STAC 5/P8/39

From Waalt

STAC 5/P8/39 - I D - 33 Eliz - Herefordshire - Fabian Philips v Thomas Atkyns see STAC Philips

Interrogatories ministred by Fabian Phillipes esquire Complt to examyne William Webb as his witnes against Thomas Atkins esquire deft

Inprimis doe you know the parties Complt and Deft

2. Item were you not sent in aide of the said Deft Mr Atkins in December Anno xxxij of her Majestes Raigne to serch Mr Seaborns howse for matter tendinge to papistry and other Traytorlike practizes and to apprehend the said Seaborne and other suspected persons for the escape of a Semynary priest out of the porters lodg att the Counsell in the marches, declaire the truth herein.

3. Item was not one William Jaunsey there apprehended and then delivered to your custody, and if he were did he offer att Mr Seaborns to discover any thinge in secrete or otherwise either to you or to the deft Mr Atkins is towchinge his Masters bad and dangerous dealinge or as towchinge the Complt or did you then tell the said Mr Atkins that the said Jaunsey had some what to sey to him in secrete or did the said Janisey then tell you that he had some what to sey to the Lord president, and what speches or secretes did the said Jaunsey then tell you eyther towchinge Mr Seaborne or or the Complt Mr Phillips, declare the truth herein.

4. Item did the same Jaunsey after he was delivered to your custody as you were going or Riding between Mr Seaborns howse and hereford unto the Deft Mr Atkins that he had somewhat to imparte or sey unto him in secrete as towchinge the dangerous bad dealinge of his master Mr Seaborne and of the Complt Mr Phillips, if he did what answere made the Defenant Mr Atkins thereunto, declare the truth herein at large.

5. Item whether had the said Defte Mr Atkins any secrete Conferrence with the said Jaunsey eyther att Mr Seaborns howse or one of the way Coming towardes hereford or att hereford before he was Comitted to the porters lodg, declare the truth herein

6. Item was the said Jaunsey att his Cominge to here Committed to the porters lodge or ells to your custodye, how many dayes remayned he either in your Custody or in the posters lodge before he was delivered or inlardged, declare the truth herein.

7. Item did not the said Deft Mr Atkins examyne the said Jaunsey divers tymes before he was repealid by the Lord President, and Justice and did he not also examyne him divers tymes before the said Jaunsey told you that he had some what to Discover to the Lord President as towching the Complainant Mr Phillips, declare the truth herein

8 Item did not the said Jaunsey after he had bin repeatid before the L President and Justice uppon his examminacion sey to you that he had a matter that hanged hereby on his Conscience to discover to the L President, and did he not pray you to be a meane to his Lo: to that end to here him, and did he then tell you that that matter did concerne the accusacion of the Complt, or what did he then tell you, declair the truth att Lardge.

9. Item was the said Jaunsey browght before the L President any more tymes then twise before his inlardgment, viz the first tyme when he was repeatid, and the second tyme when he did accuse the Complt, declare the truth herein.

10 Item how many dayes was the said Jaunsey in the porters lodge or in your Custody before he was repealed by the L President uppon his examinacion, and how many dayes after he had accused the said Complt to the Lord President did he remayne in the porters lodge, and whether did not the said deft Mr Atkins after the said Jaunsey had accused the said Complt Mr Phillips make suit to the said L President for the said Jaunseys inlardgement, declare the truth herein att lardge.