STAC 5/R8/26r

From Waalt

Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 22v.

For forging and counterfeiting of depositions of witnesses by commission out of the Court of Requests and returning the same as done by the commissioners being newly privy thereto. John Rowse, plaintiff; Richard Thumbleby, William Charvocke, defendants, convicted for suborning of witnesses to answer untruly in the Chancery for forging of two indentures and counterfeiting of a master of the Chancery’s hand as enrolled, and for exhibiting a bill in the Court of Requests against certain persons for maintenance of his the said Thumbleby’s title to the manor of Dittisham, where there was no such man nor matter, and thereby obtaining a commission out of the Court of Requests for examining of witnesses in that case; the defendant devised and framed certain examinations of witnesses and falsely and craftily subscribed and forged the same in the names of the commissioners, to whom the commission was directed whereas they were newly privy to the same, and so returned into the said court the said false and forged depositions, and after procured them to be exemplified under the privy seal of that court and gave the same in evidence for his title whereby he procured perjury, for which offence adjudged to the Fleet, and to lose their ears and Thumbleby to pay 500 markes and the other £100.

Michaelmas 5 Elizabeth