STAC 5/R1/14

From Waalt

STAC 5/R1/14 - B A Rn Rr - Hil 16 Eliz - Devon - John Randall v Peter Atkins, John Cole Jr, John Cole Youngest, Gregory Daman, Hugh Vyne et al see STAC co Devon

Transcribed by Helen Good

To the Queens most excellent Majesty

In most humble wise complayninge sheweth unto your most excellent Majestie Your Highnes true faithefull and obedient subject John Rendell of Hartlande in your graces Countie of Devon husbandman. That wheras your said subject was lawfullie possessed as of his owne proper goodes of and in thre carte lodes of wheate and Otes and of and in thre keen one oxe one Maie, one fetherbed a paire of Blankettes one Covertlet xxxvj Cheses xx tie Busshelles of Maulte; xvj busshelles of beanes and of other goodes to the valew of thirtie Poundes or theire aboutes Which said goodes as the said subject had for the mayntenance of him self beinge an olde man lame and ympotent and not otherwisr havinge wherewith to sustaine and relief him self and his wife children and householde. Soe hit is most gracious soveraigne Ladie that one Peter Attyn of Hartland aforesaid husbandman John Cole the yongest and Gregorie Deyman Hughe Vyne Thomas Canne Peter Robyn Edward Cole Hughe Corneshawe & Henry Vyne with divers others riotous and evill disposed persons to the number of xvj or theire aboutes adressed and furnished with riotous weapons aswell ynvasive as defensive in warlike manner without dreade of your majesties Lawes riotouslie assembled themselves together the thirteth daie of August in the xvth yere of your majesties most noble raigne and aboute one of the cloke in the nighte violentlie and riotouslie did enter into the grounde and house of your majesties said subjecte at Ekewansworthie in the parishe of Hartlande aforesaid and him within his own house did beate and evill intreat and in forsecible and riotous manner his said goodes and cattailles before rehersed did take spoile bear and carie awaie maliciouslie dispersinge and devidinge some parte of the corne cattell and other the said goodes to one place and some to another and some to divers places to your said subject unknown intending thereby utterlie to ympoverishe undoe and famishe your poore subject his wiffe and children beinge not able for aige ympotencie and wante of wealthe to travell to anie place to seke redresse of these outragious behavior to the most dangerouse example of other your majesties subjectes yf this their riotous dealinges shoulde not receave shairpe punishment. Maie it therefore please your most excellent Majestie to graunte fourthe your Highnes most gracious severall writes of Subpena to be directed to the said Peter Atkin John Cole the youngest and Gregorie Deyman Hugh Vyne Thomas Canne Peter Robyn Edward Cole Hughe Corneshawe Henry Vine comanding them and every of them them therby at a certaine Daie and under a certaine paine therin to be Limited personallie to appeare before your most excellent Majestie and your Highnes most Honorable Counsell in yoiur graces mostHonorable Courte of Starchamber then and there to Answer to the premisses, and farther to abide such order and direction therin as to your highnes and your said most Honorable Counsell shall seame good, and your said subject accordinge to his bounden dutie shall daylie praye for the Longe contynuance of your Majesties moste proseperous raigne.