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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1604 C78/, no. []
1604 20 Jan 1 William Giles, John Brighte, Robert Brighte, Anthony Brighte v Sir Anthony Ashley. Estate of Sir Walter Hungerford: provision for his servants. C78/155, no. 11 [2]
1604 26 Jan 1 John Turbervile of Southwark, Surrey v William Portbury, Richard Warde. Agreement for the conveyance of leases on the Inn called the 'George', borough of Southwark. C78/155, no. 9 [3]
1604 27 Jan 1 John Fulmerston of Thetford, Norfolk v Roberte Cage. Possession of messuage and lands in Stow Bedon, Stoure Beckerton and Rockland All Saints, Norfolk. C78/450, no. 16 [4]
1604 1 Feb 1 John Cawsbie of Chappell Brampton, Northants & Elizabeth his wife; Jonas Tebbott of Molton, Northants & Jone his wife; Amye Coles of Molton, three of the daughters & heirs of George Coles late of Molton decd v Henry Gynsworth. Estate of Thomas Coles, deceased. Farm at Molton, Northamptonshire. Disputed will. C78/154, no. 11 [5]
1604 6 Feb 1 William Symmes als Dorchester v Oliver Francklyn; Peter Francklin and Josua Francklyn, sons of the said Oliver. Disputed lease on the manor of Sutton Lucye, Devon. C78/143, no. 10 [6]
1604 ? 11 Feb 2 ? Thomas Ingram v Andrew Luttrell; Thomas Luttrell; Hugh Luttrell; and James Baker. Estate of Nicholas Luttrell. Manor of Honeybeare and Lilstocke, Somerset. Dispute over a lease to John Ingram, deceased. C78/150, no. 12 [7]
1604 13 Feb 1 William Brooke of Southwarke, Surrey, freemason & Agnes his wife v Francis Smythe, widow, late the wife of Robert Smyth late of Southwarke decd & Robert Smyth son & heir of the said Robert & Francis. Tenement called the Sign of the Cage, Southwark, Surrey. C78/150, no. 11 [8]
1604 17 Feb 1 Cristopher Readman, John Gibson & John Siggeswick of Ingleton, Yorks v Richard Cholmeley & his father in law Gerrard Lowther. Plea for retention of customary dues and fines in the manor of Ingleton and Benton als Bentham, Yorks which has been purchased by deft Lowther from deft Cholmeley. Refs previous decree of 23 June 34 Eliz in a similar cause where the deft Richard Cholmeley's father, also Richard Cholmeley, was deft, and the tenantright was confirmed. Defts claim that decree no longer applies as Richard Cholmeley the father was only tenant for life of the estate. Refs also Richard Cholmeley, Knight, late grandfather of the deft. Decree confirms tenants rights, but also makes certain concessions in favour of the deft Lowther. C78/157, no. 25 [9]
1604 ca. 2 Edward A Barrowe of Sechfield, Hants & Honor his wife v George Luttrell and others (not named). Estate of Sir John Luttrell, Castle and borough of Dunster, Somerset. C78/150, no. 1 [10]
ca, 1604 2 Henry Coles, Thomas Dible and others (not named) of Kylton, Somerset v George Lutterell. Leases on property on the manor of Kylton, Somerset. Dispute over the customs of the manor. C78/150, no. 4 [11]
ca. 1604 2 Edward Dennys of Sheriton Fitzpayne [Cheriton Fitzpaine], Devon; Hugh Langworthie of Saint Sires Newton [Newton St Cyres], Devon v Robert Carie and Edward Carie. Estate of Richard Bidwell. Tenements called Gutton, Tripland, Credy and others, in the parishes of Sebrook [Shobrooke?], Saint Cyres, Newton [Newton St Cyres] and Crewys Morchard, [Cruwys Morchard] Devonshire. Disputed will.P.S. C78/150, no. 6 [12]
1604 26 April 2 Robert Hewett of Crundall, Kent; Thomas Nott of Sutton, Kent; Thomasyn Philpott of Chartham, Kent, widow, executrix of George Philpott her late husband decd v Nicholas Myller of Wrotham, Kent. Debts and bonds payable from lands in Petham, Kent. C78/157, no. 24 [13]
1604 1 May 2 Henry Hubbert of Pentney, Norfolk v Michael Hare. Bill re trust settlement of lands in Norfolk and Suffolk. C78/160, no. 6 [14]
1604 2 May 2 Edward Stanhope second son of Sir Thomas Stanhope late of Shelford, Notts now decd v Margaret, Lady Stanhope; Sir John Hollis and John Frannces. Estate of Sir Thomas Stanhope. Property at East Stocke [East Stoke], Nottinghamshire. Disputed sale of lands to George, Earl of Huntingdon. C78/133, no. 22 [15]
1604 2 May 2 Ellys Brame; Richard Shawe; Thomas Shawe; Henry Dowsing; James Watson; Thomas Fulcher; John Greene; Thomas Smyth; William Wilby; Hugh Murrell; John Murrell; Abraham Hyndbeast; William Brome; Thomazen Pulley, widow, copyholders of the manor of Hoohall in Oakley, Suff. v Sir Thomas Cornwallies, lord of the manor and Sir William Cornwallies his son. Ratification of copyhold grants to plt made by Sir Thomas Cornwallis of parcels of Oakley Common. C78/130, no. 13 [16]
1604 7 May 2 Richard Kilcuppe als Fielde; John Mylward the elder v Richard Farrington; Robert Parkhurste; William Browne. Bonds due to Edward Elmere of London, linen draper. C78/151, no. 13 [17]
1604 10 May 2 Lewes Pyne; Edward Pyne and others (not named), children of Phillip Pyne late of the parish of Eastdowne, Devon decd v Edward Canham, clerk and others (not named). Bill re payments from trust settlement of lands in Walihanger and Bradnynche, Devon. C78/160, no. 7B [18]
1604 14 May 2 Sir Raphe Conyngesbye of North Myms, Herts, cousin & heir of Humphrey Conyngesbie late of Newbarnes, Herts decd, that is to say son & heir of Sir Henry Conyngesbie decd, elder brother of the said Humphrey Conyngesbie v Thomas Harrison. Mortgage of messuage and lands of dissolved hospital of St Julyans, Herts. C78/156, no. 23 [19]
1604 14 May 2 Sir John Harpur v William Jackson and Henry Jackson Dispute arising from the enclosure and partition of the common fields of the manor of Austenfield. Yorkshire?) C78/133, no. 23 [20]
1604 15 May 2 William Bonner by the name of John Bonner of Wayford, Somerset & Flower his wife, executrix of Richard Graye her late husband decd v John Dawbney, Thomas Hutchins, William Chubb the elder and Walter Sheppard. Will of Richard Graye. Bequest to Thomas Graye. C78/150, no. 3 [21]
1604 19 May 2 George Ryves, Warden of Saint Mary College, Winton, Oxfordshire & the scholars of the same college v Rt. Hon. Sir Henrie Lea Dispute over forty acres of land of the manor of Bridethome, Buckinghamshire. Also Segars Close C78/495, no. 11 [22]
1604 22 May 2 Elizabeth Grudgfild, Richard Porter, Robert Foxe and others, customary tenants of the manor of South Elmham, Suff. v Dorothy, Lady North and Dudley, Lord North, lord of the manor of South Elmham, William Forthe and Arthur Forthe, gents. Composition between the parties to establish a custom of fixed fines and rights to fell timber. C78/130, no. 12 [23]
1604 9 June 2 Thomas Fracye of Langham, Rut., lab. v Sir Andrew Noell, lord of the manor of Langham. Refusal to admit the plt to a copyhold tenement and two yardlands in Langham: enclosure of the lands by the dft and loss of the plt's common. C78/130, no. 11 [24]
1604 12 June 2 Gregory Ballard & Margery his wife v Thomas Heyes and Richard Henne. Property and a garden at Bewdeley, Worcestershire. Purchased from Sir George Blunt. C78/144, no. 11 [25]
1604 12 June 2 Anthony Curson & Alice his wife one of the daughters of Richard Edgiocke of Priors Salford, Warks decd v Sir Oliver St John; Oliver St John; Dorothy Edgeocke, widow; William Combe; Francis Edgeocke; Thomas Watson; William Sheldon Legacy payable from manor of Salford Priors, Warwicks C78/156, no. 22 [26]
1604 12 June 2 William Skeffington of Fisherwicke, Staffs v John Harperfielde als Mitton, and Edward Harperfielde als Mitton. Estate of John Mitton of Weston under Lysiarde, Staffordshire. Messuages at Horton, Staffordshire. Also Horton Hall at Hagley and other property at Tamhorne Newton, Staffordshire. C78/135, no. 5 [27]
1604 16 June 2 John Ford, one of the sons of John Ford late of Chancery Lane, Middx v Henry Knevett and Magdalen his wife, mother to the said John Forde the son & late wife to the said John the father; Elizabeth Fortescue; Henry Fortescue. Dispute over the lease of a house in Chancery Lane, London. C78/144, no. 9 [28]
1604 19 June 2 Charles Keilwaye gent. and Mary his wife v Thomas Garland, trustee on behalf of Elizabeth Dodsone decd. Performance of a marriage settlement between Elizabeth Dodsone wid. and Andrew Foster whereby covenanted that Dodsone's trustees would pay £100 to Mary Keilwaye on her marriage. C78/114, no. 17 [29]
1604 20 June 2 William Marshall of Orsett, Essex v Christopher Chiborne, William Brighte & Johane his wife. Estate of Richard Hurte, great grandfather of the complt; manor of Orsett, Essex. C78/151, no. 14 [30]
1604 20 June 2 Isabell, Countess Dowager of Rutland v Roger, Earl of Rutland. Estate of Henry, late Earl of Rutland. Manor of Eckering [Eakring], Nottinghamshire. C78/155, no. 10 [31]
1604 25 June 2 Richard Aldeworth v John Withens, clerk, vicar of Wanting, Berks; Hugh Hide; Richard Radishe; William Wirdguam Tythes payable to parish of Wanting, Berks, from lands in West Locking, formerly payable to Abingdon. C78/156, no. 21 [32]
1604 27 June 2 Margery Payne, widow, late wife to John Payne of Soning, Berks decd v Humphrey Cantrell & Jane his wife, sole daughter & heir of John Payne. Estate of John Payne, deceased. Property called 'The Falcon' in the Parish of Saint Sepulchre Without, London. C78/144, no. 12 [33]
1604 27 June 2 Thomas Dalston of Thwayte, Cumberland v John Dalston. Interests in two tenements and lands in Ulton and Dockeray, Cumberland. C78/157, no. 23 [34]
1604 27 June 2 Thomas Wightman late of Burbage, Leics; Richard Wightman son & heir apparent of the said Thomas; John Swifte; Anthony Grey, clerk, parson of Aston & Burbage; Thomas Boddington; George Morrys; William Woodward; John Warryn; Richard Coxhed; Thomas Wightman son & heir of George Wightman decd; Robert Armestone; John Farndon; William Haddon; Richard Forryan; Francis Smith; Christopher Bigge; William Boileston; Richard Barnewell; John Warner; Richard Messenger; William Carter; Edward Bygge; Robert Messenger; John Lannder; Thomas Ballard; William Swift; Richard Tylson; Robert Gamble; Richard Marshall; Michael Messenger; Richard Barres; William Barres; Thomas Marvyn; Thomas Robinson; William Blakesley; Thomas Hopkyn; Thomas Armestone; Thomas Milles; John Fletcher; Thomas Gamble; Samuel Warner; Robert Watkyn; John Boylestone; William Townesend; John Ward als Lane; George Steyne; Theodor Steyne; Isaac Becke; Humphrey Hunte; William Sprigge; Thomas Sprigge; Richard Moore; Edward Insley; John Beeby; William Wale; Richard Watkyn; William Burton, tenants of the manor of Burbage, Leics; Abraham Cooke; John Wightman; William Bentley; Thomas Jeakes; William Taylor; William Leader of Sketchley, Leics v Henry, Earl of Kent; Benjamin Pigott; Robert Booth; Richard Bowle; George Fitts Bill (of late) quoting agreement (22 October 37 James I) to surrender and exchange copyholds and enclose part of waste for lord's own use, and alleging difficulties over surrenders of copyholds C78/160, no. 5 [35]
1604 27 June 2 Henry Killinghall v Bartholomew Mathewson, William Lampkin, Richard James and John Kirkeham. Dispute over the ship 'Primrose' of London, owned by Mathewson: purchase of shares in the ship and other transactions. C78/495, no. 1 [36]
1604 30 June 2 Thomas Banckes v John Shepparde The manors of Dadington, Clifton and Hempton, Oxfordshire: the property of the Dean and Chapter of Cathedral of Christ Church Oxford. Clyfton Mill also included. C78/495, no. 10 [37]
1604 7 Oct 2 James Gray of Cotnam, Cambs & Alice his wife v Adam Birkdell & Anne his wife. The estate of John Gregory of Clerkenwell, lands in Woodmonsee [Woodmansey] & Howden, Yorkshire & Tupcotes cum Miton, Kingston upon Hull. C78/495, no. 8 [38]
1604 12 Oct 2 Richard Brewer of Wickham, Sussex, executor of Edward Brewer his brother v John Courthorpe of Tisehurste; Elizabeth his wife; Mary Brewer, widow, late wife of the said Edward Legacy and debts payable from marriage settlement of lands in Hurstperpound, Sussex. C78/157, no. 22 [39]
1604 16 Oct 2 Sir William Brereton of Brereton, Ches. v Phillip Lord Wharton and Dorothy his wife, widow of Sir Francis Willoughby, Sir Michael Mollens and Sir Percival Willoughby of Middleton, Warw., who married Bridget, eldest dau. of Sir Francis Willoughby. Debts of Sir Francis Willoughby decd; statutes for money lent by plt and extents of Willoughby's lands. Mortgage of the manor of Smallwood, Ches. and proposed conveyance to plt. C78/113, no. 13 [40]
1604 19 Oct 2 Thomas Mynn v William Cobb; Lady Mary his wife and others (not named) Debts payable by will of Elizabeth Mynn from lands in Olde Walsingham, Norfolk and Lyllington, Warwicks C78/450, no. 17 [41]
1604 ? 20 Oct 2 ? Edward Dennys of Sheriton Fitzpayne,[Cheriton Fitzpaine] Devon; Hugh Langworthye of St Sires Newton [Newton St Cyres], Devon v Robert Carie and Edward Carie. Property of Richard Bidwell, in the parishes of Sebrooke [Shobrooke?], Saint Syres Newton [Newton St Cyres] and Crewys Morchard [Cruwys Morchard], Devon. Disputed execution of his will.P.S. C78/147, no. 13 [42]
1604 23 Oct 2 Nicholas Ashton; Hugh Weston, clerk; George Warde v Symon Lenton. Arrears of rent from lease of lands in Aldwinde, Northants C78/320, no. 8 [43]
1604 27 Oct 2 Ellyn Fisher, widow, late wife of Thomas Fisher of Weeke, Wilts decd v Henry Fisher; John Fisher; George Aishborne Estate of Thomas Fisher, deceased. Provision of portions for his children from the manor of Weeke, Wiltshire. C78/136, no. 10 [44]
1604 29 Oct 2 John Feltham the elder v Robert Kettle & others (not named). Title to forfeited copyhold lands in the manor of Vettles (No County given). C78/319, no. 18 [45]
1604 29 Oct 2 Margaret Coleman, widow, late wife of John Coleman decd on behalf of herself & four poor children v Edward Coleman Lands at Twiford, Bucks, disputed marriage settlement. C78/495, no. 9 [46]
1604 31 Oct 2 John Woode and John Spylman of the City of London v John Shelton, clerk. Debts in connection with recovery of incumbency of parsonage of Winterflowe, Wilts. C78/156, no. 20 [47]
1604 2 Nov 2 Sir Edward Seymour, Baron Beauchampe and Earl of Hertford v John Bartram. Dispute involving the late Francis Newdigate over the manor of Littleton, Middlesex. C78/136, no. 11 [48]
1604 9 Nov 2 John Jacobb of Brianston, Dorset v George Hull and Thomas Argall Title to copyhold tenements in Tolpuddle, Dorset. C78/162, no. 13 [49]
1604 15 Nov 2 Robert Pyncke of Browne Candever, Hants v Peter Carleman and others (not named). Dispute over land at Riplington, Parish of East Meane, Hants. C78/144, no. 8 [50]
1604 15 Nov 2 Master, brethren & sisters of The Hospital of Saint Katherines, Middlesex near the Tower of London v Robert Livesey and Gabriel Livesey. Dispute over a property called 'Dandeley' , Isle of Sheppey, Kent C78/147, no. 12 [51]
1604 19 Nov 2 Thomas Brockalls of Garsington, Oxon & Dorothy his wife, executrix of William Burges her late husband decd v Henry Eyry, Provost of Queens College, Oxford; Sybil Burges, widow; Edmond Francklyn; William Francklyn; John Francklyn Estate of William Burges, property at Garsington, Oxfordshire. C78/151, no. 12 [52]
1604 20 Nov 2 Thomas Saunders, Thomas Thatcher, John Milmore, William Prestwood, Alice Lovelack, and Frisewood Thatcher v. Edmond Wiseman esq. Dispute arising from the enclosure of the common land of the Berkshire manor of Wolston. C78/144, no. 7 [53]
1604 20 Nov 2 Edward Raynsforde of Michell Tewe, Oxon v John Logan and Robert Logan his brother. Dispute over pasture at Michell Tew, Oxon. C78/151, no. 11 [54]
1604 20 Nov 2 Francis Fulford son & heir apparent of Thomas Fulford of Fulford, Devon & Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters & coheirs apparent of Barnard Samwaies of Martinstowne, Dorset v Francis Asheley; Anne his wife; William Bond; Jerome Harvye. Estate of the late Barnard Samwaies: messuages called Reme, Carrantes and Chantry Lands, Winterborne Saint Martin and other towns in Dorset. C78/155, no. 8 [55]
1604 21 Nov 2 William Paston of Paston, Norfolk v Sir Henrie Woodhouse; Roger Ramsey; Michael Baker Arrears of rent due after exchanges of lands in Bacton, Paston and Edingthorpe, Norfolk. C78/318, no. 7 [56]
1604 22 Nov 2 Thomas Atwood of Luton, Beds; Agnes Rotherham, widow late wife to Nicholas Rotherham decd & daughter to the said Thomas v Sir John Rotherham son & heir of George Rotherham decd Estate and will of George Rotheram. Dispute over an annuity payable out of the manor of Breache & other lands in Luton, Beds. C78/144, no. 3 [57]
1604 22 Nov 2 Thomas Sabbe late of London & Awdrye his wife, daughter of Robert Greene late of Witherley, Leics decd v Thomas Wightman of Lawford, Warks. Estate of Robert Greene of Witherley, Leics C78/151, no. 7 [58]
1604 26 Nov 2 Thomas Gerrard v Edward Elliot of London, vintner & Alice his wife. Projected marriage of Alice Elliot, daughter of the defts, disputed portion. C78/143, no. 19 [59]
1604 26 Nov 2 Robert Bathurst gentleman, executor of Edward Dodge decd v Reynold Nicholas and Francis Clampard. Dispute over an extent of the manor of Lechlade, Gloucestershire. Also several statutes for debt. C78/144, no. 10 [60]
1604 26 Nov 2 John Milner and Richard Milner, infants by John Milner their father v John Owen, one of the Fellows of Jesus College, Cambridge; Gabriel Duckett of the college of St John, Cambridge Possession of lease of lands in Abington, Cambs. C78/227, no. 15 [61]
1604 1 Dec 2 Robert Snagge the younger of the Middle Temple, London, executor of Thomas Snagge his father v Thomas Snagge brother to the complt; Sir Edward Ratcliffe and Thomas Saunders als Saunderson. Dispute over the manor of Marston Mortayne, Bedfordshire, also the parsonage of Marston Mortayne, partly owned by Thomas Hynton. C78/147, no. 11 [62]