STAC 5/A7/30

From Waalt

STAC 5/A7/30 - I D - 40 Eliz - Essex - AG v Richard Rochester, Mary Mascall, John Hawet, Gabriell Elkyn, George Vallant & William Sawkyn see STAC Rochester

Transcribed by Helen Good

Interrogatories to be ministred, to John Barker A witnes to be examined, on the parte & behalf of her Majestes Attorney general;, informinge for her highnes, against Richard Rochester, Mary Mascall John Hawet Gabriell Elkyn, George Vallant & William Sawkyn Defendantes

1. Inprimis whether yo you knowe the said Defendantes or any of them, And whether did you knowe John Rochester Deceased, yea or no

2. Item whether did Richard Rochester within one yere now last paste repayre to your house, taking occasion to talke with you, And whether did he then and there procure you furth, to goe into A wood with him And for what cause did he procure you so to go with him, And wether did he not at the same tyme that he procured you so to goe with him beinge in the wood shoote you throughe with a pistoll: And how and in what manner was the same done:

3. Item whether did he not, after he had shott you once throughe with the said Pistoll, seinge you to recover againe, shot at you with another Pistoll, And what was the cause or occasion, that he did so deale with you, And whether was it upon any olde grudge betwene you Or upon what cause did he so, And whether was it not because you should not bewray the forginge of any wills or dedes touchinge the landes of John Rochester Deceassed, Whereof you had some Knowledge by the confession of the said Richard Rochester of some other of the Defendants or otherwise

4. Item what other matter, or thinge do you know or have you heard touchinge the premisses or any parte thereof

Interrogatories to be ministered to Symon Ive & John Wh.ttacres to be examined on the behalf of her majesties Attorney generall informing for her Highnes agenst Richard Rochester Mary Mascall John Hewet George Valliant Gabriell Elkyn & William Sawkyn defendantes

In primis doe yow know Richard Rochester and William Rochester or any of them and did you know John Rochester late of Tearlyng deceassed their yonger brother. & doe yow know Mary Mascall John Hewett George Valliant Gabriell Elkyn & Wylliam Sawkyn or any of them.

2. Item whether were yow present in the Kynges benche at Westminster on or abowt the xvij day of November in the yeare of our Lord god.1596. at the tryall of an issue in an action of trespas brought there by Richard Rochester ageanste William Rochester & others defendants, and if yow were, whether did you see heare or know then & there of a deed issued forth bearing date the xviij Day of may in the xxxiiij yere of hir majesties reigne Whereby John Rochester in consideracion of two hundred twenty poundes did bargayne sell gyve & graunt unto Richard Rochesterhis heyrs a tenement & lands called [Kell] Ousles Melfield & Teynterlees in Tearlyng in Essex yea or no

3. Item whether did yow then & there hear John Hewet beyng produced upon the part of Richard Rochester to depose & say that the same deed was written by hym the said John Hewet & sealed & subscribedby John Rochester & the livery & seisyn was executed by John Rochester hym self in a chamber of the same howsse the day of the date of the said deede and that threscore pounds was then paid & the rest he was to pay when he shold come home and further that all the [….. … ….] in the occupation of John Rochester.

4. Item whether did Gabriell Elkyn being produced on the part of Richard Rochester then & there depose & say that he did see threscore poundes paid in the said Chamber & the deede sealed & subscribed by John Rochester there livery & season then & there delivered by John Rochester to Richard Rochester and beying asked in what manner livery & seasyn was reade, did not the said Elkyn then & there annswer & say that John Rochester did lock the chamber dore & deliver the key to Richard Rochester and that all that were dwellyng in the howsse went owte whilest the livery was in doyng.

5. Item whether did yow hear Willam Sawkins being produced on the part of the said Richard Rochester then & there to depose & say that John Rochester can by his howsse & said he must speake with hym and that in goyng thither he did see Price standyng in the streete & that Price did tell hym that John Rochester had sold to his brother Richard his land.