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| 12 Feb.
| 12 Feb.
| 39
| 39
| Sir John Boll of Haughe, Lincs., esq., and Dame Elizabeth his wife, widow and administratrix of Edward Bacon of King's Lynn, Norf., gent., decd, who was the son of Francis Bacon late of the Whitefriars in the suburbs of London, esq. v Robert Forth, DCL and a master in Chancery and Mary his wife, the widow of William Drurye, and John Bacon, son of Francis Bacon afsd.  
| Sir John Boll of Haughe [Haugh by Alford], Lincs., esq., and Dame Elizabeth his wife, widow and administratrix of Edward Bacon of King's Lynn, Norf., gent., decd, who was the son of Francis Bacon late of the Whitefriars in the suburbs of London, esq. v Robert Forth, DCL and a master in Chancery and Mary his wife, the widow of William Drurye, and John Bacon, son of Francis Bacon afsd.  
| Possession of annuities issuing from the manors of Bulbeck and Bywell [no county given] and Misterton, Leics., part of the estate of Francis Bacon decd; validity of a conveyance by Dr Drurye to Edward Bacon and Elizabeth his wife.  
| Possession of annuities issuing from the manors of Bulbeck and Bywell [no county given] and Misterton, Leics., part of the estate of Francis Bacon decd; validity of a conveyance by Dr Drurye to Edward Bacon and Elizabeth his wife.  
| C78/120, no. 3 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no120/IMG_0093.htm]
| C78/120, no. 3 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no120/IMG_0093.htm]

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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1597 Hilary Term 39 Thomas Pagett of the Middle Temple, apprentice at law v John Durant, Catherine his wife (sister of John Lane late of Walgrave, esq., decd, administratrix of the goods of Augustine Lane), Edward Lane, Robert Lane and Edward Tirrell. Possession of the manor of Walgrave, Norf., which plt purchased from Edward Saunders esq., whose father Edward had purchased it from John and Edward Lane: relief from a recognisance binding John Lane to Augustine Lane for payment of £200. C78/106, no. 8 [2]
1597 26 Jan. 39 Richard Willoughby of Nuneaton, Warw., tanner v Richard Powle, John Olyver, Roger Bowman (a suerty of Powle's) and others. Sums of money owed to the plt by the dft; state of accounts between them. C78/90, no. 8 [3]
1597 26 Jan. 39 Hester Cole, widow and executrix of Thomas Cole, Bachelor of Divinity, late parson of Notgrove, Glos., decd v Edward Saveaker clerk, pretended incumbent, William Whittington, Richard Whittington, George Whittington and Thomas Cooke. Profits of the parsonage of Notgrove; refusal of Saveaker to give up possession to Cole. C78/105, no. 11 [4]
1597 27 Jan. 39 Richard Lechford of Leigh, Surrey, esq. v Edmond Saunders esq., son of Thomas Saunders. Lease of lands called Cowpers and Lydlandes in Charlwood, Surrey and the rectory of Leigh, Surrey, allegedly made to Thomas Saunders by Sir Robert Southwell. C78/90, no. 10B [5]
1597 27 Jan 39 John Everie, John Standerwicke, Agnes Pynney, John Wolmyngton, John Bright, William Hunte and others (named) v Edward Phellipps Projected sale of the manor of Currye Rivell, Somerset, by the Earls of Derby. C78/140, no. 3 [6]
1597 29 Jan. 39 Decree in (i) John Pannell of Hempstead, Essex, yeo. and Margaret his wife, dau. and executrix of John Fenne late of Clare, Suff. v Ellen Fenne, executrix of George Fenn her husband, decd, who was son and executor of will of John Fenn, and wife of William Weekes of London, merchant tailor, and Thomas Fenn; (ii) William Weekes and Ellen his wife v John Pannell and Margaret his wife. Administration and execution of the wills of John and George Fenn. C78/92, no. 17 [7]
1597 31 Jan. 39 Robert Norris of Norton, Sussex, gent. and Elizabeth his wife v Thomas Darrell esq. and William Mory, guardians of Mary Mustechampe, an infant. Possession of a copyhold messuage and 20 acres in Aldingbourne, Sussex, parcel of the manor of Aldingbourne. C78/92, no. 7 [8]
1597 5 Feb. 39 John Chippingdale, Doctor of Law v Edward Wigley, George Wigley, sons of Henry Wigley and Elizabeth his wife, both decd and Henry Wigley, son of George. Possession of a leasehold interest in a messuage, cottages and 5« yardlands parcel of the manor of Scraptoft, Leic., and leased to Henry Wigley by conventual lease of Coventry Abbey. C78/104, no. 9 [9]
1597 7 Feb. 39 Sir Christopher Blounte of Benington, Herts. v Sir Walter Harcourt and Dame Dorothy his wife, Robert Harcourt esq., Thomas Robynson esq., son and heir of William Robinson late of Drayton Bassett, Staffs., esq. and John Robynson gent. Refusal to convey a lease of the manors of Drayton Bassett and Stonydelph with apps. in Staffs. and Warr. following an arbitration between the parties. C78/89, no. 8 [10]
1597 7 Feb. 39 George Rotheram of Lilley, Herts., gent., eldest son of George Rotheram esq., decd by his first wife v Anne Rotheram, widow and second wife of George Rotheram decd, Ralph Sheldon and William Child esqs and Isaac Rotheram gent., eldest son of George elder by Anne Rotheram. Validity of a lease for 60 years or life of the manors of Farley and Whipperley [Stockweard in Luton psh], Beds., made by George Rotheram to Sheldon and Isaac Rotheram in trust for Anne Rotheram. C78/91, no. 7 [11]
1597 8 Feb. 39 Ralph Hurden v Thomas Trevett and Nicholas Trevett his son. Possession of a lease of the farm, site and capital messuage of Long Bredy, Dors. C78/97, no. 6 [12]
1597 10 Feb. 39 Adam Wolley of Riber, Derb., gent., owner of the rectory of Ilkeston, Derb. v Elizabeth Gregge, wid. Payment of tithes in kind from the dft's leaseholds called New Park and Park Land in Ilkeston psh. C78/89, no. 9 [13]
1597 10 Feb. 39 Mayor and Citizens of Chester v Robert Brooke, citizen and alderman of London and Robert Offeley jun., executors of the will of Robert Offeley sen., late citizen and haberdasher of London. £600 bequeathed by Robert Brooke to for a common fund to be lent to the younger freemen of Chester. C78/90, no. 9 [14]
1597 10 Feb. 39 Edmund Standen esq., a clerk of the Petty Bag v William Bullock, gent. Possession of the manors of Arborfield and Barkham, Berks., purchased by the plt of Thomas Bullock esq., decd, dft's brother; unlawful felling of timber. C78/92, no. 6 [15]
1597 10 Feb. 39 William Goulde, George Randall, Isabel Goulde wid. and Richard Burgyn v Edward Ameredeth esq., and Thomas Ameredeth esq., his son, purchasers of the manor of Stokenham, Devon. Possession of the plts' copyhold tenements held of the manor of Stokenham: customs. C78/126, no. 1 [16]
1597 11 Feb. 39 Joan Bladon v Henry Trickett clerk and Henry Trickett jun. Life estate in a messuage in Branston, psh Burton upon Trent, Staffs. and lands. C78/90, no. 10A [17]
1597 12 Feb. 39 Owen Wood, Dean of Armagh, Ireland, and Joan his wife, late wife and executrix of John Ballett, late citizen and goldsmith of London, decd v Valentine Saunders, another executor and Simon Mawe, gent., his brother in law. Administration of Ballett's estate: bond of £500 by which Joan Wood bound to dft Mawe for the performance of the will; detention of her widow's share. C78/111, no. 4 [18]
1597 12 Feb. 39 John Davyes of London, gent., Elizabeth his wife, the widow and administrix of Charles Allyn of Ripon, Yorks., esq., decd v Thomas Stuteville of Suff., esq., William Selby of Barwick, esq., Humphrey Barwick of Sutton, Yorks., gent., John Johnson of Ripon, gent. and others. Breach of trust: account of the profits of lands in Ightham, Wrotham, Shipbourne, New Romney and Lydd, Kent, entrusted to Johnson, Stuteville and others by Charles Allyn to be sold or rented. C78/120, no. 2 [19]
1597 12 Feb. 39 Sir John Boll of Haughe [Haugh by Alford], Lincs., esq., and Dame Elizabeth his wife, widow and administratrix of Edward Bacon of King's Lynn, Norf., gent., decd, who was the son of Francis Bacon late of the Whitefriars in the suburbs of London, esq. v Robert Forth, DCL and a master in Chancery and Mary his wife, the widow of William Drurye, and John Bacon, son of Francis Bacon afsd. Possession of annuities issuing from the manors of Bulbeck and Bywell [no county given] and Misterton, Leics., part of the estate of Francis Bacon decd; validity of a conveyance by Dr Drurye to Edward Bacon and Elizabeth his wife. C78/120, no. 3 [20]
1597 12 Feb. 39 John Dynham of Boarstall, Bucks., esq. v Richard Edlyn gent. and Ellen his wife, widow and executrix of the will of George Gonner of Rickmansworth, Herts., decd. Petition to be discharged from a lease for 100 years of three messuages and 9« yardlands in Ludgershall, Bucks., mortgaged by Henry Poole late of Muswell [Hill], Oxon, esq. decd to Gonner, and a rent of £100 and a statute of £400, alleging that the lease and statute were made in trust

and never intended to be acted upon.

C78/120, no. 4 [21]
1597 15 Feb 39 John Hawes v Elizabeth Ellmer. Estate of Edward Ellmer, dispute over his will. C78/138, no. 2 [22]
1597 16 April 39 Robert Dackombe v James Cottington, Doctor of Divinity and Edward Cottington, his brother. Delivery of obligations of £200 made to secure the making of a jointure to the use of Silvester Dackombe, plt's sister, of £40. C78/91, no. 10 [23]
1597 16 April 39 John Huxham of Cornwood, Devon, yeo. v Nicholas Fayreweather of Cornwood, yeo., who married Thomasine Huxham of Harberton, Devon, wid., plt's mother, William Anne of Shanghe, Devon, Mary his wife and Walter Heate of Cornwood, yeo. Settlement by John Huxham, plt's father, of a messuage in Cornwood on his marriage to Eleanor Fairweather. C78/105, no. 8 [24]
1597 23 April 39 Jerome Greene of Fletton, Hunts., yeo. v Robert Hopkins and wife Alice, widow of Libias Rawson. Possession of a messuage and 70 acres in Stilton, Hunts; alleged forgery of the will of Nicholas Rawson of Dogsthorpe in psh Peterborough, Northants. C78/91, no. 6 [25]
1597 25 April 39 John Wood, Peter Hudson, William Harrison and others, tenants of the manors of Loweswater and Thackthwaite, Cumb. v Anthony Patrickson esq., lord of the manor. Claim by the plt to hold by tenant right with a custom of certain fines, enclosure of a part of the wastes and commons called Holme by the dft, felling of timber by the dft, etc. C78/97, no. 4 [26]
1597 26 April 39 William Heath, administrator of the goods of his late father, James Heath v John Powell. Securing a lease of two watermills, garden etc in Horsey Downe, Southwark, Surrey contrary to agreement with James Powell. C78/89, no. 11 [27]
1597 27 April 39 Oliver Thacker of Derby, innkeeper v Thomas Benson and William Collier, bailiff of the manor of Bewerley. Lease of a house and 10 acres in Bewerley [in Nidderdale, Yorks?] called Chapel, made by Benson to one John Wood of Bewerley yeo. for 21 years and assigned by him to the plt; refusal to accept plt's rent to void the lease. C78/89, no. 10 [28]
1597 28 April 39 Richard Symons, a chancery cursitor v Thomas Jobber and John Symons, brother of plt. Messuage called Cockenhall in Idsall, Salop., settled by one Francis Milward decd on plt's father subject to the payment of rent charge to the poor people of the parish. C78/104, no. 7 [29]
1597 30 April 39 Nicholas Gaywood of Bishops Offley, Staffs., gent. v Philip Bunghey and Thomas Homersley. Rents issuing from a messuage in Sugnall, Staffs. C78/104, no. 13 [30]
1597 30 April 39 William Lee Grice esq., elder brother of Robert Lee Grice, a minor and ward of the plt v Charles Cornwallis esq., Henry Cornwallis esq., his uncle, Clement Hurne, John Howard, John With and others. Sale of the manor of Hainford, Norf. by the plt to Cornwallis: conditional conveyance of other lands and chattels to Cornwallis to be made void on the making of a release of all his interests in Hainford by Robert Lee Grice, reckonings between the parties. C78/124, no. 8 [31]
1597 3 May 39 Michael Penyston of London, draper, Thomas Hauslopp of Solihull, Warw., gent. v Roger Vaughan of Clero, Radnor, esq., Roger Vaughan of Newchurch, gent. and Eleanor Vaughan his daughter, infant. Possession of a tenement and 200 ac in Glasnett/Glasnant, psh Brougwyne, Radnor, and two tenements and 400ac in Michellchurch, Radnor, conveyed to plt by John Powell of Kineton, Heref., gent. C78/104, no. 8 [32]
1597 9 May 39 William Hynde of Madingley, Cambs., esq., the Provost and scholars of King's College, Cambridge, the Dean and Chapter of Ely and c. 100 others, all owners of lands in Cottenham, Cambs. v Robert Pepis elder, Thomas Pepis younger, George Pepis elder and John Bankes. Ratification of an agreement for enclosure and the regulation of waste lands in Cottenham made by the arbitration of Lord North. C78/89, no. 12 [33]
1597 9 May 39 George Jackson of Gatenby, Yorks., gent., son of John Jackson decd v Anthony Kempe and William Waller esqs. Action on a recognisance by which John Jackson and Ascoulphe Cleasbye of Moulton, Yorks, gent., became bound to Anthony Kempe in £20,000. C78/90, no. 13 [34]
1597 9 May 39 Roger Beare of Morchard Bishop, Devon, clerk v Henry Beecher. Recognisance whereby the plt bound to pay a pension of £30 to the dft for as long as he remains parson of Morchard Bishop. C78/92, no. 9 [35]
1597 27 May 39 Andrew Paschall of Springfield, Essex, gent., son of Andrew Paschall decd, late churchwarden, William Daniell clerk, parson there, William Massie gent., Edward Bowsey of Springfield, yeo., churchwarden, and others in the name of the inhabitants and parishioners of Springfield v Thomas Mildmay of Springfield, esq. Possession of closes in Springfield called Great Perifield, Little Perifield, Mellfield and Little Pullyns containing 25 acres which were bequeathed for the support of poor parishioners and repairs to the church. C78/97, no. 5 [36]
1597 30 May 39 John Parsons alias Frowde v William Parsons, Johan Frowde and others. Estate of John Parsons, alias Frowde: Parsonage of Haitesburye and Knooke, Wiltshire, leased by William Bradbridge, Dean of New Sarum. Disputed lease and execution of a will. C78/139, no. 8 [37]
1597 28 May 39 William Cardinall of East Bergholt, Suff., gent. v Edmund Raphe of Hadleigh, Suff., yeo. Action on a recognisance in which the plt bound to dft in 100 marks for the quiet possession of 8ac in Roydon, Suff. sold him by the plt. C78/92, no. 18 [38]
1597 2 June 39 John Harper of Swarkestone, Derb., esq., lord of the manor of Alstonefield, Staffs. v John Golde, tenant of a messuage called Harbache, parcel of the manor. Disputes arising from the partition of the commons in 8 Eliz.: dft's liability to do suit to plt's mill and court. C78/111, no. 5 [39]
1597 2 June 39 Edward Underne of Ashford, Kent, clerk, administrator of the goods of Robert Underne, clerk v William Brown esq., executor of Judith Underne, widow of William Underne, John Burton and Hugh Kellsterne, Brown's undertenants. Possession of a freehold messuage at Staythorpe, Notts., called Starhall and conventual lease of the manor of Staythorpe, Notts. made by Newstead priory to one Thomas Underne: bonds made by plt to William Underne. C78/117, no. 7 [40]
1597 4 June 39 Robert Jaques, citizen and merchant tailor of London v William Lewkenor, citizen and haberdasher of London and John Jaques of London, merchant, plt's nephew. Plt's investment in a trading partnership between the parties: petition that the court should oblige the dft to produce accounts. C78/111, no.7 [41]
1597 6 June 39 Arthur Hopton esq., son of Sir Owen Hopton decd v Robert Brooke elder, citizen and alderman of London and Robert Brooke younger, his son. Mortgages and conveyances of property (including the manors of of Blyborough, Hinton, Cleydon's Risings and Vallance, all in Suff.) to dfts for settlement of Sir Owen's and plt's debts. C78/89, no. 16 [42]
1597 6 June 39 John Rowswell, Thomas Dyer, Arthur Rowswell v William Drew. . Loan by the late Sir James Dyer to William Drew. C78/139, no. 7 [43]
1597 9 June 39 Thomas Powell of Horsley, Denb., esq. v Denise Pulleston, widow of Roger Pulleston of Highgate, Midd., decd, William Lloyd, John Povey gent., William Byrchinshawe, John Pulleston of Havodywren, Denb., esq., brother of Roger Pulleston, and others. Failure by Denise Pulleston, John Povey, William Lloyd and William Byrchinshawe to save the plt harmless from a bond of £200 in which the plt bound with John Pulleston to William Jones of Havodywren, Denb., for the payment of £100. C78/120, no. 1 [44]
1597 10 June 39 Edward Jones of London, gent. and Margaret his wife, widow of Richard Branthwayte esq., serjeant at law, decd v Thomas Spencer, Richard Spencer, Nicholas Fuller and Roger Bromeley esqs., all executors of Branthwayte's will. Administration of Branthwayte's estate; failure to pay legacies to Margaret Jones, her claim to the manor of Ringwood, Hants. as jointure. C78/89, no. 13 [45]
1597 11 June 39 John Boun of Nottingham, gent. and Mary his wife, dau. of John Newbold late of Nottingham, decd v Ezechias Newbold, son of John Newbold. Possession of messuages etc in Nottingham which were formerly the estate of John Newbold. C78/91, no. 9 [46]
1597 11 June 39 Dame Alice Berkeley widow and administratrix of the goods of Sir John Berkeley decd v John Berkeley esq., eldest son of Sir John. Non-payment of a rent of £100 due to Sir John Berkeley in return for the grant of his lands to the dft. C78/92, no. 8 [47]
1597 14 June 39 Giles Sympson, John Trott, John Hellen and Daniel Wye, citizens of London and creditors of William Droughte, citizen and brown baker of London v Robert Wythens and William Droughte. Petition that debts owed to plt by Droughte should be settled out of his property in Gracious St London, mortgaged to Wythens and in his custody by direction of an earlier order of Chancery. C78/89, no. 14 [48]
1597 14 June 39 Eleanor Breton, sometime servant to George late earl of Shrewsbury decd v Gilbert earl of Shrewsbury. Possession of a lease of a messuage called Coldharborough [Coleherberte] in London. C78/89, no. 15 [49]
1597 14 June 39 Richard Loveday gent. v Sir William Paston. Tenure of a manor called Fastolfes in Caister-on-Sea which the plt allegedly held of the manor of Thurne and Ashby in Flegg, Norf., which the dft had by the lease of the Bishop of Norfolk, and a rent of 50s, of which only 25s paid. C78/105, no. 12 [50]
1597 16 June 39 Robert Farmer v Richard Ward esq., lord of the manor of Winkfield, Berks. Plt's possession of a messuage and 100 acres in Winkfield, Berks., including both freehold and copyhold, purchased by the plt from John King;

extents on the premises. [The present decree relates to the freehold.]

C78/124, no. 7 [51]
1597 28 June 39 Sir Thomas Posthumous Hoby and Dame Margaret his wife, dau. and heir of Arthur Dawkins/Dakins, decd and widow of Walter Devereux esq., brother of Robert earl of Essex v George earl of Huntingdon, Henry Smith, William Bond and Giles Fleming. Possession of the manor and rectory of Harkness, Yorks., settled on Walter Devereux and Margaret Dawkins on their marriage; petition that Smith be obliged to release the premises to plt on payment of £2,000. C78/111, no. 6 [52]
1597 Michaelmas term 39 John Fysher v Thomas Bennett, Henry Straunge, Robert Beniamin and others. Estate of Edward Sherrington, deceased, of Luddington, Wilts. Wardship and inheritance of William Sherrington. C78/139, no. 5B [53]
1597 30 Sept. 39 Lionel Dalby gent., son of William Dalby decd, by Robert Banester gent., his prochin ami v Thomas Dalby gent., plt's uncle. Possession of a capital messuage and lands in Tottenham and Edmonton, Midd., of which the plt claims the freehold and the dft a leasehold interest conveyed by Thomas Dalby. C78/92, no. 10 [54]
1597 10 Oct. 39 Alice Ward of Birmingham, Warw., widow and executrix of John Ward yngr of Birmingham, baker, who was son and executor of John Ward elder, decd, and

William Ward, son of plt and John Ward v William Colmer.

Possession of the lease of a messuage or burgage in the High St. in Birmingham late of John Ward elder and bequeathed by him John Ward younger. C78/117, no. 13 [55]
1597 11 Oct. 39 William Williams, George Williams and Brewen Williams gents., administrators of the estate of Henry Williams late of Holme, Dors.,

gent., decd (who married Judith, dau. of William Bulkeley decd) v John Bulkeley of Burgate, Hants., esq. and Oliver Twyne late of Charford, Hants., gent.

Recognisance of £100 in which the dfts bound to Henry Williams gent. for payment of £50. C78/92, no. 11 [56]
1597 18 Oct. 39 Roger Bellowe, gent., cousin of John Bellowe younger, decd v John Payne, gent. and Margery his wife, John Hercie gent. and Anne his wife, widow of John Bellow the younger. Possession of messuages in the parish of Sonning, Berks., parcel of the manor of Woodley, a messuage called the `Signe of the Fawcon' in psh St Sepulchres, London, late John Bellowe's, and other lands. C78/97, no. 8 [57]
1597 25 Oct. 39 Richard Walwyn of Charleton, Som. v John Branche the father, John Branche his son and Gertrude his wife. Possession of a copyhold in Charleton in the manor of Kilmersdon purchased by the plt of the dft; question of whether the interest of Gertrude Branche extinguished by the sale. C78/92, no. 12 [58]
1597 28 Oct. 39 George Russell v William Symons and Thomas Brabon. Action on a statute of £400 acknowledged to the plt by Henry Knyghte of Chalton, Hants, decd. C78/90, no. 12 [59]
1597 29 Oct. 39 William Peter of Torbryon, Devon, esq. v John Stukeley and Humphrey Berry esqs, lords of lands called Wykes alias Eastwyke and Westwicke in psh Chulmleigh and George Packer and five others, the tenants of the lands. Rent of £3 payable to plt out of lands of the dfts called the Wykes alias East Wyke and West Wyke in psh Chulmleigh, Devon. C78/106, no. 7 [60]
1597 31 Oct. 39 Richard Sunderland of High Sunderland, Yorks., gent., John Holmes of Keighley, Yorks, yeo, Thomas Baldwen, Alexander Holmes, George Bowcock and 13 others, purchasers of lands from Lawrence Keighley v George Bowes of Durham, son and administrator of Sir George Bowes late of Streatlam, co. Durham, Francis Slingsby of Scriven, Yorks., esq. and Lawrence Keighley late of Newhall near Otley, Yorks., gent. Relief from an extent on the plts' lands of a recognisance in which Scriven and Keighley bound to Sir George Bowes in £2,000 for the

performance of a conveyance of the wardship of Anne Goldesborough from Bowes to Slingsby and sold on to Keighley.

C78/97, no. 7 [61]
1597 4 Nov. 39 David Lloyd James, Hugh Lewys, Peter Powell and Maurice Morgan of Dessertt, Radnor v Richard Dawes. Relief from an action on a bond brought by the dft against David Lloyd James and the other plts, his suerties, after the bond discharged by a new settlement with the dft. C78/130, no. 16 [62]
1597 8 Nov. 39 William Serjeant of Great Kimble, Bucks., gent., son of William Serjeant of Kimble, gent., decd v William Serjeant younger, son of Richard, who was eldest brother of the plt and the executor of their father's will. Possession of lands in Great and Little Kimble, Bucks., which William Serjeant devised to the plt in tail on condition that the plt should make a lease to Richard of woods there called Eversholte. C78/117, no. 5 [63]
1597 9 Nov. 39 William Lutter, Johanne his wife, Frances Teelyng v William Teelyng and Henry Teelyng. Estate of Thomas Teelyng, late of Petworth, Sussex. Property on the manor of Petworth, held of the Earls of Northumberland. C78/140, no. 5 [64]
1597 10 Nov 39 John Rotherham esq., chancery clerk v Francis Saunder gent., son of William Saunder esq. Agreement between plt and dft concerning the manors of Cardens and Gattons (both psh Cliffe), Kent with other lands which were sold to plt by dft's elder brother Nicholas. C78/89, no. 17 [65]
1597 10 Nov 39 Tyles Rysedon v George Saffyn, Mary his wife, Thomas Saffyn, Thomas Thompson. Property of the late dissolved monastery of Buckland, Devonshire. Manor of Colompton. C78/138, no. 14 [66]
1597 14 Nov 39 John Maliverer of Letwell, Yorks., esq. v Cecily Sandys, widow and executrix of Edwin Sandys late archbishop of York. Relief from a bond entered into by plt as surety to the archbishop for one William Brewster. C78/89, no. 18 [67]
1597 14 Nov. 39 Humphrey Sidenham, lord of the manor of Dulverton, Som., esq., William Norris, Edward Webber, John Hyndam elder and John Hyndam yngr, parishioners and inhabitants of Dulverton v John Wattes clerk, vicar of Dulverton. Custom of collecting small tithes in the parish: plts compelled to pay small tithes in kind contrary to custom. C78/124, no. 5 [68]
1597 17 Nov. 40 Francis Sherrard of Stapleford, Leics., esq., son and heir of George Sherrard esq., decd v Roger Smyth and William Cave esqs, trustees for George Sherrard. Revivor of an earlier suit concerning the rents and profits of manors and lands late in the possession of George Sherrard including Stapleford, Saxby, Skawford, Freeby and Asserby in Lincs. and Leics. and elsewhere; breach of trust to employ the income to use of plt and his children. C78/91, no. 8 [69]
1597 17 Nov. 40 John Edwards of Bavington, Kent, gent. v William Kympton, William Edward Kympton, John Kyndon and eight others. Proportionate contribution to rents due to the Master of the Rolls and the Dean and Chapter of Westminster issuing from nine tenements and an Inn called `The Bell on the Hoop' in psh St John the Evangelist, in Friday St. and Watling St., London. C78/110, no. 1 [70]
1597 23 Nov. 40 George Wallyn alias Walwyn and Anne his wife, widow and administratrix of John Bate the younger of Thurlaston, Leics., husbn, decd v Edward Turvile esq. and John Syde. Possession of a messuage and 2« yardlands in Thurlaston leased by Edward Turvile to John Bate decd for a term of 30 years which the plt tricked into releasing to Turvile. C78/100, no. 1 [71]
1597 26 Nov. 40 William Gwyllym of Burlton, Heref. gent., Anne his wife and Thomas Gwyllym of Burghill, Heref., gent. v Hugh Welshe esq., owner of a moiety of the manor of Burghill, Herf., Francis Withens esq., and Hugh Parkyns. Attempts to secure the forfeiture of a lease for 99 years of a moiety of the rectory and tithes of Burghill. C78/100, no. 2 [72]
1597 26 Nov. 40 Sir Edward Wingfield of Kimbolton, Hunts, whose wife was Mary [Harrington] v James Harrington, brother of Mary Wingfield, Edward Montague and Henry Montague esqs., nephews to Mary Wingfield. Refusal of the dfts to join with the plt in making a sale of leases of the mansion house called Stone House and the manor of Stone in Kent which were assigned to the dfts in trust for Mary Wingfield. C78/129, no. 19 [73]
1597 27 Nov 39 Robert Love, Marie his wife, John Harrys and Margaret his wife v Alice Gawen, William Osborne and others. Estate of Edward Browne, alias Clements, late of Wilton, Wiltshire. Property at East Knoyle and Bishops Knoyle, Wilts. And several other properties. C78/140, no. 4 [74]
1597 28 Nov. 40 Francis Langdon of London, son and heir of Clement Langdon, decd, by Thomas Jobson his guardian v Thomas Wharten. Possession of a freehold messuage in New Buckenham, Norf., late of Clement Langdon C78/110, no. 2 [75]
1597 28 Nov 40 Thomas Underhill v Thomas Richardson. Legacies payable from personal estate of John Richardson. C78/232, no. 19 [76]
1597 29 Nov. 40 Robert Farmer v Richard Ward esq., lord of the manor of Winkfield, Berks. Plt's admission to a messuage and 100 acres in Winkfield, Berks., including both freehold and copyhold, purchased by the plt from John King; extents on the premises. [The present decree relates to the copyhold.] C78/124, no. 6 [77]
1597 30 Nov. 40 Lawrence Searle, William Bird, John Serjant and eight others, undertenants to Edmund Felton, gent., of lands in Ongar Park, Essex v William Taber clerk, parson of High Ongar. Dft's demands for tithes in kind where a composition customarily paid. C78/97, no. 9 [78]