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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1575 27 Jan. 17 John Ashwell of Tanworth, Warw, cooper and wife of Alice, widow of Henry Balamy, and John Balamy v. Roger Belhurst of St. Giles without Cripplegate, London, brewer. Three crofts called Beaumonts in Tanworth, Warw. C78/49, no. 17 [2]
1575 31 Jan. 17 John Hurt of Orsett, Essex by guardian Edmund Hurt v. Edward Bury, esq. Admittance to customary lands, worth 20 marks, p.a. held of the manor of Bulphan, Essex. C78/47, no. 25 [3]
1575 31 Jan. 17 Richard Babacombe v. Simon Sloley. Customary holding of manor of Fremington, Devon. C78/66, no. 8 [4]
1575 1 Feb. 17 Arthur Feilde v. Ralph and Richard Heydon, gents. Admittance to a customary holding in Wiggington, Herts, belonging to manor of Tring, Herts. C78/47, no. 5 [5]
1575 1 Feb. 17 Thomas Fulthurst of Glenfield, Leics, gent and wife Alice v. Richard Reynolds, Nicholas Ledington, Paul Jefferye and others (named). Lease of five messuages in St. Swithins London. Defendant Reynolds claims lease was extended for debt and sold him by the sheriff. C78/51, no. 1 [6]
1575 4 Feb. 17 Thomas Ryllarye, gent and wife Elizabeth, widow of Richard Day of London, gent v. Edward Porter. Lease of rectory of Stanton Drew, Som and will of Dr. Creating, archdeacon of Bath, dec. C78/52, no. 13 [7]
1575 5 Feb. 17 Ellen Starre, widow of Richard Starre of All Hallows, Staining, London v. Mayor and commonality of London and Michael Howson. Messuage in Mark Lane, London. Coals for the poor. C78/47, no. 20 [8]
1575 5 Feb. 17 Thomas Wescott, son of Thomas Wescott late of Exeter decd, and Nicholas Wescott v John Wescott, brother to Thomas Wescott plt. Inheritance of four messuages in Exilond [Exe Island] in psh St Edmund Exeter, which part of the estate of Thomas Wescott. C78/96, no. 8 [9]
1575 7 Feb. 17 John Beache by guardian Thomas Button v. Gregory, Lord Dacres, George Goryng., esq and Thomas Loxford Admittance to customary lands belonging to the manor of Hurstpierpoint, (Hurst Perpounde), Sussex. Customs in the event of inheritance by a minor. C78/47, no. 24 [10]
1575 9 Feb 17 Francis Shakerley of Greys Inn, esq. v. Edward Welshe. Conventual lease from monastery of Sheen, Surrey, of manor, chapel and tithes of Ocle Lyre (Lyresocle), Heref. C78/51, no. 2 [11]
1575 10 Feb 17 Richard Jourden of London, merchant taylor v. Thomas Dallowe, gent, Edmund Cowbache, Thomas Hyll and others (named). Lease of tithes and of custom hens and geese in Stockton, Kimbolton, Hamnish and Bache Middleton, Heref. C78/47, no. 26 [12]
1575 12 Feb. 17 Thomas ap Harrie, citizen and goldsmith of London v. Hugh ap Robert ap William and Richard ap John Benett. Two capital messuages and 300 acres in Llanaelhaiarn, Caern, a messuage in Llandwrog and a tenement and land elsewhere in Caern. Plaintiff seeks a decree following on an earlier order concerning the premises of 29 April 12 Eliz. C78/47, no. 15 [13]
1575 23 April 17 John Hughyll of Blewbury, Berks, yeoman v. Francis Weldon, gent, Thomas George, John Tappetowe and others (named) Reversion of 2 messuages with lands, held by custom of the manor of Pangboume, Berks. Felling of trees on holdings. C78/47, no. 27 [14]
1575 28 April 17 Nicholas Turner of Whithington, Staffs., yeo. v Margaret Vernon, widow of Henry Vernon of Sudbury, Derb., esq., decd. Plt's occupation of a messuage in Whithington, Staffs. C78/96, no. 9 [15]
1575 30 April 17 Thomas Myllerd and wife Edith and her sons Thomas and John Pill v. Hugh Ridge, gent. Customary holding of the parsonage manor of Midsomer Norton, Som. Dismission. C78/66, no. 20 [16]
1575 2 May 17 William Ashewell of Leighton Buzzard, Beds., yeoman v. Thomas Smyth and Griffin Rawlyns. Customary holding of the manor of Leighton, Beds. C78/45, no. 18 [17]
1575 3 May 17 Walter Primes of Chipping Farringdon, Berks. v John Sowthall of Little Marlow, Bucks. Lease of the manor of Withington, Glos., held of the Bishopric of Worcester. C78/96, no. 10 [18]
1575 4 May 17 Robert Bylboroughe, citizen and grocer of London v. Clement Andrew and Ellen Cristian. Coventual lease of a messuage called the Red Lion in Barbican in St. Botolph without Aldersgate, London. Dismission. C78/47, no. 17 [19]
1575 10 May 17 Two alleged orphan girls of Thomas Hoell's lineage v. Master, Wardens and Company of Drapers. Claims to legacies under will of Thomas Hoell, merchant of Seville and under a decree of 24 June 1 Eliz. See C 78/16/34, C 78/27/18. C78/51, no. 3 [20]
1575 11 May 17 William Button, esq v. Richard Danvers, gent. Manor of Tockenham, Wilts, a conventual lease granted by Bradenstoke Abbey, Wilts to Anne Danvers, and the molestation of the manor's copyhold tenants. C78/66, no. 17 [21]
1575 13 May 17 John Purselowe of Sidbury, Salop, gent, and wife Constance, John Lovett of Adderbury, Oxon, gent and wife Mary, Humphery Underbill of Kington, Warw. gent and wife Elizabeth and William Fortescue of Lincoln's Inn, gent and wife Ursula, for their wives, daughters of Richard Newport of Hunningham, Warw. esq. dec. v. Robert Brokesbye,esq. and Thomas Callowe. Debts and legacies under the will of Richard Newport. Plaintiffs are executrixes. C78/45, no. 19 [22]
1575 13 May 17 Edith Quyntyne alias Frier, widow of Henry Quyntyne, alias Frier, decd v Bernard Drake esq., lord of the manor of Tudhaies [?Tudhay, psh Hawkchurch], Devon, and John Carsewell, gent. Refusal to admit the plt to her widow's estate in two tenements called Lowdeshayne, a parcel of barton lands and a tenement called Tuddyn, all copyholds of the manor. Cf C78/96 no. 7B. C78/96, no. 11 [23]
1575 4 June 17 Thomas Taylor of High Holborn, St Giles in the Fields, Midd., clerk and parson of North Cerney, Glos. v Richard Bridges esq., uncle to Lord Chandos, Thomas Raynolds, his servant and others. Possession of the parsonage, glebe and tithes of North Cerney which the plt claims by virtue of his office and the dft by lease made to him by the plt. C78/96, no. 17 [24]
1575 8 June 17 Edward Golding v. George Golding. Lease of manor of Knighton [in Compton Beauchamp], Berks. C78/51, no. 4 [25]
1575 8 June 17 Robert Sydersyn of Luxborough Evererd, Som. v George Escott, Christopher Escott and Lawrence Escott his sons, and Leonard Upcott. Possession of four copyhold tenements called the Hammes in the manor of Luxborough Evererd, the freehold of which has been sold by William Everard, lord of the manor, to George Escott. C78/96, no. 16 [26]
1575 9 June 17 Thomas Blaunchflower of Kingston, Som. husbandman, tenant of manor of Taunton, Som. v. William Cornyshe. Customary land called Clayhills belonging to manor and seignory of Taunton and Taunton Deane. Customs of manor concerning fines. C78/45, no. 21 [27]
1575 11 June 17 William Smythe, son of John Smythe and wife Edith, daughter of Thomas Grythe of East Bergholt, Suff, dec and William Cardinall, son of Stephen Cardinall and wife Anne, another daughter of Thomas Grythe v. Thomas Richmond. Thomas Grythe's will and the descent of a barn and lands held by custom of the manor of Dovercourt, Essex. Question of entails and remainders on copyhold lands discussed. C78/66, no. 13 [28]
1575 11 June 17 John Whatley, brother of Henry Whatley decd and son of Robert Whatley of Warminster, Wilts., husbn, decd v Richard Yonge, Margaret his wife, widow of Henry Whatley and Thomas Webb of Buckington, Som., clothier. Possession of a leasehold interest in the prebend of Warminster, Wilts., leased to Robert Whatley. C78/96, no. 12 [29]
1575 13 June 17 Henry Tympley of Worstead, Norf, gent and wife Katherine, widow of Bertram Thymelthorpe, gent v. George and Thomas Thymelthorpe, Edward Barnes and Thomas Gryme. Legacies due under Bertram's will for which the defendants are the executors. C78/52, no. 16 [30]
1575 13 June 17 Edward Blenerhasset, gent. v. John Holdyche, gent. Admittance to 6 acres of copyhold land in Ranworth held of Ranworth manor, Norf, and to 21 acres of copyhold in Ranworth and Panxworth, Norf, once held of South Walsham manor. The 21 acres had been severed from their old manor through their sale to the defendant. Decree orders they should now become copyhold lands of the defendant's manor of Ranworth. C78/47, no. 6 [31]
1575 13 June 17 William Shelley, esq v. Stephen Woodgate and Richard, Marcye and Anne Whiter, infants. Customary lands in Horkesley, Essex. An earlier case where plaintiff was defendant and defendant plaintiff. Custom whereby the felling of timber on a holding by tenants constitutes forfeiture of holding to lord. C78/47, no. 14 [32]
1575 13 June 17 James Walwark v. John Grey and Thomas Wyatt. Two messuages with appurtenances in Chichester and elsewhere in Sussex. C78/52, no. 17 [33]
1575 13 June 17 John Smith, gent and wife Elizabeth v. William and Richard Harris. Annuity of £20 out of lands in Teynham, Kent, held of the arch-bishop of Canterbury. Dismission. C78/70, no. 7 [34]
1575 16 June 17 John Tusser, gent v. William Tusser gent. Non delivery of bonds. Defendant is uncle to plaintiff. C78/47, no. 16 [35]
1575 18 June 17 John Whithurst, Thomas Amerye and other inhabitants and parishioners of Dillerne (?Dilhorne), Staffs. v George Warner, son and heir of Robert Warner. Misappropriation of income from a trust established for the erecting of a grammer school and the payment of a schoolmaster; peculation of monies paid by the parishioners for the purchase of a messuage at Fradley, Staffs. C78/96, no. 18 [36]
1575 22 June 17 George Plowrighte of Burton Latimer, Northants, husbandman and wife Katherine, daughter of Ralph Spycer, dec v. Richard Parker of Leicester and wife Alice and others. Tenements, burgages and lands in and around the town of Nottingham, late of William Higgen, merchant of the Staple and alderman of Nottingham. Plaintiff Katherine is Higgen's great-grand-daughter. C78/66, no. 30 [37]
1575 Nov. 17 John Exeter and other customary tenants of the manor of Fremington, Devon v. Richard Langdon, Thomas Symons, Simon Sloley and others (named). Validity of plaintiffs’ grants and leases of their customary holdings. Purchase of the manor of Fremington by Hugh Sloley, dec, and his devices to raise the money to do so. C78/51, no. 9 [38]
1575 17 Nov. 18 William Pennye, administrator of the goods of Austen Harris of Stapleford, Wilts., yeo., decd, on behalf of Tristram Harris his son, a minor, and Edmund Maxe and Alice Maxe his wife, Harris's daughter v Katherine Harris, wid. of William Harris decd and William Harris, son of William Harris. Possession of a lease of the capital messuage of Stapleford, Wilts., which was sold in thirds to Mawde Harris decd, Austen Harris decd and William Harris decd C78/95, no. 1 [39]
1575 22 Nov. 18 John Ayliphe of London, esq and wife Susan v. Arthur and Edward Harrys. Payment of a £20 annuity due to plaintiff Susan under the will of her father, William Harrys of Southminster (Sydmynster), Essex. Leases of marshlands in Turncole [in Southminster] and elsewhere (named) in Essex. C78/47, no. 8 [40]
1575 22 Nov. 18 William Simkinson v. Alexander Amcotes, esq. Eight acres of land in Thorpe in the Fallows [Thorpe le Fallows], Lincs. A former award concerning the enclosure of the plaintiff's lands in Thorpe and his rights of common there. C78/47, no. 22 [41]
1575 23 Nov. 18 William Mordaunt of 'Okerley’ [?0akley], Beds, esq and wife Agnes v. Thomas Browne. Land in 'Ewlor' [?Ewloe in Hawarden] and Shotton [in Hawarden], Flint, late of John Bothe, clerk, dec, uncle of plaintiff Agnes. C78/47, no. 7 [42]
1575 23 Nov. 18 Anthony Allen, merchant of the Staple v. John Yate. Non payment of rent for a lease of a mansion house with garden and orchard in St. Mary's Hospital [St. Mary Spital] in parish of St. Botolph without Bishopsgate, London. Dealings over the export of wool to Hamburg. C78/51, no. 5 [43]
1575 25 Nov. 18 John Kellam of Bradley, Leic. gent, servant of Sir Thomas Nevell, dec. v. Sir Thomas Lucye and George Davers, esq. Debts of Sir Thomas Nevell who nominated plaintiff an executor. C78/45, no. 22 [44]
1575 25 Nov. 18 Anne Carpenter of Kingsham, Sussex, widow v. Thomas Hilles. Life interest in four closes of pasture outside the south gate of Chichester, Sussex. Dismission. C78/51, no. 10 [45]
1575 26 Nov. 18 William Cowper by guardian Richard Beale alias Fyssher v. John Blagrave, gent. Legacies dependant on lands bought by plaintiff's grandmother and defendant's mother, Agnes, one time silkwoman to Henry VIII. C78/52, no. 18 [46]