STAC 5/R1/29

From Waalt

STAC 5/R1/29 - B - 1 Eliz - Lancashire - Richard Rafeson v Peter Hoope, Peter Arpeshawe, Henry Aspeshawe, Richard Pickering, Thomas Persyville et al see STAC Rafeson

Transcribed by Helen Good

To the Quenes moste exellente heighnes

In moste humble wyse complaynynge sheweth to your moste exellente heighnes your humble Subjecte Rycharde Rafesone Draper that whereas your sayde Subjecte being in your highness peace in the Towne of Warrington In the Countye of Lancaster aboute the thirtye Daye of Maye laste paste and beynge occupyed in byinge of necessary provysion of victualls for his house in the fyshe shambles In the said Towne / So it is and maye please your heighnes that one Peter Hoope Peter Haspeshawe Henry Haspeshawe Richard Pykryne Thomas Persyvall, Rychard Hutton Peter Hill Peter Bennett John Byrome and dyvers other ryotuse personnes to the number of twentye unknowne to your sayde Subjecte procured sett on and Imboldened by the unlawfull and synister practise of one Thomas Starkye of Stretton gent the afforesayde personnes and the other unknowne ryotuse personnes to your Subjecte beinge all arrayed in manner of warre wythe swordes Daggares longe Pyked staves and wythe other weapons Defensyve and Invasyve in the afforesayde Towne and Place aboute fower of the cloke in the morning of the daye afforesayed ryotuslye and in moste forcyble manner layed holde of your sayd Subjecte and wythe greate haste vyolence and force showed unlawfullye ryotuselye and forcibly contrary to your heighnes peace and Lawes toke and caryed awaye your sayde Subjecte on theire shoulderes and backes out of the Towne of Warrington beinge a Towne adjoynynge on the confines of your heighnes Countye of Chester In tyme of caryinge your sayd Subjecte throughe the Stretes of the sayd Towne, the says ryotuse persons added wordes of greate threates and manace to your sayd Subjecte that in case he semed to make any resistynge or if he semed to make or reare any outcry agaynst them they woude beate wounde or kill your sayd Subjecte And your sayd Subjecte fearynge theire malyce and seinge theire desperate boldnes so greate neyther Durste in bodye to make any resistaunce agaynste them or in Worde demaunded ayde to be taken and rescued from them And the sayde unlawfull and ryotuse personnes so caryinge your sayd Subjecte through the said towne untill they had brought your sayd Subjecte out of the sayd Towne of Warryngton In to the countye of Chester and then your sayd Subjecte Demaundynge of them what they would wythe him of what they had to charge him wythall the afforesayde ryotuse personnes sayed he shoulde go wythe them And your sayde Subjecte aunswered that unlesse they coulde charge him wythe sum offence committed agaynste your heighnes Lawes or that they had your heighnes proces to arreste or take him he woulde not go with them but agaynst his will whereupon the sayd ryotuse persones conteynuynge styll theire former ryotuse and forcyble assalte and mysdemenor upon your sayde Subjecte sumtymes carying your said subject Subjecte in vyolente and forsyble sorte & manor and other sumtymes thrustynge him forwarde wythe theire handes and weapones and the same so continuing by the space of one Longe Myle Distante from the afforesayd Towne of Warryngton And then the sayde ryotuse persones seynge them selves oute of the Daunger of the Towne and fearynge no rescuse to be made thretened and manaced your sayd Subjecte that unles he woulde go wythe them with out makynge resystance they woulde beate mayme & kyll him addinge further verye reprochefull & spitefull wordes of infamy unto your sayde Subjecte as in callynge your said Subject vyllayne thefe and suche like /\ obbrobryous wordes /\ your said Subject for avoydinge the Immynente perell & Daunger that might have insued to your sayde Subjecte wente wythe the sayde ryotuse persons. And the said ryotous personnes moste spightfully compelled your said Subjecte to goo befor them as thought he had ben a notoryouse evell offender to the greate Infamy and rebuke of your said Subjecte untill your says Subjecte was brought by the sayde ryotuse persons to Hawten Castell [Halton Castle] & theire unlawfully Imprisoned by the sayd ryotuse persones and so holden Imprisoned by the space of ten wekes wythout beynge let to bayle or maynepryse to the great Impoverisshinge and undoynge of your sayd Subjecte beynge by mystery a pore Draper and the sayd mystery the only staye and meane of your sayd Subjectes lyveynge, And because theire sayd unlawfull assemblye ryotuse and forcyble demeanor and theire unlawfull Imprysonment comitted and shewed on your sayd Subjecte is verye heinouse Daungerous and slaunderouse to the course of your heighnes lawes and thexample therof tendynge to fawther Daunger if condigne ponyshmentes be not had and provyded. Maye it therefore the premisses consydered please your heighnes to graunte your writtes of Subpena to be directed to the sayd partyes commaundynge thaem and every of them at a serteyne Daye and under a certeyne payne personally to appere before your heighnes In your highe court of Starchamber then & there to make answere to the premisses & to abyde & stande to suche order & direccion therin as shalbe thought convenyente & agreanble to Justice. And your said Subject as his bounden Dewtye is shall praye to god for your heighnes moste gratious estate.