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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1600 circa 42 Edmond Myres & all the tenants of the manor of Thwaites, Cambs v Joseph Thwaites. The customary tenure on the manor of Thwait. Disputed fines and customs. C78/141, no. 13 [2]
1600 24 Jan 42 Nicholas Barrett gent. v Thomas Mompesson and Henry Mompesson esqs., sons of Thomas Mompesson decd, late of Corton, Wilts., esq., Drew Mompesson gent., William Towpe, John Hadnet, Elizabeth Eynes, Robert Vyner, John Baylie Failure to allow plt possession of the manor of Biddestone, Wilts. and two messuages in Great Somerford after their lease to plt by Henry Mompesson. C78/100, no. 13 [3]
1600 31 Jan 42 Edward Pigott, citizen and grocer of London, creditor of John Alden of London v William Greenewell and Abraham Cartwright, executors of the will of Alderman Benedict Barnam, decd. Performance of agreement that William Saunderson of London, fishmonger, should pay to Barnam sums owed by him to Alden, to the use of the plt. C78/112, no. 8 [4]
1600 1 Feb 42 Fulk Cherry of Banbury, Oxon., husbn, whose son William married Alice, dau. of Thomas Avery decd v Alice Avery, wid. of Thomas Avery, William Avery, their eldest son, Ralph Haughton clerk, William Trevys and Thomas Orpood. Possession of messuages of the plt in Great Dorton, Oxon. and Overthorpe, Northants, mortgages made with Thomas Avery decd. C78/117, no. 1 [5]
1600 5 Feb 42 Thomas, Lord Bishop of Winchester; Thomas Flemynge; John Cheeke of London, mercer; William Symonds of Winchester, draper; Thomas Bostock of London; Thomas Banckes of London, barber surgeon; Richard Venables of London, merchant taylor; John Edwardes of London, draper; William Bethell of Winchester; Richard Foster of London; Edward Cole of Winchester v Richard Symondes; Thomas Cooke; Thomas Mylles; William Cooke; Richard Higgyns Trust settlement of lands in Inglebye, Chadwell and Westham, Essex given by Peter Simons to build a hospital in Winchester and finance two scholars at Oxford. C78/450, no. 9 [6]
1600 8 Feb 42 Richard Turbervyle of Honyton, Devon, merchant, administrator of Thomas Turbervyle late of Exeter decd v (i)Henry Beamonte now decd and John Parrott (ii) Elizabeth Beamonte, widow, executrix of the said Henry Beamonte. The will and estate of Thomas Turbervyle. C78/138, no. 7 [7]
1600 12 Feb 42 Sir John Peeter executor of Alice Gawen, widow decd, John Southcott, Thomas Southe, John Budden v John Abbott, John Rabbetts, George Pyke, John Luke. Estate of Alice Gawen, of Norrington, Wilts. Woods and underwoods at Semblye and on the manor of Horsington, Wilts. C78/139, no. 2 [8]
1600 12 Feb 42 Thomas Moore of Lymehowse, Middx, mariner and Richard Davison of Lee, Essex, mariner v William Hills of Lymehowse. Payment for a diamond. C78/450, no. 10 [9]
1600 16 Feb 42 Thomas Hobbes of Ardington, Berks., yeo. v John Southby, Edward Keate, Richard Southby and Thomas Stratton. Breach of trust; plt's conveyance to dft of his lands in East Hanney, West Hanney, Crownehill alias Cromhill etc., Berks. for settlement of debts. C78/112, no. 10 [10]
1600 13 March 42 John Awbrey gent., youngest son of William Awbrey, DCL, decd v Hugh George, executor of the will of the said William Awbrey. Execution of the will of William Awbrey; peculation of Awbrey's estate, failure to purchase the manor of Pembridge, Heref. and convey it to the plt. C78/107, no. 8 [11]
1600 9 April 42 Robert Mudge, son and executor of William Mudge decd v William Bettes, overseer of the will. Execution of the will of William Mudge (d. 16 March 1584) during the plt's minority (accounts of the administration of the testator's estate are enrolled.) C78/107, no. 9 [12]
1600 10 April 42 William Hopton gent., one of the younger sons of Sir Owen Hopton decd v Arthur Hopton esq., eldest son of Sir Owen Hopton and Owen Hopton gent.,a son of Arthur Hopton. Possession of the manor of Langley Fitzures alias Langley Farm in Kington St Michael, Wilts., which the plt claimed by an estate tail made by Sir Owen Hopton to the use of various of his sons and their heirs male. C78/112, no.9 [13]
1600 11 April 42 John Gostling, brother and heir of Augustine Gostling decd, sons of John Gostling of Norwich, grocer, decd v Thomas Kynge and Rebecca his wife, dau. of Henry Gostling, brother of John Gostling. Possession of a copyhold and 27 acres at Drayton, held of the manor of Drayton, Norf. C78/105, no. 15 [14]
1600 12 April 42 Francis Drake, son & heir apparent of Richard Drake of Essheyre, Surrey v Thomas Drake of Buckland, Devon, brother & heir of Sir Francis Drake decd. Legacy payable from manor of Yarcombe, Devon. C78/320, no. 5 [15]
1600 19 April 42 John Robins the younger of Ugboroughe, Devon v Thomas Beare and Thomasyne his wife. The property of one Ashton, in the village of Clampitt, Cornwall. C78/133, no. 26 [16]
1600 22 April 42 William Walker of Oldehall, Yorks v Francis Everingham and others (not named). Disputed transactions over property at Worsbrowghe, Worsbrowghe Dale, Yorkshire. C78/141, no. 11 [17]
1600 22 April 42 Thomas Graye, citizen and grocer of London v William Palmer, executor of the will of Michael Palmer and Thomas Monnes. Relief from an extent of the plt's lands by dft William Palmer and dft Monnes for the penalty of a bond whereby the plt bound to his father-in-law George Taylor for the proper treatment of his wife. C78/107, no. 12 [18]
1600 22 April 42 Thomas Fitzherbert of Norbury, Derb., esq. v William Leighton of Kenilworth, Warw. and Richard Leighton his brother. Conveyance and mortgage of the plt's lands in Derb. and Staffs. to the dft for the settlement of his debts: refusal of the dft to allow him to redeem the lands. C78/129, no. 8 [19]
1600 26 April 42 George Gilson gent. v Elizabeth, Lady St. John of Bletishoe [Beds.], wid. and Ryce Gryffyn esq. Possession of four houses in psh St Bride Fleet Bridge, London, which the plt purchased in the name of the dfts. C78/107, no. 10 [20]
1600 28 April 42 Richard Taverner of Woodeaton, Oxon., esq. v Bennett Winchcombe esq. Delivery to plt of bonds made for a mortgage of the manor of Woodeaton, Oxon.; dft's demand for additional sums to secure the equity. C78/111, no. 10 [21]
no date [but after April 42 Eliz., 1600] Rowland Eyre and Elizabeth his wife, widow of one Sitwell v John Turner. Relief from bonds and gifts of money and goods made to the dft and Robert Mason by Elizabeth at the time of her marriage and subsequently. C78/113 , no. 2 [22]
1600 1 May 42 William Gill, John Meacocke, John Wright, Edward Murcott of Harbury, Warw., husbn and John Kempe of Southam, Warw., shoemaker, all farmers of lands in Harbury of John Ivon dft v Humphrey Peyto gent., Richard Ivon, son and administrator of the estate of Richard Ivon elder of Harbury, husbn, decd, and John Ivon his son and heir apparent. Relief from an extent procured upon the lands of John Ivon in Harbury. C78/122, no. 13 [23]
1600 5 May 42 Sir Drewe Drury and Dame Catherine his wife, sole dau. and heir of William Fynch esq., decd v Anthony Farrard. Possession of a moiety of a house and 40 acres of land in Lynstead and Norton, Kent, purchased by William Fynche and the dft from John Wolgate of Woore, Kent, yeo. C78/122, no. 12 [24]
1600 5 May 42 Thomas Skynner gent. v John Skynner esq., his brother, both sons of Thomas Skinner, late lord mayor of London, decd. Possession of the manors of Overhall, Netherhall and Lavenham, Suff., which the plt claimed by the bequest of his father. C78/129, no. 6 [25]
1600 26 May 42 Robert Grevill gent., and Blanche his wife, sister of Sir James Whitney of Whitney, Heref., decd, Fulke Grevill, their son and Anne Grevill, Blanche Grevill, Katherine Grevill & Dorothy Grevill, their daus v Ewstace Whitney, William Whitney, uncle to Sir James and Richard Shipham, executors of the will of Sir James Whitney. Execution of the will of Sir James Whitney late of Whitney, Heref. (1587): legacies due to the plt. C78/118, no. 15 [26]
1600 28 May 42 Sybil Clapham, widow of Nicholas Turner decd v Anthony Langston, John Turner, son of Sybil and Nicholas, Robert Walthewe and John Silvester. Possession of a messuage in Sutton Coldfield, Warw., which settled by John Harman, bishop of Exeter, decd, on Nicholas Turner and plt and their heirs as plt's jointure; violent eviction of the plt by Langston whilst deputy sheriff of Warw. C78/112, no. 11 [27]
1600 29 May 42 John Pytman of Quarley, Hants., yeo. v Sir Giles Wroughton, Lady Anne Wroughton, widow of Sir Thomas Wroughton, decd and John Blagrave, Wroughton's lessee. Possession of a tenement in North Tidworth, Wilts., held by the plt by a conventual lease made by the monastery of Maiden Bradley, Wilts. and claimed by the dft. C78/110, no. 7 [28]
1600 31 May 42 Henry Pecke of Remenham, Berks., gent, son of Silvester Pecke, decd v Robert Davys and Frances his wife, dau. of Silvester, Andrew Blunden and Francis Plowden esqs. Descent of the estate of Silvester Pecke (a capital messuage in Remenham called Peak's Place alias Stroder, other tenements and an inn called The Lion in Maidenhead) in psh Cookham and Bray, Berks. Cf C78/122 no. 1. C78/122, no. 11 [29]
1600 31 May 42 Richard Weblin of South Denchworth, Berks., William Weblyn his son, Richard Tubb, husbn and Ellen Elton, widow of William Elton decd v George Hyde esq, lord of the manor of Lovedays in South Denchworth and Hide in North Denchworth, Berks., and Thomas Stratton, his steward. Refusal to admit plts to their copyholds: customs of the manor. C78/122, no.10 [30]
1600 10 June 42 Gilbert, Earl of Shrewsbury, William Cavendishe v Leonard Reresbye, Anthony Forster. Disputes over leases granted by Godfrey Foliambe for tenements at Aldwicke, Kirksandall, Longsandall in Yorkshire, and at Croxden and Greceyate, Staffordshire. C78/134, no. 12 [31]
1600 10 June 42 Samuel Atwood and Jane his wife, dau. of Thomas Ridley, gent., decd v Francis Ridley and John Ridley, brothers of Thomas Ridley, William Ridley, Edward Ridley and Margery Ridley, widow of Thomas Ridley. Possession of lands in Broughton, Salop, conveyed to the plt for their marriage settlement; conveyances amongst members of the Ridley family for the settlement of debts. C78/107, no. 11 [32]
1600 11 June 42 Sybil Lowen of the city of London, widow of John Lowen, citizen and draper of London, yngr brother of George Lowen decd., sons of John Lowen, decd v Thomas Lowen, brother of George Lowen, John Lowen and William Thorowgood, father-in-law of Thomas Lowen. Possession of lands late John Lowen's in London and Southwark, Surrey. C78/100, no. 14 [33]
1600 11 June 42 William Wilson gent., executor of William Wilson his father, decd v William Hamond, John Darrell/Dorrell, Thomas Thorpe and Margaret Horton, the last two administrators of the will of William Hall. Dfts' claim to an annuity and arrears of £10 issuing out of 320 acres of land in Laverton, Yorks., distraint of plt's cattle, his arrest. C78/111, no. 9 [34]
1600 11 June 42 Henry Cordiwen of London, carpenter, son of Thomas decd v William Jeston younger, son and heir of William Jeston elder of Hagley, Worcs., yeo., decd. Performance of agreements in indentures between plt and the dft's father: dft's undertaking to surrender a copyhold messuage held of the manor of Clent, Staffs., to plt on his majority. C78/112, no. 12A [35]
1600 11 June 42 Christofer Jackson, clerk v Henry Mason; Bartholomew Mason; Thomas Peele; Robert Smart; Henry Johnson; John Mason Claims to office of Mastership of hospital of St. John Baptist in Barnard Castle, Durham C78/232, no. 8 [36]
1600 21 June 42 Francis Moore of the Middle Temple, London, gent. v Nicholas Radishe of South Fawley, Berks., Simon Purdewe, Richard Purdewe gent. (who married Anne Radishe, da. and heir of Nicholas Radishe), [blank] Hytchman, [blank] Evans Relief from settlements of the manor of South Fawley alias Little Fawley, Berks., made by Nicholas Radishe to Simon Purdewe and Richard Purdewe for the use of Anne Purdewe prior to the sale of the manor to plt. C78/129, no. 5 [37]
1600 1 August 42 Thomas Harte gent., Richard Smith, William Hawkyns, Christopher Hawkyns, Richard Land and others (not named), tenants of the manor of Middleton Stony, Oxon. v Richard Coxe, purchaser of the manor from William Earl of Derby and Thomas Prymar. Confirmation of the validity of leases for lives made to the plt by Henry late Earl of Derby, common law suits against the plt. C78/122, no. 14 [38]
1600 26 Sept 42 Dorothy Toppe, widow of John Tappe, citizen and merchant tailor of London decd v John Tappe the elder of Stockton, Wilts., gent. and John Tappe younger of London, merchant tailor. Administration of the estate of plt's husband; recovery of her right to a moiety of his goods under the custom of London: conveyances by her husband to defraud her of her right. C78/107, no. 13 [39]
1600 3 Oct 42 William Burgoyne gent. and Margaret his wife v George Burgoyne esq. and Francis Burgoyne gent., plt's brothers and sons of George Burgoyne esq. decd. Actions on a bond made by George Burgoyne to Robert Shute, JKB, decd, for the payment of £300 on occasion of the plts' marriage. C78/129, no. 4 [40]
1600 14 Oct 42 John Mules of Westminster gent. and Margaret his wife v John Talbot, nephew of Michael Gyes of psh St Clements without the bars of New Temple, London, decd, Joan Holderness and Hugh Fawkes. Execution of the will of Michael Gyes; lands in Harrow on the Hill, Midd. bequeathed by him to Margaret Mules on condition that she should pay £14 annually to dft Talbot during his life and other legacies: appointment of a place where plt could make payment. Cf C78/107 no. 20. C78/107, no. 14 [41]
1600 16 Oct 42 Richard Howe gent. and John Cocke, churchwardens of Stowmarket, Suff., for themselves and the inhabitants of Stowmarket v John Howe, son and heir of Robert Howe and grandson of John Howe of Stowmarket, clothier, decd and others (not named). Possession of lands in Stowmarket bequeathed by James Revett late of Rattlesden, Suff., esq. to the use of the poor and detained by Thomas Revett his son: bequest to the parish of Stowmarket by John Howe of an annuity of £4 to be paid from a pasture or wood called Chilton Heywood in Chilton, psh Stowmarket and from copyhold lands of the manor of Combes Hall in Combes, Suff. to the use of the poor. [The decree bears only on the annuity bequeathed by John Howe.] C78/130, no. 14 [42]
1600 18 Oct 42 John Goddarde, Peter Fryer and John Fryer of Wickham Skeithe, Suff., copyholders of the manor of Skeithe in Wickham, for themselves and the other customary tenants of the manor v Sir Edward Cleere, lord of the manor. Refusal to admit the plt to their copyholds: custom of certain fines. C78/101, no. 1 [43]
1600 18 Oct 42 Walter Meredith, owner of a house on the south side of Fleet St. near the Inner Temple and Richard Wotton of London, his tenant, scriveners v Margaret Bennet, widow of Zachery Bennett, owner of a house with a shop under the plts' house, John Bennett of Thavis Inn, Holborn, gent., their son, and Richard Cole, citizen and girdler, their undertenant. That the plts' house in danger of collapse due to an inadequate supporting post which the dfts installed to replace more substantial posts removed on the order of the `viewers' of London. C78/101, no. 2 [44]
1600 21 Oct 42 Edward Howell of Rangeworthy, Glos., glover, son of William Howell of the Isle of Wight, decd, and Jane his wife v Mary Slye wid., Katherine Rogers wid. and Robert Rodgers, all of Bristol. Alleged inheritance of a messuage called `The Ancient Inn of Bristol' in Rackley St., Bristol and other tenements. [The dfts call the premises `The Clyvehouse']. C78/113, no. 18 [45]
1600 27 Oct 42 Regina, by Edward Cooke esq., her attorney-general v William Kirckham, Edmund Elmes, by one Master Apsley his son in law, Thomas Elms and others. Validity of a lease in reversion by letters patent dated 7 June 31 Eliz. [1589] of lands in Hunts. and Northants. which Kirckham procured from the Queen and assigned to Edmund Elmes and others. C78/112, no. 3 [46]
1600 31 Oct 42 Abraham Lister son & heir apparent of Robert Lister late of Halifax decd v John Lister, Robert Waterhouse, John Batt, Humphrey Hall and Daniel Foxecroft. Estate of Richard Lister: property called the 'Cross' at Halifax, and other properties. C78/141, no. 10 [47]
1600 3 Nov 42 Eleanor Kinge of Donhead St Andrew, Wilts., widow and an executrix of Alexander Kinge decd v John Abbott. Possession of the moiety of a lease of a capital messuage called Lyes Court alias Lighcort, psh Donhead St Andrew; fraud in drafting a conveyance between the parties. C78/124, no.2 [48]
1600 13 Nov 42 Raphe Ellyott, clerk & Frances his wife; Christopher Manwaringe & Anne his wife; John Lavyne & Margaret his wife; John Trewbodye & Jane his wife v John Nawnce. Estate of Martyn Trewbodye: manor of Trewynard and other properties in Cornwall. C78/132, no. 6 [49]
1600 13 Nov 42 William Dey of Wretham [?Wretton], Norf., husbn. v John Murrell. Redemption of a mortgage of a copyhold messuage at Wretham, Norf. C78/116, no. 3 [50]
1600 15 Nov 42 Mathew Wood of Sholden, Kent, yeo. v Christopher Esfield and Alice his wife, widow of Nicholas Younge of Canterbury, woollen-draper, decd., Thomas Younge, John Younge and Nicholas Younge, sons of Nicholas and Alice. Redemption of a mortgage made to the plt by Nicholas Younge for £100 on the security of a messuage and 34ac in psh Elham and Stelling, Kent. C78/101, no. 3 [51]
1600 15 Nov 42 William Mason of Milton, Oxon. v Leonard Willmott, Henry Rathbone of Brize Norton, Oxon. and Richard Stokes. Possession of a lease of a farm called Hynton Lyllies and Fysians in Milton [under Wychwood] in psh Shipton under Wychwood, Oxon., held of Brasenose College, Oxford, which conveyed to Leonard Willmott as security for sums lent to the plt. C78/111, no. 11 [52]
1600 17 Nov 43 Andrew Churche, Peter Smythe and Thomas Sympson, poor inhabitants of Risby, Suff., for themselves and on behalf of other poor inhabitants v Robert Webbe esq., and George Fysson. Breach of trust; sale by Webbe to Fysson `Rysbye Towne Howse' and `Rysby Towne Land' which Webbe held on behalf of the poor. C78/112, no. 5 [53]
1600 20 Nov 43 Robert Hutton of Coventry, Warw., gent. v John Wise of Hinton [?in Haddenham], Camb., gent. and William Perneby of Hinton, clerk. Repayment of £20 invested with dft Perneby in the purchase of dft Wise's corn, hay, etc in barns in Hinton and a lease of his saffron ground there. [Allegation by the dfts that the plt tried to `engross up' in the time of dearth]. C78/116, no. 2 [54]
1600 20 Nov 43 William Moore of Barrow, Derb, yeo. v William Pope esq., owner of the plt's messuage in Barrow, and Edward Blunte gent. Completion of the plt's purchase of a lease for 10,000 years of his messuage at Barrow: attempts by Blunt to secure the purchase to his own use. C78/122, no. 9 [55]
1600 20 Nov 43 Francis Coombes of Hemel Hempstead, Herts., gent. v Alexander Nowell, Dean of St Pauls, and the Chapter of St Pauls, and Henry Mayne and James Mayne. Lease of the parsonage of Hemel Hempstead, Hertf. C78/107, no. 15 [56]
1600 22 Nov 43 Lady Frances Burghe, widow of Thomas Lord Burgh, decd, and sole dau. of John Vaughan of East Horsley, Surrey, esq., decd, nephew of Blanche Parry, gentlewoman of the Queen's privy chamber, decd v David Williams serjeant at law, Robert Vaughan esq., nephew of Blanche Parry, plt's uncle, John Morgan Wolfe esq., Hugh Bethell esq. and Thomas Powell gent. Title to the manor of Glasbury, Radnor, conveyed in June 1577 by John Vaughan to Blanche Parry on trust. C78/109, no. 7 [57]
1600 22 Nov 43 Goddard Pemberton of Hackney, Midd., esq. and Susan his wife, widow of Edward Saunders of Harrington, Northants., esq., decd v Bartholomew Tate, Thomas Mulsho and Thomas Creeke esqs. Rent charge of £300 issuing from the manor of Harrington, Northants., granted to the dfts by Edward Saunders in trust for himself, Susan his wife and their heirs. C78/129, no. 2 [58]
1600 28 Nov 43 William Orton, Fenenna his wife, Richard Dylke, Anne Dylke and Grace Greene v George Dylke and William Dylke. The will of Richard Dylke. Disputed legacies. C78/134, no. 13 [59]
1600 28 Nov 43 Thomas Scotte of Great Horningserth [mod. Horringer], Suff. v Sir Robert Jermyn, lord of the manor of Horringer. Admission to copyhold lands held of the manor of Horringer. C78/112, no. 4 [60]
1600 3 Dec 42 Edmund Lye of Hinton Admiral, Hants., lab., brother of Henry Lye of Hinton, yeo., decd v Thomas Marshall and Elizabeth his wife, Thomas Bowles, John Jenninges, Richard Powle and Joan his wife. Descent of 7 tenements and 300 acres in Hinton, Milton, Christchurch and Brockenhurst, Hants., previously of Henry Lye decd, which the plt claims by an entail to him. C78/122, no. 8 [61]
1600 17 Dec 43 Maurice Hill of Helligan, Corn., esq. v Richard Hill, plt's near kinsman and Lewis Hill, Richard's brother, and others (not named). Redemption of manors of Helligan and Cabilia and premises in Cardinham, Corn., mortgaged to the dfts; relief from statutes. C78/113, no. 23 [62]
1600 22 Dec 43 Elizabeth Palmer, widow and executrix of the will of Andrew Palmer elder, goldsmith of London, decd v John Broade, citizen and goldsmith of London who married the plt's daughter. Recovery of sums invested by Andrew Palmer in copartnership with Sir Richard Martyn of London, Humphrey Mychell esq. and the dft in a works for making latten and battering copper and latten at Thistleworth, Midd. C78/129, no. 3 [63]