STAC 5/F21/11r

From Waalt

Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 51r.

Misdemeanor for practice to indict the plaintiff before the coroner for poisoning her husband, for razing and altering of an inventory, for contriving and publishing a false will, and procuring an infamous libel to be preferred and exhibited in the consistory court at Wells against the plaintiff. Fisher, plaintiff; Fisher et al defendants. For a riot in taking away the plaintiff’s goods being administrator to her late husband, for practice to indict her before the coroner for supposed poisoning of her husband and not prevailing therein, for procuring an infamous libel to be preferred against her in the consistory court of the Bishop of Wells to disable her of the administration and to affect their purpose therein, for razing and altering the inventory of the goods of the intestate, thereby to make the same a prerogative cause and to avoid the administration for contriving and forging a will and publishing and procuring the same upon their oaths, for all which offences they were sentenced, some for forgery to stand on the pillory and lose their ears and fined and the plaintiff to have damages, such as by commission could be proved she sustained.

Michaelmas 34 Elizabeth