STAC 5/A25/14r

From Waalt

Drayton Bassett, see notes see also STAC Robinson and STAC Drayton STAC 5/A25/14, A26/7

Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 37r.

The great and rebellious riot of Drayton Bassett for which the defendants were fined and committed during the Queen’s pleasure. Attorney Rex; Harcourt Robinson et al: for a riot at Drayton Bassett in Stafforshire for which some were convicted for that they did not depart after warning given by the justice of peace, and after a privy sessions for that purpose and after a proclamation made according to the statute, and after letters from the Queen and council and yet disobeying all until they were removed by posse comitatus for which great and rebellious riot many were sentenced and committed during the Queen’s pleasure as by the several orders appeareth.

Easter 22 Elizabeth