STAC 5/T9/23r

From Waalt

Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 55r.

Two plaintiffs and the defendant served one of them with process ad testificandum for which he paid him costs and yet not examined. Tayler and Tunbridge, plaintiffs; Edward Sylliard et al, defendants, served Tunbridge, one of the plaintiffs, with process ad testificandum on his behalf in his cause and was ordered to pay him costs for his molestation and ordered not to be examined at all being contrary to course.

Michaelmas 35 Elizabeth


Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 61v.

Embracery and laboring of jurors upon an inquisition to give a false verdict.Taylor, plaintiff; Dove and Hills et al, defendants: perjury and riot against Hills for that he being returned foreman of a jury to inquire of what goods Thomas Dove died possessed of at the time of an extent or afterwards he the said Hills and his fellow jurors found that the said Dove had no goods at the time of the extent whereupon the plaintiff was enforced to make further inquiry, and the sheriff returned another jury and sat upon the same inquisition at the house of Dove, and the said Hills resorted thither and there laboured some of the second jury to find that Dove had no goods, affirming further unto them that if they should find that Dove had any goods that then he and the rest of his fellows might be holden to be perjured in their former verdict for which he was committed and fined at £20.

Michaelmas 37 Elizabeth