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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1609 7 C78/, no. []
1609 25 Jan 6 Dame Katherine Holcrofte, widow, one of the daughters of John Leigh late of Ridge, Cheshire decd v Grace Leigh, widow. Legacy payable from unspecified lands in Cheshire, Staffs, Derbys and Suffolk. C78/157, no. 5 [2]
1609 26 Jan 6 Henry Kervile of Wigenhall St Marys, Norfolk v Anne Bedingfielde, widow and Anthony Bedingfield her son. Administration of minor's estate of lands in Wigenhall, Tylney and Islington, Norfolk and Clarkenwell, London. C78/172, no. 14 [3]
1609 28 Jan 6 Edward, Lord Bruce, Baron of Kinlosse v Christopher Danby & Christopher Danby. Title to coalmines and stone-quarries in manor of East Witton, Yorks. C78/167, no. 20 [4]
1609 30 Jan 6 John Kitsonn v Sir Henry Bromley; Sir William Pelham; William Leighton; Reighnold Williams; Richard Gruffith; Gilbert Porter & Thomasine his wife and Elizabeth Corbett. Estate of William Corbett of Leigh, Shropshire. Manor House at Aston Pigott, and fishing rights, commons and other properties. C78/147, no. 1 [5]
1609 31 Jan 6 Paule Dewes of Milding, Suffolk v Thomas Shorland. Purchase of manor of Milding or Welleshall, Suffolk, already encumbered. C78/163, no. 3 [6]
1609 1 Feb 6 Francis Downes of London v Robert Mason late of Orsett, Essex. Manor of Orsett, and the mansion called 'Orsett Hall' Essex. Disputed lease. C78/175, no. 11 [7]
1609 1 Feb 6 Lewes West of Rotheram[Rotherham], Yorks & and Grace his wife daughter of Richard Torre late of Scrobie, Notts decd v Richard Torre, John Torre, James Reade and George Torre. Possession of lease of tenement in Harworth, and Deepedale in Farworth, Notts. C78/176, no. 11 [8]
1609 3 Feb 6 Richard Smythe of Castle Morton, Worcs & Elianor his wife v Thomas Wrenford; John Middlemore. Church and rectory of Longdon, and the Chapel of Castle Morton, and Chadley, Worcestershire. C78/147, no. 3 [9]
1609 4 Feb 6 John Fernley, son & heir of Thomas Fernley late of Creetinge St Peter als West Creetinge, Suffolk v Thomas Shaw & Elizabeth his wife. Estate of Thomas Fernley, manor of Shaasham, Suffolk. C78/153, no. 8 [10]
1609 4 Feb 6 Fabyan Mellors & Mary Mellors, infants by George Claye & Anne his wife in the right of the said Anne v Richard Hurte; John Hartley; Ancker Crackson; George Draycott. Estate of John Mellors of Nottingham, holdings in the town fields. C78/134, no. 7 [11]
1609 6 Feb 6 Anthony, Viscount Monntague v Edward Gage, Thomas Willmer, Michael Heydon, John Loane, Thomas Churcher and Thomas Brigham. Recovery of manors of Cockinlinch, Cleyton, Stedham, Rustington, Woorthing, Pitfould, Stockwell and Westbrook iuxta Bourne, in Sussex and Surrey. C78/311, no. 24 [12]
1609 6 Feb 6 Anthony, Viscount Monntague v Edward Gage, Thomas Willmer, Michael Heydon, John Loane, Thomas Churcher and Thomas Brigham. Possession of manors of Cockinge, Linche, Clayton, Stedham, Rustington, Worthing, Pytfould, Stockwell and Westbrookes iuxta Bourne, in Surrey and Sussex used as security for debts. C78/450, no. 12 [13]
1609 9 Feb 6 Sir Drue Drurye of London v Robert Gilberte of Hopton, Suffolk. Sale by Robert Gilberte and John Tasburghe of Yaxford, Kent of a messuage at Ridlesworth, Norfolk, to Drurye. C78/153, no. 10 [14]
1609 9 Feb 6 Nicholas Bradley and Martha his wife v John Mason and Griffin Hanmer. Testamentary settlement of lands in Hognaston, Derbys, formerly the property of John Alsoppe decd, father of the complt Martha. C78/206, no. 14 [15]
1609 11 Feb 6 The Scholars of Corpus Christi College, Oxford v Lodwick Grevil. Commission for the laying out of several properties and messuages at Weston Upon Avon, Gloucs, disputed boundaries. C78/153, no. 15 [16]
1609 11 Feb 6 Anthony Hungerford of Stock, Wilts and Edward Hungerford his son v Dame Cecilye Hungerford, widow. Trust settlement of castle and manor of Farley and manor of Hinton, Somerset. C78/174, no. 16 [17]
1609 11 Feb 6 Christopher Hatton, Margaret his wife, Robert Hatton his brother, Nicholas Collins and Catherine his wife, Richard Collyns son of Nicholas, Thomas Daye, William Daye his son, William Leeche & Agnes his wife, Richard Webbe & Alice his wife, Justinian Webb son of Richard, Richard Dubber & Agnes his wife, Edward his son, Thomas Hytches, Richard Hitches his brother, John Hytches & Letice his wife, John Hitches his son, Richard Dewe als Sadler & Elizabeth his wife, Richard Dewe his son, John Younge & Elizabeth his wife, John Yonge his son, Richard Prickett, Henry Prickett his son, Richard Godyer & Alice his wife, Mary Godyer his daughter, Thomas Trewlocke & Elizabeth his wife, Thomas Trewlock his son, John Hall the eldest son of John Hall of Horsepathe, John Hall and William Hall the sons of the said John Hall of Horsepathe, Hugh Weller & Agnes his wife and Ethelbert his son, tenants and copyholders of the manor of Wolvercote, Oxon. v George Owen esq. of Godstow, Oxon., lord of the manor of Wolvercote. Dft's attempts to claim the invalidity of copies and leases of messuages in the manor made by Richard Owen his father: confirmation of plts' titles. C78/114, no. 3 [18]
1609 13 Feb 6 Richard Godfrey of Hindringham, Norfolk v Robert Bulleyn the elder & Robert Bulleyn the younger. Lease of foldage and foldcourses in Batheley and Gunthorpe, Norfolk. C78/172, no. 12 [19]
1609 4 March 6 Sir William Clerke of Hicham, Bucks v Dame Elizabeth Garrard, Sir Henry Rowe, Sir Henry Nevyll, Sir Henry Savyll, John Kedermister and George Garrard. Marriage settlement and jointure from lands in Kent and Bucks. See C78/168/18. C78/168, no. 14 [20]
1609 29 April 7 Henry Gravenor v George Biller and John Ley. Debts on statute staple on security of unspecified land. C78/157, no. 6 [21]
1609 4 May 7 John Byrde, Vicar of Burcester als Bisseter [Bicester], Oxon v Sir Michael Blounte and Sir Richard Blounte. Dispute over the revenues and issues of the villages of Burcester, Wretchweeke, Byggenhall. Tithes of corn, hay etc., formerly of the Priory of Saint Edburge of Burcester. Refs grant dated Jan 1454. C78/153, no. 9 [22]
1609 4 May 7 Thomas Barnaby of Bensteed, Hants v Katheryne Barnaby, widow and Thomas Durante. Title to messuage and watermill and lands in Neither Woodford and Upper Woodford, Wilts. C78/172, no. 11 [23]
1609 4 May 7 William, Lord Marquis of Winchester; Thomas Hayne of Frier Waddon, Dorset v John Hardie; Hugh Willes; John Willes and John Cuckman Estate of William Marquis of Winchester, manor of Portesham, Dorset. C78/132, no. 5 [24]
1609 6 May 7 Sir Richard Martyn of the City of London v Anthony Erburie, clerk. Sale of the manor of Elsham, alias Elesham, Lincolnshire, by the late Earl of Derby, to John Ealeston and David Delay, goldsmiths of London. C78/152, no. 15 [25]
1609 8 May 7 John Fysher of Lyddington, Wilts v George Asheborne, John Gunter and Helen Fysher, widow. Legacy payable from personal estate of Thomas Fisher. C78/174, no. 13 [26]
1609 8 May 7 James Dipple, citizen & clothmaker of London v Sir Richard Lovelace. Estate of John Lovelace, manor of Hurley, Berkshire. C78/134, no. 6 [27]
1609 8 May 7 Christopher Maynweringe of the City of Exeter v Margerit Lanyon, widow Mortgage of part of manor of Trewynnard, Cornwall C78/449, no. 13 [28]
1609 12 May 7 James Laurence of Bedford, mercer v John Barley & Jane his wife (late wife & executrix of William Mathewe decd) and William Ardwaie. Discharge of recognizance. C78/166, no. 3 [29]
1609 13 May 7 James Durham of High Holborn, Middx, grocer, infant by Nicholas Willington of High Holborn, grocer, his guardian v John Durham. Inheritance, including messuages in Turnebolestreete otherwise called Cow Crosse without Smithfield Barres, Middx, from Raphe Durham late of St Pulchers, London, Citizen & Blacksmith, father of both parties. C78/206, no. 12 [30]
1609 16 May 7 Edward Bagley of Reading, Berks, fishmonger & Alice his wife the only daughter & heir of John Aldworth of Compton, Berks, clerk v Katheran Aldworth and Francis Swaine. Inheritance of leases of lands in Reading, bought with profits of sale of lands in Burfield, Sheffield, and Suthampsted Abbot, Berks. C78/176, no. 7 [31]
1609 17 May 7 Robert Appleyard of Newmarkett, Cambs; Walter Appleyard his brother and Johane Appleyard, widow, their mother, widow v John Appleyard; Marcy his wife; Sir Henry North and Robert Tompson. Redemption of mortgaged tenement and lands called the Sarizans Head in Newmarkett, Cambs. C78/157, no. 3 [32]
1609 17 May 7 Anne Forrest, widow, late wife of John Forrest late of Fletton, Hunts v Sir Edward Appesley and John Forrest. Annuity payable from manor of Fletton, Hunts. C78/166, no. 18 [33]
1609 17 May 7 Sir Fleetewood Dormer of Shipdon, Bucks, son & heir of Peter Dormer v John Bearde. Title to lease of lands in Shipdon Lee, Bucks. C78/167, no. 22 [34]
1609 18 May 7 William Cooke & Alice his wife formerly the wife of James Mellishe of Duxmore in the parish of Arreton, Isle of Wight v John Middleton; Robert Locke; Henry Mather; William Lovinge. Estate of James Mellishe; messuage called Duxmore, parish of Arreton, Isle of Wight. C78/153, no. 7 [35]
1609 18 May 7 Sir Arthur Capell of Little Hadham, Herts v John Sorrell. Profits due from rectory of Stebbing to manor of Porters Hall, Stebbing, Essex. C78/172, no. 10 [36]
1609 19 May 7 William Carpenter the only son of John Carpenter late of Biddenden, Kent decd v Josias Selyard. Annuity payable from personal estate of John Carpenter of Biddenden, Kent. C78/157, no. 2 [37]
1609 20 May 7 William, Earl of Pembroke; Charles Screven; Edward Leeche and Thomas Vuedale v Henry, Bishop of Salisbury; Sir Anthony Ashlie; John Gordon, Dean of Salisbury; William Tooker; William Souche; Thomas Hide and Raphe Pickhaver, clerk. Farms and demesnes of Damerham, Bollesborough and other properties in the parishes of Damerham & Martyn, Wilts. C78/509, no. 6 [38]
1609 22 May 7 Frances Pott, Katherine Pott, Ann Pott and John Pott infants by Christopher Heydon of Baconstroppe, Norfolk their guardian v Sir Raphe Conyngesby; Richard Boteler; Lady Ann Boteler, widow; Sir Robert Boteler and Nicholas Trott. Estate of Katherine Flower late of Eltom, Kent the complts grandmother. Annuities payable from manor of Blackwell hall and Mordantes Fee, Bucks. C78/172, no. 9 [39]
1609 26 May 7 Garrard Malynes, merchant stranger v Sir Olyver Williams als Cromwell and Anne his wife late the wife & executrix of Sir Horatio Pallavicino decd. Debts and bonds. C78/172, no. 8 [40]
1609 27 May 7 Anne Kightly/Kitely, widow, late wife of John Kitely as well for herself as for John Kitely her son v Thomas Kitely, William Streete, Elizabeth Kitely, Joseph Coleman, John Sturgeon the elder, John Sturgeon the younger and William Earlidge. Estate of John Kitely, father of the complts late husband. Interests in lands in Aynsford, Kent. C78/157, no. 1 [41]
1609 27 May 7 Rt. hon. William, Earl of Pembroke and Lawrence Hyde of the Close, Salisbury, Wilts v Sir Richard Wenman, Michael Kemble, George Kemble, William Kemble and Thomas Mills als Saunders. Title to lands in Even Swynden, Rodborne and Rodborne Cheyney, Wilts. C78/206, no. 16 [42]
1609 29 May 7 Anne White of North Charford, Hants, widow and Francis Carrill of North Charford, daughter of Thomas Carrill decd v Stephen White and Goddard Oxenbrigge. Annuity payable from lands in Broad Chalke, Wilts, by will of Gabriel White, late husband of the complt. C78/206, no. 17 [43]
1609 29 May 7 Chapter of Collegiate church of BVM in Southwell, Notts v Thomas Jopson, Oliver Waters and Francis Kettlewell. Rent charges owed to chapter from lands in Bamburgh or Barneburgh, Yorks, Beylsbye [Beelsby], Briggesley [Brigsley] and Hatcliffe, Lincs and Winkeburne [Winkburn], Notts. C78/177, no. 3 [44]
1609 31 May 7 William Burne v William Johnson and Margaret Lovatt, widow. Title to copyhold lands called Harecastle in Awdley, Staffs. C78/206, no. 13 [45]
1609 16 June 7 Margery Davye of Lyme Regis, Dorset, widow, sometime the wife of Simon Davye decd and Soloman Davye son & heir of the said Simon v John Kirridge and Thomas Kirridge. Title to two burgage tenements in Lyme Regis, Dorset. C78/449, no. 14 [46]
1609 19 June 7 Roger Boothe, Thomas Milnes, Abell Serjeant, Richard Marr, Robert Falding, Mary Falding, John Tompson the elder, Henry Bishoppe, William Pannett, Abdut Dawson, John Harrison, William Jenneson and William Keyneington vicar of Bondbye [Bonby], Lincs v Sir Vincent Skynner. Customary fines and dues in manor of Thornton, Lincs. C78/167, no. 13 [47]
1609 20 June 7 John Wrenham of Swanton Morley, Norfolk, son & administrator of John Wrenham late of the Inner Temple, London decd v Edward Fysher, citizen & skinner of London. Payments due from trust settlement of lease of lands in Grauntcotirte, Eastwinche, Wormegaye, and Blackborough, Norfs. C78/167, no. 21 [48]
1609 20 June 7 William Milward of Eaton, Derbys v Richard Pudsey and Francis his wife, Margery Toone, Thomas Farmer and William Seybrooke. Re-allotment of intermixed lands in Chilcote, Derbys. C78/171, no. 15 [49]
1609 20 June 7 Richard Peacock of Fynchley, Middx and William Peacock, his cousin & heir apparent, son & heir of William Peacock decd, eldest brother to the said Richard v Sir George Reynell & Dame Etheldred his wife Annuity and interests in estate as C78/173/11. C78/173, no. 12 [50]
1609 20 June 7 Thomas Greene of Tanworth, Warks v William Skynner (now deceased), Oliver Greene. Trustee duties concerning tenements in Tanworth, Warwickshire. C78/131, no. 10 [51]
1609 22 June 7 Alice Sandley of Rumsey, Hants, widow v William Gasse. Lease of lands in Rumsey, Hants. C78/164, no. 7 [52]
1609 26 June 7 John Jervis, Henry Gateward, Henry Church, Robert Fletcher, John Talbott, William Garnett als Jarvis, William Jarvice, Charles Pleasance, John Church, John Tabraham, William Garsham, Edward Gray, William Parson, John Warde, Walter Roote, Thomas Cropley, Richard Johnson, Christopher Gardener, Robert Peyfoote, Robert Hunt, William Revill, William Gray and John Stinton, tenants of Wicken, Cambs v Sir John Payton, Sir Edward Payton, Isaac Barroe, John Ellis and Timothy Lancaster. Disputes over the fenns and their use, and partial enclosure of the commons of the manor of Wicken, Cambridgeshire. C78/146, no. 13 [53]
1609 26 June 7 John Hamond v Sir James Bellingham. Non-payment of tithes due from lands in Nutuch to rectory of Eversham, Westmorland. C78/164, no. 8 [54]
1609 26 June 7 Robert Carpenter the elder, Thomas Elton, John Cooles, Robert Carpenter the younger, William Giddon, William Akers and William Curties of Culneham, Oxon v Elizabeth Willmott, Thomas Berrye and Judith his wife and William Berrye. Estate of John Berrye of Culneham, Oxfordshire, deceased. Dispute over the terms of copyhold tenure, and customs of the manor of Culneham. C78/136, no. 3 [55]
1609 26 June 7 William Webb of Ixworth, Suffolk v Miles Branthwaite of Beales, Norfolk. Debts, bonds and other incumbrances on manor of Heathfeild or Heathill, Norfolk. C78/179, no. 1 [56]
1609 27 June 7 Sir Francis Leeke the elder of Sutton in le Dale, Derbys v Anthonye Meeres and Thomas Meeres his son. Possession of a manor within the towns of North Winfield, Parkhall, Morton, Pillesley, Ashover and Darley, Derbys. C78/206, no. 15 [57]
1609 3 July 7 Sir Thomas Gardyner and William his son v Sir William Gardyner and Nicholas Smyth (since deceased), executors of William Gardyner of Barmondsey, Surrey decd. Testamentary trust settlement of manors of Wardoll, Barmondsey and Barmondsey Grange, Surrey. C78/167, no. 10 [58]
1609 3 July 7 William Winter of Holcombe, Oxon v Richard Halfeacre and Edmond Halfacre. Bill re mortgages and other incumbrances on lands at Ewelem, Netlebed and Watlington, Oxon, Staines, Ashford, Stanwell, Haileham and Tinbume, Middx. C78/220, no. 2 [59]
1609 3 July 7 Sir Edward Stanley, son of Sir Thomas Stanley decd. v Henry Jackson, Robert Williamson, Edmund Williamson, Clement Dawbney and William Deane. Lease for 51 years of a tenement called `The Twelve Acres' in Eynsham, Oxon., made by plt to Jackson but which cancelled when the plt secured him a lease for 21 years of Ferdinando, Lord Strange: conveyance of the lease to the other dfts. Cf C78/114 no. 12 C78/114, no. 2 [60]
1609 4 July 7 Lancelott Earle & Anne his wife v John Earle and Erasmus Earle. Title to disputed copyhold or freehold lands in Heydon Cockford, Norfolk C78/166, no. 17 [61]
1609 5 July 7 Thomas Cowles v Gyles Jones and Margaret his wife, Henry Jones and Philip Norton. Debts and bonds payable from personal estate of Gyles Coxe late of Torleton, Gloucs. C78/174, no. 15 [62]
1609 5 July 7 Edward Thatcher son & executor of William Thatcher late citizen & draper of London decd v William Benedicke. Trust settlement of messuage in Fleete Street, London. C78/174, no. 17 [63]
1609 6 July 7 Valentine Gardiner, Francis Cridland on behalf of the parishioners & inhabitants of Trull, Somerset v John Smyth, William Smythe. Manor of Taunton and Taunton Deane, Somerset. Use of lands for charitable purposes. C78/152, no. 3 [64]
1609 7 July 7 John Alcocke of Charleton upon Otmore, Oxon v Henry Ayre, Provost of Queens College, Oxford. Dispute over a lease of the parsonage of Charleton, Oxfordshire, to William Shillingford. C78/153, no. 1 [65]
1609 7 July 7 John Danvers of Culworth, Northants v Hugh Dadford, Nicholas Kymbell, Robert Hitchman & [blank] his wife, John Yeomans & [blank] his wife, Edward Nevill, Thomas Webbe & [blank] his wife, William Cattle, Elizabeth Towensend, John Gardyner and [blank] his wife, Richard Gardyner and [obscured], John Dadford & Mary his wife, John Minchyn & [obscured], Robert Kynnyng, John Wigston, Thomas Tymcocke, Henry Lech, [blank] Nevill widow, John Goodwyn, John Newman, James Stockley the elder & [blank] his wife, John Aris, Thomas Aris, William Heycocke, Thomas Rewe, John Wunbishe, Richard Kymbell & John Kymbell his brother, Robert Wigston & [blank] his wife, Richard Prescott & Mary his wife, Richard Wilcoxe, Thomas Bigges, John White, Robert Henings, William Gardner and Thomas Gardner. Bill (before) seeking ratification of agreements (No date and May last past) to exchange plots and make new allotments and enclosures, and alleging the defendants had objected to the agreements. Culworth, Northants. C78/206, no. 10 [66]
1609 8 July 7 Margaret, Countess Dowager of Cumberland late wife of George, late Earl of Cumberland decd v John Johnson, Henry Walker, John Jackson, Francis Stainebancke, Henry Shawe, Robert Spencely, Lyonell Shawe, William Aysgill, Michael Ewbancke and William Waller. Estate of George, late Earl of Cumberland. The manor of Burghe Under Stanemore and other properties, provision of a jointure. C78/153, no. 5 [67]
1609 7 Oct 7 Henry, Lord Barkley v William Dunning, John Payte, Christopher Barrett, Richard Smithe. Fishing rights in the River Severn, customs of the manors of Beckley and Slimbridge. C78/142, no. 7 [68]
1609 22 Oct 7 Robert Barham of Lamberherst, Sussex v Richard Ballard and Stephen Ballard. Sale of timber from lands in Mayfield, Wadherst and Lamberherst, Sussex. C78/166, no. 1 [69]
1609 31 Oct 7 Amy Pyncombe, dau. of Richard Doddridge of Barnstaple, Devon, merchant and widow and administratrix of John Pyncombe the younger of South Molton, merchant, decd and John Pyncombe their eldest son and heir v John Bond and Roger Prowse both of Taunton, Som., gents, Stephen Domynicke of South Molton mercer, William Toocker, John Webber and five others, all executors of John Pyncombe, elder of South Molton, decd. Revivor of disputes concerning the settlement of the estate of John Pyncombe elder in South Molton on the marriage of John Pyncombe to the plt: action on a bond of £400 commenced by the dfts against Amy Pyncombe as executrix. C78/130, no. 1 [70]
1609 3 Nov 7 George Lambert, Raphe Lambert and Robert Lambert three of the younger sons of William Lambert late of Sturton, Notts v Sir Bryan Lassells, Gervase Lassells, and George Ormeroid, clerk. Legacies payable by will of William Lambert. C78/227, no. 8 [71]
1609 6 Nov 7 Christofer Joyner v John Tovye the younger and Anne Tovye, widow. Debts and mortgage of tenement in Martley, Worcs. C78/171, no. 14 [72]
1609 7 Nov 7 Sir Thomas Lake v Sir William Dyer. Alleged destruction of ancient enclosures in Agden Wood, in the manor of Gaynes Derrington and Perry, Hunts. C78/167, no. 18 [73]
1609 8 Nov 7 Gideon Bligh of Holsworthye, Devon, son & heir of Richard Bligh decd, son & heir of .... Bligh decd v Elizabeth Bligh, widow; Gyles Inglett Title to lands called Yoldon and Fetherland, Devon and jointure interest in house and grounds in Holsworthy, Devon C78/449, no. 15 [74]
1609 9 Nov 7 Rooke Church of London v Edmond Churche. Estate of John Church, grandfather to the complt: parsonage of Maldon, Essex. C78/152, no. 4 [75]
1609 9 Nov. 7 Francis Wilson of Stratford Langthorne, Essex v Peter George, Lancelot Vaux, Richard Sachefield and Silas Tytoe. Lease without licence of copyholds in Westham, Essex. C78/172, no. 7 [76]
1609 11 Nov 7 (i) John Marshe of Barnet, Herts., gent., for himself and the nine orphaned children of Elizabeth Cockett decd, plt's sister, and Arthur Cockett elder of Fould Park in South Mimms, Midd., gent. v Arthur Cockett elder:

(ii) Sir Ambrose Turville v John Marshe and Arthur Cockett the father and Arthur Cockett the son.

Settlement of messuages and lands called Foulde Parke in psh South Mimms by Arthur Cockett on the plt for the use of Cockett and his wife and their heirs: attempts by the dft to sell the premises. C78/127, no. 11 [77]
1609 13 Nov 7 Dame Margaret Stanhoppe late wife of Sir Thomas Stanhoppe of Shelford, Notts decd v Sir John Mannors, Sir Edward Stanhoppe, Sir John Stanhoppe, Lawrence Wright and William Smithe. Title to lands in Shelford, Notts. C78/206, no. 8 [78]
1609 15 Nov 7 William Amyas of Kemberton, Salop, Thomas Smith, John Lockley the elder and John Lockley the younger of Little Chatwall, Staffs v Thomas Moreton. The property of Humphrey Briggs of Haughton, Salop & Anne his wife, properties at Kemberton and Chatwall, disputed leases. Refs suits in Court of Wards & Liveries. C78/165, no. 4 [79]
1609 15 Nov 7 Francis Fooks, Parson of the Parish of Earle Soham, Suffolk v William Folkerd and Nicholas Deane. Bill re payments of tithes due to parson of Earle Soham, Suffolk. C78/170, no. 3 [80]
1609 16 Nov 7 Mary Barker, widow, late wife of Josias Barker, citizen & merchant taylor of London decd, cousin & sole heir of Stephen Mott late of Feversham, Kent decd v Sir Drue Drurye. Estate of Stephen Mott, late of Feversham, Kent. Water corn mill at Bilsington, Kent, and other properties. C78/153, no. 6 [81]
1609 16 Nov 7 John Wrighte, citizen & Sadler of London v William Lawton of Lawton Yate, Cheshire and Roger Drakeford. Cancellation of bonds relating to a mortgage of copyhold lands in Laleham, Middx. C78/158, no. 1 [82]
1609 17 Nov 7 John Provost, Edward Windover, Thomas Elliott the elder, Thomas Reade and John Samwayes for purchasers of lands of Sir Henry Asheley v Sir Anthony Asheley, Sir Henry Ashley and Margaret Astell widow. Encumbrances on lands in New Sarum, Wilts. C78/437, no. 1 [83]
1609 20 Nov 7 Mayor and burgesses of Kings Lynne, Norfolk v Governor, Steward and brethren of fraternity of the Hoastmen of Newcastle upon Tyne and Mayor and burgesses of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Customs, tolls and port dues on shipping of coals. C78/227, no. 7 [84]
1609 20 Nov 7 Sir John Harpur v Richard Harpur. Trust Marriage settlement of lordship of Hemyngton, Derbys and Staffs. C78/206, no. 11 [85]
1609 23 Nov 7 Thomas Brunker and Isabell his wife late the wife of Nicholas Ramberd v Sir John Dive, William Saunders and Francis Harvey. Bill re settlements and leases of lands in Easthadden, Northants. C78/170, no. 4 [86]
1609 23 Nov 7 Bartholmewe Styles of Wethersdale, Suffolk v Bartholmewe Styles, clerk, father of the complt. Marriage settlement of profits of lands in Mettfeild, Suffolk. C78/171, no. 13 [87]
1609 23 Nov 7 Rt. Hon. Henry Fynes, Lord Clynton & Saye and Earl of Lincoln v Sir Arthur Gorges and Dame Elizabeth his wife. Dispute over property at Chelsey, Middx., belonging to the Earl of Salisbury. C78/136, no. 4 [88]
1609 23 Nov 7 William Marwood of Little Busby, Yorks v Richard and Christopher Lumley. Uncancelled bonds for fifty pounds which had been placed with the complt by William Lumley (now decd), late servant to Sir William Willoughby of Seymers, at the rate of 10% per annum, and since repaid C78/275, no. 15 [89]
1609 27 Nov 7 William Watt of Blakesley, Northants v John Baynton and Nicholas Baynton. Title to manorial court rights and part of the lands of Zouches manor, Blakesley, Northants. C78/166, no. 16 [90]
1609 27 Nov. 7 Thomas Shepham of London v John Woller, Thomas Fetherene, William Dodd and John Hall executors of Richard Shepham late Citizen & Merchant Taylor of London decd. Trust settlement of lands in Southwark and Lambeth, Surrey, Hascombe, Gloucs, Asterby, Lincs, and copperworks in Whitstable, Kent, to pay legacies to school and almshouse at Stowe, Gloucs, with surplus to plaintiff. C78/168, no. 13 [91]
1609 27 Nov 7 John Gosemore of Budleigh, Somerset and Elizabeth his wife v Christopher Simcock and Humfrey Oram Rents due from copyhold lands of the manor of Budleigh, Somerset. C78/182, no. 6 [92]
1609 27 Nov 7 Geoffrey Bampton of Walton, psh Aylesbury, Bucks., yeo. v Thomas Bell. Possession of a grove or wood, parcel of the manor of Mawdlyns, psh North Barkhamstead alias North Church, Herts. [und.], which the plt claimed was purchased by his father. C78/125, no. 10 [93]
1609 28 Nov 7 Richard Mallacke of Axmouth, Devon v Walter Earle, Thomas Mewe Concerning a lease granted by the Convent of Sion, Middlesex to John Mores on the manor of Axmouth, Devon. C78/132, no. 4 [94]
1609 28 Nov 7 Richard Mounteyne and Elizabeth his wife administratrix of Andrew Baynton decd and also administratrix & eldest daughter of Anne Annstee decd late the wife of William Annstee also decd, which said Anne was the sole daughter & heir of the said Andrew Baynton decd v Sir Henry Baynton. Estate of Sir Edward Baynton: lease of property granted by the dissolved Battle Abbey. Manor of Bromeham, Wiltshire. Also the manor of Clenche Juxta Wyke, Wiltshire. C78/136, no. 7 [95]
1609 28 Nov 7 Margaret Englebert of Collingham, Notts., widow of Thomas Goodyere esq., decd and of Lawrence Englebert of London, gent., decd v Sir Henry Goodyere, eldest brother of Thomas Goodyere, Sir William Goodyere and Edmund Saunders, brother of plt. Plt's jointure: annuity of £50 out of the manor of Polesworth, Warw. and other lands of Sir Henry Goodyere decd. Cf C78/114 no. 13. C78/114, no. 1 [96]