STAC 5/R1/34

From Waalt

STAC 5/R1/34 - B - 40 Eliz - Cumberland - John Richardson v John Miles, Richard Wilkinson, Edward Wilkinson, Alice Wilson et al see STAC Richardson

Transcribed by Helen Good

To the Quenes nost excellent Majestie

Compleninge sheweth unto your most excellent Majestie your heighnes faythfull and obedyent subject John Richardson of Deaneskeales in your gracyous Countye of Cumberland yeoman that whereas one Anthony Fysher lait of Embleton in your Heighnes said county of Cumbreland was in his lyfe tyme lawfullie seased of a messuaige and tenement with thappurtenances lyinge in embleton afforesaid called the close and dyd hould yt of the said messuaige and tenament accordinge the custome of tenantright of Richard Barwysse and Christofer Curwen esquire by the yearely Rent of eight shillinges foure pence and by servinge her heighnes upon the borders of England against Scotland upon the commaundment of the Lord warden of the west marches of england or his deputye for the tyme being and by doeinge other Dewtyes and services deu and of Reight accustomed by the tenant of the said tenement and of the resydew of the saide messuaige and tenement the said Anthony Fysher was seased therof in his demayne as of fee And he the said Anthony Fysher beinge seased of the parte of the said tenement in fee and of the Resydew therof accordinge the custome of tenantright as afforesaid dyed therof so seased about two yeares sythens without issue maile of his body begotten by and after whose decease the said messuaige and tenement dyd of Reight and by the custome of the said mannor of embleton discend unto one Jenet Richardson then and yet your said subject his wyffe beinge Doughter unto the said Anthony Fysher and next heire unto him the said Anthony her Father by force wherof your said subject in the reight of the said Jenet his wyffe entred into the said messuaige and tenament and ever sythence haith in the reight of his said wyffe quietly occupyed and enjoyed the same as lawfull was and ys for him to doe untyll now of lait yf yt may please your most excellent Majestie that one John Wilkinson of embleton aforesaid yeoman Myles Wilkinson of the sayme and brother of the said John Wilkinson, Richard Wilkinson of the sayme yeoman Ellioner Wilkinson of Standley Hall in the said county of Cumbreland wydow Ales Willson of Keswicke in the said Countye wydow John Blathwait of bully house in setmurther in the said county yeoman Richard Blathwait of the sayme yeoman John Scoott of Brathey Hill in setmurther afforesaid yeoman Elizabeth Wilkinson of embleton aforesaid spinster Mabell Blathwait of bully house aforesaid spinster and Christofer Blathwait of the same husbandman Together with dyvers other persons yet unknowen to your said subject to the number of xxx persons or ther aboutes beinge armed and arrayed in warlyke manner with wapons aswell invastive as defensive that is to saye with swordes daggars gonnes dagges pichforkes longe lances axes geverleckes iron spytes and other warlycke weapons and they the said John Wilkinson Miles Wilkinson Richard Wilkinson Ellionor Wilkinson Alys Willson John Blaithwait John Scott Elizabeth Wilkinson Mabell Blaythwait and Christofer Blaithwait together with the said other persons yett unknowne to your said subject the last day of September about xj of the clocke in the night tyme the fortyth yeare of your Majestes said Reigne did assemble them selves Together att the aforesaid messuaige upon the said tenement then beinge in the peaceable possession your said subject and then and ther not haveinge the feare of god before ther eyes nor regard of your Heighnes lawes and statutes /\ being armed and arrayed as afforesayd /\ did with force and armes in most Ryotus and ungodly manner with axes geveleckes and other wapons breake upon three of the Dores of the said messuaige beinge loocked and so in ryotus manner entred into the house when they finding your said subject and one John Willamson servant to your said subject in peaceable possession of the said house they then and ther with force did expulse them out of the said house and from the possession therof, and besydes did then and ther sore beatt & wound your said subject and the said John Willamson his servant so that they left them in Dainger of ther lyffes and besydes the said John Blaithwait did then and ther move and perswaid the resydew of the said Ryotus company to sett fyere upon the said houses and to burne your said subjecte and the said Willamsson therin, all which doeinges of them they said John Wilkinson Myles Wilkinson Richard Wilkinson Elioner Wilkinson Alex Willson John Blaithwait John Scott Elizaneth Wilkinson Mabell Blaithwait and Christofer Blaythwait and of the said other persons yett unknowne unto your said subject beinge sythens your Majesties last generall pardon in contempt of your Heighnes lawes and statutes provided against such notoryous Rytors and to the dangeryous example of the inhabitantes neare ther aboutes especyally in those playves lyinge neare the borders of england against Scotland yf in caise the sayme shall goe unpunished, And they the said ryotus persons doe still with lycke force as aforesaid Detayne the possession of the said messuaige and other the premisses from your said subject to his disheneritance and utter undowinge unles your Heighnes grant him remedy hearin, yt may therfore please your most excellent Majestie the premisses considered to grant unto your said subject your Heighnes writtes of subpena to be derected to the said John Wilkinson Miles Wilkinson Richard Wilkinson Ellioner Wilkinson Aklys Willson John Blathwait John Scott Elizabeth Wilkinson Mabell Blaythwait and Christofer Blathat comaundinge then therby att a certaine day and under a certaine paine therin to be limited personally to appeare and answere the premisses before your Heighnes and honorable Counsell in your Heighnes court of Starchamber and to stand to and abyd such order as by the said Court shalbe sett downe and your Heighnes said subject accordinge his bounden dewtye shall Dayly praye to god to preserve your Heighnes in health longe and happely to Raigne over us.