STAC 5/S75/11r

From Waalt

Case Book BL Harley 2143 f.9-9v

Starmyn in behalfe of the inhabitantes of Wythe against Hassell Clarke of the Markett for abuses & extorcions donne by the Color of his office, vidt for sumoning of Jurors in the name of some J of peace & his owne name without there privities to appeare before him & sweareing them to inquire of Certaine Articles aswell concerneing victualls as all penall Statutes and Lawes not inquirable & shutting them upp in a Chamber untill they had presented such Articles and setting fynes upon them for not fynding some of them & Converting the same to his owne use & for imprisoning one in the Com’ Goale & setting annother on the Pillorie untill they had payd him the Amercyment Comitted to the Fleet 100li fyne pillorie with a paper on his head and to make restitucion and to deliver upp the Bondes soe exported which was the sentence of the Court.