STAC 5/P8/10

From Waalt

STAC 5/P8/10 - I D - 28 Eliz - Buckinghamshire - John Pusey v Alexander Cotton see STAC Pusey

Transcribed by Helen Good

Articles to be ministered in the behalfe of John Pusey Complaynant against Alexander Cotton gentleman Defendaunt.

1.Inprimis whether did one Thomas Milton of Eaton within the Countie of Buckingham Draper before Christmas last past, retayne you as Atorneye in the Queenes majesties Court of Comen plees for any against Roberte Paine late of Wicham within the saied Countie bruer, and Tymothie Pusey of the same towne clothier, yf he did what instructions did he give you to declare against them, or ether of them, Yf he did not, by whose meanes came you by instructions and at whose costes did you prosecute the saied sutes, and whether is there suche informacion put into the Queenes majesties Court of Exchequire against the said Complayment as is mencioned in ther of the declaracions against the said Robert and Tymothie.

2. Item whether did the saied Thomas Milton ever give or promise you any fee or fees, for following the sute or sutes against the saied Robert Paine and Tymothie Pusey, or ether of them, if he did not, what other person or persons did give or promise you any fee or fees or other rewarde to prosecute the saied sute or sutes or ether of them.

3. Item whether did not one William Mundaie and Thomas Eyles of Wicham aforesaid Clothiers or ether of them ever deale with you concerninge the prosecutinge of the same sutes or either of them, or give or promise you any rewarde, ether for them selves or other of them or in the name of any other persons or persons, Yf they or ether of them did, in what manner did they or ether of them deale with you and what rewarde or fee did they or other of them give or promise you and in whose name. And whether did you without the procurement of any person or persons or lawffull warrant so to do, prosecute the saied sutes against the saied Robert and Tymothie or ether of them yea or no

4. Item whether did not you sythens Michaelmas last past deale with the saied Milton Willinge him to sue the said Payne and Pusey or ether of them, promisinge the saied Milton if he wolde so do you wolde undertake to gett or recover of the saied Payne and Pusey or one of them all such money as the saied Milton had payde to the now Complenante

5. Item whether did you sythens the Commensing of the bill now against you, perswade or Counsell the saied Thomas Milton or his sonne to stand to you, and avouche the saied accon’ against the saied Payne and Pusey in the name of the saied Thomas Milton, And whether did you promise him or his sonne (if he or they wolde so do) you wold bringe the matter about sgainst the said Payne and Pusey.

6. Item whether did you perswade the saied Milton to demure in lawe uppon the saied bill, And whether did you not beare all or parte of the saied Miltons Charges concerninge his apperaunces and Demurer unto the saied bill And whether did you promise him the sute comenced in his name against Payne and Pusey shold cost him nothinge.