Writings 1360-1369

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People for various reasons made certain writings and indentures to be enrolled in the common law records. They are listed here in the year they were enrolled, and that year is usually the same as the year of the original. The primary concern of this page is land transactions. Other writings may be included, but please do not include quitclaims of all actions or pardons or, generally, documents that were proffered in litigation. Charters of towns and cities should be linked under the name of the town or city in the geographical sector of WAALT.


  • H1360 A: Grant by Thomas de Langham chaplain to Walter le Dihere de Woxbrigg concerning all messuages, lands, and tenements etc that he had in Morcote and Fennecote by Charleton, Oxfordshire. Also the reversion of all lands and tenements held of him at term of life or years etc. [1] rcp
  • H1360 B: Quitclaim by Robert son of Walter de Bampton of Brentford to John Stephene of Brentford concerning lands and tenements in Brentford etc., Middlesex. [2] rcp
  • H1360 C: Grant by Richard Bidewgh de Snyterlee to Nicholas de Swerdeston burgess of Lynn, Benedict Flemyng chaplain, and Nicholas de Besteweyt de Wyghton of houses, lands, etc in Warham that descended to him after the death of William atte Gatisende de Warham, with details of easements. [3] rcp

  • E1360 A: Quitclaim by Joan atte Lye de Coukham to Robert de Chapmannesford concerning all the lands and tenements in Kent that were John de Warefeld's. [4] rcp
  • E1360 B: Quitclaim by John Denton cleric to Lord Guy de Bryan, Almaric de St Amando knights, John Loveday, William Wayte, John son of Richard atte Wyke de Charleton, and Thomas Edward de Charleton concerning all the lands they hold jointly in demesne or in service in Waneting, Charleton, Grove, and Lokyng and elsewhere wherever in Berkshire. [5] rcp
  • E1360 C: Quitclaim by Isabella late wife of John de Sutton de Duddeley knight concerning all claim by name of dower or otherwise in various towns in Staffordshire. [6] rcp

  • T1360 A: Grant by John Loveday to Walter le Smyth de Wodecote and Margery his wife concerning lands in Chakendene that John Rouden jr hold for life from Loveday's inheritance. [7] rcp
  • T1360 B: Warranty arrangement by William Palmer chaplain and Richard Roke sr of Westminster. Ernald Mounteney & his wife Joan levied a fine in king's court by which they and the heirs of Joan are obliged to warrant to Palmer and Roke the manor of Finchesle etc., in Hendon, but that warranty is suspended during the lives of Ernald and Joan and revives thereafter. Sealed by Shareshull, because their seals are not well known. [8] rcp
  • T1360 C: Oxfordshire. Grant and quitclaim by William son of John atte Beche de Appelhangre to Thomas son of Richard Brounz de Harewell concerning lands, forests, and fields in various places. [9] rcp
  • T1360 D: Quitclaim by Raymund Heryng son and heir of Margaret Heryng to Thomas de Lodelowe concerning the manor of Fotescraye and concerning the lands that Thomas holds in Paulynescraye and that had been William Vaughan's (knight) and Joan his wife. [10] rcp

  • M1360 A: Grant by John de Perton knight son and firstborn of William de Perton to the Abbey of Westminster of an annual rent of 100 marks from the manor of Perton, which manor the abbey claims. The grant is made to settle the suit and made with the permission of the king. [11] rcp
  • M1360 B: Quitclaim by William de Welde citizen and clothier of London of the manor of Rothing Beauchamp. By final concord Arnald de Mounteny & Joan his wife had granted William the manor of Rothing Beauchamp, Essex with its advowson, by which fine William is bound to them in a 40 mark rent for the life of Joan. By this writing he commits himself to a 100 p.s. penalty if he falls a month behind payment. [12]. Another deed concerning the same land, by which Welde puts in respite for the whole life of Arnald the warranty obligation of Arnald and Joan. [13] rcp
  • M1360 C: Grant by William de Northwelle cleric to John de Schenle and Robert de Cippenham concerning the manor of Hattecombe in the town of Watlington. [14] rcp
  • M1360 D: Confirmation by John son of Hugh Wake to Lord Richard le Vache of the grant made by Hugh to Richard concerning half of the manor of Chalfhunt St Giles. [15] rcp
  • M1360 E: Grant by Edward de Kendale knight to William Bechynden & Joan his wife of all the lands etc that belonged to David de Asheby and Hugh his son in town and soke of Luyton, Flamstead, Cadington, and Kenesworth. [16] rcp
  • M1360 F: Quitclaim by John de Misne de Eton to William de Calverleye de Hayton, John in the Wilghes de Hayton, and Thomas Hasard de Hayton concerning all actions. [17] rcp
  • M1360 H: Submitted by Matilda late wife of Simon Fraunceys: Richard de Piriton cleric, John Albon citizen of London, and Thomas Lougteburgh granted by final concord to Thomas Fraunceys citizen of London that the manors of Roughel and Halwele that Matilda late wife of Simon Fraunceys citizen of London holds for his life from the inheritance of Richard and in dower from the assignment of Thomas and that should after the death of Matilda should revert to Richard, John, and Thomas Loughteburgh and by that fine by grant of Richard, John, and Thomas to Thomas Fraunceys and the heirs male of his body, and then to the right heirs of Thomas Fraunceys. She has rendered 6d to Thomas Fraunceys by way of attornment. [18] rcp
  • M1360 I: Grant by Edward de Kendale knight to William Bichynden & Joan his wife concerning the lands and tenements that belonged to David de Asheby and Hugh his son in the town and soke of Luyton Flamford, Cadingdon, and Kenesworth, to be held to them and the heirs of their bodies for an annual rent to Edward of 20 p.s. [19] rcp
  • M1360 J: Indenture submitted buy William de Bychynden that retailed the matter contained in M1360 I and also contained a provision that William and Joan would not alienate in fee simple or in fee tail. [20] rcp
  • M1360 K: Quitclaim by John son of Edmund Sokeman & Joan his wife to Gilbert de Debenham, John Wynchel cleric, and William Berard of all the lands and tenements in Brendewenham, Holton Chapel and Bergholte. [21] rcp
  • M1360 L: Quitclaim by William Barroc de Wy to Robert de Beleknappe of all rights and claims to lands and tenements in Wy, Bacton, Alulph, Broke, Old Romney, Romney, Lude, Hope All Saints, Hope St Peter, Blakemanneston, Snave, and any other place in Kent that belonged to John Baroc his father. [22]. rcp


  • H1361 A: Grant by Alice daughter of Thomas le Leche de Staphelho to John de Eton cleric concerning a third of lands etc., in Eton. [23] rcp
  • H1361 B: Quitclaim by Roger son of Lord William Crumewyn knight to Richard de Wirleye of Roger's land that were his father's in Little Saredon called le Blakelye. [24] rcp
  • H1361 C: Manumission by John son of Nicholas Shordych of William Mot de Ickenham, Middlesex. [25] rcp
  • H1361 D: Grant by John de Cherleton Dappeleye to Henry Portehay & Isabella his wife concerning lands and tenements in Over Mollond, Nether Mollond, Sarazyn, and in Flitton in the parish of North Molton or elsewhere in Devon rendering to John 22s annually. [26] rcp
  • H1361 E: Grant by William son of John de Tresul to John son of William, lord of Perton concerning lands and tenements in Overton, Wombourne, and Netherpenne with some exceptions. [27] rcp
  • H1361 F: Quitclaim by William son of John de Tresul to William, lord of Perton and John son of the William, knight concerning the manor of Tresul and lands etc in Seysdon and Wollemere etc. [28] Followed by deed acknowledging that William son of John de Tresul received from the 40 marks. rcp

  • E1361 A: Grant by William de Shareshull knight to John Hardy & Agnes his wife for their lives the manor of Walcote for the good service of Hardy at annual rent of a rose. [29]. Followed by quitclaim. rcp
  • M1361 A: Suffolk. Quitclaim by Ralph de Hamonhale knight and John de Blitleshoo chaplain to Roger de Elmernoyte and Elizabethhis wife concerning the manor of Fakenham, Suffolk. [30] rcp
  • M1361 B: Quitclaim by Hugh de Cressy de Selston to Joan late wife of Nicholas de Cantilupe knight, Robert de Roos de Ingmanthorpe knight, William de Braydeston chaplain, and John de Felicekirke chaplain concerning 7 acres of meadow in Leeke and the advowson. [31] rcp
  • M1361 C: Kent. Grant by Margaret late wife of John de Lodewyke knight of Hertfordshire in her widowhood to Thomas Beauchamp citizen of London & Joan his wife concerning lands and tenements etc., in Dertford, Kent except a tenement on the high road called Herbergerie. [32] Followed by a quitclaim. rcp


  • H1362 A: Quitclaim by Thomasia late wife of Lord John de Dagworth knight to Simon Longe & Margery his wife, Thomas Helpeston, Clement Spice, John Coggeshale, Richard parson of Bradwell, and John Bolthod concerning the manor of Bradwell with the advowson etc that ever belonged to her husband in the towns of Bradwell, Coggeshall, Pateswick, Feryng, Rewenhale, Stistede, Kyrsyngge, and Shaldeford. [33] rcp

  • E1362 A: Quitclaim by John de Walyngford to William de Makkeney knight & Ellen his wife concerning the manor of Hattecombe in the parish of Watlington. [34] rcp
  • E1362 B: Yorkshire. Quiclaim by Robert Bataille de Wylingtoft to John de Skipwyth de Balkholme concerning lands in Wylingtoft that Robert son of James Bataille gave to John de Brakenholm in free marriage with Rosamund the daughter of Robert son of James and also concerning all lands and tenements in Balkholme and Skelton can descend to Robert by inheritance. [35] rcp

  • T1362 A: Quitclaim by Richard son of John de Dynelay to John son of William de Dyneley, Robert his son, and Richard brother of that Robert and to the male heirs of the bodies of Robert and Richard concerning lands and tenements in the chief messuage etc in Clenacher. [36] rcp
  • T1362 B: Quitclaim by William de Wetheton parson of Foston to John de Bentele concerning lands and tenements that belonged to William Sayntbarbe in Resorby. [37] rcp

  • M1362 A: Quitclaim by Joan daughter of John de Thornhull de Danby to Stephen de Birchew & Alice his wife concerning a toft and croft etc in Danby. [38] rcp
  • M1362 B: Quitclaim by William son of Alexander de Sandale of Little Sandale to the Prior and convent of Watton concerning a fourth part of the forest of Haworth that the prior and convent have from the feoffment of Richard de Haworth. [39] rcp


  • H1363 A: Quitclaim by William son and heir of William Coke de Gyngge Mounteny to Richard le Clerke de Duddyngherst concerning lands and tenements that Richard had from the feoffment of Roger Parker and John Parker de Duddyngherst in the towns of Gyngge Mounteny and Shenefeld. [40] rcp
  • 1363: Grant by John Olney, Nicholas Cogenho and John Cook of Eyton to William de Quenton, knight and his wife Isabella. Manors le Overbury and le Netherbury, in Quenton. Dated St Batholomew 36E3 [41] SJ