STAC 5/R1/35

From Waalt

STAC 5/R1/35 - B - 41 Eliz - Flint - John Roberts v Hugh ap Rees, Richard ap Hugh, Edward ap Robert, Simon ap Meredythe see STAC Roberts

Transcribed by Helen Good

To the Quenes most excellent Majestie in her Highnes Court of Starre chamber

Lamentably Complayninge sheweth unto your most excellent Majestie your obedyent subject John Robertes of London yeoman That whereas about the last daye of Aprill nowe last past Att Ruthland in your Highnes County of Flynt one Hughe Ap Rees of Ruthland aforesayd yoman Richard ap Hughe of the same yeoman Edwarde Ap Robert of the same yoman & Symon Ap Meredythe of the same yeomen with force & Armes That ys to say with staves swordes Hookes & other Weapons Ryotously and in most daungerous Manner upon your highnes poore subject & upon one Robert Jones then and there beinge dyd make an Assault And them your sayd Highnes subjectes then & there Wounde beate & evell intreate soe that your highnes sayd subjectes weare in feare & dread of their lyves to the great hurt and damages of your Highnes sayd subjectes And to the evell example of others the lyke offendors And contrarry to your Highnes Lawes & statutes in that case provyded And for that thies & the lyke Frayes and Ryottes are daungerous which if they should be suffered to be unpunyshed would styrre uppe others in the like Ryotous sort to Comytt the same, For reformancion whereof Maye yt please your most execellent Majestie of your Accustomed clemency to all your poore and obedyent subjectes to graunt unto your poore subject your Majesties most gracyous wrytt of Subpena to be dyrected to the sayde Hughe Ap Rees Richard Ap Hughe Edward Ap Robert & Symon Ap Meredythe thereby Comaundinge them & every of them att a Certeyne daye And under a certeyne payne by your Majestie to be therein lymytted to appeare before your highnes in your Majestes most High Court of Stare chamber to awnswere the premysses And to receive & heare suche further order therein, As unto your most excellent Majestie And most honourable Councell there shall seme good And your poore subject accordinge to hys bounden Duetie wyll ever praye for your Highnes most gracyous & prosperous raigne Longe to contynue