STAC 5/R3/35

From Waalt

Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 24r.

Misdemeanor and practice for enticing, alluring, and cheating of a young gentleman only come to his age of 21 years of his money and other goods and to enter into statutes, recognizances, and bonds and to make leases of his land for nothing for this deceit convicted. Rodney, plaintiff; Reynon et al, defendants: being charged with diverse practices, frauds, deceits and misdemeanors in abusing the plaintiff in cozening and spoiling him of diverse great sums of money which he had levied of his farmers and tenants by way of fines as also by wasting of diverse goods, plate and jewels and also alluring the plaintiff to make and acknowledge diverse statutes, recognizances, and bonds and other writings obligatory in great sums of money to be paid to themselves and others to their uses and also for procuring him to make unto them diverse leases of his inheritance for long terms without just or reasonable consideration but upon surmised and untrue consideration, the plaintiff being but young and somewhat simple and but lately come to his age of 21 years, and for entering likewise into a house in London upon pretence to borrow there £200 where they had procured ready a lewd woman and some other company who being thither come, one Palmer assaulted the plaintiff surmising that he had used her company indecently and afterward arrested the plaintiff and kept him in prison for the same until they had got a chain of gold and a cap set with buttons of gold to the value of £100 and enforced him to enter into several bonds one for the payment of £400 to the said Palmer and the other in £400 for the assurance of a lease to be made to another all which they intended to have amongst them, for which offences they were convicted and Francis Reynon to pay £300 fine and 7 years imprisonment and to stand on the pillory at Westminster and Cheapside with a paper and so every term once a term for a year after and also to be set on the pillory at the assizes and sessions where the plaintiff’s lands lie and the brother to pay £200 fine and 3 years imprisonment and to stand on the pillory at two places with a paper. And all the statutes, recognizances, bonds, leases, and other assurances to be brought in court to be cancelled and made void and the chain and cap also to be delivered.

Easter 7 Elizabeth