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| Thomas Littlejohn yngr of Cullompton, Devon, husbn, Edward Littlejohn of Templeton, Devon, Roger Littlejohn of Cadbury, Devon, John Hill of  
| Thomas Littlejohn yngr of Cullompton, Devon, husbn, Edward Littlejohn of Templeton, Devon, Roger Littlejohn of Cadbury, Devon, John Hill of  
Cullompton, Devon, husbn and seven others v John Fortescue yngr esq., and John Cole gent.  
Cullompton, Devon, husbn and seven others v John Fortescue yngr esq., and John Cole gent.  
| Validity of leases to the plt by John Fortescue elder of Spriddlestone [in Brixton psh], Devon, decd. of parcels of land in Cullompton held of the  
| Validity of leases to the plt by John Fortescue elder of Spriddlestone [in Brixton psh], Devon, decd. of parcels of land in Cullompton held of the manor of Pounsford Facye [Ponsford in Cullompton].  
manor of Pounsford Facye [Ponsford in Cullompton].  
| C78/126, no. 7 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no126/IMG_0025.htm]
| C78/126, no. 7 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no126/IMG_0025.htm]

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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1594 25 Jan. 36 Thomas Dowell, son of Margaret Dowell, who was dau. of Cicely Newton, and Maurice Howell and Elizabeth his wife, another dau. of Cicely Newton v Thomas Gyfforde. Possession of a tenement in Dry Drayton, Cambs., with 40ac of land, formerly of Cicely Newton. C78/87, no. 8 [2]
1594 29 Jan. 36 Edmund Thymblethorp, gent v. Henry Doylie esq. and Henry Tympley, gent. Leases of manors of St. Bennets, Almoners and St. Andrews, in Worstead and of rectory of Worstead, Norf, lately of Bertram Thymblethorp, dec and subsequently extended for debt. Manor of Horsham, Suff. C78/84, no. 12 [3]
1594 after 2 Feb. 36 Eliz, 1594] 36 Anthony Greeneway, son of Richard Greeneway decd v Michael Harcourte esq. (who married Jane, widow of Richard Greeneway), John Wellesborne, George Anslowe, Robert Harcourte, William Ward and four others. Leasehold premises in Dinton and West Wycombe, Bucks., called Comptons, Fulredye, Kenners and Walridge, formerly of Richard Greeneway; validity of a lease of Greeneway's goods made by the plt. C78/88 no. 1 [4]
1594 4 Feb. 36 John Mannyng, Humphrey Walker, Robert Wilmott, John Thorne, Thomas Michell, John Nurton and other copyholders and customary tenants of the manor of Hertilburie [Hartlebury], Worcs v. Edmund Freke, bishop of Worcester and Urban Eyre. Customs of the manor relating to fines, freebench, descent of holdings and the appointment of beadles. Earlier decrees in chancery and in the council of the Marches.(dk) C78/70, no. 13 [5]
1594 4 Feb 36 Henry Jermye v. John Fynch John Fynch v. Henry Jermye Dealings concerning purchase of lands in Foxhall, Suff, from Fynch. C78/83, no. 4 [6]
1594 11 Feb. 36 John Wilgose of Iridge, Sussex, esq. v Henry Mordaunt esq., son and heir of Edmund Mordaunt of Thunderley, Essex, decd, Egrimond Ragland esq., son of Sir Thomas Ragland, Francis Mills and Henry Woodhowse, gent. Action on a bond made between Sir Thomas Ragland and Edmund Mordaunt for the performance of an indenture between them, after which Ragland sold his lands in Glamorganshire to plt, the lands now found to be liable to the payment of the penalty in the bond. C78/93, no. 10 [7]
1594 12 Feb. 36 Gregory Hatherley alias Furley of Cattistock, Dors., husbn. v John Browne esq., lord of the manor of Frampton, Dors., John Martyn and Hugh Crode. Refusal to admit the plt to his customary tenement and cottage in the manor. C78/87, no. 3 [8]
1594 18 April 36 John Germyn of Exeter, gent. v Henry Carye and Richard Carye, gents. Failure by Henry Carye to complete a conveyance to the plt of the manor of Carre in St Giles on the Heath, Devon, and lands. C78/86, no. 4 [9]
1594 20 April 36 Walter Thomas of Crewys Morchard, Devon, husbn v Henry Rowle/Rolles esq., lord of the manor of Exton, and Fulke Towman his lessee. Expulsion of the plt from his copyholds called Cornyshe Clieffe alias Ormondes Clieffe and Esterewe, validity of copy granted to the plt and his parents for their lives. C78/126, no. 9A [10]
1594 22 April 36 John Roo, Peter Bolton, Richard Cowper, John Mortymer, Richard Bent, Thomas Reade, William Dunston, John Toore, Thomas Weightman, Thomas Reade the elder, John Bent, William Cowper, Robert Ives, William Gilbert, John West, Robert Tompson and Margery Cowper of Stony Stannton, Leics v. Edward Androwes, esq. Messuages and lands in Stony Stannton, late of Thomas Roo of Broughton Astley, Leics, dec.(dk) C78/84, no. 8 [11]
1594 22 April 36 William Fynche of Buckfastleigh, Devon, yeoman v. Ellerly Luscombe, widow, of Ashburton, Devon. Moiety of customary holding of the manor of Ashburton. C78/84, no. 9 [12]
1594 24 April 36 Alice Weston of Isleworth, Midd., widow of Dr Weston, late chancellor of Ireland v Edward Ovelye esq., son and heir of Edward Ovelye of Catesby, Northants., esq., decd. Payment of annuities purchased by the plt of Edward Ovelye for the lives of her children. C78/124, no. 12 [13]
1594 6 May 36 Edward, earl of Worcester v. Sir William Herbert, Elizabeth Dawkyn, widow, Philip ap John ap Rees and other tenants (some named) of the seigniory of Gower and Kilvey, Glam. Payment of feudal aids and mises and fines for admission of heirs general to holdings. Encroachments and enclosures of wastes (named) within the seigniory. Dismission. C78/84, no. 10 [14]
1594 7 May 36 Henry Langhwell v Jane Darthe. Estate of Robert Darthe, late vicar of Cutcombe, Somerset, Bequests to the poor of the parish. C78/140, no. 2 [15]
1594 6 May 36 John Jeffcocke and William Johnson of Shilton, Warw., husbn v Mary Aglionby, widow of Edward Aglionby esq., decd, Michael Felding gent., William Kellett and John Elmes. Possession of plt's copyholds in Shilton and Barnacle, Warw., held of the manor of Shilton. C78/105, no. 6 [16]
1594 8 May 36 William Mowleton of Todenham, Glos, gent v. Edward Tomlyns, gent, John Lane, William Moris, William Lea, William Horseman, Sarah Furbur, widow and Mary Haye, widow, customary tenants of the manor of Todenham. Agreement and subsequent ratification of the same, between plaintiff, as lessee of manorial demesne, and defendants as copyholders of part of manor called Homestall End, to enclose part of demesne for plaintiff's use in severalty, reserving part of demesne for tenants' use. Plaintiff gives up right to intercommon or non demesne lands. C78/84, no. 7 [17]
1594 8 May 36 William Talbott v Johane Holderness and Elizabeth Howson. Dispute over the title of four tenements in the Parish of Saint Clement Danes, London. C78/140, no. 1 [18]
1594 11 May 36 Gryffyth ap John Philips, executor of the will of John Phillips yngr of Iscoyed, Denb. v John Roden of Iscoyed esq., William Dodde, John Davies and William Gryffyth, undertenant to Roden. Possession of a messuage and 30 acres in Sutton in the manor of Bromfield late the possession of John Philips. C78/102, no. 4 [19]
1594 11 May 36 Christopher Rythe of Lincoln's Inn, Midd., esq. v Walter Harecourte of Ellenhall, Staffs., esq. Arrears of rent for a messuage in Stanton Harcourt, Oxon., leased by the dft to the plt for a consideration of £650 and then redemised to the dft for an annual rent; forfeiture of a bond made to the dft for payment. C78/105, no. 7 [20]
1594 6 June 36 Francis Whash of London, esq v. John Scouthcott, esq and Cuthbert Lyne of Westminster, grocer. Lease of site of manor or farm of Ebury, Midd. C78/84, no. 13 [21]
1594 6 June 36 Richard Rumney of the University of Oxford, gent., son of Elizabeth Rumney who later married Thomas Best late of Gloucester, gent., decd v Luke Garnons gent., Thomas Machin gent., both aldermen of Gloucester and executors of Elizabeth Rumney, and Ancell Sanforde, gent. Possession of a lease of the rectory of Twyning, Glos., made by Christ Church Oxford, the term of which was bequeathed to Elizabeth Rumney by Thomas Best. C78/88, no. 2 [22]
1594 6 June 36 Thomas Preston Doctor of Law, master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge and the fellows and scholars v Edward Wood of Fulbourn, Camb., gent. Possession of 100 acres of arable, tenements and closes in Fulbourn purchased by the plt of the dft in 1 Eliz. C78/115, no. 3 [23]
1594 13 June (re-enrolled 5 June 23 Chas. II) 36 John Chetwine v Sampson and Agnes Walker Payment of pair of gloves for lands in Salt and Enson, Staffs. C78/689, no. 1 [24]
1594 17 June 36 John Canninges of Almondsbury, Glos., gent. v Richard Ayshurst. Refusal to reconvey a lease of a messuage in Gauntes Earthcott, psh Almondsbury, held of the Mayor, commonalty and burgesses of Bristol and mortgaged to the dft. C78/106, no. 4 [25]
1594 18 June 36 Hadrian Saravia clerk, parson of Tattenhill and Barton, Staffs., Richard Edwards gent., and John Whiting jun. of Barton v Thomas Hill, citizen and haberdasher of London, executor of Thomas Russell, citizen and draper of London, decd, Lewis Russell, Richard Baylye and four others. Execution of the will of Thomas Russell (1593) by which he bequeathed £50 towards the erection of a free school in Barton and an annuity of £21 10s in perpetuity for repairs. C78/111, no. 1 [26]
1594 19 June 36 Roger Lord North, lord of the manor of Hayes, Midd. v Richard Millett, son of John Millett of Hayes, Midd., yeo. Validity of a lease in reversion of the manor and demesnes of Hayes made by the plt's father to dft's father. C78/104, no. 3 [27]
1594 21 Oct. 36 Thomas Howarde of Carlton Colville, Suff., yeo. v William Sydnor esq., lord of the manor of Henstead, Suff., and Thomas Thorneton. Refusal to admit the plt to his copyhold lands: claim that they form part of his demesnes. C78/115, no. 10 [28]
1594 28 Oct. 36 John Porter, citizen and fishmonger of London and John Stafford alias Stafferton, citizen and cordwainer of London, his undertenant v John Saunders, draper. Leases of a tenement and garden in Marke Lane in psh All Hallows Staining, London, belonging to the churchwardens of All Hallows. C78/105, no. 5B [29]
1594 28 Oct. 36 Thomas Littlejohn yngr of Cullompton, Devon, husbn, Edward Littlejohn of Templeton, Devon, Roger Littlejohn of Cadbury, Devon, John Hill of

Cullompton, Devon, husbn and seven others v John Fortescue yngr esq., and John Cole gent.

Validity of leases to the plt by John Fortescue elder of Spriddlestone [in Brixton psh], Devon, decd. of parcels of land in Cullompton held of the manor of Pounsford Facye [Ponsford in Cullompton]. C78/126, no. 7 [30]
1594 31 Oct. 36 Thomas Leman of Dalling, Norf, yeoman and John Leman v. Richard Bulwer, gent, William and Robert Bulwer and Nicholas Molline and wife Elizabeth. Customary holding of the manor of Dalling Hall alias Mounceux, Norf. C78/84, no. 11 [31]
1594 2 Nov. 36 John Brewton of psh St Olaves in Southwark, Surrey, joiner v Thomas Cooker of Enfield, Essex and William Cooker his son, servant to Henry Lawrence, citizen and grocer of London. Fraud in having a lease of the plt's tenement in St Olaves drawn. C78/88, no. 4 [32]
1594 9 Nov. 36 John Browne of Enfield [...], Helen his wife, Thomas Dippen, Joan his wife and Barbara Francis, wid, cousins and coheirs of Edward Marshall, decd, and daughters of Robert Marshall his brother v Jonas Taylor. Recovery of two copyholds held of the manor of Cheshunt, Herts., surrendered to dft by Edward Marshall for three years for the settlement of gambling debts. C78/93, no. 11 [33]
1594 9 Nov. 36 Christopher Stone gent. v Nicholas Westover of Chardstock, Dors., yeo. and cross suit in Westover v Christopher Stone and John Cokeney of Chardstock

and others.

Possession of a cottage held as copyhold of the manor of Chardstock, Dors. C78/126, no. 6 [34]
1594 12 Nov. 36 William Budder, gent and wife Mary, Nicholas Clayton and wife Susan, John Fleming and wife Elizabeth and Judith and Sarah Rowe v. Arden Waferer, esq, Thomas Rowe and Thomas Adams, gent. Rectory and manor of Clapham and manor of Oakley, Beds, late of John Rowe, esq, dec, father of female plaintiffs. Deeds of entail. Dismission. Note also ref at REQ 1/18 Court of Requests Orders & Decrees. C78/84, no. 14 [35]
1594 12 Nov. 36 Thomas Hale and Anne Hill, spinster, for themselves and other copyholders of the manor of Badger, Salop. v Anthony Kynnersley, lord of the manor, Thomas Woodcock, gent., steward of the manor, and Thomas Kynnersley esq., father of Anthony and late lord. Refusal to admit plt to their copyholds; claim of the tenants to a custom of certain fines. C78/86, no. 6 [36]
1594 14 Nov. 36 Peter Roos of Laxton, Notts., esq. v William Foster esq., William Hall, Thomas Wayte, Thomas Browne and Thomas Barloe. Possession of the manor of Maxstoke and Metlin (Metteley) and Maxstoke Hall in Maxstoke together with other lands in Warw. C78/90, no. 2 [37]
1594 14 Nov. 36 Thomas Turgis, William Sterte, John Heath, Nicholas Alderton, John Stynte and 44 others on behalf of themselves and the other copyholders of the manor of Petworth, Sussex v Henry, earl of Northumberland. Customs of the manor of Petworth, compensation for common rights in parts of the common or outwood of Petworth now enclosed within dft's parks. C78/90, no. 11 [38]
1594 15 Nov. 36 William Ellis of North Fambridge, Essex, yeo. v John Bastwick. Possession of Sowe Mershe in North Fambridge and Purleigh on which was built a messuage, leased by John Averell gent. for ninty-nine years, the freehold of which is now possessed by the plt. C78/87, no. 7 [39]
1594 16 Nov. 36 Reginald Horne, William Robynes, Richard Haywarde and 13 others, copyhold tenants of the manor of Kensworth alias Dame Sayers, Herts., and

Dunstable, Beds. v Richard Alwaye of Lincoln's Inn, lord of the manor, and John and Ralph Alwaye of Gray's Inn, Midd., gents. his brothers.

Ratification of customs of the manor. C78/115, no. 11 [40]
1594 20 Nov. 37 John Haythway and Jane his wife, dau. and heir of John Ashton v William Marquess of Winchester, Nicholas Venables and Thomas Childe, bailiffs of

Andover, Robert Pyle, John Edwards alias Weele and others.

Possession of two mills and lands and a messuage and three acres all in psh Andover, Hants., claimed by descent from plt's grandfather. C78/126, no. 4 [41]
1594 24 Nov. 37 James Brett of Hoby, Leics., gent. v Sir George Villers. Suit to bring about the enrolment of a reciprocal lease for 41 years dated 1 April 35 Eliz. of a messuage and 3 yardlands and meadow in Hoby, Leics. C78/90, no. 4 [42]
1594 25 Nov. 37 Laurence Eborall of Hatton, Warw, yeoman v. Richard and Henry Hunte. Lands in the lordship and common fields of the town of Warwick, late of Francis Edwards, dec. C78/84, no. 18 [43]
1594 28 Nov. 37 John Barton of Castlemorton, Worcs., yeo., Roger Smythe of Twyning, Glos., yeo., Alice Gryffyth of Prior's Norton, Glos., wid., Robert Churche of Sandhurst, Glos., yeo. and John Hill of Prior's Norton, yeo. v John Chamberlain esq., lord of the manors of Churchdown and Bishop's Norton, Glos., Robert Hurleston, Andrew Mawnsell, Richard Sawford, Margaret Butt wid. and Richard Higges. Refusal to admit the plts to their copyholds. C78/88, no. 3 [44]