STAC 5/A6/11

From Waalt

STAC 5/A6/11 - B - 35 Eliz - Wiltshire - Almoner v Robert Bower STAC Bower

Transcribed by Helen Good

To the Queenes most excellent Majesty

Humbly complayning sheweth unto your highness your Majesties humble and obedient subject Richard by the providence of god Bushopp of Worcester your majesties highe Almoner. That whereas one John Duke late of Wilfforde in the County of Wiltshire about twoe yeares past dryving a certeine Carte laden with wheate and Foure or Fyve horses draweng the same, one of the wheeles of the same Carte went over the neck of the saide John duke whereby he presently dyed. By reason whereof the saide Carte wheate and horses with all theire furnyture to them then belonging (being all moving to the deathe of the saide Duke) are forfeyted to your Majestie as a Deodand belonging to your Majesties prerogative royall and ought to be at the disposition of your Majesties said Almoner by force and vertue of your highnes gracious lettres patentes unto your said subject and and Almoner graunted and made as by the same lattres patentes more at lardge maye appeare. So it is if it maie please your Majestie that one Robert Bower a Citezeine of the Cittie of Newe Sarum in the saide County of Wiltshire upon report made of the deathe of the saide Duke came to the party that was owner of the saide Carte Horses Furnyture and Corne and toke dryved and caried them awaye by what aucthority your Majesties saide Almoner knoweth not and ever since hathe deteyned and kept them from your Majesties saide Almoner to whome the right of the saide Carte Horses Furnyture and Corne apperteyneth by vertue of your Highnes letters patentes as aforesaide and refuseth still to delyver the same or the value of them being Twenty markes of thereaboutes to your Majesties said Almoner contrary to reason equity and conscience. In consideracion whereof and forasmuche as the saide Robert Bower with holdeth the foresaide Carte horses furnyture and Corne contrary to lawe equity and right and obstinately and wilfully refuse to yelde and delyver to your Majestes saide Almoner the value of them the which tendeth greately to the evill example of suche like offendors if condigne punishment weare not had and provided in that behalf. Maie it therefore please your moste excellent Majestie the premisses considered to graunt your moste gracious writt of Subpena out of your Majesties Highe Courte of Starre Chamber to be directed to the said Robert Bower comaunding him by vertue thereof personally to be and appeare before the lordes of your Majesties moste honorable privy Counsell at a certeine daye and under a certeine payne by your highnes to be lymitted and appointed then and there to answere all and every the premisses. And your Majesties humble and obedient subject and Almoner will daylie praye to god for your Majesties most royall person long to raigne and rule over us.