, no. 2 [150]
1708 10 Dec 7 John Russell of the parish of St Clement Danes, Middx, poulterer, William Blenhorne vintner, Thomas Smith of the parish of St Giles in the Fields, Middx, upholsterer, John Birchall of the paish of St Mary Savoy, Middx, vintner, Thomas Douglas of St Giles in the Fields, barber, Thomas Minchen of St Paul's Covent Garden, baker, Robert Rogers of St Clement Danes, butcher, John Jenkinson of St Dunstans in the West, London, Walter Riddell of St Giles, vintner, Martin Ellery, corn chandler, William Ashley, Anne Reeves spinster, George Watkins, John Radaway, Francis Griffith, Henry Rogers of St Anne Westminster, John Hoare of St Giles, shoemaker executor of Anne Beaumont widow who was executrix of George Beaumont her late husband, Thomas Palm of St Giles executor of Jane Greensmith widow who was executrix of Richard Greensmith her late husband, Giles Powell of St James Westminster, vintner and Dorothy his wife who was executrix of Thomas Biggs her former husband, woodmonger decd, Robert Ayres of St Mary Savoy, woodmonger, [blank] Golding administratrix of Samuel Golding her late husband decd, butterman, Richard Rogers of St James, herbman, Elizabeth Bamber of St Giles widow and administratrix of James Bamber her late husband decd, Andrew Quines of St Martins in the Fields, apothecary, Anne Walker administratrix of Henry Walker decd her late husband of St Clements widow, John Budgen of St Giles, farrier, Nathaniel Hohomb decd, Joane Kingsley of St Andrews Holborn, Middx, widow and administratrix of William Kingsley her late husband decd and John Freeman of St Paul's Covent Garden, baker on behalf of themselves and the other creditors of George late [Lord] Bergavenny v Benedict Richards of St Giles, Thomas Lord Viscount Falconberge and Richard Lord Viscount Fitz Williams and Frances his wife Debts of the late Lord Bergavenny, and claim against the estate which had been settled upon his late wife at their marriage. C78/1344, no. 2 [151]
1708 14 Dec 7 John Woolson of Chichester, Sussex, knacker & Mary his wife v. William Pope; Katherine Penford; and James Vavasor C79/104, no. [152]
1708 14 Dec 7 Meliora Loane and Mary Loane daughters and coheirs of John Loane esq infants by Christopher Todd v. Joshua Draper surviving trustee of the estate of John Loane and v. Mary Loane widow executrix of saide John Loane and grandmother and guardian of the complainants the infants C78/1898, no. 3 [153]
1708 14 Dec 7 Sarah Coppinger the widow and relict of Henry Coppinger, esq; and Sarah Coppinger their daughter, an infant by said Sarah her mother v. John Orlebar, esq; George Gooday, esq; Edward Gooday; Daniel Gooday; and Thomas Wilson C78/1785, no. 8 [154]
1708 14 Dec 7 George Barrett, esq, & Susan his wife; John Dewe, esq, & Jane his wife, which said Susan and Jane are two of the daughters of Susanna Green; Thomas Barrett only child of the said George and Susanna Barrett, and infant, by said George Barrett his father; Jane Dewe; Mary Dewe; Elizabeth Dewe; Delicia Dewe; John Dewe; Anna Maria Dewe, children of said John and Jane Dewe, infants, by said John Dewe their father v. George Bohun, esq, & Mary his wife; Sir Gabriel Roberts, knight; and John Hanger, merchant C78/1522, no. 1 [155]
1708 16 Dec 7 John Izard; Anne Chancy widow; Nicholas Seamer; William Harwic; Edward Godfrey executor of John Godfrey; Richard Love; Thomas Love; Thomas Waters; William Yates; Thomas Jessop; Elizabeth Dey widow executrix of Hester Hawes widow; Esther Hurst widow; ____ Shaw widow; ____ Flack; Anne Chapman; Richard Chauncy; Isaac Hurst; Humberston Hurst; ___ Swann; and John Saunders creditors of William Hurst late of Haverill, Essex, gentleman v. John Hurst the son and heir and Mary Hurst the widow and relict of said William Hurst; James Betts & Mary his wife; Anne Hurst; Richard Bowker & Elizabeth his wife late Elizabeth Hurst; Jane Hurst; Francis Floyer; William Chadwick; John Pyke; John Papworth; Edward Draper; and Edward Laundy executor of Ralph Skinner C78/1904, no. 7 [156]
1708 18 Dec 7 Francis Shepheard merchant v William Walton, Henry Johnson, Thomas Wentworth and John Plumer Debt of the deft Johnson to the complt. C78/1358, no. 4 [157]
1708 18 Dec 7 William Murray only acting executor of Anne Nott widow & Elizabeth his wife; Robert Clarke an infant by said William Murray v. Thomas Wise & Mary his wife daughter and heir of Robert Nott & Anne his wife; Richard Powys; and Edward Godfrey two other executors of the said Anne Nott who was the executor of said Robert Nott C78/2059, no. 10 [158]
1708 18 Dec 7 Samuel Hawkes & Martha his wife sister and executrix of Catherine bates spinster v. John Barrett the elder & Mary his wife and John Chambers gentleman C78/1905, no. 2 [159]
1708 18 Dec 7 Raynes Bate; William Walker and Newton his wife; Sarah and Barbara Bate infants v. Richard Bate and Sarah his wife; Isaac Hawkins; and Christopher Prissick Refs previous decree of 23 Feb 2 Anne. Estate of Barbara Newton in Derbyshire. C78/1418, no. 17 [160]
1708 18 Dec 7 John Scheppens v. William Chamberlaine; James West; Robert West; John Abington; and Abraham Van Mildert C78/1557, no. 4 [161]
1708 18 Dec 7 David Erskine, esq, earl of Buchan, Scotland & the Lady Countess Frances his wife, daughter of Henry Fairfax, esq, by Anne his wife; the Lady Katherine Anne Arskin; and the Lady Frances Arskin, children of said earl and countess v. Thomas Browne, doctor of phisick; Richard Aldworth, esq; Thomas Barker, gent; John Duckett, esq; Robert Baylis, esq; George Littleton & Elizabeth his wife; Richard Nevill, esq; Paul Jodrell, esq; Edward Browne, doctor of phisick; William Dobyns, esq; and Edward Temson, esq C78/1092, no. 1 [162]
1708 22 Dec 7 Robert Doughty and Thomas Gratwick esqs the surviving executors and trustees of Thomas Doughty and Guybon Doughty the only nephew of said Thomas Doughty and the son and heir of said Robert Doughty v. Humphrey Prideaux doctor of divinity and dean of Norwich; Judith Pulvertoft, widow; John Pulvertoft; John Kidd; Edwin Coney; Susannah Say; Richard Harwick; Edmund Harwick; Richard Betts; Thomas Upwood; Dame Isabell Guybon; and Hope Chamberlin doctor of physick C78/2003, no. 2 [163]