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B Bill of Complaint Dr Demurrer A Answer Rn Replication Rr Rejoinder C Commission I Interrogatories D Deposition

Digby, Anne and Thomas

  • STAC 5/D3/34 - B A Rn Rr C I D - 10 Eliz - Buckinghamshire - Anne Digby, Thomas Digby v Roger Charnocke, William Cook alias Chapman, Richard Kent, Thomas Butler alias Murfen et al
  • STAC 5/D1/4 - I D - 10 Eliz - Buckinghamshire - Thomas Digby v William Coke als Chapman, Richard Kent, Thomas Butler, Roger Chernock, Richard Woodall, Richard Bromley
  • STAC 5/D16/36 - I D - 10 Eliz - Buckinghamshire - Thomas Digbye v Nicholas Burton, George Higgons et al
  • STAC 5/D12/21 - I D - 9 Eliz - Buckinghamshire - Thomas Dutbye v Roger Charnocke

Digby, James

  • STAC 5/D35/14 - B - 42 Eliz - James Digby et uxor v John Man, Joan Newbery et al

Digby, John

  • STAC 5/D1/35 - B A - 34 Eliz - John Digby v Robert Vessye et uxor, Henry Moor et uxor, Richard Langton et uxor, Richard Heathe et al

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