STAC 5/R1/36

From Waalt

STAC 5/R1/36 - B - 41 Eliz - Cheshire - Sir Robert Remyngton et uxor, Lady Eleanor Savage v Thomas Starkey, Jeffery Starkey, Thomas Smythe, John Smythe, Laurence Harrison, John Hebdesbie, William Bilson. See also STAC Remington

Transcribed by Helen Good

To the Quenes most excellent majestie

In most humble wise Complaynenge sheweth unto your most excellent Majestie your faithfull and obedient subjectes Sir Robert Remyngton of Burybarr in the Countie of Southampton knight and ladie Elienor his wief late weif of Sir John Savage knight decessed. That whereas the said Ladie Elionor in that tyme of her widowehood did exhibitt her bill of Complaint into this honorable courte against one Thomas Starkey esquire Jeffery Starkey Thomas Smyth John Smyth the elder Laurence Harryson John Hebdesbye William Bilson and others showinge thereby that whereas the said Ladie Elionor was by good conveyance in lawe lawfully possessed of in and upon the mannor boroughe and lordship of Frodsham in the countie of Chester and of in and upon one parcell of ground called Broke Furlonge and one other parcell of ground called Rapedoles for dyvers yeres then [and] yet enduringe the revercoion therof unto her Majestie expectant, And showed further that she beinge therof so lawfullie possed and takinge the issues and profittes therof and had soe done for many yeres before the tyme of the exhibittinge of the said bill yet one Jefery Starkey by the comaundment of the said Thomas Starkey his father [accompanydd with] the said John Smith thelder Thomas Smyth Laurence Harrison John Hebdesbye and William Bilson accompanied with divers other persons of evill disposicion and unknowen unto the said Ladie Elenor beinge armed in riottous and mallicious manner and intendinge that breach of her Majestes peace did in most riottous routous unlawfull and outragious manner unlawfullie did gather themselves together and did in or about the vjth day of May in the 41tie yere of your majesties most highnes reigne and sithence your majesties most gracious generall pardon enter in and upon the said parcells of ground called Rapedoles and Brooke Furlonge and thenc out did dryve the Cattell of divers persons which then were there agistinge by and under the title of the said ladie Elionor, and at the same tyme did with like force and in like riotous manner they by the appoyntment of the said Thomas Starkey putt in divers other cattell and did lock and Cheyne up the gates and passages of in and to the said closes and did not with multitude of people beinge unlawfullie assembled together with force and armes and contrarie to her Majestes peace and contrarie to the lawes and statutes of this realme and contrarie unto an order monicion and decre made in her Majestes Courte of Exchequor within the countie Palentyne of Chester and against divers and wholesome lawes and statutes appoynted for the punishinge of such unlawfull assemblies misdemeanors riotes routes and outrages did enter upon and hould the possession of the premisses /\ as in and by the said bill of complaint whereunto Relacion be had more at large it doth and may Appeare unto which bill of complaint the said defendants or the most of them have appeared and pleaded therunto that they were not guiltie, and therupon the said parties was at full and parfitt issue and the said Cause hath proceeded to the examinacion of divers and sundrie witnesses for and concerninge the said outrage and misdemeanors and the collorable discharge of the said defendants Since the time of the exhibittinge of which complaint and other precedinges had and made as aforesaid the said Ladie Elionor hath married and taken to husband your said supplicant Sir Robert Remyngton knight, By force of which marriage in strict course of lawe the said suite is abated and yett in all equitie the same ought to be meyneteyned and remeyne in force against the said defendantes for the punishinge of the said misdemeanors. Maye it therefore please your most excellent Majestie that the said Bill answer examinacion of witnesses and other the proceedinges in this honorable Courte therupon had mayd from and after the answere of the said Defendantes unto the premisses or notice thereof not with standinge the said intermariage be Revived remeyne and stand in such sorte manner and forme as they were at the tyme of the said mariage and that all proceedinges therupon to be had maye be in the name of the said Sir Robert Remyngton and Dame Elionor his weif, And likewise that it would please your most excellent Majestie to graunt unto your said subjectes your majesties most gracous Writt of Subpena to be directed to the saide Thomas Starkey Jefferye Starkey Thomas Smythe John the elder Laurence Harryson and William Bilson Comaundinge them and every of them therebye at a Certen daye and under a certen payne therein by your Highnes to be Lymytted personallie to Appeare before your most excellent Majestie in your Majestes Highe Court of Starrchamber, then and there to Answere the premisses, And further to stand to and abide such order and direccion therein as to your Majestes most honorable Counsell of the said Courte shalbe thought meete to stand with right, And your said Subjectes shall daylie praye unto god for your Majestie in prosperous felicitie longe to raigne over us.