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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1602 7 Jan 44 Dean and Canons of the Free chapel of St George in Windsor Castle, Berks. v Hugh Goughe, clerk, parson of All Cannings, Wilts. Possession of tithes and glebe lands of the prebend of All Cannings, Wilts. C78/103, no. 10 [2]
1602 15 Jan 44 Thomas Coker of Trinity College, Cambridge, son of Richard Coker of Tydd St Mary, Lincs., decd v Robert Adam gent., son and heir of Henry Adam gent. decd. Recovery of £120 and chattels bequeathed to the plt by his father's will (1584) and lodged in the hands of Henry Adams, supervisor of the will, until the plt reached his majority. C78/122, no. 5 [3]
1602 25 Jan 44 Edward Carill of Harting, Sussex, esq., lessee of surrounded lands called Thorney, Cambs. v Roger Beeston, Edward Eversfielde and Margaret his wife, widow and administratrix of Thomas Marshall, plt's bailiff and others (not named). Relief from a bond for the repayment of £100 borrowed from Beeston. [Marshall was the plt's receiver in Cambs. and Suff. and his agent in the draining of fens at Thorney, Cambs.] Cf C78/108 no. 6. C78/103, no. 9 [4]
1602 26 Jan 44 Edward Grente, citizen and mercer of London and Elizabeth his wife, late wife of Edward Whorewood of St Mary Woolchurch, grocer of London, decd, for themselves and for Nathaniel Whorewood and Mary Whorewood, children of Edward Whorewood and Elizabeth v John Hayward BD, parson St Mary Woolchurch and executor of the will of Edward Whorewood, and Richard Fayreman, Christopher Scurro and William Worteley all of Woolchurch, and others. Administration of the estate and goods of Edward Whorewood: entitlement of plt to portions under the custom of London. C78/108, no. 3 [5]
1602 4 Feb 44 Edward Perrott of Beds. v Robert Steppinge, son of John Stepping, William Perrott, Richard Bigge and Richard Warbushe. Possession of messuages in Luton, Beds., which the plt claimed by entail from John Perrott, his grandfather, now in the occupation of the dfts. See also extract of this decree C78/118, no. 18 [6]
1602 6 Feb 44 Edmund Sleford of Astaby [?Aswarby], Lincs., son and heir of Thomas Sleford esq., late of Wilsthorpe, Lincs., decd., elder brother of Richard Sleford decd, and Rowland Sleford v Helen Sleford and Henry Sleford, children of Richard Sleford decd., younger brother of Thomas Sleford decd. Possession of the manor of Wilsthrope and other lands of Thomas Sleford in Obthorpe, Thurlby, Greatford and Baston, Lincs. C78/103, no. 6 [7]
1602 9 Feb 44 Thomas Dun of Hucclecott, Glos., yeo. v John Chamberlen esq., lord of the manor of Churchdown, Glos., Thomas Deakins yeo. and Joan his wife, Edward Mann, John Badger and John Daunser. Plt refused admittance to his father's copyhold messuage and yardland in Wood Hucclecott. C78/101, no. 10 [8]
1602 11 Feb 44 Jeremy Dearinge, citizen & cutler of London on behalf of Thomas Dearinge his son & heir apparent, an infant v Robert Streynsham; William Dearinge; John Harrys Lease of tithes of Harrowe Wyld, in Harrowe Hill, Middx. C78/308, no. 9 [9]
1602 16 Feb 44 John Gibbon of Grantham, Lincs., gent.; Bartyn Ollyver of Loddington, Leics., yeo., executors of John Wymarke late of Greatford, Lincs., yeo., decd v William Rigden esq.; Dame Ellen his wife (now wife of William Rigden and dau. of John Wymarke); Henry Hall & Margaret his wife; John Hatcher; John Taylor; Henry Taylor; Richard Broughton Execution of the will of John Wymarke (1600); detention of his goods by the dft, attempt by Rigden to secure a letter of administration in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury; wardship of John Buck, testator's grandson and heir. C78/108, no. 1 [10]
1602 19 Feb 44 John Jaques of London, merchant, administrator of Robert Jaques his uncle, citizen and merchant tailor of London, decd, the plt being a creditor to Jaques at the time of his death, Martin Jaques, nephew of Robert Jaques and James Stanley, another creditor, for themselves and other creditors of Jaques v William Hutchins, Edward Manaster, Edward Osbalston, Henry Hutchins, Francis Kydd scrivener and [ ] West. Administration of the estate of Robert Jaques: persuading him whilst a sojorner in a boarding house kept by Hutchins to make loans to the dfts and entrust them with his goods. C78/128, no. 8 [11]
1602 13 April 44 Walter Boroughe of Limehouse, Midd., esq. v Thomas Rawlyns of Little Wakering, Essex, esq. Plt's demands for sums due upon agreements made between the parties concerning the conveyance of the manor of Northam in Northam, Devon and a house called the White House at Mile End, Midd. and lands in the manor of Stebunheath, Midd. C78/128, no. 7 [12]
1602 22 April 44 William Holcombe of Dulverton, Som., and Katherine his wife, widow of Robert Vicarie of Bishop's Nymet, Devon, yeo., decd, for themselves and Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Vicarie and Katherine v John Vicarie, executor of the will of Robert Vicarie. Payment of legacies due to Elizabeth Vicarie by her father's will (1596). C78/118, no. 6 [13]
1602 29 April 44 Gregorye Granger & Frances his wife v Anthony Cope, Anthony Frankishe. Property on the manor of Waterstratford, Buckinghamshire. Disputed sales of land and customary fines. C78/135, no. 10 [14]
1602 1 May 44 James Bradley of Harburwane, Westm., yeo. v Thomas Salkeld esq., lord of the manor of Rosgill, Westm. Possession of a tenement held by tenant right in Rosgill late of William Copperthwaite. C78/114, no. 18 [15]
1602 7 May 44 John Parkes of Mickleton, Glos v Sir Edward Greville knight, Thomas Bouner, and Thomas Evettes. Concerning the church lands within Mickleton. C78/134, no. 11 [16]
1602 10 May 44 Richard Peckden v Stephen Peckden. Title to copyhold tenement and lands in Lyndfield, Sussex, held of the manor of Balneth, Surrey. C78/319, no. 21 [17]
1602 10 May 44 Walter Cowper, son and executor of the will of Anthony Cowper decd v Anthony Bagge, bro. of Faith Creswell, wife of Richard Creswell. Relief from an action of covenant on an indenture for the purchase of copyhold lands in Yatley, Hants., held of the manors of Crondall and Hall Place, purchased by Anthony Cowper from Thomas Bullock and Thomas Creswell and subject to an annuity of £10 to Faith Creswell (now in arrears). C78/103, no. 13 [18]
1602 15 May 44 Charles Pleydell gent., son and executor of the will of Oliver Pleydell, gent., decd v William Baylyff esq., Henry Baylyff his son, John

Throckmerton esq., Edmund Longe and John Coxwell gent., overseers of the will.

Execution of the will of Oliver Pleydell, interest in a lease of the manor of Midgehall, Wilts. C78/116, no. 8 [19]
1602 17 May 44 Octavian Cuddington of Ewell, Surrey, husbn v Thomas Cuddington. Sale of 3ac of meadow in Malden, Surrey, by dft to plt; plt's arrest by dft on a bond. C78/101, no. 11 [20]
1602 17 May 44 Sir Walter Raleigh v Thomas Fulford esq., Walter Englishe and Cicely his wife, dau. of Eleanor, late wife of Andrew Fulford, second son of Sir John Fulford. Lease of the capital messuage and farm of Sandridge [?in Stoke Gabriel], Devon, which plt had of the assignment of Adrian Gilbert esq., husband of Eleanor. Also enrolled at C78/111 no. 8. C78/103, no. 7 [21]
1602 17 May 44 Sir Walter Raleigh v Thomas Fulforde esq., Walter English and Cecily his wife, dau. of Eleanor Fulford who married Adrian Gilbert esq. Possession of a lease of the capital messuage of Sandridge [in Stoke Gabriel], Devon, demised by Thomas Pomery esq. to Sir John Fulforde and acquired by plt by purchase from Adrian Gilbert. Also enrolled at C78/103 no. 7. C78/111, no.8 [22]
1602 17 May 44 John Aylemer of Nayland, Suff., yeo. v Roger Harlakenden of Earls Colne, Essex, esq. Possession of two closes called Buners and Hawncers Hedge and a parcel of ground called Bettinges Lande, all parcels of the demesne lands of Earl's Colne, held by the plt by the assignment of a lease made by the earl of Oxford. C78/118, no. 3 [23]
1602 4 June 44 Elice Thayne of Whiteparishe, Wilts v Henry Gauntlett, Roger Tychborne. Dispute over property at Cowfield Stourney, Wiltshire. Leased by Edward Seymour, Earl of Hertford. C78/136, no. 14 [24]
1602 7 June 44 Gilbert Thacker esq., owner of the site and priory of Repton [Derb.] v John Harpur esq., Richard Harpur his son and William Bull. Diversion of a watercourse running through a field called Bull Close from the plt's mill and fishponds to the dft's mills. C78/113, no. 11 [25]
1602 8 June 44 Andrew Fysher gent., nephew and heir of Thomas Fysher of Crayford, Kent, esq. decd v Lady Mary Abergavenny and Sir Thomas Fane, executors of Sir Thomas Fane decd, who was executor of the will of Thomas Fysher. Detention of the goods and chattels of Thomas Fysher (d.1586). C78/110, no. 12 [26]
1602 10 June 44 Julius Caesar, Master of the hospital of St Katherine's, Midd. and the brethern and sisters v Robert Lyvesey esq., and Gabriel Lyvesey gent. Possession of lands called Dandeley in the Isle of Sheppey in the occ. of the dfts: inability of the plts to distinguish their lands from lands of the dft's. C78/112, no. 1 [27]
1602 10 June 44 John Thornton gent., John Peachie and Edward Cropley, inhabitants of Soham, Cambs., feoffees of lands there held for charitable uses v Edward Barnes, Richard Seamon and William Williamson. Enrolment of a commission of survey of lands in Soham held by the town for charitable purposes, decree for the vesting of these lands in the hands of feoffees. Cf C78/116 no. 4 below. C78/116, no. 1 [28]
1602 12 June 44 Edward Coke esq., attorney-general v James Taverner, Thomas Taverner and Amy his wife. Arbitration by Coke in a dispute between Lord Cromwell and the dfts over their titles to copyhold lands held of the manor of North Eltham, Norf. C78/103, no. 14 [29]
1602 14 June 44 James Allen an infant, brother & heir to Michael Allen decd by William Wilson v Thomas Parkes, Thomas Creswell and John Sylvester. Dispute over lands and properties in the town of Lichfield, Staffordshire. Lately the property of Richard Allen. C78/135, no. 9 [30]
1602 15 June 44 Thomas Hunte, son and heir of Richard Hunte, citizen and girdler of London, decd, by Mary Chaderton, his widow and administratrix of his goods v William Ireland, Robert Nicolles, Robert Grenehurste, William Dormer, son of William Dormer decd and Philip Dormer wid. [sic]. Relief from a lease for 10,000 years of an inn called the Bell in psh St Andrew Holborn, London, made by Richard Hunte to William Dormer decd as security for payment of £157 10s 0d and £15 annually during the term. C78/110, no. 13 [31]
1602 15 June 44 William, Thomas, Robert and Margery Hewes alias Calcott, the children and orphans of Thomas Hewes alias Calcott of Burford, Oxon., decd (William being the executor of his will) and Ralph Mylehurst and Agnes his wife, dau. of Thomas Hewes v Agnes Chadwell, widow and administratrix of Richard Chadwell of Burford, clothier, who was an administrator of the estate of Thomas Hewes alias Calcott, Simon Chadwell and John Chadwell gent. Execution of the will of Thomas Hewes alias Calcott, detention of his goods and legacies by the dfts. Promise to pay legacies to the plt by Richard Chadwell decd. C78/122, no. 3 [32]
1602 15 June 44 Edward Maria Wingfield gent. and others (not named), the inhabitants of the parish of Kimbolton, Hunts. v William Bedell elder gent., lay rector of Kimbolton, William Bedall yngr, farmer of the rectory and Edward Robinson clerk, vicar. Question of which dft entitled to receive small tithes. C78/128, no. 6 [33]
1602 17 June 44 Thomas Davye of Lynge, Norfolk v Salamon Leeche, George Dennye Debts owed to Davye; mortgaged property at Lynge, Norfolk. C78/135, no. 8 [34]
1602 18 June 44 Martha Maxey, widow and executrix of John Howe and widow of George Maxey, gent., decd, who held the wardship of William Howe, son of John and Martha, both for herself and her six children v Edmund Hunte, executor of George Maxey decd and George Maxey, son of George. Administration of the estate of George Maxey decd, possession of the wardship of William Howe. C78/103, no. 5 [35]
1602 19 June 44 John Kinge of Upham, Hants v John Laynson & Johan his wife; John Burhant; William Symondes; Richard Norton Estate of Reynald Burchant of Upham, Hampshire, yeoman. Property on the manor of Bishops Waltham, Hampshire. C78/335, no. 10 [36]
1602 19 June 44 Thomas Dauncer of Maidford, Northants., gent., son of Anne Dauncer of London, wid., decd v John Wood esq., executrix of the will of Anne, Thomas Lowe, alderman of London and Edward Mallorye, both overseers of the said will. Execution of the will of Anne Dauncer (1595); failure of the dfts to invest £300 left to plt which to be used to purchase an annuity for plt. C78/114, no. 20 [37]
1602 19 June 44 John Kynge of Upham, Hants v John Laynson & Joan his wife; John Burhante; William Symonds; Richard Norton Possession of trust of copyhold lands in the manor of Bishops Waltham, and Woodcott, Hants. C78/450, no. 13 [38]
1602 21 June 44 William Jacob and John Smyth of Tockenham, Wilts., for themselves and the other tenants and copyholders of Tockenham v Francis Englefield esq., owner of the manor of Vastern and of Great Park and Little Parke in Vastern, and Richard Bosson, his lessee. Right of the plt to have common for cattle in Callowe Hill in Great Park. C78/114, no. 19 [39]
1602 23 June 44 John Hunte, Doctor of Law, a master in Chancery and lord of the manor of Thirning alias Therninge, Norf. v William Bulwer of Wooddawling, Norf. gent. Concealment of copyhold lands held of the plt's manor, denial of rent, possession of a fold course. C78/109, no. 10 [40]
1602 23 June 44 Nathanial Craddock of Cambridge, draper v Francis Dowce of Horbling, Lincs., gent. Deceipts practiced on the plt: agreement to purchase and stock a farm at Horbling, to be managed by the dft. C78/122, no. 4 [41]
1602 25 June 44 Arthur Cockett of South Mimms, Midd., gent. v Henry Davys, Nicholas Davys, a bailiff of Droitwich, Worcs., and Richard Hill gent., another bailiff there. Possession of five `boileries' of saltwater in Droitwich which the plt demised to Henry Davys. C78/110, no. 14 [42]
1602 28 June 44 William Fielde als Flower of Rock, Worcs v Joyce Childe, William Childe. Manor of Abberley, Worcestershire. Lease of property at Neythor Lyndon, Parish of Rocke. C78/135, no. 7 [43]
1602 2 July 44 John Stockebridge gent., master of the school at Earls Colne, Essex v Simon Ive, servant to the earl of Oxford, William Adams, clerk, vicar of Earls Colne and White Colne, Thomas Preston, Joshua Damion and John French, lessees of lands in Earls Colne given by Edward earl of Oxford for the support of a school there. Misapplication of profits of lands given to the support of the school at Earl's Colne, felling of timber on the school lands for private profit, other abuses. C78/116, no. 5 [44]
1602 21 August 44 Christopher Muschampe gent., Walter Cole gent. and Richard Wood yeo., all of Carshalton, Surrey, gents and Thomas Rogers of Sutton, Surrey, yeo., for themselves and for all the parishioners of the parishes of Sutton, Streatham, Mitcham, Moredon and Carshalton, Surrey v Thomas Aldworth, master of the company of Merchant Tailors in London and the wardens. Concerning £14 pa bequeathed by John Wilford, citizen and alderman of London, decd, to the master and wardens for the repair of highways, which the plts petitioned might be used to repair a highway between Mitcham and Sutton. C78/128, no. 5 [45]
1602 9 Oct 44 Sir Carew Raleigh by the name of Caro Raleigh & Dame Dorothy his wife, late wife of Sir John Thynne decd v John Thynne, Robert Thorne. Provision of a jointure for Dame Dorothy, by her late husband, Sir John Thynne. Manors of Corsley and Whiteborne Temple, Wiltshire. C78/136, no. 13 [46]
1602 16 Oct 44 John Heacocke v John Meakyn, Thomas Harpur. Dispute over a messuage at Slyn alias Slyndon, Staffordshire. C78/134, no. 10 [47]
1602 18 Oct 44 John Manchell of Hackney, Middx v James Deane, citizen & draper of London; Thomas Fitch Mortgage of messuage and lands in Hackney, Middx and Hinckeston, Cambs. C78/320, no. 7 [48]
1602 21 Oct 44 Thomas Morrant gent., grandson of John Sandford of Ickham, Kent, esq. and Mary his wife, Nicholas Mewce gent. and Elizabeth his wife, a granddaughter of John Sandford, Richard Gymber and Margaret his wife, another granddaughter v Thomas Herbert, Sir Amyas Preston and John Orwell gent. Inheritance of a lease of the manor of Frindsbury, Kent, made by the Dean and Chapter of Rochester to John Sandford. C78/110, no. 15 [49]
1602 25 Oct 44 Rt. hon Isabell, Countess Dowager of Rutland v Richard Rossiter. Terms of alleged lease of manor of Melton Roos, Lincs. C78/232, no. 7 [50]
1602 26 Oct 44 Edward Carrell of Harting, Sussex, esq. v Francis Gibbon and Mary his wife, dau. and executor of Roger Beeston. Revivor of an earlier suit between Carrell and Beeston: relief from an action brought by dfts to recover the penalty of a bond for money borrowed on the plt's behalf by Thomas Marshall, his bailiff in Thorney, Cambs. in a venture to `inn' marsh grounds at Thorney. C78/108, no. 6 [51]
1602 26 Oct 44 John Wilde of Mickleover, Derby, blacksmith and Jane his wife, widow of Arthur Sergeante of psh. St Bride Fleet Street, London, gunner, decd v Giles Pashfeilde, whose wife was Margaret, the widow and executrix of Hugh Batten, citizen and grocer of London, decd. Possession of a lease of a tenement and parcel of marsh ground in Wapping, Midd. assigned to Hugh Batten in trust for Arthur Sergeante and Jane his wife. C78/108, no. 7 [52]
1602 28 Oct 44 Nicholas Bonde, Doctor of Divinity, President of Magdalen College, Oxford on behalf of the college v George Walwyn, gent. Payment of a rent of 20s 2d out of lands called Brices, Broadeacres etc., in Standlake, Oxon. C78/103, no. 19 [53]
1602 28 Oct 44 Henry Farrant and Joan his wife v Anne Stumpe, widow of John Stumpe esq. of the Inner Temple, counsellor at law, decd. Arrears of a £20 rent out of a tenement, grist mill and lands in the manor of Thale, Devon. C78/109, no. 11 [54]
1602 28 Oct 44 Lionel Reresby of Barneburgh, Yorks., gent. v John Petty and Godfrey Petty his son, servant to the Queen's attorney in the Council of the North. Validity of a lease of the lands and tenements held of the manor of Adwick upon Dearne, Yorks., alleged to have been made by Godfrey Foljambe alias Brownelowe of Croxton, Staffs., esq. to Godfrey Petty before his sale of the freehold to plt; sale of woods to Petty. C78/110, no. 16 [55]
1602 30 Oct 44 Master and Fellows of Great Hall, Oxford v Robert Brandling, esq; Robert Anderson; Robert Brandling, merchant and others (not named). Title to several tenements and properties in the City of Newcastle upon Tyne. C78/141, no. 4 [56]
1602 4 Nov 44 Walter Curson and John Curson gents., sons of Anne Windesor decd v Francis Curson esq. and Henry Woodfield, plt's nephews. Enforcement of an arbitration between Anne Windesor and the plts and Francis Curson dft whereby Curson instructed to lease a messuage and 4 yardlands in Addington, Bucks., to the plt for their lives: relief from an ejectione firmae brought against the plt. C78/108, no. 4 [57]
1602 6 Nov 44 Maximillian Dallison of Halling, Kent, gent. v John, bishop of Rochester, John Joye and William Wood. Dft's attempts to secure the forfeiture of the plt's lease of the Bishop's Palace and the reversion of farm called Haleyard, all in Halling, held by lease of the bishop of Rochester. C78/118, no. 5 [58]
1602 8 Nov 44 Henry Allen and the Burgesses of Daventry, Northamptonshire v Humphrey Corbett, William Parker, Robert Dickinson. Estate of William Parker of London. Properties at Little Haddham, Essex and Farnham, Essex. Provision for a Grammar School at Daventry. C78/135, no. 6 [59]
1602 8 Nov 44 William Hobourne of Chelsea, Midd., gent. v Nicholas Hobourne gent., brother of plt and son of Nicholas Hobourne gent. and Katherine, both decd. Relief from a bond for the performance of covenants between the parties for the joint execution of their mother's will; lease of a messuage and lands called Blacklands in Chelsea bequeathed to plt. C78/103, no. 23 [60]
1602 9 Nov 44 Elizabeth Poore, widow of Geoffrey Poore decd v Sir Robert Oxenbridge, lord of the manor of Hurstbourne Priors, Hants., and Henry Hall, one of his servants. Forfeiture of a copyhold messuage and lands including a mill for grinding the wheat of the dft's tenants contrary to condition in plt's copy. C78/110, no. 17 [61]
1602 10 Nov 44 Samuel Danvers of Culworth, Northants., esq., lord of the manor of Moreton Pinkney, John Dillon of Moreton Pinkney, farmer of the manor v Thomas Culpepper esq., William Wattes esq., Edmund Whitton, Anthony Plante and all other freeholders, tenants and inhabitants of Morton Pinkney. Ratification of an agreement of 24 March 1601 by which the demesne lands of the manor were exchanged and enclosed and dfts' right of common extinguished. C78/116, no. 6 [62]
1602 13 Nov 44 Thomas Fysher of Taunton, Som., merchant, whose wife Grace was the lessee of a moiety of the rectory of Huish, Som. v John Langworth DD, archdeacon of Wells, owner of the rectory and lessee of the other moiety, John Kingsbury, Richard Blackwaye and John Lane. Performance of an agreement whereby the plt was to pay Langworth £1,700 and surrender his wife's moiety of the rectory in return for the grant of a new lease for 3 lives. C78/116, no. 7 [63]
1602 15 Nov 44 William Neve gent.; Charles Suckling gent.; John Orwell gent.; Henry Pricke; Thomas Doughty; Robert Growte; John Pagrave; William Briggs; Christopher Horne; Robert Thompson; George Thompson; Thomas Ashe; John Growte; John Barker; Thomas Archer; Christopher Tracie; James Allen; Thomas Becker; John Neve; Thomas Croome; Francis Croome; Thomas Oxburgh; Robert Breviter, copyholders of the manor of Aylsham Sextens, Norf., for all the tenants v Robert Wood esq., lord of the manor. Refusal to admit the plt to their copyholds: customs of fixed fines. C78/109, no. 9 [64]
1602 16 Nov 44 William Gardner of Laughham [?Lagham, psh Godstone], Surrey, esq., son of William Gardner late of Bermondsey, Surrey, decd v William Wayte of Bermondsey, gent. Possession of the rectory of Ewell, Surrey and of a watermill called Nether Mylne and lands which were purchased by the plt's father in the name of the plt and dft, in trust for William Gardner elder. C78/103, no. 16 [65]
1602 17 Nov 45 William Smyth, parson of Wyvelingham, Cambs; Thomas Marshe of Waseley, Hunts; Robert Pepis & Nicholas Evered of Wyvelingham; Henry Crispe; Thomas Ingle; John Byssell; William Strongman; Thomas Greave; Clement Malyn; Simon Pereson; William Bowle; Edward Holliwell; Thomas Lambert; William Clarke; John Ratclyffe; John Button; Robert Fewe; John Brasyer; Henry Bedall; Robert Butterye; Thomas Brasyer; William Chryspe; Henry Tounsend; William Brasyer the elder; William Love; George Frogge; John Bedall the elder; Thomas Hallywell; John Ragge; John Salmon; William Cranwell; John Greave the elder; Richard Pereson; Robert Berd; Henry Greave the elder; Henry Ellis the elder; Henry Froment; Henry Ellis the younger; William Ashman; Francis Noble; Abraham Ellys; Henry Pereson; William Ingle; John Greene; John Balthorppe; Henry Croxton; Thomas Page; William Carter; William Brasyer; William Gonill; Arthur Jordaine; Thomas Bowle the elder; Philip Froment; Lawrence Mylford; Thomas Bowle the younger; William Marshall; William Hannes; Thomas Kynge; John Marshall; Mathew Benton; John Greave the younger; John Priest; Anthony Archer; Ingram Haydon; Henry Marshall; John Bowle; Henry Ingle; William Ingle of Wyvelingham; Agnes Asplyn & Elizabeth Cooke of Wyvelingham, widows, tenants & inhabitants of Wyvelingham v Myles Sandys. Disputes over fens, meadows and marsh in Wyvelingham, Cambs, claimed as demesne by defendants and common by complainants and the number of beasts to be kept there. C78/308, no. 8 [66]
1602 18 Nov 45 Mayor, commonalty and citizens of the city of London and the governors of the hospital of St Bartholomew near Smithfield rectors of Christ Church Newgate St, London and James Woodshawe of London, gent., their lessee of tithes etc., of Christ Church v Fogge Newton, Bachelor of Divinity, clerk, Matthew Sheppard, William Thurlowe and John Kele, three parishioners of Christ Church, London, on the behalf of all the parishioners there. Refusal to pay tithes; challenge to the unification of the parishes of St Nicholas and St Ewyn [Audoen] and the creation of Christ Church Newgate St in 38 Henry VIII. C78/103, no. 15 [67]
1602 19 Nov 45 Richard White & Johan his wife v Hugh Foxe & Anne his wife; Thomas Bothe & Joyce his wife; Randall Pickeringe & Isabell his wife Dispute over the property of Richard Burton at Nether Whitacre, Wamickshire, and other places. C78/133, no. 25 [68]
1602 19 Nov 45 Edward Hussey of Albrighton Hussey, Salop., esq., and Catherine his wife, sole dau. of Catherine Jennynges of Westminster, Mddx, wid., decd, for themselves and their children v Lewis Hanmer, administrator of David Hanmer decd, an executor of Catherine Jennynges; Jane Yonge, another executor; Henry Walden & Anne his wife; John Edwards; Philip Jennynges; Katherine Griffith; TidderGriffith Execution of the will of Catherine Jennynges (1591); detention of bequests from plt. C78/108, no. 5 [69]
1602 20 Nov 45 Walter Beany of the City of Norwich & Elizabeth his wife; Agnes Smith of Steeton Bancks, Yorks, widow v John Allott & Jennett his wife; John Blackburne; Anne Morley and Thomas Cutler her son. Estate of Nicholas Michell: properties in Wakefielde and Alverthorpe, Yorks. C78/141, no. 2 [70]
1602 20 Nov 45 Pleasance Brooke of psh St Andrew Holborn, Midd., son of Walter Brooke of Bury St Edmunds, Suff., yeo., decd v Sir John Higham and William Cooke gent., supervisors of the will of said Walter, John Bull and Margaret his wife, John Brooke, another son and executor of the will of Walter Brooke, and John Dobbs another executor. Execution of the will of Walter Brooke (1588), payment of legacies due to the plt. C78/125, no. 5 [71]
1602 22 Nov 44 John Eagles gent., John Denley, George Humphrey, Isaac Aulchin and Richard Barrowe, all churchwardens of Ticehurst, Sussex and Edward Thomas, churchwarden and overseer of the poor, on behalf of all the inhabitants v Marlon Rithe gent., William Bowes esq. and Mary his wife, Sir Edward Kyneston and Dame Judith his wife. Recovery of a rent charge due to the poor of Ticehurst being the investment of £500 bequeathed by Bernard Randolphe esq. to the poor of Ticehurst. C78/110, no. 18 [72]
1602 23 Nov 45 Richard Cholmeley & Margaret his wife v Thomas Gryndon. Money owed to the Plaintiff, also concerning tithes and a messuage at Coppenhall and Burton, Staffordshire. C78/134, no. 9 [73]
1602 25 Nov 45 Andrew Elyott & Andrew Trebye, churchwardens of Holberton, Devon v Walter Hele. Rent charge issuing from lands in Holberton, Devon given towards repairs and upkeep of parish church of Holberton and poor relief. C78/308, no. 7 [74]
1602 27 Nov 45 William Roswell of Twynton, Somerset v John Rowswell; Thomas Rowswell; John Rowswell; Peter Rowswell Estate of John Raynes of Foxcott, Somerset. Farm of Inglescombe, Somerset. C78/136, no. 12 [75]
1602 27 Nov 45 Arthur Capell of Little Hadham, Herts., esq. v Nicholas Mynne gent. Discovery of the plt's share of the manor of Much Framisham, Norf., of which 2/9 held by the plt and the remainder by the dft. C78/128, no. 4 [76]
1602 29 Nov 45 Henry Dodington v Sir Thomas Mansell. Possession of chapel and tithes of Trisent and advowson of Llangonwood, Glam. C78/319, no. 19 [77]
1602 1 Dec 45 Christopher Bulmer of Upsland; James Warde of Norton Conyers; Christopher Williamson of Berdsey; John Dodsworth of Mashame Maynes; Thomas Jackson of Sutton, all Yorks v Alexander Robinson of Leeds, chapman and Christopher Danby of Newe Parke, Yorks Debts of Francis Parker, bonds to Robinson, a chapman of Leeds. C78/141, no. 1 [78]
1602 18 Dec 45 Moses Tryon of London, merchant v Elizabeth Suker, widow and executrix of Jerome Suker, late citizen and grocer of London, decd, Robert Johnson and Lawrence Waldoe. Debts of Jerome Suker to the plt for supply of ginger. C78/103, no. 17 [79]
1602 18 Dec 45 John Cotton of Farnham, Surrey, gent. v Fitzralph Chamberlain esq., son and heir of Sir Ralph Chamberlain; Edward Rookewood esq.; Robert Page; George .....; George Nunne; Thomas Pendleton, servant to Rookewood; John Moore; John Jackson; Robert Barker; William Deane; Michael Skarpe; Anthony Skarpe; William Stafford; William Cocke; John White; John Harwyn als Harwell; Jeremy Ruste; Thomas Short...; Thomas Rockett; Robert Jervys; Thomas Bumpsted & Margaret his wife; Christopher Thwaites; Roger Groome; Walter Makin; Henry Makyn; James Reynoldes; John Brande; William Moore & Anne his wife, many of whom purchased from Rookwood parts of the estate of the Chamberlains. Action on a bond of £400 made by Sir Ralph Chamberlaine for the repayment of £200 lent by the dft to Chamberlaine in 1573: extent on the manor of Gedding alias Geddinghall, Thurmewood and Stonham, Suff., formerly Chamberlain's. C78/116, no. 11 [80]