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| 35
| 35
| Thomas Atkinson v. Thomas Atkinson; and Henry Atkinson
| Thomas Atkinson v. Thomas Atkinson; and Henry Atkinson
| Lease of lands, tenements etc at Arncliffe, Yorks and subsequent mortgage of the leased lands to the lessee, who was required to settle certain debts.
| C78/872, no. 5 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no872/IMG_0127.htm]
| C78/872, no. 5 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no872/IMG_0127.htm]
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| 35
| 35
| Thomas Pennyman of Stokesly, Yorks, doctor in divinity; Francis Bucke of Billingham, Durham, gent; John Clupchase of Thrope, Durham, yeoman; Ralph Oveington of Hurworth, Durham, yeoman; Robert Raikes of Northallerton, Yorks, gent; Jane Flower of Northallerton, spinster; Anne Walker of Guisbrough, Yorks, spinster; William Raisbecke of West Upsall, Yorks, yeoman; and Christopher Burnett of Northallerton, yeoman v. William Killingworth, esq; Samuel Cooke; Roger Lee; and Robert Potter, gent
| Thomas Pennyman of Stokesly, Yorks, doctor in divinity; Francis Bucke of Billingham, Durham, gent; John Clupchase of Thrope, Durham, yeoman; Ralph Oveington of Hurworth, Durham, yeoman; Robert Raikes of Northallerton, Yorks, gent; Jane Flower of Northallerton, spinster; Anne Walker of Guisbrough, Yorks, spinster; William Raisbecke of West Upsall, Yorks, yeoman; and Christopher Burnett of Northallerton, yeoman v. William Killingworth, esq; Samuel Cooke; Roger Lee; and Robert Potter, gent
| Debts of George Snowden late of Normanby, Yorks. Secured against a messuage formerly called the Maidenhead and since known as the Golden Arrowes in Cornehill in the parish of St Christophers in London, formerly the property of his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Pepys, upholster of London.
| C78/1607, no. 5 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no1607/IMG_0222.htm]
| C78/1607, no. 5 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no1607/IMG_0222.htm]
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| 13 Dec
| 13 Dec
| 35
| 35
| Lidia and Frances Woodthorpe v John Woodthorpe and others (named).
| Lidia and Frances Woodthorpe daughters of John Woodthorpe, infants by Jonathan Woodthorpe v John Woodthorpe; Joseph Siday and Lidia his wife; and John Scott
| Bequests of corn, cattle and household stuff.  
| Bequests of corn, cattle and household stuff.  
| C78/980, no. 1 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no980/IMG_0355.htm]
| C78/980, no. 1 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no980/IMG_0355.htm]
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| 22 Dec.
| 22 Dec.
| 35
| 35
| Robert and Elizabeth Bono v Thomas Rawlinson and others (named).
| Robert Bono and Elizabeth his wife v Thomas Rawlinson; Robert Fish; Henry Clerke; and William Lewis
| Marriage settlement of £400.
| Marriage settlement of £400.
| C78/1214, no. 2 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no1214/IMG_0134.htm]
| C78/1214, no. 2 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no1214/IMG_0134.htm]

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1683 35 C78/, no. []
1683 (bill) Hilary 35 Daniel Knight of Northlew, Devon, gentleman v. Mary Lethbridge and Christopher Lethbridge C78/1912, no. 24 [2]
1683 13 Jan 34 Martin Darden, jeweller v. James Ward; Henry Ward; and James Wild C78/1023, no. 14 [3]
1683 15 Jan 34 Robert Thornhill esq v. Richard Jones esq otherwise called Richard then viscount and now earl of Ranelegh, Ireland; and others (sic) C78/2069, no. 11 [4]
1683 19 Jan 34 John Milner & Mary his wife, administratrix of George Calcott, her late husband v. Stephen Palmer; and John Calcott C78/995, no. 7 [5]
1683 23 Jan 34 George Keate gentleman one of the sworn clerks of Chancery & Anne his wife; Anne Keate and Elizabeth Keate infants by said George Keate their father and guardian; John Gollop and Robert Merefield v. John Hillary gentleman C78/1913, no. 4 [6]
1683 25 Jan 34 John Tabor of Cambridge, Cambs, gentleman v. Nicholas Tabor sr; Nicholas Tabor jr gentleman; Frances Tabor and others (sic) C79/92, no. [7]
1683 26 Jan 35 Henry Hubbard, son and heir of George Hubbard, who was one of the brothers of John Hubbard, citizen and plasterer of London v. John Hubbard, an infant; John Cressett & his wife; and Daniel Cox C78/1279, no. 1 [8]
1683 27 Jan 34 William Raymond & Mary his wife who was daughter of John Morden the elder gentleman v. Oliver Morden C79/91, no. [9]
1683 29 Jan 34 William Cumins, esq v. Thomas Fuller C78/983, no. 9 [10]
1683 31 Jan 35 John Cooper, an infant, by Jane Cooper, widow and mother and guardian v. Edmund Ryall C78/1636, no. 6 [11]
1683 31 Jan 35 Thomas Fredericke, esq, & Leonora his wife, one of the children of Charles Moriscoe of London, merchant v. Jacob David, & Leonora his wife, the relict and executrix of said Charles Moriscoe; Sir John Letheleir, knight; Samuel Letheleir; and others (sic) C78/1588, no. 3 [12]
1683 3 Feb. 35 John Crawley and Mary his wife; and Mary Crawley the younger and Elizabeth Crawley, infants v Samuel Stancliffe the younger; Samuel Stancliffe the elder; John Denham Profits and rents due from testamentary settlement of tenements in Cheapeside and Bread Street, London. C78/1010, no. 7 [13]
1683 5 Feb 35 Nicholas Hulbert son and heir of Anne Hulbert one of the daughters and coheirs of Robert Nicholas an infant by John Kent esq his guardian v. Sir Richard Harte knight and John Knight esq C79/195, no. [14]
1683 6 Feb 35 Sarah Mathewes of Barford, Oxon, widow v. Sarah Newby widow C79/91, no. [15]
1683 6 Feb 35 The Right Honorable Charles lord Mohun baron of Oakehampton, Devon an infant by the Right Honorable Phillippa lady Mohun his mother and guardian v. The Right Honorable Katherine lady Mohun; Sir Arthur Harris baronet; and others (sic) C79/13, no. [16]
1683 7 Feb 35 Thomas Pleasted v. John, bishop of Rochester, dean of the collegiate church St Peters, Westminster and the Chapter of the same church; John Bradley, gent; Thoma Watkins, esq; Mary Hickman; Richard Row; David Power; and John Boswell C78/1077, no. 2 [17]
1683 9 Feb 35 Thomas Dodson of Kirby Overblows, Yorks, gentleman, son and heir of Peter Dodson late of Kirby Overblows gentleman who was son and heir of Miles Dodson late of Kirby Overblows gentleman likewise deceased v. William Steile; John Gale; and George Pickering C79/13, no. [18]
1683 10 Feb 35 Sir Michael Hickes of Saint Peters Hill, London, knight v. Charles Hellowe C79/191, no. [19]
1683 10 Feb 35 John Adderley, gent, executor of Jane Rugeley of Foston, Derbs, widow, relict, and executrix of Simon Rugely of Callingwood, Staffs, esq v. Henry Mellor, esq; William Kniveton; William Bray; and John Waldron, gent C78/1587, no. 4 [20]
1683 10 Feb 35 Michael Hale, gent v. Sir Rober Viner, knight and baronet; and John Fenn, esq C78/983, no. 7 [21]
1683 10 Feb 35 William Swanton of ____, Som, gent, son and heir of Francis Swanton of Bath, Som, gent v. Phillipp Bennet the elder; Phillipp Bennet the younger; James Twyford; John Soble; ___ Albyn; Edward Cheeke; John Phipping; James Swanton; and Jane Chapman C78/1085, no. 1 [22]
1683 12 Feb 35 John Thynne, esq, & Judith his wife, one of the daughters and coheirs of Katherine Balston who daughter and heir of John Mitchell, who was son and heir of Sir John Mitchell, who intermarried with Eleanor daughter and heir of Nicholas Stelley, esq v. Ralph Edge, gent C78/1587, no. 3 [23]
1683 12 Feb 35 Thomas Ellis of St George in Southwark, victualer & Mary his wife; and William Godfrey, an infant, by said Thomas Ellis his father in law v. Benjamin Cowell C78/1047, no. 5 [24]
1683 13 Feb 35 Robert Compton esq & Susannah his wife daughter of Richard Long esq deceased by Susannah his wife formerly Susannah Clark? v. Daniel Salway, clerk; Dame Elianor Button widow; John Cooberry; Thomas Pleydall, esq; Jane Bristow, spinster; Robert Tucke; and others (sic) C78/1940, no. 3 [25]
1683 13 Feb 35 Joseph Prickman, jr & Elizabeth his wife v. George Bindon C78/942, no. 5 [26]
1683 13 Feb 35 John Gilbert, one of the executors of Ralph Thompson of Willey, Northt v. Francis Thompson, an other executor of said Ralph Thompson C78/1023, no. 9 [27]
1683 17 Feb 35 Anne Morgan and Elizabeth Morgan executrices of Jane Morgan widow v. Alice Kendricke widow C78/1912, no. 7 [28]
1683 17 Feb 35 John Hunt; Henry Bull; Richard Broderipp; and George Hunt esqs v. John Martin; Thomas Martin; Edward Martin; Dorothy Bicknell; Elizabeth Martin widow; and Elizabeth Martin C78/1910, no. 15 [29]
1683 19 Feb. 35 Michael Crule v William Hussey, Edmond Wiseman Estate of Sir Robert Mason. Bond for debt to Edward Keate. C78/885, no. 1 [30]
1683 19 Feb 35 Lady Anne Wilmott; the lady Elizabeth Wilmott; and the lady Mallett Wilmott; the lady Elizabeth Wilmott and the lady Mallett Wilmott infants by Anne, countess dowager of Rochester their grandmother and guardian v. Sir William Windham baronet; Sir Allen Apsley knight; Edward Cooke; and William Clarke esqs C78/1910, no. 13 [31]
1683 19 Feb 35 William Flexmere, gent v. Sir Francis Withins, knight C78/1023, no. 11 [32]
1683 19 Feb 35 Thomas Whittaker, gent & Margaret his wife; and Dorothy Penn the younger v. Thomas Chetle the elder, gent C78/1137, no. 6 [33]
1683 20 Feb 35 Thomas White the elder and Thomas White the younger; and Francis Newton v. John Burnard and Benedicta Burnard C78/1910, no. 12 [34]
1683 20 Feb 35 Charles Hill; Thomas Hill; Bevis Hill; Anne Hill; and Joane Hill, infants, the younger children of George Hill, esq v. Doctor Thomas Yates; Mathew Johnson, esq; and Richard Graham, esq, executors of said George Hill, esq; and George Hill gent, eldest son and heir of said George Hill, esq C78/1593, no. 1 [35]
1683 21 Feb 35 Nicholas Rookewood brother and heir of Edward Rookwood gentleman v. Miles Bailspoole & Elizabeth his wife late the wife of said Edward Rookwood C78/1941, no. 17 [36]
1683 21 Feb 35 Robert Suckling, esq v. Robert, earl of Yarmouth C78/1023, no. 8 [37]
1683 21 Feb 35 John Rogers Coker v. Roger Browne, esq; Solomon Hougham; Henry Constantine; Robert Pitt; William Wake; Samuel Palmer; George Ryves; William Bowles; John Heighmore; Nicholas Ingram; Edward Twyne; William Welch & Mary his wife; Roger Coker; and Joane Coker C78/1287, no. 3 [38]
1683 Feb 22 35 Henry Thorne v. Roger Thorne; Michael Warren; and John Thorne C78/1912, no. 8 [39]
1683 22 Feb 35 James Phipps, gent, the younger & Anne his wife, only sister and heir of Edmund Warcupp of English, Oxon, gent, who was the only son and heir of Cuthbert Warcupp of English, esq v. Sir John Lenthall, knight; and Robert Warcupp, esq C78/1077, no. 1 [40]
1683 23 Feb 35 Richard Cadmore v. Alice Northcote widow; William Northcote; Anthony Salter; George Pollard; and Edmond Cudmore C78/1914, no. 2 [41]
1683 23 Feb 35 Lady Katherine Poulett and the lady Letitia Poulett infants by John Piggott esq their guardian v. John, lord Poulett; Dame Anne Smith; Sir John Smith baronet; The Honorable Francis Poulett esq; Sir John Sidenham baronet; Sir Thomas Putt baronet; Edward Cooke; and Edward Strode esqs C78/1910, no. 14 [42]
1683 23 Feb 35 Mary Ledgingham, wife of Warwicke Ledgingham; and Martha Ledgingham, an infant, their daughter, by Richard Hutchinson her grandfather v. Warwicke Ledgingham; James Tisser; John Tisser; Anthony Stevens; Joseph Fenn; John Hibbert; and Martha Blanchard C78/889, no. 1 [43]
1683 23 Feb 35 Dame Katherine Rainsford, widow, the relict of Sir Richard Rainsford, knight, late CJKB v. Sir George Rainsford, knight; and Francis Rainsford AND v. Anne Buckby; Robert Buckby; William Buckby; Vere Buckby; George Buckby; Edward Buckby; Mary Buckby; Clement Buckby; and Katherine Buckby, the said defendants the Buckbyes being infants C78/974, no. 4 [44]
1683 24 Feb 35 Edward Westwood v. John Cockes; and George Faiteing C78/889, no. -- [45]
1683 24 Feb 35 William White; Samuel White; and Amy White, the sons and daughter of Thomas White, infant, by Thomas Pomfrett; William Hartly; and Joseph Phillipps their guardians v. John Pitte and George Swinhowe, executors of John Pemberton; and John Pemberton, son and heir of said John Pemberton C78/907, no. 9 [46]
1683 24 Feb 35 Joseph Noy, gent v. Nicholas Tresillian; and David Grosse C78/974, no. 7 [47]
1683 1 March 35 Hugh Cope v John Andrews, Dorothy Grant, Dorothy Andrews, Thomas Wilson, Elizabeth Cope Loan by Hugh Cope to Samuel Grosvenour. Disputed terms and bond. C78/905, no. 2 [48]
1683 1 March 35 John Palmer esq son and heir of Gyles Palmer esq an infant by Thomas Hord esq his guardian v. Henry Jones doctor of laws; Arthur Jones; Sarah Jones sister of said doctor Jones; Thomas Hunt & his wife Sarah Jones daughter of said Arthur Jones; ____ Fettiplace widow; Anne Sturch; John Rudd purser; Sands Goddard; William Clapton; ____ Grove, widow; Elizabeth Payne; William Oldish doctor of laws; and John Grover C78/1914, no. 16 [49]
1683 1 March 35 John Thacker, John, gent v. Thomas Fizer; Benjamin Fizer; Mary Redman, executrix of Henry Redman; Thomas Walton; and Henry Redman C78/1782, no. 11 [50]
1683 1 March 35 John Bowers v. Edward Wagstaffe; John Portman; and Humphry Perry C78/907, no. 13 [51]
1683 1 March 35 James Butler, esq; Henry Peckham the elder; Henry Peckham the younger; and others (sic) v. Guy, lord bishop of Chichester C78/995, no. 6 [52]
1683 3 March 35 Richard Berney of Parke Hall in the parish of Reedham, Norfolk esq v. Samuel Beake and Edward Stylte C79/96, no. [53]
1683 3 Mar 35 Sir Fairmeadow Pennyston and Dame Elizabeth his wife v. Thomas Cornwall; Edward Denton; and Bartholomew Virumyden Marriage agreement of the complts. Manor of Cornwall. C78/1452, no. 17 [54]
1683 3 March 35 Thomas Fothergill, clerk, & Grace his wife, one of the daughters of William Cartwright, esq v. William Cartwright, esq, eldest son and heir of said William Cartwright; and Christian Cartwright the widow and relict of said William Cartwright C78/1592, no. 8 [55]
1683 5 March 35 (Boevey?) v. John Boevey; Sir James Smith C78/1058, no. 1 [56]
1683 19 April 35 John Horne and Mary his wife, relict and executrix of Jeremy Wells decd v Richard Kirby and John Nash Mortgage, by surrender, of copyhold lands in Berkhampstead, Herts. C78/1214, no. 7 [57]
1683 19 April 35 Lawrence Batten; and others (sic), then the present churchwardens and overseer of the poor of Little Houghton, Northt, for the said poor and the succeeding churchwardens and overseers of the poor of said parish v. Francis Pargiter; and Thomas Ward, esq C78/1148, no. 7 [58]
1683 20 April 35 William and Katherine Marbury v Rt. hon. Thomas, Earl of Plymouth. Administration of trust of the manor of Darley, Derbys and part of manor of Ratcliffe upon Seare, Leics. C78/1223, no. 3 [59]
1683 24 April 35 Thomas Welbanck, gent v. Peter Vandenanker, gent; and Peter Vandenanker, jr C78/818, no. 4 [60]
1683 27 April 35 Edward Diggs of Chiltham Castle, Kent and Dame Frances his wife late the wife of Sir George Moore decd, who was son & heir and executor of Elizabeth Moore late of London, widow decd; and Thomas Browne of London, scrivener; Henry Thornehill of Ellingley, Kent; and Knightley Purefoy of Shalston, Kent, executors of the said Sir George Moore v Anthony, Lord Viscount Falkland; and John Morris Mortgage of tenements in Sandford, Oxon. C78/1240, no. 3 [61]
1683 28 April 35 Samuel Clarke v. Richard Eburne C78/1800, no. 1 [62]
1683 2 May 35 Thomas Gibson of the parish of St Dunstans in West London, gentleman & Mary his wife eldest daughter of Thomas Harris late citizen and haberdasher of London deceased v. James Kinvin gentleman & Anne his wife; Bartholomew Harris; Abraham Fothergill, gentleman; Laventhorpe Altham; And James Wright C78/2069, no. 5 [63]
1683 4 May 35 Nicholas Chestle sr, William Chestle, Mary Chestle, Margaret Chestle, Sarah Chestle and Anne Chestle infants by said Nicholas Chestle their father and next friend v. Robert Peckham gent and Nicholas Chestle jr an infant Nicholas Chestle sr and Mary his wife mother of the complainant infants was seized in Mary's right of tenements in Feltham parish in Sussex borrowed £200 from Robert Peckham of Little Green in the parish of Compton, Sussex, with the land as security; provisions in Mary's will and the equity of redemption. C78/1302, no. 9 [64]
1683 4 May 35 Stephen Burrell, gent v. John Mason, gent; Robert Dymond; and Thomas Hancock C78/985, no. 8 [65]
1683 10 May 35 George Beadnall, merchant v. Francis Naylor, gent & Bethia his wife; and Sir Thomas Draper, baronet Refs previous decree of 3 July 34 ChasII. Mortgage of the manor of Lameton, Northumberland. C78/983, no. 10 [66]
1683 11 May 35 Anne Moseley spinster and Samuell Powell esq v. Mary Howard the widow and relict of Henry Howard esq deceased; Robert Howard esq; John Walter; Arther Powell; Edward Hussey; and Sir Edward Hatley knight and others (sic) C79/171, no. [67]
1683 12 May 35 Thomas Hoare son, heir, and executor of Thomas Hoare esq an infant by Sir Harry FitzJames and Dame Jane his wife; and the said Sir Harry FitzJames and Dame Jane administratrix of Thomas Hoare with the will annexed during the minority of said Thomas Hoare the infant v. Thomas Weblyn gentleman C78/1914, no. 17 [68]
1683 14 May 35 Clement Cobb v. James, Earl of Abingdon; and John Combe Title, according to custom of the manor, to a copyhold house, barn and land in Dorchester formerly held by Clement Cobb the plts father. C78/1443, no. 15 [69]
1683 14 May 35 Henry Heylin, esq v. Dame Mary Morgan, executrix of Sir Edward Morgan, baronet, now wife of John Grubham Howe, esq; Anne and Frances Morgan, daughters and heirs of said Sir Edward Morgan, infants, by said Dame Morgan, mother and guardian of said Anne and Frances C78/995, no. 4 [70]
1683 18 May 35 James Chamberlaine v Katherine and Penelope Chamberlaine. Descent of entailed lands (unspecified), Oxon. C78/1010, no. 6 [71]
1683 18 May 35 Sir Thomas Wroth, baronet, an infant, by William Stowell, esq, his guardian v. Peregrine Palmer, esq; Thomas Palmer; and Nathaniel Palmer C78/941, no. 4 [72]
1683 19 May 35 William Francis the elder; William Francis the younger; Leonard Francis; and Lidia Francis v Thomas Francis; John Reeve; Walter Mildmay; and Edward Butler Legacies from, and quiet possession of lands in Marsh Gibbon, Bucks. C78/1223, no. 5 [73]
1683 19 May 35 Sir John Coryton, baronet, & Dame Elizabeth his wife; and Elizabeth their daughter, an infant, by said Sir John John Coryton, her guardian v. John Charlton, esq, & Anne his wife; and Richard Wynne C78/818, no. 6 [74]
1683 21 May 35 Rebecca Litton widow and executrix of Sir Rowland Litton knight v. Sir John Sabine baronet, Asfrid Sabine, Robert Smith gentleman, Edward Hildyard esq., John Bird, Edward Baber, Gerrard Usher, and Anne Green widow executrix of Edward Greene. Bill of Michaelmas term 1677. Testamentary debt C78/1240, no. 9 [75]
1683 21 May 35 Hugh James gentleman v. Walter James esq father of the said Hugh James C78/2069, no. 10 [76]
1683 21 May 35 Jeffery Boys, esq Ann his wife; and Susanna Ady, since the wife of Rushee Wentworth, esq, two of the sisters of James Ady, esq v. Henry Marsh, esq & Leah his wife, since deceased; John Wilkinson, esq & Mary his wife; William Hugesson, esq & Elizabeth his wife; George Elcocke, esq & Rosamond his wife; Henry Eve, esq & Dorothy his wife, the said Leah, Mary, Elizabeth, Rosamond, and Dorothy being the five other sisters of said James Ady; John Ady; Edward Dillington; and Thomas Marsh C78/1067, no. 1 [77]
1683 21 May 35 John Browning the elder v. John Browning the younger; and John Gale C78/1077, no. 1 [78]
1683 22 May 35 John Nicoll; and Ambrose Phillipps, esqs v. George Duke of Buckingham & the lady duchess of Buckingham his wife; Sir William Gusson, knight; John Howland, esq; Sir Robert Clayton, knight; John Wildman, esq; and Thomas Spratt, doctor in divinity C78/1174, no. 6 [79]
1683 22 May 35 Francis Jenkes of London, linendraper v. George, duke of Buckingham; Sir Robert Clayton, knight; John Wildman, esq; Thomas Spratt, doctor in divinity; Sir Robert Gager, Knight of the Bath; William Cherry, esq; Thomas Browne, gent; George Bishop, gent; George Bradbury, esq; and James Hayes C78/1255, no. 6 [80]
1683 23 May 35 William Robinson and Anne his wife infants by Margaret Robinson widow their guardian v Richard Middleton and the Governors and Company of Merchants of London trading to the East Indies Administration of the estate of Timothy Middleton decd, father to the complt Anne. C78/1322, no. 4 [81]
1683 23 May 35 Jasper Latham; John Coombes; Valentine Houseman; and Edward Pearce v. George, duke of Buckingham; Sir Robert Clayton, knight; John Wildman, esq; and Thomas Spratt, doctor in divinity C78/878, no. 4 [82]
1683 25 May 35 Robert Blake the elder of Stafford, Wilts, yeoman v. Robert Burrard; Charles read; and Francis Westcott; and Benjamin Blake C78/1058, no. 5 [83]
1683 25 May 35 John Cawley, doctor of divinity v. Humfry Fortune; and John Harridge C78/1118, no. 3 [84]
1683 26 May 35 Abraham Devischer of London gentleman an infant son and heir of Samuell Devischer late of London merchant who was son and heir of William Devischer late of London merchant by Justus Otgher and John Walwyn his guardians and the said Justus Otgher and John Walwyn executors of Samual Devischer; Francis Vanacker of London esq & Cornelia his wife one of the children of Isabella Bovey deceased who ws the daughter of said William Devischer the grandfrather; and William Bovey of London gentleman one other of the children of the said Isabella Bovey v. Gerrard Vanheythnyson C79/171, no. [85]
1683 26 May 35 Richard Calveley esq son and heir of John Calveley late of Great Woolden, Lancs, esq also administrator of said John Calveley not administered by Jane his widow and relict v. Sir Richard Standish baronet and Dame Margaret his wife; Thomas Tildesley & Elianor his wife; Henry Bunbury & Elianor his wife; Hugh Dickenson esq; James Starkey clerk; and Mary Lloyd C78/2037, no. 10 [86]
1683 1 June 35 Francis Bethell; and Mary Russell, widow, executors of Thomas Russell, gent v. Charles Hastings & Hannah his wife; Phillippa Russell; Elizabeth Russell; and James Ward, esq C78/907, no. 6 [87]
1683 2 June 35 Elizabeth Duglas, widow, daughter and heir of Thomas Juxon, esq; Timothy Byfield; Nathaniel Byfield; Robert Patten & Dorcas his wife; Samuel Jackson & Rebecca his wife; Isack Walden & Priscilla his wife; Richard Browne & Mary his wife; William Cox & Deborah his wife (Timothy, Nathaniel, Dorcas, Rebecca, Prescilla, Mary, and Deborah being the children of Sarah Byfield, wife of Richard Byfield, clerk); Thomas Sheppard; Deborah Sheppard; Anne Sheppard; Benjamin Sheppard; Rebecca Sheppard; and John Sheppard, children of Mathew Sheppard of London, grocer (Deborah, Anne, Benjamin, Rebecca, and John Sheppard are infants by said Mathew Sheppard their father and guardian); Arthur Juxon; Nicholas Andrews & Mary his wife; and Robert Juxon, children of Nicholas Juxon (Robert Juxon was an infant by Arthur Juxon his brother and guardian); and John Juxon, Arthur Juxon and Nicholas Juxon, Samuel Juxon, Elizabeth Juxon, and Margaret Juxon, children of John Juxon of London, salter (which said Nicholas, Samuel, Elizabeth and Margaret, infants by John Juxon their father and guardian) v. John Key; and Maurice Key C78/907, no. 11 [88]
1683 5 June 35 Samuel Andrewes of Ormeskirke, Lancs, gentleman v. Francis Jackson & Millicent his wife C79/11, no. [89]
1683 7 June 35 Dame Anne Smyth, widow, relict, and executrix of Sir James Smyth, knight v. Sir William Courtnay, baronet; Jacob Lucy; and Richard Osborne, esqs C78/1174, no. 7 [90]
1683 8 June 35 Hannah Dibble, an infant by Leonard Harris her guardian v. Richard White; Thomasine Brooke, widow; and Thomas Dibble C78/896, no. 4 [91]
1683 9 June 35 Richard Wiseman, esq, & Winifred his wife; Lucy Barrington; John Barrington, esq; and William Barrington, merchant, which said Winifred, Lucy, John, and William being the younger children of Sir John Barrington, knight and baronet v. Sir John Barrington, an infant, grandson, and heir of said Sir John Barrington; Sir Francis Massam, baronet; Sir Gobert Barrington, knight; Tristram Conyers, serjeant at law; John Conyers, esq; and Phillip Scarth, trustees appointed by the said Sir John Barrington for raising portions for the complainants out of his estate in the Isle of Wight C78/1636, no. 7 [92]
1683 11 June 35 Robert Hyde, esq & The Lady Finetta his wife v. Sir Francis North, knight, CJCP, now lord keeper of the great seale of England; Henry Parker, esq; George Chamberlaine, gent; and Ambrose Holbech, gent C78/974, no. 6 [93]
1683 15 June 35 Henry Jones gentleman and Mary Seldon widow v. John Seldon, Richard Salisbury; and Cicely Seldon widow C78/1915, no. 12 [94]
1683 15 June 35 Charles Goodall doctor in phisick; Sir William Twisden baronet; Charles Twisden doctor in phisick; George Hutchins esq; Zachary Smarthwait gentleman; James Sherratt; and John Hoskins esq v. Elizabeth Cryer widow and others (sic) C78/1914, no. 18 [95]
1683 15 June 35 Sir Walter Moyle, knight v. Samuel may, clerk C78/952, no. 1 [96]
1683 15 June 35 _____; and Henry, lord Mowbray, earl of Arrundell, his son and heir apparent v. The Honorable Charles Howard, esq C78/1046, no. 1 [97]
1683 16 June 35 Benjamin Barnes v John Knapp Bonds. C78/1215, no. 3 [98]
1683 16 June 35 Sir John Banks of Aylesford, Kent, baronet v. William Webb C79/171, no. [99]
1683 16 June 35 Jeffery Miles & Sarah his wife relict of William Aldridge and William Gibbon v. Francis Harris; Henry Harris; John Hebbs; William Aldridge; and others C78/1914, no. 19 [100]
1683 16 June 35 Ralph Widdrington, esq; William Crane, esq; Maurice Tresham, esq; and others (sic) v. Edith Arundell, spinster, sister and heir of Francis Arundell, who was son and heir and sole executor of Richard Arundell; and William Beauchamp; and John Jancey, executors of John Beauchamp the son; Edith Arundell, widow, one of the sisters of Richard Crane; Roger Bray; Joane his wife; Symon Webb; Judith his wife; Edward Wilkinson and Joan his wife, which said Johne Bray, Judith Webb, and Joane Wilkinson were three of the daughters of Joane another of the sisters of said Ricahrd Crane; and Arthur Spry, esq C78/818, no. 3 [101]
Knight, widow v. Marshall, widow Incomplete: only three lines. C78/1240, no. 1 [102]
1683 19 June 35 Sampson Estwick v John Amherst, Nicholas Weild, Mary Witherings, Anthony Mouson and Dorothy his wife, John Wilson, William Wilson, James Nutley, Nicholas Harding, Walter Naylor, John Tipping, Dame Susan Munden, Mathew Charleton and John Money Will of John Parker. 5 messuages in St Pancras Soper Lane and 10 messuages in Colemanstreete, London. C78/1340, no. 6 [103]
1683 20 June 35 Richard Weedon and Edward Burrish the executors of Richard Bond v Martin James. Mortgage of tenement in Wapping, Middx C78/1240, no. 2 [104]
1683 20 June 35 Isaac Houblon of London, merchant, & Elizabeth his wife; and Mary Hubert of Hayes, Middx, the two only nieces of John King of Boycote, Kent, esq v. Henry King C78/1782, no. 3 [105]
1683 20 June 35 Nicholas Neale, & Elizabeth his wife v. Katherine Johnson, the widow and relict and administratrix of John Johnson with his will annexed; and Thomas Gurling; and John Postle C78/801, no. 6 [106]
1683 21 June 35 Edward Wood of London, mercer; Peter Dufresney of London, Fringmaker; Robert Graham of London, taylor; and John Davis of London, coachmaker on behalf of themselves and many others the creditors of Henry, Earl of Ogle decd v Henry, Duke of Newcastle; Elizabeth, then Countess of Ogle since married to Charles, Duke of Somerset; Arthur, Earl of Essex Debts. C78/1240, no. 8 [107]
1683 21 June 35 Edward Wood and others (named) v Henry, Duke of Newcastle and others (named). Debts of Henry, Earl of Ogle, payable from his personal estate. C78/1223, no. 4 [108]
1683 22 June 35 Thomas Payne for himself and for other creditors of John Bird of London, merchant v. Jane Forster, widow; and William Berman C78/1636, no. 8 [109]
1683 22 June 35 Thomas Worge the younger of Eastborne, Sussex, gent v. Thomas Scarlett; John Scarlett; and Francis Scarlett C78/1067, no. 3 [110]
1683 22 June 35 Anne Bennett, widow v. Thomas Poole C78/1128, no. 3 [111]
1683 23 June 35 Henry Rayson of Barrow upon Soare, Leics, son and heir and executor of George Rayson of Leicester, gent v. George Sacheverill, esq; Thomas Charlton, & Lucy his wife; Jonathan Fownes, & Diana his wife; Mathew Symond; and Henry Ford C78/1782, no. 6 [112]
1683 23 June 35 Edward Withers v. Sir William Hill, knight; Robert White; and Daniel White, an infant C78/907, no. 8 [113]
1683 23 June 35 Margaret, countess dowager of Shaftesbury; Henry Wallopp, esq; Samuel Stringer; and John Heighmore, clerk v. Sir William Cooper, baronet; John Hoskins, esq; Edward Clerke; and Thomas Stringer, esq C78/979, no. 8 [114]
1683 23 June 35 John Pannell; Oliver ___ v. ____ C78/1279, no. 2 [115]
1683 25 June 35 Henry Yates v John Amherst, Dane Jane Onslowe his wife, James Stonehouse,and Frances Gerrard widow Marriage settlement Henry Yates, the complts late father decd and the deft Dame Jane Onslowe, one of the daughters of Sir Francis Stydolph. C78/1340, no. 4 [116]
1683 25 June 35 Francis Meynell; and Richard Meynell, an infant, by said Francis his brother, administrators of Francis Meynell late alderman of London their late father not administered by Stephen Thorneley, esq v. Jane Thorneley, widow, relict of said Stephen Thorneley; Thomas Smyth; and Benjamyn Thorogood C78/1587, no. 5 [117]
1683 25 June 35 Mary Peele, widow v. George Blundell & Elizabeth his wife; Mathew Roper & Anne his wife; Susanna Sargeant, widow; and John Sargeant C78/907, no. 12 [118]
1683 25 June 35 Martha Barnardiston, widow v. Sir Samuel Barnardiston, baronet; Nathaniel Barnardiston, an infant; and Dorothy Turner C78/993, no. 1 [119]
1683 26 June 35 Thomas Fox and Stephen Fox infants by Hester Fox widow their mother and the said Hester Fox administratrix of Stephen Fox her late husband v. John Allen & Mary his wife; Jonas Clarke & Anne his wife; and John Foster esq C79/171, no. [120]
1683 29 June 35 Thomas Hillesdon, bailiff and Thomas Mason, George Dancer, Hugh Eathersha, Walter Arnett, Pelham Sandwell, Richard Crowne, William Hartley, Thomas Sheene, Thomas Eathersea, Henry Howard, George Carter, Henry Robinson and Nathaniel Kent principal burgesses of the borough and parish of Buckingham; John Rogers and John Draper guardians of the church there; Henry Robinson, Richard North, Richard Smyth overseers of the poor; John Adcock, James Markham churchwardens; and Alexander Sheene overseer of the poor of the prebend and of the said borough; William Bilby, William Hasker churchwardens and Christopher Bishopp overseer of the poor of Bourton within the parish of Buckingham; John Allen churchwarden of Bourton Hold; Joseph Gylkes churchwarden of Lethenburgh; John Caruthers, Richard Norman churchwardens and John Deely overseer of the poor of Gawcott; Richard Minshull; Oliver Pacheley, clerk, vicar; William Robinson, Anthony Plant; John Turner; Jonathan Seaton; John Turham; Simon Norton; Thomas Macham; William Lawe the elder; William Howard; Thomas Ford; William Reeve; Thomas Audley; John Webster; John Steward; Raphe Joyliffe; William Woodcock; Roger Webb; Alexander Woodcock the younger; John Wany; Benjamin Nasby; Hugh Arnett; Edward Parcell; Christopher Evans; Alexander Etherley; John Maskell; Walter Arnett the younger; Patrick Hanney; William Harvy; Moses Warr; Francis Smyth; Gregory Symons; John Jeffery the elder; John Jeffery the younger; Richard Hinton; Thomas Wiseman; Richard Wiseman; William Roberts; David Lumey; James Fenn; Robert Jeffery; Thomas Stevens; William Butcher; John Robinson the elder; Gyles Ash; and Francis Yeomans, parishioners and inhabitants within the said parish on the behalf of the poor of the said town v Edward Andrewes. Annuity payable to poor by will of John Hart, from lands in Easingdon, Oxon C78/915, no. 3 [121]
1683 30 June 35 James Thurbarne of Sandwich, Kent, esq; and John Thurbarne of Grays Inn, Middx, esq, son and heir of said James Thurbarne v. Jervas Elves, baronet; John Cutts, esq; and Joanna Thurbarne C78/1712, no. 6 [122]
1683 30 June 35 Richard Clarke, clerk v. Edward Ward C78/1587, no. 6 [123]
1683 30 June 35 Thomas Gale, esq v. Nathaniel Whiteaker & Joane his wife C78/897, no. 3 [124]
1683 2 July 35 John Izod v Thomas Perkes and Thomas Hatch Bonds for debts of William Ballard, payable from lands in Mickleton, Gloucs C78/915, no. 2 [125]
1683 2 July 35 John Penrose, esq, since deceased, son and heir of John Penrose of Penrose, Corn, esq; William Hall of Helston, Corn v. Sir Jonathan Trelawney, baronet, since deceased; and George Robinson, esq C78/954, no. 5 [126]
1683 2 July 35 John Michell, gent v. Sir James Herbert, knight & Dame Judith, his wife; and Richard Godden C78/1172, no. 2 [127]
1683 3 July 35 Phillipp, lord Wharton, baron of Wharton, Westmorland v. Edmond Millner; John Wharton; Anthony Millner; Thomas Calvert; William ____; James Carter; Ralph Rawe; John Robinson; and James Freer C78/1588, no. 2 [128]
1683 3 July 35 Mary Saunders, one of the daughters of Richard Saunders, gent v. William Parker; Richard Knight; John Saunders; John Denbury; William Boone; Thomas Besley; and Thomas Towill C78/896, no. 2 [129]
1683 3 July 35 Ralph Thicknes v. William Vernon, the surviving executor of Anthony Gratiano, gent C78/954, no. 6 [130]
1683 4 July 35 William Tayleur senior and Frances his wife v William Tayleur junior, and cross bill. Dispute over the conveyance of four messuages in Cannon Street, parish of Saint Mary, London C78/905, no. 3 [131]
1683 4 July 35 Thomas Leete v. Andrew Craske; William Watson; and others (sic) C79/30, no. [132]
1683 4 July 35 Thomas Pleydell of Collshill, Berks, esq, being an infant by Dame Margaret Pratt, widow, his grandmother v. Samuel Ash, esq; and James an infant by said Samuel Ash his guardian C78/1782, no. 8 [133]
1683 4 July 35 John Soane, merchant v. Edward Stisted; Christopher Blunt; William Ward; Thomas Sherman; Bernard Underwood; and John Beezly C78/907, no. 10 [134]
1683 4 July 35 Broancker Watts of Great Borton, Oxon, yeoman v. Andrew Hall; Edward Wood; and John Wood C78/1181, no. 4 [135]
1683 6 July 35 Henry Guy esq v. Edward Russell esq; William Gomeldon esq; Thomas Gomeldon esq; William Gomeldon the younger esq; and James Varey gentleman C78/1914, no. 20 []
1683 6 July 35 Robert Walker esq, an infant, by Dame Mary Walker his mother v. Richard King, an infant and minor, by Judith Kinge, widow, his mother and guardian AND also v. said Judith Kinge C78/942, no. 4 [136]
1683 7 July 35 Robert Nicholl; and Charity Nicholl v. Edward Nicholl C78/899, no. 1 [137]
1683 10 July 35 Mathew and Joane Rudgley v William and Mary Rudd Title, by terms of marriage settlement, to lands in Potten, Beds C78/1214, no. 3 [138]
1683 12 July 35 Sir Francis North, knight, CJCP, now lord keeper of the great seal of England v. Arthur Champernowne; Alice Champernowne; Elizabeth Way, widow; Honor Trenhaile; Alice Trenhaile; Thomas Bosankoe & Anne his wife; James Trenhaile; Alice Trenhaile; Thomas Bosankoe & Anne his wife; James Trenhaile; George Trenhaile, sons and daughters of Honor Trenhaile the elder; Humfry Williams the elder & Dorothy his wife; John Williams; Thomas Docton the elder, esq & Bridget his wife; Thomas Docton the younger; Phillipp Docton; Bridget Docton the younger; Alice Docton, children of said Thomas Docton the elder; Lewis Incledon, esq; Thomas Gifford; Anthony Coren & Elizabeth his wife C78/974, no. 5 [139]
1683 12 July 35 John Donn the elder; and John Donn the younger v. John Borlace, gent; and others (sic) C78/985, no. 3 [140]
1683 13 July 35 Richard Drafgate v. Sarah Meriton, widow; Thomas Blackall; and Charles Blackall C78/1712, no. 8 [141]
1683 13 July 35 John Saunders v. Edward Mihill C78/907, no. 7 [142]
1683 13 July 35 Ralph Wilson v. William Heighington, gent & Frances his wife; Edward Beckwith & Elizabeth his wife; and William Lumley, sr, since deceased C78/1017, no. 5 [143]
1683 17 July 35 Thomas Hill v John Beale and Sarah his wife; and George Pott Mortgage of tenements in East Smithfield, London C78/1010, no. 5 [144]
1683 17 July 35 Thomas Heathcock v. John Cock C79/171, no. [145]
1683 17 July 35 Charles Stone administrator of Charles Stone his father v. William Sydenham the elder; William Sydenham the younger; William Lawrence; Richard Lee; and Thomas Sidenham C78/1910, no. 16 [146]
1683 17 July 35 George Keckwich of Catchfrench, Corn, esq, son andheir and sole executor of George Keckwich of Catchfrench, esq v. Thomas Woodford; Elizabeth Woodford; and William Weston C78/1067, no. 2 [147]
1683 20 July 35 Legatees, kindred, and relations of John Pym of Amsterdam in Holland, merchant (ie, Samuel Lapworth, citizen and clothworker of London & Anne his wife, Valentine Barnett of Sawley, Derbs, yeoman & Mary his wife; Sarah Lloyd of London, widow, the said Anne, Mary, and Sarah being sisters of the said John Pym; Daniel Webster, citizen and clothworker of London & Elizabeth his wife, one of the daughters of said Valentine Barnett & Mary his wife; John Lapworth and Michael Lapworth, infants by said Samuel Lapworth their father; John Barnet of London, clothmaker, one of the sons of said Valentine Barnett & Mary his wife; and Phillipp, Mary, Anne, Sarah, and Joseph Barnet, infants by said Valentine Barnett their father; and John Pym and Phillip Pym, sons of Phillip Pym deceased late brother of John Pym, both infants of said Samuel Lapworth their next friend v. Peter Herringhocke; Henry Hovener; William Trig; and Richard Livet C78/878, no. 2 [148]
1683 9 Aug 35 Elizabeth Carr widow the relict of Sir Robert Carr knight and baronet; Sir Edward Carr baronet son and heir of said Sir Robert Carr; and Isabel Carr daughter of said Sir Robert Carr, both infants by the Right Honorable Henry, earl of Arlington v. Sir Stephen Fox knight; Sir Gervas Elwes baronet; Sirt William Yorke knight; and William Hide esq C79/30, no. [149]
1683 6 Sept 35 John Foster, esq v. The Wardens and Commonalty of the Mystery of Grocers of the City of London; Thomas Cary; and Thomas Ray C78/985, no. 2 [150]
1683 10 Sept 35 Obadiah Blagsave; and William Pendlebury for themselves and other creditors of Edward Cawdell v. Edward Cawdell & Susan his wife; John Sexton; Israel Aylet; Mary Dovey; and Thomas Ingleton C78/1056, no. 6 [151]
1683 (bill) Michaelmas Term 35 Anne Elmes of Warmington, Northants, widow; Nathaniel Spincks son and heir of Martha Spincks late wife of Edmund Spincks clerk; Anne Payne widow; Robert Tatnall clerk & Margaret his wife; George Wroth gentleman and Richard Holt & ELizabeth his wife v. William Shaw; Ismael Blowfield the younger; Robert Moyer; William Andrews; Thomas Smith; _____ Taylor; William Eduz; Drew Shaw; Richard Barton; and Thomas Desborow C79/4, no. [152]
1683 Michaelmas Term 35 Edmund Colthurst, & Frances his wife, one of the daughters of John Ellerington of Appleton, Yorks v. John Ellerington; John Leighton, & Sarah his wife; William Lyndsey; Henry Man; and Robert Robson Will of John Ellerington of Appleton on the Moor, Yorks. Farms called Slaters Farm in Appleton and Carr End Farm, Mantle Green Farm, Sleight Hall Farm and Slapstones in Egglebarneby, Yorks C78/1607, no. 9 [153]
1683 11 Oct 35 Nathaniel Driver gentleman v. John Ashfield esq; James Hoare esq; and Sir Richard Ashfeild baronet C79/195, no. [154]
1683 11 Oct 35 Thomas Harrington, esq v. Sir Christopher Hailes, baronet; Edward Hailes; John Hailes; Robert Hailes; George Hailes; and Anne Hailes; Anthony Sambach, esq; George Keate, since deceased; and Knightley Purefoy C78/1148, no. 5 [155]
1683 12 Oct 35 John Milner & Mary his wife, administratrix of George Calcott, her late husband v. Stephen Palmer; and John Calcott C78/993, no. 2 [156]
1683 14 Oct 35 Robert Lewes of the parish of Walton upon Thames, Surrey, gentleman v. John Sharpe of the parish of White Chapel, Middx, merchant and Henry Holmes C79/191, no. [157]
1683 17 Oct 35 Samuel Richardson v William Blackett Debts in connection with trade in furniture and clothing with Sweden. C78/1010, no. 4 [158]
1683 18 Oct 35 Josuah Cudworth, gent v. Margaret Cudworth his sister C78/1587, no. 7 [159]
1683 20 Oct 35 William, lord Allington, baron of Wymondley; William Tate, esq; John Fortrey, esq; and Susanna, lady Bellasis, baroness of Osgodby, wife of said James Fortrey v. John, lord Bellasis C78/889, no. -- [160]
1683 27 Oct 35 Humfrey Wellings v Samuel, Alice and John Wellings and others Title to lands in Medlicott, Salop C78/980, no. 3 [161]
1683 29 Oct 35 John Bulbricke and Edward Cadle executors of Thomas Phillipps v. Chandos Lloyd esq & Elizabeth his wife; William Pewcresse; and John Scudamore gentleman C78/2034, no. 13 [162]
1683 31 Oct 35 Richard Boughton, esq & Mary his wife; and the Master, Fellows, and Scholars of the College of the Holy Trinity, Cambridge v. Sir Edward Boughton, knight; Robert Crofts; Robert Clarke; Richard Webb; Edward Burton; John Short; Edward Ireland; Robert Atkyns; Robert Onely; Benjamin Essex; William Essex; Dorothy Smart; Richard Satchwell; Robert Webb; Thomas Towneshend; William Bucknell; John Onely; John Banshaw; Thomas Marston; and Thome Onely C78/1004, no. 6 [163]
1683 3 Nov 35 John Deane v Henry, Earl of Arlington and others Purchase of lands of manor of Eybury, St. Martins in the Fields, Middx C78/980, no. 2 [164]
1683 7 Nov 35 Thomas Nelson of Chaddlesworth, Berks, esq v. Richard Fincher; Elias Clarke; John Massey; Thomas Eustace; William Nelson the son; Dorothy Nelson; Francis Nelson; Dorothy Nelson spinster; George Nelson; Henry Nelson; Elizabeth NBelson; John Nelson; and Thomas Nelson the younger C79/11, no. [165]
1683 9 Nov 35 John Bennett, esq, & Anne his wife, the relict and executrix of Thomas Dudson, citizen and draper of London, who was executor of Edward Dudson his father v. Robert Sanders, gent, & Elizabeth his wife; and Heny Hampson, an infant C78/1607, no. 4 [166]
1683 10 Nov 35 Sir William Estcourte, baronet v. Thomas Ferrebee & Anne his wife C78/887, no. 12 [167]
1683 14 Nov 35 Thomas Atkinson v. Thomas Atkinson; and Henry Atkinson Lease of lands, tenements etc at Arncliffe, Yorks and subsequent mortgage of the leased lands to the lessee, who was required to settle certain debts. C78/872, no. 5 [168]
1683 16 Nov 35 Mannell Texera of Hamburgh in parts beyond the seas merchant v. Henry Lambe; Richard Holt; John Hind; Thomas Kirwood; William Gore; Henry Nelthrope; Jacob David; Cornelius van Beselare; Wouters Michaell; Sivers Samuel clerk; John Banks; Isaac Swares; Jacob Swares; and Benjamin Hinton C79/96, no. [169]
1683 16 Nov 35 Vaughan Edwards; Richard Edwards; George Morgan; Edmond Perkins; Henry Jones; and others (sic) v. Anne Richard, alias Graunt; and David Thomas C78/896, no. 3 [170]
1683 17 Nov 35 John Nuthall & Elizabeth his wife v. John Cooper, executor of Nicholas Cooper; John Hall; and Richard Thompson C78/1058, no. 4 [171]
1683 18 Nov 35 William Hilliard of Sea, Som, esq, an infant of about 18 years by his uncle George Long his guardian v. Mary Jennings, widow, executrix of Thomas Jennings, esq C78/897, no. 4 [172]
1683 21 Nov 35 Sir Peter Gleane, baronet v. Thomas Winter, esq; Andrew Clench, doctor in phisick & Rose his wife; Francis Wise & Mary his wife; Charles Porter, esq; and Leonard Gleane, esq C78/982, no. 6 [173]
1683 21 Nov 35 Thomas Babb and Mary his wife v Mary Whitley; William Whitley; William Slow; Richard Whitley; Miles Slow; and Michael Slow the younger Will of Richard Shirley. Legacies payable from lands in Caddington, Herts. C78/1214, no. 6 [174]
1683 22 Nov 35 Sir Richard Browne, knight and baronet v. William Prettyman, esq; James Stephens; Francis Neve & his wife C78/1052, no. 3 [175]
1683 23 Nov 35 Edward Spencer of Winchcombe, Gloucs, malster; and Thomas Spencer; John Spencer; Francis Spencer; and Margaret Spencer infants by the said Francis Spencer; and Margaret Spencer infants by Edward Spencer their father and guardian v. Ralph Hulls; William Pouldon esq & Elizabeth his wife C79/30, no. [176]
1683 26 Nov 35 Henry Stebbing of Woodbridge, Suff, grocer v. Elizabeth Stebbing, widow C78/1169, no. 4 [177]
1683 1 Dec 35 Richard Bateman, gent v. John Osborne, gent; Edmund Parker; Judith Blackwall, widow; George Bateman; and Hugh Bateman, infants, by Hugh Bateman, gent, their guardian C78/1587, no. 8 [178]
1683 4 Dec 35 Hamon? v. Henry Richards; Edward Barker; and James Dobson C78/901, no. 3 [179]
1683 4 Dec 35 Mary Lloyd; and Katherine Lloyd v. Richard Williams & Margaret his wife AND a cross suit C78/1123, no. 1 [180]
1683 5 Dec 35 Randolph Wickes of Haslebeech, Northt, esq; John Courtman of Thorpe Malsor, Northt, gent; Richard Garrett; Richard Sherman; William Feary, all of Thorpe Malsor, yeomen; Richard Brabrooke of Desborow, yeoman; Henry Wills of Cransley, Northt, clerk; William Vice of Blaby, Leics, taylor; Edward Henchman of Ecton, Northt, yeoman & Ellen his wife; John Garrett of Thorpe Malsor, Northt, yeoman; and Frances Sherman of Grafton, Northt, widow, the owners and occupiers of divers parcels of land in Thorpe Malsor v. William, lord bishop of Peterborough; Sir Robert Sawyer, knight, Attorney General; Robert Mansell of Thorpe Malsor, esq; and Thomas Bullocke, clerk C78/1133, no. 6 [181]
1683 6 Dec 35 Alexander Coleby v. Alexander Smith; Anthony Fothergill; Thomas Lambert; John Smith; Mathew Blythe; and Robert Jackson C78/872, no. 4 [182]
1683 6 Dec 35 Alexander Smith; Anthony Fothergill; and Thmas Fothergill v. Alexander Coleby, esq; and Henry Moore, doctor in divinity C78/876, no. 4 [183]
1683 8 Dec 35 Thomas Pennyman of Stokesly, Yorks, doctor in divinity; Francis Bucke of Billingham, Durham, gent; John Clupchase of Thrope, Durham, yeoman; Ralph Oveington of Hurworth, Durham, yeoman; Robert Raikes of Northallerton, Yorks, gent; Jane Flower of Northallerton, spinster; Anne Walker of Guisbrough, Yorks, spinster; William Raisbecke of West Upsall, Yorks, yeoman; and Christopher Burnett of Northallerton, yeoman v. William Killingworth, esq; Samuel Cooke; Roger Lee; and Robert Potter, gent Debts of George Snowden late of Normanby, Yorks. Secured against a messuage formerly called the Maidenhead and since known as the Golden Arrowes in Cornehill in the parish of St Christophers in London, formerly the property of his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Pepys, upholster of London. C78/1607, no. 5 [184]
1683 8 Dec 35 John Boswell v. John Sharpe, doctor in divinity and Dean of Norwich; and Henry Carter C78/871, no. 5 [185]
1683 8 Dec 35 John Holmes v. Oliver Westland C78/1058, no. 3 [186]
1683 13 Dec 35 Lidia and Frances Woodthorpe daughters of John Woodthorpe, infants by Jonathan Woodthorpe v John Woodthorpe; Joseph Siday and Lidia his wife; and John Scott Bequests of corn, cattle and household stuff. C78/980, no. 1 [187]
1683 13 Dec 35 Samuel Andrews gentleman v. Francis Jackson & Millicent his wife C79/11, no. [188]
1683 14 Dec 35 James Gunter v William Lloyd and Machaell his wife Title to 3 mortgaged messuages called Tyr y ty, Ewyn Tyr David Prosser and Tyr y ty dee in the parish of Llandovally, Brecon. C78/1340, no. 5 [189]
1683 17 Dec 35 Thomas Hord esq administrator of Giles Palmer of personal estate not administered by Elizabeth Palmer, John Palmer or Barbara Palmer and also administrator of said Elizabeth Palmer widow of said Giles Palmer not administered by John Palmer and also administrator of John Palmer not administered by Barbara Palmer during the minority of Giles Palmer and the said Giles Palmer son and heir of said John Palmer who was son and heir of said Giles Palmer, the said Giles Palmer being an infant by the said Thomas Hord his guardian by bill of revivor v. Henry Jones doctor of laws and others (sic) C78/1915, no. 11 [190]
1683 17 Dec 35 Jane Fell, widow and administratrix of Rapha Fell, her late husband v. William Huddleston; Fardinando Huddleston; Charles Pinckney C78/1023, no. 7 [191]
1683 19 Dec 35 Fulke Grosvenor, esq, & Mary his wife, late wife of Robert Fane, esq v. Sir Vere Fane; Sir Francis Fane, knights of the Bath; and Richard Cobb, gent, executors of the countess of Bath; Henry Fane; Dorothy Fane; and Mary Fane, children of said Robert Fane by said plaintiff Mary, infant; Rowland Browne; and John Cordell C78/1641, no. 1 [192]
1683 22 Dec. 35 Robert Bono and Elizabeth his wife v Thomas Rawlinson; Robert Fish; Henry Clerke; and William Lewis Marriage settlement of £400. C78/1214, no. 2 [193]
1683 30 Dec 35 Mary Pierson, widow and relict of John Pierson of Setterington, Yorks, gent; Sarah Pierson, only daughter of said John Pierson by his first wife; and Margaret Pierson daughter and heir of the body of said John Pierson by said Mary Pierson his second wife, which said Sarah and Margaret were daughters and heirs of said John Pierson and infants by said Mary Pierson their guardian v. Thomas Condon, esq; Mathew Pierson; and Ralph Chetham, gent C78/1592, no. 9 [194]