STAC 5/F15/23r

From Waalt

Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 51v.

Damages 200 marks beside costs given a defendant for slanderous matters in the plaintiff’s bill whereof he was clear. Robert Farmer and Giles Selyon for themselves and others the inhabitants of Chichester, plaintiffs; Sir John Danvers, knight, and Christopher George, armiger., defendants, who were charged with sundry misdemeanors as done by them as justices of peace in binding of men without just cause, countenancing of jurors not to find indictments, inorderly pressing of soldiers and other offences whereof they were acquitted and the plaintiffs adjudged to pay by way of damages 200 marks beside costs to Sir John for calling his credit in question wrongfully, and upon a testimonial under the hands of the most substantial inhabitants in the said town, that they never assented to the exhibiting of the said bill in their names; the court upon Mr Attorney’s motion for the king set a fine upon the plaintiffs of 200 marks apiece and committed them to the Fleet.

Easter 33 Elizabeth